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Beckhams @ Timberlake Concert

Beckhams @ Timberlake Concert

Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney‘s lil sis, wasn’t the only one enjoying Mr. JT!

Soccer stud David Beckham with his wife Victoria enjoyed the Justin Timberlake get his sexy back at his concert on Tuesday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Let’s hope Posh took home some good tips for her own Spice Girls world tour!!!

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • gatsby

    He looks weird. And her pig nose is really freaking me out.

  • ©-!

    JustJared ,no one cares about them,why you do.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    dont like posh

  • lars

    hard to believe that he is only in his early 30′s. Is he going bald?

  • ME

    primeraaa:) ILOV JUSTIN…. ANDD BECKHAM

  • Granny Panties

    A couple in love and loves their kids.

  • ………….

    She always looks so needy.

  • boyz

    She looks like she is sniffing him. Did he just pass gas?

  • me2

    i love posh and becks! she does always kinda look needy. but, i think she’s just a woman madly in love w/her hubby. more pics anytime jared!

  • smooth

    David isn’t getting bald at all,look at his pics from 2001 when he had the same short hair and it looked the same way back than.
    This is flashes and nothing more.

  • smooth

    And yes David is recovering good! Hope to see him playing in October with NT.
    Go David! More pics!

  • sema

    he needs look closely to that pig face.other than that, he’s all great.all the time.

  • Cynthia

    I love the Beckhams! They are a guilty pleasure, too bad they took off Vicki’s show though. Thanks for the pics Jared.

  • Michelle

    Both GORGEOUS! Love them! They are to cute!

  • Starbucks Addict

    He’s hot, but her snout is distracting.

  • MJStyle

    love them!

  • Blah!

    I thought it was James Gandolfini at first glance! :)

    These two (especially pig-snout-vicky) are completely useless, over-rated, and pathetic!

    I agree with # 2…

  • Lulu

    #17 and #2 Well you obviously care, as you opened the topic and left a message.
    And i don’t think the Beckhams are the pathetic ones.

  • Mrs. Timberlake

    It was on Sunday.

  • Blah!

    #18– you are wrong- I seriously DON’T CARE about these two “twits”… they offer NOTHING substantial to this life what-so-ever! They are NOT to be admired, appreciated, or hero-worshipped as all of you like to do- you are the ones with unfillfilled lives- coming onto these gosip sites spewing love for celebs who couldn’t care less about anything but themselves… you should invest in some therapy to figure out what’s missing from your own lives… I like to read all the insane comments ppl. make… it’s truly mind-boggling!

  • pslocali

    correction – they were at the jt concert on sunday night. i was sitting a few rows below them and the crowd went NUTS when they showed up. people were taking their pictures for 15 mins straight. i felt bad for them, but they were waving. i love them. they are innovative, smart and keep their priorities straight.

  • BBperfume

    They look very casual and worn out ,like they’ve been on the road the whole day!

  • mickey

    It’s nice that all the truly lame people stick together. It makes them easier to avoid.

  • wrong!

    Actually this was on Sunday night, I was at this concert. JT didn’t even perform on Tuesday night.

  • Clementines

    It’s discrimatory to make fun of a Irish Pug nose people!

  • Lulu

    #20, before talking shit and insult me, let me tell you that i have a pretty good reason to like them, and to not think they are useless or only care about themselves.
    Thank you, but my life is pretty great and far from being empty.

  • vicky

    I loved them !! They look so much in love !

  • Britney’s Queef

    She is a revolting, stuck-up cunt. He could do so much better.

  • Give me one reason?

    Ok # 26- Name your “reason”- Why are you sooo IN LOVE with this “over-rated, media-fame-$$$-hungry-stuck-up” British a-holes??? What have they done to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE? Hmmm?

  • depeche

    Both are talentles idiots. Beckham once was a quite good footballplayer, but he never was a Pele or a Puskás.

  • Fans can be weird

    #20: This thread does not even begin to compare to the level of pathetic that the Jolie-Pitt threads generate. Have you ever been there? If you want mindless entertainment, give it a whirl…I just sit and laugh!!!! I mean, I can see making comments about your favorite celebs and all, but those people are creepy!!!!

  • Fans can be weird

    And I mean ALL kinds of creepy!!

  • Blah!

    # 31: I hear you! I happen to really like/admire Angie and Brad for alot of different reasons, one being how much they “give back” and are able to look at the bigger picture and separate themselves from the Hollywood craziness of me, me, me and more, more, more… as if these celebs didn’t have “enough” already… sorry, long story short- as I said, I too like Ange and Brad, but I cannot “stomach” reading through most of their threads… it’s sickening to me the amount of hero-worship some ppl. heap onto other, mortal, slightly more wealthy and happen to be famous- human beings, it makes me wonder what’s missing in ppl.’s lives to catapult them to that level of “star-worship”…

  • Shea

    You know what amazes me!
    is that some jobless, useless people leave retarded comments here and they keep coming back to check if anyone replied their comments. I mean that is just stupid.
    It’s at least decent/normal when people come in this site to check gossip of their fave celebs and ignore their worst. But to actually open this topic and leave a hateful comment is just pathetic.
    *and just a thing for # 20 and everyone else that say they don’t admire the Beckhams. You actually do admire and do appreciate them people you cared to view this topic and read it and you also cared to leave a comment. So you do admire them in some kinda pathetic way. If you are bored of them then why not pass straight pass their gossip and move on to one that interests you???

  • Blah!

    Shea: WOW! I never knew that their were actual med-certified psychiatrists that visit this site… thank you sooo much for telling me that I DO ACTUALLY CARE about the no-talent-$$$-fame-hungry-media-whore Beckhams’!!! What a revelation- I never knew! If you BOTHERED to read my post you would know that I come here to READ the COMMENTS that ppl. like you make… the hero-worhip is UNBELIEVABLE and quite frankly- SCARY! But thank you sooo much for telling me HOW I FEEL! Now, let me get back to my “pathetic” life- where I actually DON’T have to WORK because I have a hubby that takes care of that end and I can sit back and enjoy the VIEW in my 1.5 million $$$ dollar- 15- room estate! I visit this site out of boredom, luv… there’s only sooo much wandering I can do in this grand ol’ house!

  • Lulu

    To #29, 3 years ago they helped my handicaped little cousin, and thx to them her life is better. They check on her regulary.So they ENHANCE MY LIFE in that way. I hope that’s a good enough reason for you.

    So hate on them as much as you want, but that just means your a stupid dumbass who believes everything that are in trashy tabloids, or sadly just hates on people who have success.

  • Give me one reason?

    Lulu: I’m happy that your cousin was helped and that his/her quality of life was enhanced- that definitely is a GOOD THING :)

    Unfortunately, I still do not like the Beckhams’ and their over-induglent-in-your-face-lifestlye… we can agree to disagree?

  • Lulu

    Sure we can, it’s just that the image the media portrays of them is a disgrace coz i met them, and they are really simple and nice people.

    No harm, don’t worry ;)

  • Give me one reason?

    Lulu: No reason to insult me, just because we have a difference of opinion… I don’t know you and you don’t know me… neither of us knows what has brought us to form the opinions that we express, so I would appreciate it if you could make your opinion known without the insults!

  • Give me one reason?

    Well, if you say so… maybe I will meet them one day and my opinion of them will change, not that I’m banking on it!

  • Lulu

    By the way sorry about the dumbass comment, i got a little carried away. ;)

  • Give me one reason?

    No harm, no foul… Sorry, if I came across as too harsh in my reply… I think that we all have a tendency to get a little “carried away” with our firmly held strong opinions… it’s been nice chatting and getting to know a little bit about you. :)

  • Lulu

    It’s been nice for me too , thx ;)

  • nokia

    #35 Blah! —>> so what if u have 1.5 million dollar house? or maybe u spend yr time making such thread because u dont know what to do while your husband bang other girls…

  • socalracing

    I went to the JT concert here in LA and it waw SUNDAY!!!! The Becks where a couple suites down from our suite on level C. Before the concert stared there was all this commotion in the bathroom “Did you see Posh and David Beckham?!?!?” You could definately tell everyone was giving them attention. DUH! And yes they are stunning in person!!!

  • Lisa

    Justin’s sexy back concerts are soooooooo hoooooooooot!
    I love the Becks they are so cute.

  • famouslivingdead

    #30-of course he isnt something like Pele or a Puckas, coz he is waaaaaaaayyyyyy better than them!!!

  • 4everspice

    I love them!!! I love POSH even more, she’s so pretty.
    I can’t wait for the spice girls concerts!!!!
    I’m dying I want a ticket already!!!!!
    Posh I ♥ you
    Posh I ♥ you

  • M_cali

    Some people need to relax here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We’re talking about the ones and only The Beckhams, so If u love them… Thank you, If u hate them ……so F*ck You.

  • Don

    Injury FAKER. I bet he was dancing too. He’s no soccer player, he’s more a celebrity now. We are not stupid Becks, you can’t get away with that sh*t over here. The Galaxy are fools.