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Anne Hathaway Blue Bikini Pictures -- Part Deux

Anne Hathaway Blue Bikini Pictures -- Part Deux

Anne Hathaway slips into her blue bikini again (remember the first scandalous set?) and enjoys some fun in the sun in Saint-Tropez on Saturday with real estate developer boyfriend Raffaello Follieri.

Anne, 24, and Raffaello, 28, cruised through the water on a Sea Doo waverunner and relaxed on their private yacht in the south of France.

Hathaway‘s recent period drama Becoming Jane has pulled in a not-so-great $27 million in worldwide box office ticket sales.

20+ pictures inside of Anne in her blue bikini…

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anne hathaway bikini 01
anne hathaway bikini 02
anne hathaway bikini 04
anne hathaway bikini 05
anne hathaway bikini 06
anne hathaway bikini 07
anne hathaway bikini 08
anne hathaway bikini 09
anne hathaway bikini 10
anne hathaway bikini 11
anne hathaway bikini 12
anne hathaway bikini 13
anne hathaway bikini 14
anne hathaway bikini 15
anne hathaway bikini 16
anne hathaway bikini 17
anne hathaway bikini 18
anne hathaway bikini 19
anne hathaway bikini 20
anne hathaway bikini 21
anne hathaway bikini 22

Photos: Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • jy

    Wow! Her skin color blinds me.

  • [~Famous~]

    tan time!!

  • Danielle

    Becoming Jane has only made $27 million WORLD WIDE? That’s not good. However, she did get good reviews.

  • sarah

    wooo!!!she’s clear!lol!

  • Bamzps fan


  • Riley

    is this supposed to be publicity for becoming jane? wow i’ll be first in line to go see it tomorrorw. lol if they want to promote it, show some hot steamy pics of james mcavoy and his wife getting their freak on. at least their married. :)

    fyc…james mcavoy for atonement

  • J3$$!C@

    Tan anyone?

  • Taylor




  • Raichill

    It’s actually refreshing to see her pale, translucent skin rather than the orange bodies we usually see from celebrities.

  • Fat-girl

    I do believe there is a nice happy and natural medium between Orange and effing BLINDING. She should find it.

  • Gusu

    yes, blue bikini and bluer skin. Get some sun, girl.

  • Ava

    pale skin is so much prettier than a fake tan of any kind. give her a break. so she doesn’t want to subject herself to the relentless expectations of fake hollywood. god forbid.

  • shusha

    She has an odd body.

  • Mary

    Wow she is sooooo freaking pale compared to her bf

  • Kath

    there’s nothing wrong with being pale but anne should at least get SOME tanning done. she is too too pale and the blue doesn’t look good on her. it’ll blind someone. anyhow, she’s gorgeous in real life (if you stick the right clothes on her) and a great actress!

  • remember da truth

    I agree with Kath — great actress adn beautiful. But if you have alabaster skin, that blue is the WRONG choice!! Damn. I hope she’s able to tan.

  • me

    Ah, so refreshing. An actress that’s thin but not bordering on being a lollipop head. It’s good to see someone with a healthy, normal body. So what if she’s pale at least she’s not looking like an oompa loompa like so many other people out there in Hollywood. Had she chosen a different color bikini, maybe the paleness of her skin as compared to the bright blue of her bikini wouldn’t be so jarring.

  • BB

    i swear, you white folks are more obsessed with skin color than any other race on the planet!
    give it a rest.
    she’s pale yes, but she’s cute.

    some other chics are tan, some of them are cute too..

    what difference does it make?

  • Kat

    My skin is as fair as Anne Hathaway’s complexion. She isn’t going to tan, and she won’t. She will just burn and that is about it. People like us don’t go out in the sun much, because of getting skin cancer. I already have to get more moles removed. Pale or Casper it is!

  • Bornthatwayforareason

    She has pale skin, it’s her skin color. She does NOT need to tan! Even the supposed safe tanning can cause cancer.

    Quit trying to make people something they are not. That’s the problem, noone is happy with what they were given.

    Let’s change hair color, skin color, boob size, eye color, gender, etc.

    You were born that way for a reason

  • Andy

    It looks as if Anne should spend more time on her career than living the high life. If her latest film has only made $27 million that is $13 million short of the money provided by the British Lottery to make the film. She may consider acting like a slut on film as mature, However acting like a slut in public is hardly the best way to publicise what after all is a very British Period Piece. Anne confirmed when she went topless she lost a lot of fans, Her latest antics may well account for the poor showing of Becoming Jane, she was offered the part as it was assumed she had a large fan base,coupled with the Jane Austen fans this should have assured its success. If this film fails someone will be used as a scapegoat, most likely Anne, which would ensure no more leading rolls in films made in the uk. This could jepodise her next two films,if that happened she may well have to rely on her more visual assets,and not her considerable ability. Anne appears to rely on poor advice more that likely from her boyfriend, who dominates her,and her agent, if she dose not get her Act together her career could be very short.

  • Carruthers

    Albinos shouldn’t wear blue bikinis. EVER.

  • Pitsy Poots

    The picture of her in the water reminds me of a Beluga Whale. Same coloring.

  • cassandra

    no keep your own color, too bad she wasnt born brown skinned. huh……. she looks like a ole white ghost.

  • Cinthia

    I don’t think the sun’s working on her.

  • LadySherotica

    There’s nothing wrong with her skin color; it’s HER color. Get over it people, not everyone wants to or needs to tan. Personally, I love porcelin skin such as hers and Nicole Kidman’s. Even if I didn’t love the look, so what? Stop showing your colors and practise more acceptance.

    Plus, I have ask, what makes the first set of pics in the blue bikini so scandelous? Cripes, she’s just curled up on him, not naked or having sex! Where’s the scandel?

  • Erine Kwah taht loves sex

    aww! sexy! i hope they sex!

  • cassandra

    lady sherotica: please that woman looks like a ghost, sure each to their own, but a ghost come on, id rather have color any day of the week.porcelein is ok for dinnerware, but skin omg! that pasty skin with all those blue veins showing is just gross. and aint nothing you can do about those ugly blue veins ugh. that ole transparent skin shows age spots liver spots omg aging like a mug.

  • Mike

    I actually agree with BB about white people being obsessed with skin color, they are so weird with all this tan pale crap is if that drastically effects your looks. if you hot your hot, get over the tanning, if you think you can be ugly or homely looking but have a tan and that makes u suddenly beautiful, keep telling yourself that. for some reason this girl actually looks better when u click into her pics closer but from a distance she does look a little off, but its just a picture people get over it! most people look nothing like their pics anyway, just a refecltion of light and a fraction of a second of time. her skin does look very clear though, if her body was more toned and fit no one would say anything bad about her and she looks a million times better than her orange skinned flabby boyfriend with a huntch back. as far as blue veins on her, i dont see it. i think u people have issues with yourself and your own skin. if u all tan, take away your tan than look at yourself. that is the true measure of your beauty. this girl Anne Hathaway is just not attractive though, and not because of her skin. she has a weird body, no distinct features that stand out, and just an overall flabby and weird shape, but i bet if she was tan all you stupid white people would go oooo nice!! lol. but not meee!!!

  • cassandra

    i was just showing the reason why i like tan skin, i am a light skinned black girl , my complexion is the color of honey, i was born with a natural tran color all im saying is i see the pale color with veins showing and to me that is ugly, just like someone posted about black skin, black doesnt crack thank god, all im saying is you have a lot of people who down the black race but every time you look up they are trying to get brown skinned. WHY THATS ALL I WANT TO KNOW WHY?

  • cassandra

    i made the comment about blue veins bvecause i think it is gross. i love my honey color skin. the only problem i have is a lot of people of the white race talk about black people but every time you look up they are trying to get brwon skinned, WHY just be your self you were born that way for a reason.

  • butch

    her ass is fresh like damn
    i would put in her ass again
    when she says fuck til it hurts
    but i told her
    baby thats just worse

    westcoast nigga what


  • Franko Engel

    Wow i was looking for the lyrics to la coupe de boule because i loved it when i heard it and i wanted to know what it meant so thanks! Your translation is awesome :)

  • meridha

    she is too hot
    i fall inl ove