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Bryan Singer Back For Superman Sequel

Bryan Singer Back For Superman Sequel

Bryan Singer will be back for a sequel to the hugely successful Superman Returns.

“That movie made $400 million!” Singer tells Empire Online incredulously. “I don’t know what constitutes under-performing these days…Look, I can understand, I suppose, what some people mean. Perhaps some people went in with the expectation of it being like an X-Men film, and Superman is a tougher character than that. Especially bringing him back. It really goes back to the fact that you can only please some of the people some of the time. But, yes, I’m just getting back with writers after the strike. We’re just in the development phase. I’m starting to develop a sequel…with the intention of directing it.”

“The first one was a romantic film and a nostalgic film,” he adds. “I’ll be the first person to own up to that without making any apologies for it. I knew it was going to be that from the outset. And now that the characters are established, there’s really an opportunity to up the threat levels…Clearly there’ll be a body count [laughs]. From frame one, it will be unrelenting terror! All those teenage girls who found the movie and mooned over James Marsden or Brandon [Routh]? Well, I’m going to wake them up!”

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  • OMG


  • sandrine

    2ND YEAH:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flirtlikecrazy

    Really hope the sequel turns out to be an extraordinary success whilst the preface was really so-so, to be frank.

  • required

    if the film cost a ridiculous 350 million to make, then 50 mil profit aint too good.

  • C

    Yay!!! I’m so looking forward to this.

  • McLovin

    Why? Superman Returns was really boring and not worth the amount of money spent to produce the film.

    I don’t even think this movie made any money since the marketing cost took up most of the profit.

  • Stanley

    Ohhh! so exciting, I really didnt think this was going to happen! im so happy!

  • josie

    upstaging Brandon Routh??? Not a chance!

  • lol

    As long as they get rid of Kate ‘Useless-can’t-act-my-way-out-of-a-paper-bag’ Bosworth & that idiout son of hers, it’ll be great.

    I might even go this time!

  • OMG


  • Theresa

    Maybe studio should get a newer, better (and nicer) version of
    Bryan DIVA Singer — Zack Snyder (300) to direct so they could save 300 million dollars off the top.

  • The shiznack

    i dont think they are gonna get rid of Lois Lane

    but a lot more action is defo needed in the sequel and Bryan Singer – shut it, no u didnt intend on making Superman Returns a ‘romantic’ film

    u messed up big time

    btw what bout Justice League – 2 different Supermans in one year

  • The shiznack

    Zack Snyder is busy making Watchmen which is the film im looking foward to most this year

  • Fanboys are stupid!!!

    Awesome. Even though Superman’s kind of a boring character, I’m looking forward to this film.

    Zac Snyder is a terrible choice for Superman by the way. Hence why ideas from fanboys usually suck.

  • sleeping Giant

    get rid of skin and bones bosworth. Worst Lois Lane ever. I rather have Claire Danes.

  • ann

    Brian, direct another episode of House!

  • Jessica

    if you cut the romance you cut the profit! i mooned over brandon routh thank you very much. and so did all my friends!

  • Cece

    Singer just forgot his calculator at home poor thing. For a movie to be considered success, it has to make domestically twice as much spent in production. Superman Returns spent $270million in production and made barely $200million domestically and another $191million worldwide. Grand total of $391million . Hardly the success he’s claiming.

    And don’t get me started on the wooden cast. Routh for Superman and Bosworth for Lois? Please!!!


    Tom Welling for Superman all the way!!!!

    Sign the petition for the WB

  • Sara

    Actually Superman Returns’ budget was about $209 Million, with about $50 Million of that went towards the various attempts of making a Superman sequel in the 90s (Superman Reborn, Superman Lives written by Kevin Smith. ..etc)

    Taking into account US dvd sales it made about $460 Million.

  • rick

    it made that much because people went out of curiousity, or nostalgia.

    look at indy 4. that movie was a peice of crap, but everyone had to go see it once, if only just to hear the theme song and see harrison put on that fedora one last time.

    i like to call these peices of crap “cash grabs” and not good films.

    singer took superman out of his character in the first film, which tells me he doesn’t really know what superman is all about.

    and that tells me that any chance of him getting it right in the sequel are completely out the door.

    replace him. reboot the series. add in doomsday. up the action.

  • John Smith

    Seriously rubbish film, I am a big fan of superman and really wish the next film is a rewrite – let it go, you totally messed up superman Bryan!!!

    Routh is fine, needs better direction, get rid of Lois (SERIOUSLY) and let the film be full of depth (X-Men or Dark Knight style) instead of on-the-fence.

    I would have waited for Smallville to catch up and then launch the movie with him in it!!!

  • korzak

    NO MORE BRYAN SINGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!