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Kate Walsh's New Boy Toy -- And It's Not Dave Annable!

Kate Walsh's New Boy Toy -- And It's Not Dave Annable!

You can kiss those Dave Annable (Brothers & Sisters) rumors out the window, there’s a new boy toy in town!

Sassy redhead Kate Walsh, aka Dr. Addison Montgomery, finds love in the arms of a Alex Young, a production co-president at 20th Century Fox, on Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles.

The 39 year-old Grey’s Anatomy star, who recently took out her bangs, spent the morning at Radford Hall for a personal meeting.

The new dirty blonde beau then met up with Kate for lunch at the Mustard Seed Cafe (Rachel Bilson just ate there on Thursday).

Kate was not shy about kicking up her feet into her man’s lap in between affectionate kisses. The lovebirds took their PDA-fest to the next level in his Porsche, where things looked like they got hot and heavy!

“We’ve been together for a while and he’s just a dreamboat,” Kate has said. “He’s my man.”

25+ pictures of Kate Walsh and her new rumored boyfriend inside…

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02 kate walsh new boyfriend
03 kate walsh new boyfriend
04 kate walsh new boyfriend
05 kate walsh new boyfriend
kate walsh new boyfriend 01
kate walsh new boyfriend 02
kate walsh new boyfriend 03
kate walsh new boyfriend 04
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kate walsh new boyfriend 15
kate walsh new boyfriend 16
kate walsh new boyfriend 17
kate walsh new boyfriend 18
kate walsh new boyfriend 19
kate walsh new boyfriend 20
kate walsh new boyfriend 21
kate walsh new boyfriend 22
kate walsh new boyfriend 23

Photos: Bauer-Griffin/Chris/Isbp
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  • 2985

    Why is he a boy toy? Do we know anything about HIS age? Or is it just coz Kate’s 39? I just think it’s still unfair. Ms. Walsh is allowed to go out with whatever-age guy, as long as he’s legal. ;) Halle’s boyfriend is only 9 years younger than her and yet a lotta publications like to keep on mentioning it, when it’s a dime a gazillion for the reverse and THAT doesn’t make news. Get over people, it ain’t that ‘unusual’ anymore for gals to go out with younger studs. :lol:

  • Gop

    Wow this is good news i was jealous of those rumors with Dave Annable what a waist he would be with that old hag.

  • Lucie

    Wow for a second I thought it was Neil Patrick Harris in the first pic but then I remembered he’s gay. Phew at least it’s not Dave Annable cos he is mine!

  • babyblue

    was kate an alcoholic or why attended she an AA meeting?

  • Kimmmm

    yah since when does kate go to AA???

  • SF

    Is she pregnant?

  • LoveKate

    I dont think that is Kate.

  • Claire

    I don’t think that is Kate either.

    The bangs looked real & she was sat next to Dave Annable at the GLAAD awards only a week ago ?

  • Just Jared

    I added 25+ more pictures for you to decide if it’s Kate or not…

  • LoveKate

    No, that does not look like Kate at all. Besides those bangs were real.

  • Just Jared

    Are you people for REAL?…

  • OMG!

    OMG!!!! That’s Kate, sure she is!!!I love candids of Kate!!But, what about Dave?? And most important, what’s with this AA meeting???????? OMG!!!!
    Love you Addie/Kate!

  • Rox

    Yep, that’s Kate! Seems Kate really likes kissing! And if you have the younger guys buzzing around you, go fot it!

  • blind

    Mwahaha LMHO, you’re all blind, of COURSE it’s Kate Walsh.

    (those car pix are hot)

  • Mmmmm

    That is Kate and he doesnt look younger then her, maybe when he has his sunglasses on but when he doesnt he looks like Will Farrell.

  • Claire

    Well, of course it’s Kate Walsh now !!

    But the earlier pic posted did not look like her.

  • Jules

    WHEN were those pics taken??? Bc I don’t understand: a few days ago Kate has bangs and know she hasn’t?How that could be possible?Can’t just disappear nor cut them off.. Anyway, LOOOOVE Kate and those pics are hot!!

  • MerDer4ever

    This looks like an old Kate Walsh pictures. Seriously! Young or not, I think she looked cute with Dave Annable. He’s such a hottie!

  • Amanda

    Yeah that’s Kate but how does Jared know she went to an AA meeting?

    PS: Hey Jared do you got anymore Jake and Austin pics!!! Those two closet cases are so cute and yummy!

  • Calliope

    She’s an exhibitionist. Vomit!
    Her costars are more private than her.
    I’m glad for the spinoff. Grey’s will be better without her.

  • Emma

    Grey’s will suck without her.

  • moi

    well for being an exhibitionist this is the VERY FIRST time i’ve ever seen her get on like that with a bf in public. she was suppossedly dating dave for a while and never once did i see a pic of them kissing in public even though i heard lots of stories about them. if her and dave broke up within the last five days (when they were last seen together) damn she moves on fast. or maybe they were just friends? i dunzo. and as for greys being better without her. hm no! just no! & i liked her bangs? r these pictures really recent? & AA wtf is that all about?

  • careful

    Jared, please, do not comment on anyone attending an AA meeting.

  • Oh

    WTF? It looks like they’re not exactly “new” to each other, maybe they had been dating before (maybe even before she got famous) and now got back together? Or else the pics where she kisses his hands just seen plain weird.

  • WTF

    She’s got a bit of a tummy bulge showing. What’s with that?

  • meow

    LOVE HER! she looks hot, and her new man is adorable. i hope they stick!

  • Bridget

    WASn’t she at the GLAAD Awards with Dave LAST Saturday?! Cripes.

  • Alex

    The photos of them kissing are kind of creepy. It’s like they’re about to have sex or something.

  • Lara

    Aww to bad it didnt work out with Dave,i thought they wer lovely.

  • Lucie

    It’s soooo obviously her! About the bangs, it’s possible to style your hair a particular way so it APPEARS you have bangs. I don’t know the precise method but I remember Jennifer Connelly did the same thing a few years ago for some awards.

  • Sabine

    Is it just me or does anyone else think these pictures are disgusting! Jeez, can’t you just leave people like Kate their privacy? Who wants to filmed and photographed while being out with someone privatly. Quite honestly: those pictures are to invasive for my taste!

  • kirsten

    Yes, an invasion of privacy, yes a little too much. But equally, she’s about to be the star of the spinoff of one of the most successful shows, she’s hot property right now. I also think she’s smart enough to know that making out like a teenager in the front of a car is gonna attract some attention in LA. When you’re Kate Walsh, you’re gonna get attention wherever you go. This is the first time I’ve ever seen these sorts of pics of her with a guy, which leads me to think she’s pretty good at keeping things private – when she wants to. Looks to me like they saw the photographer before getting in the car so…fair game.

  • Jamie

    Totally agree with kirsten. Kate may not like the pics but I’m sure she’s not stupid. These kind of pics and vids will only get more frequent with the spinoff, so it’s up to her how she deals with it. Can’t blame the paps for doing their job.

  • Hayley

    Awww, Kate and Alex are sooo cute! (lol, that’s his name btw, Alex) that is adorable. Thankies Jared.


    P.S. AA meeting, wtf is all that about?! Someone please explain!

  • Kelseyface

    by the way people, boy toy just means new man, toy boy means younger man.

    it’s totally kate.

  • Hayley

    Yeah, the bangs are fake. They’re a peice. She said so to People.

  • Debbie

    that is alex young, president of fox features. he is 37. wouldn’t call him a boy toy. thanks for age appropriate dating.

  • McHottie

    Isn´t it a bit pathetic to follow the poor people and take photos all the time? I mean no offence, but that´s just a bit over the top.

    But still, good choice Kate!!! A good-looking guy with a Porsche! *Good German car* =)