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Momgelina 'n Maddox: Rain or Shine

Momgelina 'n Maddox: Rain or Shine

Angelina Jolie picks up Maddox, 6, from the Lycée Français de New York school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Thursday afternoon in the heavy rain. Dozens of fans and paparazzi surrounded the mother-son team despite the downpour.

Angie‘s lips look especially luscious in this set of pictures. Yumz!

15+ pictures inside of Mom ‘n Mad

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angelina jolie rain or shine 01
angelina jolie rain or shine 02
angelina jolie rain or shine 03
angelina jolie rain or shine 04
angelina jolie rain or shine 05
angelina jolie rain or shine 06
angelina jolie rain or shine 07
angelina jolie rain or shine 08
angelina jolie rain or shine 09
angelina jolie rain or shine 10
angelina jolie rain or shine 11
angelina jolie rain or shine 12
angelina jolie rain or shine 13
angelina jolie rain or shine 14
angelina jolie rain or shine 15

Photos: Mario Magnani/Bauer-Griffin
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  • guli

    Thanks Jared!!!!

  • ?


  • KrungKrung


  • Rayna

    such lovely family… i truly admire her dedication to her children.

  • julianne

    Love this ritual she has that either her or Brad pick up the kids…Great parents and are setting an example for all parents who want to make a difference in the lives of their children. Total respect for her.

  • Bite me


  • ?

    thanks JJ for new thread,like always they both look great.

  • OK

    kid goes to school for 9 months out of the year… are we gonna have to watch this nonsense of her picking him up everyday?! I’m so bored with them but they keep popping up as news on this site. It’s not news Jared, it’s her picking up her kid for the 20th time in the past 2 months! get real already.

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    Love that smile in her face,truly admire her for all her works.Mad looks cute with his new haircut.miss Brad by the way.

    Thanks JJ and I`m in first page,can`t believe that.

  • julianne

    to #8 – Why seek out information that you say you don’t want? Hmmmm. If you are not interested, scroll past the news re: Jolie and Pitt. Can it be that hard?

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    8 OK

    probably not.because they will leave NYC until next week.

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    still no one translate Brad`s interview?

  • tammy

    more pictures ,thanks this family.


    Ok, she is hotttt, but how many pictures can you take of Angelina, walking out the door with her son? HOW MANY? I think that you are going to run out of things to say!

  • briseis

    Now, this is what I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. This poster #8 is so bored with pictures of them picking up Maddox and is giving Jared heck for it. I am a fan, and you even beat me to the posting on the first page. So it means you are just waiting for a new thread of the pickup (which is as predictable as clockwork) to lambast Jared. I mean, why even bother to post? If you do not like it, fine, move along.

    I absolutely abhor Britney Spears so you wouldn’t catch me lurking at blogs on her, much less post. Why should I waste my time making myself miserable?

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared.

    We fans of JPs best enjoy these final pictures. Once they are back in Cali we won’t see them that often.

  • Original jpf

    A quick thanks to Jared before it gets seriously stupid all up in here.

    Shout out to PT, TRL, Alexanderina, issouri Fan, QQQQ, AG (“GC’s looking muy quapo gurl!”), julie and the rest…..

    see ya


  • www

    anyone can translate Brad’s interview please?

  • KK1

    Maddox is getting so tall, he is having quite a growth spurt. He looks to be even taller next to Angelina, who can’t be more than 5″6″ or so. She won’t easily be able to pick him up anymore at the rate he is growing. LOL.

  • kikx

    She’s really beautiful.

  • andrómeda

    Beatiful. Thanks JJ, you are the best!.

  • juju

    Angie and Mad look great.
    Brad’s BG has some nice T-Shirts.

  • tammy

    gosh i wish i could be their and see her in person but i know i never will.but anyway love jps,little maddox is so cute .

  • DD

    8 OK

    if u have nothing good to write, take your comments elsewhere. love seeing this whole family-even if its the same routine everyday….

  • KK1

    8 OK

    Why bother to rush to this thread if you don’t want to see these pixs? No one is making you come here. Why continue to waste your time? Your actions make no sense. Anyone with a smidgin of common sense would not visit a thread concerning people they are not interested in.

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    Brad`s BG works a lot,he is with brad in set(according to many photo) and also go with Angie and kids everywhere they go,he works alot.

    People can some one translate brad`s new interview.

  • Ameena

    Hi guys, I saw Angie today, to say she is gorgeous is an understatement.

    Here’s the pic.

  • Lady G

    Another pic from Angie’s UN visited earlier this week.

  • Ameena


  • 10 julianne

    I’m not the only person that feels that way. I could move on and not stop to comment, however, with the way they are shoved down the publics throat…. how can one not respond or react? The school pick up and drop off is boring – even the fans know it. She looks the same in all shots… same coat, same skirt, same stinky shoes, same greasy hair, same sunglasses! All you see is her nose, huge forehead and big lips… plus the black ensemble. The kicker is that you all react the same way everytime you see these photo’s… with the oooh and ahhhh. You sound silly to say the least. Every day there is a circus on that sidewalk… it’s called the “freak show”… bodyguards galore along with the tinted out SUV. Does this family really think this will end anytime soon, especially with poser Angie leading the way? She’s making a spectacle of her son.


    this is starting to get out of hand. Jared, how about you want until there is actually a story to post about Angelina or Brad. Thanks

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    29 Ameena

    you are so lucky.

  • Regina

    Other than that fug poncho and the mustard top yesterday, all she wears is black. Quite dull, really. But it’s not my life, so I don’t care.

  • Ameena
  • addictedtoBAMPZs

    guli, you were first! Why is that such a “thing”? I was once and got so excited. KrungKrung, you’re third!! That’s still cool, too…
    Oh, my gosh, the adorableness of Maddox!

    Jared, DO NOT LISTEN to people who mistakenly think these pictures are not appreciated. You know they are. You know we never get tired of them, right? Keep up the good work, JJ.

    Why is there nothing wrong with people who follow sports teams and listen all day long to radio sportscasts evaluating every second of every game and every player’s performance, but we can’t enjoy a daily dose of Jolie-Pitt life? Hmmmm? We’re fans, get it?

  • !!!!!!!!!!


    It`s not your business what JJ wants to post!!!!If don`t like it,why are you wasting your time in this thread?skip it,it is really easy.

  • \\\

    To #31 poster:


  • good parent

    Those of you complaining are just giving JJ more hits.

    I hope you are not a parent. I take and pick up my kids every day from school. They are happy for me to do so and I am happy to be able to tailor my work hours around their school day. It’s called being a good parent. It is also reassuring and comforting to my kids (and me) We get to talk about things while making the school runs.

    Angelina is not making a spectacle of her son just as I and all the other parents I see in the morning and afternoon are not making spectacles of ourselves. YOU ARE SO VERY STUPID!!

  • Regina

    #38, he’s not talking about JJ. He’s talking about EVERYWHERE.

  • ari

    jesus christ, people are actually standing outside of poor madox school waiting for him and angie to take pics and film them when they pick up and leave him to school!?!…people are crazy…seriously wth? Get a fucking life, dont stand waiting for them outside of their school…no wonder they complained, poor kid has to deal with crazy people like you!

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    JJ we love you for all the affort you do for jp`s fans,DON`T LISTEN TO THESE HATERS,THEY ARE JUST JEALOUS OF US FANS HERE!

  • Lady G

    31 10 julianne : 10/11/2007 at 6:44 pm


    Same old blah blah blah blah

    First it was why is Mad never in school? Now that he is it’s why do they insist on taking their child to school and picking his up from school?

    I think all this fake concern would be of better use to your own family. Go clean your own house before trying to clean someone else!

  • ntt

    27 Ameena : 10/11/2007 at 6:43 pm
    Hi guys, I saw Angie today, to say she is gorgeous is an understatement.

    Here’s the pic.

    Finally a post from the scores of people standing on the sidewalk to catch a glimpse of her. Thanks, Ameena for posting the pics. I envy you.

  • Lexyane

    yeah i think it’s a bit stupid to have pics of Angie picking her son to school…I mean, what th f**k? Is she doing something special??

    And woow those people who’s taking picture, are they parents??If yes, what a shame!!!!!!

    Poor Maddox and Poor Angie! Go away form that school and those crazy people!!!!!

  • addictedtoBAMPZs

    #38, yeah!

    Ameena, Lucky, lucky you! Was it hard getting so close? What time were you there? Did you have to wait a long time? I am in New York next week and would truly love to try. I notice she acknowledges the fans and sometimes waves to children, etc. NOT papparazzi, but the starstruck(that would be me) true fans who are there just because they are loved so much.

  • briseis

    36 addictedtoBAMPZs : 10/11/2007 at 6:49 pm

    Why is there nothing wrong with people who follow sports teams and listen all day long to radio sportscasts evaluating every second of every game and every player’s performance, but we can’t enjoy a daily dose of Jolie-Pitt life? Hmmmm? We’re fans, get it?
    Hi there, addictedtoBAMPZS! How are you?

    You are so right in this statement. I know that my son follows ESPN with their day-long sports news and analysis, especially when his favorite teams win. I mean, he watches the sportscasters dissect and analyze his team’s performance to the littlest detail. Why are we, who are fans, criticized for doing the same? It’s our time that we spend gazing at these photos.

    How I wish that when my son was going to grammar school that I was able to pick him up everyday and discuss how he did that day, but I had to work. These are times that once they are gone, they are gone, so Angelina and Brad are smart to spend as much time as they can with their children.

  • alicet

    ITA with you #39 (Good Parent). I don’t see why Maddox has to be deprived of being dropped off and picked up by his parents because his parents have to cave in to the paparazzi’s and to critics. I admire Angie and Brad putting their children’s interest above everything and despite this frenzy they are going through eveery day.

  • Julianne

    To: Post 31 How can one not respond? It’s quite simple, just don’t. You spend time to write negative comments on this thread, which just doesn’t make sense. But, it’s an open forum here. I just don’t understand why you would write a paragraph about someone you are sick of, and think is overexposed.

    An example for you is that I never go onto the blogs about Cruise and Holmes. They hold no interest at all. By the same token, I wouldn’t be on the first page to give negative comments…because I just don’t care about them, their lives, their careers, their baby or their work.

    If you think that the Jolie Pitt’s are overexposed, why are you contributing to it by hitting on this thread? We all see and hear the world differently, and our interests are not all the same. What the JP fans like to see, maybe you don’t. That’s fine. Just skip their threads~


  • think positive!

    I just got home and lo and behold two new threads!!! Thanks Jared. Angie looks incredibly good!!

    Ameena- How lucky you are!!! That’s great!!

    BTW- Anyone who has a problem with the threads do you self a favor and get out. Scroll by. Ignore. It’s just that simple.

    Nobody puts a gun in your head to look at them and NOTHING can be shoved in anyone’s throat if you don’t want it to be shoved. So stop with your stupid complains.

    We all know that you all anticipate a new thread of the JPs more than the fans do because you can’t live without spewing your daily dose of hate on these two people.

    If you don’t like it just DON’T BE HERE!!