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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: New Couple?

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom: New Couple?

Orlando Bloom and Australian model Miranda Kerr are getting romantically involved, reports Us Weekly.

“They’ve been friends for a long time,” one source says. “But they only decided to give it a go a few weeks back.”

Just this past month alone, Orlando spent some alone time with Miranda in East Hampton NY and supported her at the Victoria’s Secret Phi Beta Pink party in Beverly Hills.

Back in March, rumors were shot down that Orlando and Miranda were dating after they spotted apartment hunting together in NYC.

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  • thats_right

    Did he dumped Chinifer Maniston? loooooool awwwww poor Jennifer nobody wants you loooooooooool

  • love orlando

    yummy orly. finally someone cute and around your age.stay away from the old cougar hags.

  • maggie

    I think she’s too pretty for him. Hasn’t he dated half of hollywood already?

  • ~-B.e.l.l.e-`


  • ~~&~~

    Don’t date sympathy woman, Orlando, by the way Jen too old for you.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Thats what i’ll like to know too.Did her dumped maniston already?

  • angelina_mmm

    I think she’s too pretty for him ;)

  • appetizing

    Orland did not fall in love with ugly jen, her fans are too cruel she must be die without any Hollywood man, she can buy an ordinary man because she’s a rich woman.

  • Benny

    she’s definitely too pretty for him…she’s quite hot *.*

  • giggidygiggidy

    no she’s not..Who’s better looking than Orlando?

  • thats_right

    Oranldo how dare you dump her now go run after Jennifer Aniston and tell her you want him back look at this picture and see how gorgeous she is.

  • kc

    They look very cute together but wasn’t he hitting on another model the night of his car crash?

  • thats_right
  • Really?

    Are there any pictures of him at the fashion show?It was a public event but so far no pictures of him being there
    So far this is US Weekly which had him with Jessica Simpson last week. He and Jess were suppose to have been at a concert together which turns out neither were.

  • Just sayin’

    You also reported that he was doing superman when he was seen talking to the director-which was false.

    You also reported that he was having a fling with Aniston and took a silly fan girls word that he made a face on Graham Norton to mean that he didn’t like Angelina Jolie.

    Just sayin’

  • kc

    Just Sayin’ Jared reports the gossip. No where on this site does it state that what is reported is true. It’s entertainment so look at the pictures, laugh at the rumors and keep going. If your looking for the truth about celebrities personal lives on the internet or in tabloids then your stupid.

  • condo

    He was never dating Jenifer Aniston. Photographs at a party don’t make a couple otherwise I’m dating Cher.

  • thats_right


  • thats_right




    here something to relax you again

  • Anon

    Well, US Weekly IS such a reliable source. And this just in – monkeys will fly out of my butt.

  • Lara


  • Sara

    Miranda is gorgeous!

  • ewwww

    omg she is so much better looking than him, he looks like an ape!!!

  • beck

    This is clearly a ploy to draw attention away from the car crash.
    Seems to be the move Hollywood is making after they get bad press. Look at Lindsey Lohan, runs to rehab and come out with a new man, everyone is talking about the relationship instead of the mess she made before she went into rehab. Hollywood seems to love to play games with the public.

  • oh really?

    If this is true that Orlando is a horrible boyfriend.

    Let’s get the facts straight. If the tabloid is true (cough-cough) then that means he spent the weekend of the 4th-7th with Miranda in New York according to the article printed elsewhere-then he goes back to LA and by the night of the 11th he is hitting on another tall model type which is clear from the video at The model at the club ex-bf had to tell Orlando to back off which he responded by saying he ‘didn’t realize he was your boyfriend.’ Thats kind of a double standard-he is surprised she didn’t tell him she had a boyfriend with her but yet he is hitting on her after having spent the past weekend with Miranda?

    And Miranda is cool with this? She must want the publicity badly enough.

  • c’est moi

    Good points oh really. Miranda is cool with it I suspect because it does not exist. But it’s free press. Faboo. She does seem to love it. It worked before, hitching her name to Bloom’s, why not now?

    You left out him and Jessica in between. *wink*

  • Karisma

    Perhaps they went on a couple of dates and are not in a relationship. If that’s the case then Orlando can hit on who he wants but I can’t believe the way some of you keep track of Orlando’s life, it’s scary.

  • oh really?

    keeping track? It not hard. Everything I mentioned was in the last 10 days. The article in question says they spent a romantic weekend together-not just a random date. I have a hard time thinking any girl would not have a hard time with knowing as soon as the guy you just spent the weekend with goes away he hits on the next model he sees. Orlando’s comments to the girl implied he didnt know she was with someone or he wouldn’t have hit on her. It would seem he would have a similar standard for himself.

  • Pictures Anyone?????

    I did a search. How come there are no pictures of him at this fashion show yet there are plenty of Rumor Willis, Matt Perry and other random people? I am sure Orlando would have been spotted by a photog at some point in the evening.

    Could this be just like when it was said he and Jessica Simpson were at some concert and it was not to be???

  • Karisma

    Magazines always embellish sounds like a couple of dates to me. If I had a couple of dates with a guy, no strings attached I wouldn’t worry about what he was doing when I wasn’t there. Two single people hooking up with no commitment happens all the time. Sometimes it turns into something more, sometimes not. But if they are in a relationship and he’s flirting with other women and acting like a single man when his girl isn’t around then that’s not rare either. Didn’t he do that with that Bosworth girl?

  • oh really?

    It does seem like his MO but at least this time it is on video. I think Kate just heard the rumors.

    If you want to say it sounds like just a couple of dates thats your call but it clearly isn’t what the article was saying. I think a four day weekend together at the beginning of a relationship is different than a random hook up.

  • Rachel

    Sounds like an extended booty call to me.

  • Karisma

    Like I said oh really, if they are in a relationship and he’s flirting with other women and acting like a single man when his girl isn’t around then that’s not rare either. It sounds typical of what I’ve heard about Orlando.

  • ~*Leah*~

    oh really, the tabs have linked him w/ any woman he stands by, Them saying from “a source” that they were “canoodling” doesn’t prove sh*t these days. The funniest thing was when they pushed the Jessica Simpson issue. IMO, there was a pap video where they asked Jess if she heard about O’s car accident. She looked like she was thinking “Why the *beep* are they asking me this random question?” She looked as if she didn’t even know him. Then at the end of the video she confirmed they weren’t boinking.

  • ~*Leah*~

    BTW doesn’t anyone know this girl has a BF…some Aussie model. Ironically his sis is Miranda’s agent. Miranda did an interview a couple of weeks ago where she said she was still w/ the guy, but her overzealous agent won’t let the issue go. In April/May she wouldn’t let the issue go, and now that they’re back in the same state, it’s obviously not resolved.

    “I mean that story about them having dinner in New York was quoted in a bunch of blogs the very next day citing the SUNDAY Telegraph Australia as it’s source but according to someone who lives in Australia there was no mention in the Sunday telegraph. The story didn’t appear in telegraph (not in the paper on their website) until Tuesday followed by the agent’s statement just a few hours later on their website. That’s really weird. How did the these blogs know about the dinner AND the newspaper that had the details BEFORE it was even printed. Sounds like they got a heads up and unless the agent was at dinner with them then I can only imagine that she got a phone call from her client.”

    Interesting quote by someone. Agent seems fishy. Anywho, she’s pretty much getting the publicity this was obviously supposed to bring out. How many everyday people have heard of Miranda Kerr before this?

  • bataglio

    she’s cute


    That girl is all shades of FUG!! Yuck!
    That is an ugly girl.. sorry!

  • Seia

    Its true but hush hush!

  • piloh

    You’re right #38. If you look at other close ups of her you can tell she is someone who isn’t going to age well AT ALL!! Her face is kind of smuched like Cameron Diaz.Nice body but at best she is cute. If she doesn’t get really famous soon her days in the modeling business are numbered since she is already 24 or 25ish.

  • Kayla

    The last time Miranda was asked if she had a boyfriend a couple of weeks ago she said “It’s a secret.” That’s a weird answer considers she always talks about her Aussie boyfriend. For her to suddenly stop talking about him makes me think they aren’t together anymore.

  • Rame

    “Its true but hush hush!”

    I don’t think it qualifies as hush hush if it’s all over the internet and in a popular tabloid. lol!

  • anony

    there are posters on another site all saying they are from AU and know her and that she is still with her bf.Of course that doesn’t really mean jack s*&T but interesting anyway.
    Her agent implied they were together as well when she released a statement. I think that was 10/9 or so. The agent is the sister of Miranda’s bf.
    Really it seems like PR since there is no real evidence that he even went to the show and there are a ton of pictures of all the celebs from that night. You would think they would have got at least one of him.

  • Kelly

    Actually anony her agent made no mention of Miranda’s Aussie boyfriend (or ex bf). It was just mentioned in the article that the agent happens to be her bf’s sister. It’s weird that they didn’t ask if they were still together.

  • anony

    No, the one I read she has been dating the agents brother for several years giving that as the reason the agent was playing down the rumors of the Orli hook-up. She gave the impression that had dinner in New York but it was just as friends.

    Has have you seen the bf-or possible exbf? Believe me-I think orlando is a hotti but that guy is smoking. Not that means anything as to if they are together or not but just that it isn’t like she didn’t have a great deal before.

  • piss pot

    Speaking of that agent…I went back and read what she said this time and what she said in April. It seems this person has been trying to get her client to hook-up with Orlando for a long time.
    In April she said “at this stage they are just friends” and was going on about how much Orlando was really into her. This time around she said something very similar about how they are just friends but “what guy in his right mind wouldn’t be into her” implying Orlando was trying to get her. Put that together with what the above poster copied and pasted from another forum(I assume) and you have a picture of this person so it helps to put things in perspective.

  • Christine

    she is soooooo gorgeous. he’s hot. they make a cute couple!


    i am pleased to inform you that that Miranda and orlando are not an item!!
    she is going out and has been going out with her boyfrend of many years Brent Tuhtan aka Jay Lyon
    they make an adorable couple, so much better than orlanda and miranda!!miranda and brent are like the hottest couple to grace this planet so HA!
    and i hope they get married =)

  • c’est moi

    41 Kayla: in the same thing where she said it was a secret she was later asked if a friend of hers was dating a guy in her boyfriend’s band and she said yes. She’s a ditzy model, what do you expect?

  • Dustin

    Umm she is still dating her Aussie Boyfriend..