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Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst: Still Together!

Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst: Still Together!

Tessa Horst, a San Francisco social worker, accepted the final rose — and a marriage proposal — from US Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin during Monday’s season finale of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.

The newlyweds-to-be are still together as they were spotted leaving NYC’s The Mercer Kitchen in SoHo on Tuesday night. Tessa will be moving to Hawaii with Andy, though.

Said Andy during his proposal on the finale, “I’ve always imagined this day, and this is beyond my wildest dream… I met this woman who makes me feel so happy and so unbelievably amazing. I want to say to you Tessa… Will you marry me?”

The Bachelor will be sending Tessa, 26, and Andy, 30, on a trip to the Inca Trail in Peru in honor of Tessa‘s mother Romana Li, who met her husband, Bruce Bartels, while hiking the Inca Trail.

Andy Baldwin & Tessa HorstThe View, 5/22

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Photos: Dara Kushner/, ABC/Craig Sjodin
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51 Responses to “Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst: Still Together!”

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  1. 1
    La Says:

    Blech. Well I hope she’s good to him. I was pulling for Bevin, but he knows his heart and they are both pretty girls.

  2. 2
    [eclec-tic] Says:

    I give that relationship 6months of media pimping. Then they’ll break up.

  3. 3
    Mmmmm Says:

    I was pulling for Bevin too, they had a real connection. This one wont last either, the only ones that last is when the girls pick the men. Women use their hearts, the men do not … all the women are still with the guys they picked.

  4. 4
    Michelle Says:

    Except for Jen Schefft…she didn’t pick any guy. Which was smart actually- she probably knew a relationship with either of the men wouldn’t last more than 4 months.

    I think Tessa had reservations at the beginning of the show for a reason – she’s not meant to be with this guy! The only reason she fell in love, I think, is because she was convinced to stay and, in some way, forced to fall in love.
    Bevin got away easy – and Tessa will eventually leave too…once she realizes that she’s too good for this Ken doll!

  5. 5
    creativegirl Says:

    Mmmmm Says:

    May 23rd, 2007 at 11:09 am – flag comment
    I was pulling for Bevin too, they had a real connection. This one wont last either, the only ones that last is when the girls pick the men. Women use their hearts, the men do not … all the women are still with the guys they picked.


    I guess you don’t watch the Bachelor because the only bachelorette that is still with her man is Trista. Her and Ryan are married and last night they showed that she is 6 months pregnant, which I was so happy to hear. She has been trying to get preggers for a long time.

    The only other couples still together who came out of this series is Charlie O’Donnel and his gal Sarah, Byron and Mary (who lost out with Bob Guiney and they brought her back to try again with Byron) and now Andy and Tessa.

    Meredith and Jen Schefft who were the other bachelorettes dumped their guys – Jen was done with her guy Jerry before the season even wrapped up on TV, Meredith and her guy Ian were engaged for a while, but then called it off after several months.

    You can feel for Andy, as he obviously cared about both these girls. I mean he told them BOTH that he loved them in the final episode. I think he really did have feelings for Bevin, but in reality he decided to choose Tessa because she hadn’t been married before and was brought up a Catholic since it seems that faith is most important to his family and she is more straight laced than Bevin. Its just a sad fact, but its true. When he had to choose between two girls who were basically on an equal playing field, he had no choice but to look at those outside factors in order to make his decision.

    I felt horrible for Bevin in that last episode, how horrible for her. But she handled it with grace, and I gave her props for not even responding to him after it all went down. I’m betting they will make Bevin the next Bachelorette, for everything she went through – she deserves another chance where she will be the one doing the choosing.

  6. 6
    ccherylll Says:

    who are these people??????????????????????????

  7. 7
    ccherylll Says:

    really WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??????????????????

  8. 8
    sarah Says:

    eww they need to break up!ppl need to stop posting pictures of them. he should be with bevin. only with her because his family liked her and her money

  9. 9
    tanya Says:

    iI think they make a great couple. I really like them together and I dont want them to break up

  10. 10
    Cat Says:

    He’s blah and she’s a terrible dresser.

    I didn’t care for Bevin until last night. She’s the best of all fo them.

  11. 11
    Natalie Says:

    Tessa and Andy are perfect together and I wish them all the best in the world. She’s beautiful and so secure with herself and he’s exactly the same way. I think they’ll make it.

  12. 12
    Mia Says:

    Jared you should really provide a bit more info for your European readers we don’twho the hell these people are

  13. 13
    brass Says:

    Two words…WHO CARES????

  14. 14
    Leah Says:

    Sorry, but she is fugggggg

  15. 15
    Celebrity Mom Says:

    From what was aired it appeared Bevin was bitten immediately and love blossomed from a true heart in love. You never know what ends up on the cutting room floor. For Andy to tell both girls that he loved them was a sign of weakness. He was so confused!! He was speaking from a rushing of testosterone in a moment of secductive bliss. That boy was on natural-sex steroids. He had the ambiance, as well as the elaborate, well-planned out and paid for dates. Who wouldn’t be wrapped up in the moment of synthetic love? We will see how he and Tessa do in the real world where he is called to duty and she is called to sit home and deal with his first love…the military and his profession as a doctor. Those will be his priorities over her. It gets lonely as a doctor’s wife and as a military officer’s wife. Sure there are financial benefits but what’s that saying, “you can’t buy love”. It’s a husbands “presence” or their “presents” that compete for satisfaction. Andy and Tess’s relationship (foundation) is not very solid yet and she’s walking into a nice world but a real lonely livelihood.

    Best Wishes in the Real World.

  16. 16
    jd Says:

    OMG, those women on The View didnt even let them talk.

    I’m happy for Andy & Tessa. Hey! If people believe in love at first sight (which happens in a moment), then u two are good because it happened more than a month. I dont see What’s the big freakin deal.

    It’s okay for Andy to say I love you to both.
    I mean i say I love you all the time. haha. Big freakin deal. Imagin yourself in that situation and you’ll probably did the same thing or worse. Who knows. haha. He didn’t know who he’ll end up with.. U know Self protection is a natural reflex. If i was Andy i’d fall for Tessa just becuase the way she said she’s in love with me. It was more convincing and natural. Who doesnt love that? Of course, there are some stupid ones dont agree to that.

    As for Bevin, it’s OK girlfriend… this is the time when u go get another tattoo to express your pain.

  17. 17
    Someone from OH Says:

    It’s so amusing to read what has been written so far. Apparently there are many experts on how this should play out. Reality is that Andy made a well thought out decision. He’s an intelligent man, who obviously picked out the women he loved. I’m also amused by the fact that everyone seems to forget that this is a television show that is edited and put together to make it more interesting. They show us whatever they want us to see, to keep us coming back. Where Andy and Bevin are concerned, it was just a physical attraction and I’m sorry but relationships don’t make it on that. To Celebrity Mom and her feeling that Tessa will feel alone when Andy is called off, Tessa is savvy enough to get out and have fun whether Andy’s there or not. She seems to be a well-rounded person who can take care of herself.

  18. 18
    Mo Says:

    I was really happy they ended up together. I was pulling for tessa the whole time. I think that I saw a better personality in her. Bevin seemed to willing to just change and I never got a chance to see who Bevin really was. Bevin justs wants a man and is ready to settle down and I think that she would be whoever anyone else is at this point to catch a guy in her life. I felt like tessa stayed very true to herself and I think that she did fall in love. I hope that they have a long happy life together.

  19. 19
    iloveyou Says:

    I like bevin a lot too. But tessa is gorgeous as well. I think they’ll last forever. I must admitt, i am a little jealous.. andyy is like the sexiest guyy ever. ohh well, i still love him. hah

  20. 20
    iloveyou Says:


  21. 21
    Andy Friend Says:

    Andy and Tessa broke up soon after filming The Bachelor. They are just pretending to be still together for publicity and to make ABC happy.

    What you see on tv is never real or reality.

    Basically, Andy, Tessa, Bevin, etc were just actors on tv or pretending to fall in love for tv.

  22. 22
    Michoo Says:

    It’s in the kiss! I only watched the last 3 airings of this show and knew from the first one I saw who he was going to pick. I noticed that when he kissed Tessa he was really there. He wasn’t into it when he kissed the other girls. It’s always in the kiss…

  23. 23
    Bevin Fan Says:

    Hey Ohio—I had a strong physiacl connection with my boyfriend-now my husband of almost 10 years—we are still happily together.
    Tessa is not attractive and seems so fake and unenthused—they’ll break up-give it time-after the media stops pimping them out! Andy ia a male model who wants celebrity status. Tessa & Andy are just hogging the spotlight. If Andrew and Jen couldn’t hold it together—and I saw WAY MORE love and affection between those tow-then these two REALLY WON’T MAKE IT. TRUST ME-WAIT AND SEE.

  24. 24
    alice Says:

    i jhave watched the show from thebeginning and i was pulling for tess.she waS Lid ND QUIET SHE MADE HER FEELINGS KNOW AT THE RIGHT TIME AND I REAKKY THINK THy weill make awonderful go og it.just talke the and leaaarn the familythey seem so sweetgoncrats ajnb best of kuck to buth and keep in touch with me because i feel in love with both of yiou

  25. 25
    Christine Says:

    This is actually the first time that I wanted to watch bachelor…despite the many editings..
    viewers still saw the growing love andy and tessa had for each other..
    You people who believe that Tessa is right for Andy and are quick to judge her character because of her reservations are probably the type of people who have various boyfriends/girlfriends, are divorced, and do not have a long term relationship. To judge tessa because of her reservations is totally wrong, love that grows through time has a more solid foundation than love that is created by the mind just like all the other girls, they all set their minds on Andy, they all want to fall-love with him actually let me change that they all say they are in-love with him. I admire Tessa, she did not force herself, she allowed herself time to know Andy, even now that they are both engaged..they still want to take babysteps and fall-in-love with each other in the real world. Did any of you watched the episode where Andy asked Tessa’s dad if she brings guys home, Tessa’s dad said not often…that just shows she loves genuinely.

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