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Orlando Bloom is a Free Man

Orlando Bloom is a Free Man

Orlando Bloom will not be charged by the L.A. County District Attorney, reports TMZ. Read the charge evaluation sheet [PDF].

Apparently there is “insufficient evidence” to charge Orly over the car accident he was involved in on October 12.

Yesterday, Bloom was pegged for being romantically involved with Aussie model Miranda Kerr. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor was also spotted at a Los Angeles camera shop making a few purchases.

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    Where’s Naomie Harris? She’s so damn hot! Big mistake Orlie!

  • Benny

    first!! yeahe

  • Benny

    oh ^^ second

  • emma
  • eh

    He was never not a free man. He was never arrested. Innocent until proven guilty. No charges filed, ergo, he did nothing wrong.

  • Mr. Hit & Run

    Figures! Must be nice to be famous and get away with crimes. If that was one of us and was caught on tape walking away from a accident, they wouldn’t say we were “dazed” like they did for Mr. Hit & Run! We would be ticketed, charged, and locked up in jail! Who leaves a person bleeding with a broken neck and walks away?!?! He knew the paps were gonna follow him! Dumba*s!

  • Regina

    If he wanted to not get charged with me, he would’ve had to shag me! LOL.

  • This sucks

    It doesn’t mean he is innocent it just means they don’t have the evidence.
    I am sure that after looking at the tapes they must now think he was at least drunk but they can’t go back and prove it. If they open the case it will make them look worse since people will keep bringing up that they didn’t give him a test at the scene.

  • Pam

    Must be nice to be rich and famous. You get away with everything!

  • peace

    he should be locked away for been so damn ugly

  • eh

    You’re speculating, This Sucks. Facts are facts. There was not sufficent evidence to prove he did anything worthy of prosecution. We have a presumption of innonence in the US, my friend. There was not even enough evidence to bother filing charges therefore Orlando is innocent. EVERYONE is innocent until PROVEN guilty. You, me, Orlando Bloom, Britney Spears, etc. You can think what you want but that doesn’t change the facts. They saw no reason to test him at the scene. There is no evidence he was drunk. NONE. I know it’s disappointing for those who enjoy snark but there was never a story or a scandal here. Go back to watching Britney self destruct, ok?

  • This sucks

    well #11, are you telling me that you saw the tape of him at the club fighting with the guy in the car and you think that was normal bahavior for him? I don’t see how anyone who has seen him before can look at that and say it was not on something that night. He was not acting like typical ‘Orly”

  • eh

    Normal behavior for him? Considering I am not his friend or family I have no idea what normal behavior is. But I did notice he is not swaying as he walks, his speech is not slurred, he seems to be in control of his faculties. Should he have bothered getting into the care to talk to that guy? Not for me to say. But no, he didn’t seem drunk or high to me. Perhaps he didn’t behave the way you expected him to but none of us can judge whether this was normal. But just because it might seem abnormal to you doesn’t mean it was the result of intoxication.

    You can either accept the facts or believe in police coverups/conspiracies. Your choice but it won’t change matters. Orlando did nothing wrong as far as the law is concerned.

  • KC

    I don’t understand the big deal and people saying he got off. Is there a standard for a way people are supposed to act when being followed by 4 cars, 3 of then full of paparazzi taking your picture and cutting you off? The DA statement says he walked away to stop the pursuit of the paparazzi. He seems to have thought that his presence was only making the situation worse since it was him who the paparazzi was after and his friends told him they could take care of it none of them knowing his leaving could be hit and run.

    Why does it have to be a selfish, bad Hollywood spoiled actor thing when he’s never displayed this type of behavior before? People are taking out their general dislike for the Hollywood community on an individual who doesn’t seem to deserve it.

  • miss efron and mrs bloom

    To be honest i really dont care and i LOVE ZAC EFRON!!!

  • ~*Leah*~

    *sarcasm*Are you kidding me? That pr*ck can’t be charged and thrown in the slammer for walking 60 feet *gasp* away from the car to regain composure, or lure the paps away before they make things worse? Someone who’s almost DIED from falling 3 stories has no right to be traumatized, especially with 1000 flashbulbs in their face! The 2 pap cars that drove off obviously DON’T deserve Hit & Run charges. They’re just doing their JOB.*sarcasm.*

    3 Words to the opinionless cult of X-17/TMZ: BIG F*CKING DUH.

  • This sucks

    he only walked 60 feet before he was stopped by someone.
    He would have kept walking. Don’t say ‘how do I know that’ since it is clear he was walking fast and ONLY TURNED AROUND WHEN SOMEONE TOLD HIM HE WAS IN TROUBLE. Does someone in shock respond only when you tell them it is their butt on the line? If he was in shock he would not have responded to the photog so clearly. He knew what was going on. He only responded to his own butt getting in trouble.

  • oooba dooba

    Note to poster #11: Yes, here in America, in a court of law, we are each innocent until proven guilty. However, that does NOT mean that we have not done something wrong, illegal or unethical. There may not have been sufficient evidence to take things further in this case, but as a police officer once told me (it’s very interesting going out with a police officer on a date), by the time someone is brought to court, chances are that person was guilty to begin with, even if the law states (to potential jurors) that the defendent is innocent until proven guilty. If you ever have a conversation with an officer or a firefighter (I’ve known both in my lifetime and have had conversations with both), you’ll possibly get some very interesting information. If an officer arrests someone, chances are that person was guilty of doing something he or she should not have been doing. It is not for the officer to judge innocence or guilt, but many officers know darn well that just because someone isn’t found guilty, either by the D.A. or by a court, that doesn’t automatically actually mean total innocence, either.

    I had a problem with a stalker years ago. The police caught him in less than 24 hours. They questioned him, as did a detective. They recommended that things be taken further because “he’s not all together there,” and that I be allowed to press charges, BUT THE D.A. AT THE TIME, OR A HIGHER UP SUPERVISOR, SAID THAT MY CASE WASN’T SERIOUS ENOUGH TO WARRANT GOING ANY FURTHER. THE OFFICERS TOLD ME PERSONALLY THAT THEY STRONLY DISAGREED WITH HIS DECISION, BUT THAT THEIR HANDS WERE TIED.

    So, there you have it. Officers have their job to do, and they may not always agree with the decisions made higher up. Also, as a little tidbit of info for any of you who might be interested, by the time an officer pulls you over for a ticket or for questioning, he has already done a background check on you and knows who you are, to whom the vehicle is registered, and if there are any outstanding warrants for your arrest.

    Not to suggest that Orlando is similar to O.J. Simpson, but I seem to recall Johnny Cochran saying “If the glove does not fit, you must acquit.” A court found Simpson innocent at the time. Officers did their job in arresting him, but the rest was up to the courts and the law. Was he innocent? He certainly was – at the time, according to the law! The Court of Public Opinion, however, seemed to see things differently… That same court will have its own opinion regarding Bloom and other celebrities.

    To Leah, poster #16, Orlando’s past has no bearing on his actions in the present, or at least they shouldn’t have. We all have a sob story or sad life event to tell, but that doesn’t justify hurting others, breaking the law, behaving negligently towards others, etc. You seem to have taken Orlando’s situation quite personally. Why? No one here knows him personally, do they? All anyone can do is speculate, go by what they see on video, and trust that the police and the D.A. have done their job properly. If Orlando wishes to avoid further altercations with the paparazzi, he might be wise to avoid the partying and clubhopping scene. There are steps he himself can take to avoid certain situations. Next time around, he might not be so lucky to have paps tell him the law and possible ramifications for disobeying it. I don’t know what police can do in regards to paparazzi. That’s something only a law officer would be able to comment on. One thing is certain: the paparazzi are getting out of hand and something will have to done to curtail their behavior.

  • eh

    #18. First, you are innocent until proven guilty in all 50 States last time I checked. Second, you mentioned ‘by the time someone is brought to court’ they are likely guilty? Maybe so, maybe not. Orlando was not brought to court. That’s a moot point.

    Third: ‘If an officer arrests someone, chances are that person was guilty of doing something he or she should not have been doing.’ Orlando was not arrested. Another moot point. But does the opposite hold as well? If the police in their judgement don’t arrest someone is it that the chances are they are innocent?

    You’re talking about cops doing their job and then the DA having nothing to prosecute for. The cops thought Orlando was not guilty of any wrongdoing. The DA agreed.

    The OJ thing is unreasonable as well. He was arrested and charged. Orlando was never arrested, never charged with any crime.

    And lastly this: ‘ If Orlando wishes to avoid further altercations with the paparazzi, he might be wise to avoid the partying and clubhopping scene.’

    perhaps he should avoid hot spots. But the paparazzi should have NO right to follow anyone in their vehicles. It’s dangerous as we’ve seen too many times. That said should Orlando also avoid camera stores? He had to stop at the Beverly Hills Police department yesterday because the paparazzi were following him and then the police had to give him a police escort. Paps can stand on sidewalks and take all the pictures they want. They should not be permitted to follow anyone with their vehicles.

  • ya ya

    “If Orlando wishes to avoid further altercations with the paparazzi, he might be wise to avoid the partying and clubhopping scene.”

    I guess he should avoid going to cheap Mexican restaurants, camera stores and driving his car down the street because the paparazzi have followed him to all three of these places this week alone. Maybe he should just stay in the house forever. How about we put the blame where it belongs, on the paparazzi. A celebrity should be able to shop, party and eat wherever they want without being hassled and put in danger. Take a picture and leave. Chasing and following should be illegal.

  • Tiger

    He is cute!! He looks exactly as he did in my dream the other night.

  • Adam

    The cop shaking his hand decided he would get away with this crime by not testing him.
    There is your christmas present orlando, handed down from the police department. Who will he run over next time hes out dranking and driving I can’t wait.

  • ~*Leah*~

    20 ya ya : 10/26/2007 at 7:29 pm

    Bejesus, probably the most sensible statement I’ve heard. And you wonder how trainwrecks like Britney and Lindsay are created. It all works like on vicious cycle. Paps feed off people who crumbling under their scutiny.

  • bob

    they’re not even dating….

  • moi

    They probably realised he comes from a family of lawyers and law professors hehe XD

  • Miranda agent

    So far this week Orlando was spotted having lunch with friends in LA. Going to a Mexican Dive with more friends on Sunday night. Then he was spotted at the camera shop. Then again by x17 at the police station where he had to get a police excort so he wouldn’t be followed.

    However, we are suppose to believe that he also went to the VS fashion show to see this model where there were tons of other celebrities and photogs but for some reason no on caught a picture of him there?

    Sounds like Miranda’s agent is at it again.

  • sabrina

    i dnt knw y u guys r fighting bout this.he’s already a free man,so let him’s the order of THE POLICE..HE SHOULDN’T HAD RUN.thats y the police r curious bout that.

  • Cromwell

    Miranda and Orlando ARE dating they’re adorable together. He’ll be at the VS show next week or most likely the after party because there still trying to keep it on the DL

  • Miranda agent

    sure cromwell. I’m sure you KNOW it to be true.
    The ‘sourse’ from US weekly said he was at this recent show and there are no pictures. I am sure if he was there photos would have been taken. If they are tying to keep it on the dl then I am sure they wouldn’t tell any of their ‘friends’ who are going to put it on a blog you maybe??

  • don’t do it orli!

    If they are dating I will be sooo disappointed. Not because she isn’t a cute girl but because her/and or her agent have used whatever kind of friendship she may have with orli to promote herself.It just doesn’t seem like any kind of sincere friendship. It was stated in the other thread just how the news of a dinner-with 3 other people-made it to the aussie papers in a very sneaky way. Her agent is always speaking to the press and tries to make it seem like they are an item.That is especially weird since the agent is suppose to be the sister of Miranda’s boyfriend.
    I want to like this girl but if she is in on all of these press releases it makes her look pretty low class.

  • lo and behold

    here is the website for Miranda’s “agent” who gave the story to the press.

    It is her JOB to get Miranda publicity-even if she is dating your brother-hook her up in the press with someone more high profile.

    I guess linking her to the most googled man around would do the trick.

    If they are dating I guess with this person on PR duty we should expect to hear all the juicy details of their relationship from her.

  • Karen

    If (and that’s a big IF) they are dating, they make an adorable couple.
    But if they do decide to make a go of it, the only way that I would trust Miranda would be if she got new agent. One that would respect their privacy. If she kept the same agent, that would lead me to believe that she is just after the notoriety of dating a big name, and that she is involved with leaking information herself.
    Dating him would eventually bring her fame, just as it did Kate, without the extra intrusion of an agent too directly involved in her private life.

  • miss efron and mrs bloom

    Zac is soo HOTT here with his skateboard. Him and Vanessa are Bombb together. Zanessa Rules.

  • chris

    dear miss efron,
    zac is an ugly mofo gay alien-barbie with drawn on eyebrows and candy flavored lip balm who only appeals to 11 year olds.oily orly might be a gay alien-barbie but he ain’t as hammy looking.

  • Diane

    I don’t know about him and this model but it is possible for him to attend media events without getting photographed. An associate of mine told me she spoke to him at the fashion rocks party during London’s fashion week in September. I thought it was a case of mistaken identity because I didn’t see any photos of him there but my friend says she’s sure it was him and that he talked how he was happy that he had some time off because he just finished a play.

  • Buckeyegurl

    Celebrity justice at its finest. He tried to leave the scene! That was reported by several sites. AND why wasn’t he given a breathalyzer or field sobriety test?? Don’t like him…seems like a weasle.

  • chelsea

    He did not do it it was the Paparzzi and I am so glad that he did not get charged. IIIII LLLLUUUUUVVVV himmmmmm!!!!! he is so HHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT. he is also sexy lol!!!!!!