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Rebecca Ginos: Adam Levine's All Mine!

Rebecca Ginos: Adam Levine's All Mine!

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine and his girlfriend Rebecca Ginos (cocktail waitress from L.A. nightclub Teddy’s) drop some major dough on some holiday shopping in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

Adam, 28, and Rebecca, 21, spent the afternoon picking up designer duds at Yves Saint Laurent and Prada and were seen waiting for the valet to bring his Mercedes out front.

Earlier this year, Adam shared on the Howard Stern Show he met Rebecca on her 21st birthday. “We had sex the first night we met,” he gladly admitted. “[She's] the hottest girl in the entire f-ing universe.”

15+ pictures inside of loved-up couple Adam Levine and Rebecca Ginos

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Photos: Danielle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Helena

    If I looked at this picture without information, I would’ve thought it was his mother. Maybe it’s just the angle.

  • french fri


  • G550

    Rebecca Ginos: Adam Levine’s All Mine!

    Mmm, Rebecca… You can have him.

  • french fri


  • Lilly

    Is his hair multing?

    lol hes going bald

  • maria

    21?hmmm…I’m 5 going to 3.tss…

  • musicisourhigh

    I guess she was okay with it but I really don’t see the need to share everything with Howard Stern.

  • Orange Clockwork

    He’s gross.

  • E classy!

  • Liz

    He’s so fcuking annoying, I can’t stand him, and his retarded comments.

  • Kelly

    Ah another waitress dating a star.. Whats new?

  • melissa

    if he really said that on howard stern, he’s so classy!!!!! he’s a male slut. grosssss. i wonder how many STD’s he has under his belt.

  • Zephi

    Ugh! this guy is ugly – physically and mentally (more of the latter).

    He is proof that money can buy anything.

  • iz

    this is impressive. they are still together wow thats rare.

    she has nothing better to do but shop with someone elses money.

  • mrs. Depp


  • sam

    Helena, I thought the same exact thing.

  • marica

    What a loser.

  • Kimberly

    Sorry but, Adam is not ugly at all but, I have always thought that he was gay bc on stage he looks that way to me. But, that woman is old looking and I dont think that she is so pretty eirther so I wouldn’t be bragging about sleeping with her on the first date if I was him bc she is nothing to brag about.

  • Iris

    You can have him Rebecca. He’s totally braindead.

  • Jabbers

    21? Hmmm, that’s questionable. He’s a sucker who’s p***y whipped.

  • John

    isnt he gay though? he likes to kiss guys and loves to talk about how hot guys are.

  • teetee

    eww he is ugly &
    she is easy
    what a perfect couple

  • eww

    omg i just took a crap and it was like a foot long!!
    it was sweet!!

  • Shrugging an atlas

    21?! LMAO…sorry but nuh uh. But then again who cares!

    I used to think he was quite cute back in ‘This Love’ phase but then he shaved his head & he really started to resemble one of my friend’s brothers & there was just no way I could look at him the same way, creeps me out now cos they looks so similar.

  • eww

    i just took a S hit and it was like a foot long it was so cool

  • Not cool

    What would be the point of him sharing that info about his girlfriend? Just because Howard asks doesn’t mean you have to answer. He’s a moron LOL

  • Cherryluv

    That’s what gay men “stuck in the closet” do..they brag about sleeping with women to throw us off.

  • ray

    That woman cannot be 21. More like 21 plus 10 years.

  • jessica

    wow, she does not look 21. Looks a bit older actually.

  • wenz

    Maybe she had a rough life or it could be total bullshit. Lindsey Lohan is 21 and looks like she will be pushing 40 soon. Perhaps hollywood women age quicker than the rest of the normal population. But whomever is pushing that 21 thing must think the general population is stupid. If she is then I would hate to see what 30 looks like yeech.

  • holla

    adam levine is the biggest douche ever, I swear. No one wants to imagine you getting laid, you numb nut. It’s almost Christmas-we don’t want to lose our appetites!

  • liza

    This girl is pretty, but she looks like she’s pushing 40. She looks like Taylor Dane!!!lol And that’s still too good for adam levine given he looks like someone who lives in a sanitarium. He looks like a crazy person inmate.

  • lauren

    adam levine always says too much about his sex life. He was dating that pretty russian tennis player who screams when she plays alot and he said he was disappointed that she was so silent in bed. And it was at that very moment I decided not only did I find his music lame, I found him repulsive as well.

  • omg

    adam levine is a dead ringer for billy bob thorton in “slingblade.” hahahahah He’s an idiot, and of course he has to buy this chick stuff-it’s called making a ‘”fair exchange.”

  • tulip

    adam IS all hers….have at it. I would love to smack the smug look of his homely face.

  • cybergurl

    what a filthy prostitute she is. I hope he wears 2 rubbers

  • angie

    i aint saying she a golddigger

    but she aint messing with a broke broke

  • jonathon

    he’s plain ugly

  • j

    He’s so hot,she’s okay,nothing special. Clearly he is buying the gifts what waitress can afford YSL? LOL

  • kina

    uh, I have a feeling adam is 10 times more filthy than her. He’s a nasty ho who’s in a band, so despite his receding hairline and creepy serial killer eyes, he probably gets tail left and right.

  • sarai

    If some man talked about me like that on public radio to howard stern in a clear attempt to get brownie points from the dj, I would smack him upside the head. Only a dumb little girl would allow that shiyat.

  • lani

    Adam Levine is a grade A knob. He looks like Zoolander doing “blue steel” when he performs-but his added touch his holding his arm all tarded.

  • kylie

    Total tool. He thinks people actually want to fantasize about him having sex. How britney spears of him.

  • chelsey

    Hey you guys maybe she is 21 you know there are some 21 year olds who look beat these days. I am not saying she ugly or anything but she is really average looking. She need to eat something and maybe that would make her look her age she does not look healthy and it seems from that first picture on the front page that she has that loose side face skin thingy going on so when she laughs it wrinkles up like a pug dog. I am 20 but some of my friends are 21 and they look terrible even in a lot of makeup. I am glad I still look like I am in my teens.

  • leela

    His music totally sux.

  • halo

    invest in a cap, levine. No one wants to look at your nasty balding patches.

  • poe

    She’s way better looking than him, even if girlfriend has laugh lines and undereye bags that you only usually see on 35 plus year olds. He is just so g-d ugly. Put a d— hood over that fug mug.

  • maile

    adam is so cheesy when he performs. He makes like girly por-n faces like he’s doing the camera. It’s so entertaining and funny. Me and my boyfriend were all laughing at all his “smoldering” looks to the camera and his epileptic arm poses. He acts like some total chick.

  • nicetoneatyou

    levine is a total k*nob. I usually don’t feel the impulse to slap people, but I would like to slap that eternal smirk off his face.

  • gboy

    yes sir thats a cougar.