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Justin Timberlake @ Grammys 2007

Justin Timberlake @ Grammys 2007

Justin Timberlake arrives on the red carpet in a single-breasted Prada suit in steel.

Mr. J.T. performed “What Goes Around…” early on during the Grammys and later performed “My Love” duet-style with “My Grammy Moment” winner Robyn Troup. (I voted for her, woohoo!) Check out more pictures of Justin and Robyn here.

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  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Good performance.. Congrats to Robyn Troup. There were a handful of good moments tonight, and JT was in 2 of them. both performances.

    I know Hick is tight. [lol]

  • kmillz

    i didnt vote for her but i knew she would win. she did a great job and she’s cute too

  • mickey

    Justin Timberlake looks like a buzzard. He’s an unoriginal performer. It’s a shame how mediocrity is exalted to such glory.

  • Jade

    I thought Justin was great.I enjoyed his performances and he is a sharp dresser.
    I like the songs he sang very much.It was a good Grammy show.

  • mialy

    justin has no voice, just a make-believe-artist! he’s rather an entertainer than a singer, and rather a businessman and a fashion victim than an artist

  • bdj

    Robin did a great job. She was professional and enjoyed herself on stage.

  • Jessica

    I never get bored of watching Justin. He’s an amazing singer, dancer, songwriter, great style…all around talent. Robyn did good!

  • creativegirl

    Wow, some people are really out of their minds here this morning. Justin can totally sing, he’s amazing – he doesn’t have a studio or manufactured voice.

    Maybe he’s not good looking in the traditional way we think of someone being handsome, but there is just something about him that is mesmerizing. The songs he writes, his performance style, his self-depricating sense of humor. It’s just the total package.

    I think his whole little speech last night that he wrote What Goes Around about something that happened to a friend was a load of bull. It’s totally about Britney and when he was singing into that little handheld camera all I could think of is that this was his audience to sing it right to Britney.

  • creativegirl

    I forgot to add that I thought Africa should have won, but I give Robin props because she was great and totally held her own between Justin and TI.

    What an amazing experience, I’m sure she will never forget.

  • newb

    Does anyone know what brand of sneakers Justin was wearing last night? They were white with some greyish/silvery stripes on the side. I thought they were sweet and I want them.

  • goldend


    he makes me cringe, everything he does is so calculated. Like Robbie Williams he’s not an artist but a performer, but at least Robbie is genuine not a poser.

  • ji

    i can’t stand him he try to hard

  • creativegirl

    Mesmerizing – yes I said mesmerizing.

    to each his own

  • baby

    I W A N T justin timberlake…..oh my gosh If i were on Robyn Troup place I would dance at least with j.t or kinda flirt she could not even move…omg being on stage with Justin and T.I is something…:((



  • alice

    Both were good. Robyn did great. I noticed that sometimes she held back a little. Imagine when she lets it all out, she’s going to be a star!

  • Julie

    Okay first of all, to all you haters, if you ain’t got nothing nice to say keep your little tramp shut!!aaaiiight??

    Second, Justin was amaaaaazing, his ‘what goes around … ‘ was fabulous, and he has an amazing voice (mickey-mouse club, hello?).

    Third, I loved the little duet, but this Robyn girl (whoever she is) is such an amateur, she has a great voice but you can clearly see she isn’t very experienced, the poor girl looked lost between those two hunky dudes!

    Overall, Great performance J.T., oh and that girl could have flirted a little bit more, it would have looked hotter!!

  • realme

    he looks so hot

  • Lola

    Umm, what was up with the whole singing into a handheld camera thing? I guess the footage was cool but to people watching him at the venue, he gives off the vibe that he is too self-absorbed and busy hamming it up to the camera to perform to them. If I were there watching him live, I would be pissed off at that little gimmick.

  • Lily

    Awe-SOME performance!!!! They totally rocked the stage, it was one of my favorite performances.

    Anyone know what Ludi and Mary J. were singing? I didn’t catch if it was from a movie or if it was a song, but I liked it, it was so heartfelt and meaningful.

  • Mrs. Depp

    To #10; JT’s shoes are from Payless..BOGO 1/2 off sale. I saw the same pair when I was in there last week. Sweet…..

  • Marge

    I’m a lot older than Justin Timberlake, but I love him. I’ll bet that a lot of mothers like him and would love for him to date their daughters. Something about this young man is incredibly well-adjusted. He is handling fame very well and that is a credit to his family and upbringing. There is something special in him. He’s not the best singer, but he’s a singer, no less. He’s singing a lot of R&B and pop music and it’s wonderful that he doesn’t sound like everybody else. When I hear him on the radio, I know it’s him.

    I liked his first Grammy performance, but could do without the camera bit. It was excessive and a little distracting. He made up for that with his performance with the young Robin. She did a great job. She had to be very nervous. Justin appeared very confident while dancing on stage and I loved his little interactions with her. I hope he stays single for a while and just concentrates on his fabulous career.

  • no

    lmao i love justin and would sure as shit love to bring him home but generally speaking, marge, yeah sure my mom would love for me to bring home a guy who openly admits to doing drugs in the comfort of his own home and reveals the sex life of his ex gf in the national media.

  • Marge

    I heard about that, but I don’t believe his drug use was that serious. He’s too level-headed, too straight. I can’t remember one time during all of his fame where he looked drugged up or out of control, can you? I think he experimented like most teens do, but he’s never had a real problem with it. Maybe his admission was a way to try to stir up controversy to make his sexy-back persona believable.

    As for his girlfriend, if he told those things, he was probably hurt and getting back at her… an immature thing to do, but he is not the first person to do that. However, that was then. Hopefully, it’s a new day for Justin Timberlake.

  • Penny Lane

    Wow, I really enjoyed that one. Robyn Troup was really god and hopefully, we will hear a whole lot more from her. Justin btw wasn’t bad either! ;-)

  • Lara

    I’m a married mama and Justin doesn’t turn me on in the least, but he’s an engaging, entertaining guy and I love this latest incarnation (his debut album wasn’t at all a departure from his nsync stuff). I honestly think he’s poised to live up to the potential of 80s-era Michael Jackson. Let’s just pray he doesn’t go the way of Jacko…

  • brandi

    i love robyn troupe she is like my idol and i really think she did so great man i cant believe this it is so awsome and i totally cant believe how great he did at that night because i really didnt think justin timberlake was a good artist but i totally proved myself wrong!!!

  • Catherine

    I cant believe that is the same girl that was just kicked off of American Idol is the group week. I bet they are kicking themselves in the ass now for letting her go.

  • sunny

    love this man

  • chel

    justin timberlake is hot hot hot i love him !!!!!!!

  • Jt fan

    anyone know wat is the song that justin sang before “My love” one???

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