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Angelina Jolie is a WANTED WOMAN!

Angelina Jolie is a WANTED WOMAN!

Angelina Jolie will star next alongside James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman in Wanted, reports Variety.

Wanted is an action film from Universal Pictures based on a graphic novel that Timur Bekmambetov will direct.

Angelina accepted the role after the script was rewritten by Dean Georgaris (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life) to tailor the character for her (script was originated by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas).

Angelina, 31, will play an assassin who trains a wanna killer (McAvoy) and will travel to Eastern Europe in May to begin shooting.

UPDATE :: Variety also reports that Brad Pitt will star in the Americanized version of the acclaimed British miniseries State of Play. Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) will direct.

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  • cookie the first!

  • ariel

    you beat me cookie. that’s fine .

  • hallelujah

    I’m second

  • someone

    I thought she was gonna be a stay at home mom….right?

  • cookie

    ANGELINA is one of the most in demand actress in HW right now.she’s hot and can potray any roles.She’s one of the best!

  • b


  • briseis

    Boy, you rock, Jared!

    Thanks for the new thread!

    How sweet it is to know that all the doom and gloom regarding Brad and Angelina’s career have not materialized … both of them are as hot, if not hotter, than before.

  • cookie

    angelina….beauty and brain roll in so happy for her.when i saw TGS in a cinema,she took my breath away.She is very gorgeous and you can’t deny her screen presence!BRAD really is a very lucky man to have her.I know a lot of guys feel envy of him!ANGELINA is such a CATCH!

  • anyone

    I guess the doubter/haters are questioning once more.

  • c

    Everyone wants a piece of Angie .

  • truth

    Let Angie have her final word, even though this is in Variety. Everyone is in a hurry to put words out about her. I pray for journey mercies for them in bringing Pax home.

  • anustin


  • truth

    Those who don’t like her are not God. Please stop quoting them. They merely stated their wishes and their wishes are not true.

  • carmen

    Cant wait to see the most wanted woman movie…

  • anustin

    thankz ariel for the headz up!

  • anustin

    and obviously…the pitts are on der way to L.A. i mean, to welcome pax!

  • think positive!

    someone Says:
    March 20th, 2007 at 8:20 am – flag comment

    I thought she was gonna be a stay at home mom….right?
    Just be prepeared for this “question” to be posted 100 times over and over again no matter how many times it will be answered on this thread.

    Thanks for the new thread Jared!!

  • Paula the Crotch

    Morgan Freeman, one of the MOST respected actors in Hollywood, working with Angie. So much for the haters theory that no one wants to work with her.

  • Guardian, UK

    Wanted: Jolie to play assassin

    ngelina Jolie is to play an assassin who takes a young novice played by James McAvoy under her wing in Wanted, an adaptation of a US graphic novel.

    Wanted tells the story of a young man who discovers that his recently murdered father was an assassin. His dad’s partner in crime, played by Morgan Freeman, offers him the opportunity to seek revenge by joining the elite group of killers his father belonged to. Jolie will play one of McAvoy’s mentors. Filming on Wanted will begin in May in eastern Europe, under Kazakh-born director Timur Bekmambetov.

    According to Variety, Wanted will be the next film Jolie works on. The actor is currently in Vietnam processing the adoption application of the latest addition to her family, a three-year-old boy whom Jolie is calling Pax Thien.

    She will next be seen on cinema screens in A Mighty Heart as Mariane Pearl, the wife of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2002. The film, produced by Jolie’s partner Brad Pitt, is based on the account by Mariane Pearl of her husband’s life and death.

  • whataliar

    yes, it will be aksed a 100 times because your beloved is a hypocrite and a liar and doesn’t deserve to adopt such a precious child if she is going to rip him away, put him in front of the spot light, move him all of the world and have nannies care for him while she keeps her fame going. so much for caring about endangering him with the papz. she’s going to take them to eastern europe and think it will be better? maybe she should just have mikey slap him around a little so he knows how she prefers treating other humans. poor child!

  • schedule


    March-April L.A filming BB
    May – Easter Europe filming Wanted
    May-June Promo Oceans 13 and AMH
    Fall – Filming The Changeling
    November – DC filming State of Play

  • Passing Through

    I guess now that Angie has taken a j-o-b we’ll have to hear all the haters b#tch about her “stay at home mom” comment. The morons probably thought she meant FOREVER.

  • cookie

    to whatliar: DID ANGELINA HURT YOU?you are such a coward.Just accept AJ is very in demand in HW unlike your idol????, A CERTAIN HASBEEN TV MEDIOCRE STAR THAT ALMOST 40 YEARS OLD.NO CAREER,NO BF,NO KIDS AND LASTLY NO OSCAR AWARD.

  • Passing Through

    someone Says:

    March 20th, 2007 at 8:20 am – flag comment
    I thought she was gonna be a stay at home mom….right?


    Damn…I thought I beat the first hater! Dude…she didn’t mean forever! Quit being so literal.

  • whataliar

    no we thought she meant a little longer than 6 weeks. i don’t care about her being famous. it’s pax that needs attention – not her. we are morons? what about her? she just said that to the vietnamese government to appease them so she could buy, i mean adopt, her next kid without any troubles? she’s a media frenzy hound and she keeps asking for it. jennifer aniston is an idiot and this has nothing to do with her you “haters”. it has to do with the fact that every major newspaper is promoting ange’s good deeds and her comments THAT SHE MAKES where she promises to be there for Pax and apologizes for the limelight she’s put him in and she cries to Trevor about all the “circus” and then she signs on for another round of insanity!!!!

  • JARED!!

    Jared you forgot to add that she’s doing the Eastwood movie. Variety confirm it yesterday.

    Deal marks the second recent U commitment for Jolie, who’ll star this fall for director Clint Eastwood in drama “The Changeling,” to be produced by Imagine Entertainment partners Brian Grazer and Ron Howard and Malpaso’s Rob Lorenz.

  • pokeman

    wow! brad worked with freeman in “seven”, now angie will work with him in a movie. that will great. can’t wait to see it.

  • bdj

    Passing Through Says:
    March 20th, 2007 at 8:40 am – flag comment
    Too true. Maybe we should come up with a witty comment to use(I vote for PT) instead of trying to explain that her words may have been taken out of context. This way we can say “refer to post #.” It saves time and server space. However, I still think some won’t get it (sigh)
    Thanks for the new thread Just Jared. I am digging the new layout.
    Safe travel to all. Best wishes to BAMPZS.

  • Amaya

    Morgan Freeman and Angie?! I love it!

    AG, apparently, the punishment for being a dem and being married to a man that criticized this administration is the loss of your career. Robert Novak, the b@stard that publicly outed her said that she donated money to Gore’s campaign as if that made what he did excusable. To this day, he still claims that she wasn’t covert even though Patrick Fitzgerald and the Director Hayden said that she was indeed covert.

  • African Girl

    #24 / Passing Through
    Oh come on! We’re talking about the vultures here…you should know they’ll pounce as quickly as possible.

    Jared, nice play on words there. I bet when some of the “not a Fan” saw the title of this thread, they went “Yes!! Finally, they’re gonna cart her away” and before anyone asks for what crime….don’t. We’re talking about the Fanistons here….it could be for just existing.

  • whataliar

    I think Perez has the right ongoing assessment of the jps. She escapes a kidnapping plot, flies to countries where she is “attacked” by papz and yet she still is allowed to adopt? What other person would be allowed that unless they paid some serious money out? I think AJ does think children grow in factories!

  • bluemoon

    Deal marks the second recent U commitment for Jolie, who’ll star this fall for director Clint Eastwood in drama “The Changeling,” to be produced by Imagine Entertainment partners Brian Grazer and Ron Howard and Malpaso’s Rob Lorenz.
    Fuck the haters! I’m so happy she’s working with Eastwood :D and Morgan Freeman.

  • whataliar

    **** those that think it is okay to do what she is to these poor children. so much for educating, protecting and caring for. these kids don’t differ much from michael jackson’s brood. it’s a sham and a shame.

  • Sin City

    She should Sin City too.

  • African Girl

    Aaah….I see. Well in that case, my lips are sealed.

  • freidaflo

    The Pitts are considered universal citizens. AJ can still be at home mom.
    They have several homes. Anywhere in the world can be their home as long as the family is together . AS long as there are no absence of love and caring, the Pitts will be Ok . What a team…..
    Thanks JJ for the new thread.

    Have a nice everyone….

  • susie

    good morning all. another new thread! Amaya, are you still here?

  • bdj

    I thought haters(my bad critics) were only worried about Shiloh. Now it is Pax. I think that Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh will all be fine. It is a lot easier to worry about your own life rather than 2 doting parents who have money, time(you can only sit around waiting on a studio lot so long) and resources to take care of a Army of children. They will all be fine. AJ is a “wanted” actresss. She is a dream actress for a lot of directors and producers. They will throw her name out there, hoping she will bite and to get financing for their movie. BP and AJ know their schedule better than the people on blogs. Don’t hate, appreciate.

  • Besane

    Jolie can take a time off to care for Pax until the end of the year when they start shooting these new projects. That’s more than half-a-year ahead. That should be enough time to settle Pax in. As a child I also was brought to Canada without a word of English when I was 4, then started to speak fluently within 6 months. Jolie said she is going to stay home to care for Pax adjust to the new environment. She didn’t say she was going to retire.



  • existo solvo

    this sounds really cool.the guy who’s directing “wanted” directed a great russian horror/action movie a while back called “nightwatch”.this guy is a major talent.
    also the film is based on a graphic novel which sounds really cool.factor in all this and james mcavoy,morgan freeman and of course angie and this has massive that angie is gonna be in it im am hugely anticipating it.

  • Lady G

    Thanks, Jared.

    I am so happy for Angie. It must be great to be WANTED. LOL

    AG……ROTFLMBO about your comment in #30.

  • susie

    bampzs’ers- doesn’t it take awhile to do preparations and stuff before filming? If it is an action film then she would be learning the scenes and how to do them and also memorizing the script. I am only asking b/c it seems quick unless we just didn’t know about this movie.

  • what?

    Jolie can take a time off to care for Pax until the end of the year when they start shooting these new projects.

    Wanted starts production in two months! then in the fall she films The Changeling.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread. I love Morgan Freeman. Angie and Morgan in a movie together, that would just be fantastic

  • AJ Fan

    Seems to me like it might not be such a big deal. It’s not like she’s signed on to do the LOTR trilogy. Her role in filming might only last a couple weeks, and she and her fam lovely fam could vacation in Eastern Europe to boot. Plus, an A-lister like her can take her kids on set — she’s fortunate. For most of us “work” means being separated from our families.

  • cookie

    ATTENTION TO ANY INSANE PRODUCER: please give MANISTON A JOB even a supporting role so that her fans will stop criticizing AJ AND BRAD.

  • Lady G

    Sin City Says:

    March 20th, 2007 at 8:52 am – flag comment

    She should Sin City too.

    Thanks but no thanks. Angie is well belong movies like this. She has proven she has the chops to do meatier roles.

    And I dislike the way the guy is always trying to use Angie name to hype Sin City 2.

  • piper, with a low

    Is the movie about the assassin, who teaches the kid to be an assassin? A passing of the guard type movie? Hell no! It’s about the kid– the would-be assassin.

    It’s not a teacher-student movie like the Karate Kid, so STFU!

  • c

    whataliar Says:

    March 20th, 2007 at 8:39 am – flag comment

    “I’m not making any movies right now,” Jolie said in the interview. “I

    will stay at home to help Pax adjust to his new life. I have four children, and caring for them is the most important thing for me at the moment.”

    Hope you understand what right now means