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Kids Dancing to Soulja Boy

Kids Dancing to Soulja Boy

Watch me lean and watch me rock!

Rapper Soulja Boy‘s number 1 single “Crank Dat Soulja Boy (Superman)” is still gaining momentum across the nation. Even dancing instructors are teaching their students choreography to it during ballet classes! Yes, ballet! Soulja Boy! Ballet!

MUST-SEE VIDEO BELOW!!!!! (Btw, the little boy up front is the little brother of the female choreographer.)

Ballet Class Dances To Soulja Boy‘s “Crank Dat Soulja Boy (Superman)”
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  • anonymus

    hahaha :D lol..funny :D

  • Ana

    the end of the world is coming…or at least the end of good music is here. Im soooo sick of this crap!

  • Natalie

    I love doing the dance too, LOL. The song is terrible but come on… you know its fun. haha

  • Christine


  • Raye

    I love this!!! So cute!

  • Rica

    Now that is just crazy cute!!!!

  • Z & V Fan

    They are sooooo cute…especially the little boy in the front!!!

  • nando

    HAHAHAHHAHAAAA!!!!! Those kids were cute. LOL!!

  • Just Jared

    The little boy is the choreographer’s brother. Isn’t it so cute????????????

  • hah


  • ssooo cuuttteee!!!1

    ohh my freakking gosh that is the cuuuttest thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life that little girl had so much energy and the little boy in the front was w-o-r-k-i-n it! you go guys! all of them did so well! love it!

  • dana


  • isitreallythatserious?

    Now that is funny! Love it!

  • Milly

    Very good!

  • piper, with a low


    Those boys really put their backs into it, didn’t they?

    So funny and cute.

  • pipi


  • Suzie Q

    who cares…

  • allison

    I care :p

  • Becky


    OMG! Funny!

    That song is an inside joke with my room mate and I, and I just told her she has to watch this.

    Oh wow, so funny!

  • jess

    Aww! That video is so cute…I live in the UK and actually have never heard that song…it’s not the best though. Lol.

  • Orange Clockwork

    Lmao, awesome.

    Oh, and Suzie Q: Sit the fuck down!

  • emma
  • Julian

    HAHA :) is this the young David Beckham?

  • RIC


  • alyssa

    HAHAHA! omg!

  • alyssa

    HAHAHA! omg!

  • Julian

    Oh I’m on #23, Beckhams Number ;)

  • wango.tango.foxtrot

    I am sorry that was lame! Not what I would expect out of taking my kids to a ballet class. It must be a slow day in paparazzi paradise today.

  • kelly

    theyre not even doing it right.

  • Miapocca

    Watch the African impersonation on souljah boy..its HILARIOUS….

  • Sara

    HEHE! Loves it!

  • black

    Now this is the real deal—-Jared you rock!

    As do these white children.

  • Souhila

    OMG , toooo cute !!!

  • Jennie

    haha, that’s just the cutest thing !

  • who?


  • kalene

    hes sooo adorable…LOVE the african remix too!!
    you post more hilarious youtube posts jj

  • kaylie

    omg the boy in the front is so hilarious. how cute.



  • Kourtney

    ahh that is so funny!!

  • athena

    WOW, that is amazing…!!! These kids sure know how to work it..


  • magnus MFA

    Sure sign that kind of music is, and has always been, a total joke. lol

  • jess

    :-) too cute

  • coco mocha

    all you white ass haters of rap, look at your little white kids dancing off of a black guys rap song. suppose to be ballet. get the f out of here. they even got little kids copying off of black people. what is this world coming to, are you going to kick your little kid out of the house because hes dancing to rap music. he will just sneak and listen to it at school. black kids are trying to get an education and white kids asre trying to blow up the school. what is this world coming to, you would think it would be the other way around

  • Lexxi

    Way 2 Cute !!!!

  • what yo name is?

    i am a black girl and never thought a little white boy would teach me how to dance the soujah boy crank that dance. that little boy is the front is good and just taught me how to do the dance. wtf?

  • jasmine

    right i think some of these white kids like black music more than black people/ times are changing people . be afraid be very afraid!

  • Puce

    Excellent !! They’re having so much fun !! That’s great… Thanks JJ ! And boy do I love this song !

  • cudahy

    this video came out on TMZ today….it’s a hit

  • Mary

    that’s just too cute!!! I love the little boy in the front. he’s just so into it.

  • izzie

    awww they’re sooo cute