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Jude Law Films 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'

Jude Law Films 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus'

Jude Law arrives in Vancouver, BC, Canada on Wednesday to film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

According to Terry Gilliam, the director of the film, Jude, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell will complete Heath Ledger‘s unfinished role.

Gilliam has said, “We are looking forward to finishing the movie and, through the film, with a modicum of humility, being able to touch people’s hearts and souls as Heath was able to do.”

Added Gilliam, “Since the format of the story allows for the preservation of his entire performance, at no point will Heath‘s work be modified or altered through the use of digital technology. Each of the parts played by Johnny, Colin and Jude is representative of the many aspects of the character that Heath was playing.

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law on his way to shoot The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus…

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jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 01
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 02
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 03
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 04
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 05
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 06
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 07
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 08
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 09
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 10
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 11
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 12
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 13
jude law imaginarium of doctor parnassus 14

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  • vv

    jude is yummmy….
    jeans rulez!!

  • Pole

    Uhm.. he looks great! I can’t believe he looks like that straight after a long flight and with a mustache :D

    Thanks a million Jared!

  • the oc fansite

    wow, Jude looks so old and haggered!

  • jami

    Thanks Jared!!!! It is always great to see pictures of Jude…He is hot…although that one shot of him is not the most flattering, the others are sizzling!!!!!!!!

  • erica

    ‘I’m still trying to figurer out how you got into those jeans”

    50 cent

    Jude you make wearing jeans too sexy !

  • jami

    He makes everything sexy!!!!!!!! :)

  • Lish

    Great to see that Jude, Colin, & <3 Johnny are going to help preserve Heath’s work in this film. They all rock.

  • Sandy

    Jude has a very expressive face, not one of the guys whose mouth moves and everything stays the same. You have to watch Jude (and what a pleasure that is) moment to moment to see him reflect on his
    thoughts and express them and some of these photos of him are
    just drop dead gorgeous. The moustache worn this way is new for
    him and he kooks great in it but I have never seen him in much of
    anything he didn’t look great in. he always looks trim and tidy and……
    just like Jude whom I call a rarity of one because he excells at every-
    thing and you couldn’t ask for a nicer guy according to all who have
    met him. Looking forward to my turn and someday it will come. Thanks jared for being there – glad to know where he is, what he’s doing and how he looks.

  • Debbie

    Way to go Jude!

  • Helena

    :o at the bulge.

  • dee dee

    Jude Law arrives in Vancouver, BC,

    Tranlations: His Hotness arrives in Vancouver, BC,

    Jude you are a Sexy Beast !

  • jami

    Yes! The sexy beast is back!:P


    thank you jared for always accommodating….i ask nicely and you always listen…you are tops. as for mr. law. can you believe these pictures. we all look like hags when we get off planes. jude baby looks sexy, hot, gorgeous and these are candids…not studio, posed for shots. jude you get older. you get riper and those jeans….to quote abba….mama mia…..

  • Sad but true

    Jude used to be so beautiful. Guess that’s what living “La Vida Loca” (plus a receding hairline) will do. I still love him though!

  • sheryl

    God, I love him!

    #5, yes, the jeans…I wish there was a shot from the, uh, rear…I can really appreciate those.

    #10, thanks for that!

    #11, yes, “His Hotness”, haven’t used that one in a while…and a very dang sexy beast he is!

    #14, what’s not beautiful? Looking at the pics, I think that’s what a long flight will do.

    To Jude: You look like you could use a “time out”…I’m here for you, baby (wink and kiss)…

  • elle

    Jude forever, thank you Jared,and Dolores mama mia YEEES!!!

  • ericap

    I’m in love with him.

  • Nikki

    I love pic #9 When Jude is shaking the guys hand, those eyes would
    have me speechless.

  • sheryl

    “Nikki @ 04/03/2008 at 5:36 pm

    I love pic #9 When Jude is shaking the guys hand, those eyes would
    have me speechless.”

    Good lord, yes! I’d melt.

  • angie

    He looks scruffy…I like that…pure sex.

  • melanie

    Even when he looks tired, he can still bring the hotness!

  • jami

    ” he looks scruffy…I like that…pure sex”

    angie, you crack me up! But, you’re right he is pure sex!

  • sheryl

    Angie, pure sex is right! I love him scruffy, too. And Melanie, yes, he’s pure hotness even when he’s tired.

  • Pole

    He even makes a mustache work I would never have guessed that. Sex on legs indeed ;)

  • sunshine

    What’s going on with Jude’s hair?? He’s incredibly handsome but it seems like he has a hard time with his hair.

    It’s fantastic that he, Colin, and Johnny are doing this movie. I can’t wait to see it. I like all of them.

  • Sandy

    Sunshine Jude is an incredibly beautiful man and more than that an
    incredibly gifted actor. He uses his appearance to help identify and
    distiguish between his roles. Whenever there is a change in his
    hair style(this includes color etc.) I start hearing rumblings about his
    hair. It’s part of the job and he is very conscientious about his work.
    Notice the mustache (different than the one he wore tor Errol Flynn in
    The Aviator and it looks great on him too. When you see the movie it
    will all be clear to you. He has just come off working REPOSSESSION
    MAMBO for five months in that outrageous hairdo. This will be fine just
    concentrate on the face. Don’t nitpick just because it’s hard to find
    anything to complain about with Jude. One of the many reasons he is
    so amazing.. The ony thing i will agree with is that he is losing some of the babyfaced beauty that he had in his early films and developing an even stronger and sexier maturity but it is not really aging because
    he still is breathakingly gorgeous and fairly breathes sex.Whewww, I
    am amazed anew each time I spend a few moments checking him

  • sunshine

    Nitpick? I’m just asking what’s going on with his hair, I didn’t say he was ugly or couldn’t act. I didn’t say he was losing his looks. Where did that come from?

  • Marissa

    I want to know where he’s staying. I life in Vancouver, sp, that would be interesting.. ;)
    He’s hot

  • Sandy

    I didn’t say you said that, i was just using that to explain what happens
    to his hair. It falls victim to what he is working on in various ways and
    I should have separated my comments to you alone because I was
    thinking of some of the other comments about his hair, It’s just that’s
    all I read about, his hair and his hair. He is not vain,. He always does
    what he has to with the hair and never worries about the personal
    conseequences for those who are wtching and don’t get it. But that’s
    what it is, a professional response to the role. When he has to go to
    a Festival and wear a tux or something of that nature, he makes sure
    his hair looks great. Because it’s all part of the picture and part of
    his professional life.

  • sunshine

    Look, I’m a fan and made a simple comment. I haven’t read anything about his hair. A simple, he just did a movie and cut his hair like this, would have sufficed. I wasn’t expecting to get slammed.

  • sharyllee

    Yummmmy!!! Always handsome!! IN love with him..

  • erica

    Sunshine, Sandy

    Agree to disagree But Please enjoy the view . who is
    Mr. Law


    i’m still having palpitations from looking at this gorgeous, sexy surrealy beautiful man….those jeans and what they say. jude comeona my house……i if i were in that terminal and that man walked towards me they would have to call 911……

  • Daphne

    He looks tired but you guys are right, sooooo… sexy.

    I’m glad to see all his hair growing back from the shaved look for Repossession Mambo. The mustache/goatee must be for his character in Parnassus.

  • amanda

    damn my boo is looking tired, sexy of course, but tired lol.
    him, colin, johnny all in one movie? oh no that is way too much sexyness!

  • sheryl

    Amanda, you’re right, that’s a whole lotta sexy for one film! I’m anxiously awaiting it! :)

  • dulce mirita

    I don’t like very much to refer to him as pure sexyness, hot… bla, bla, bla… even when it is the 1st thing that cames ot my mind everytime I see a new pic of him.. but whoa¡¡¡ this time I will not refrain myself to

  • rien

    SEX is just a four letter word: JUDE
    He burns, he grips, he sucks you deep within
    he drives you, he breaks you, he spins
    but refusal is a strange word
    Forget yourself is nothing but a complete act
    laying somewhere in the tenderness of his bed.

    I don’t want to talk about his acting skill
    this feeling I have is just an overkill.
    Come to me,
    and we will reach to whenever end.

  • natalie

    Come on people!!! get a grip of yourselves!!! Good grief !!! yeah, he is cute but he is just a guy!!! I do like him too but sometimes you get this ‘gay’ feeling and don’t tell me you haven’t noticed!!! He is not handsome – manly good looking; he is rather pretty-beautiful, good looking!!
    …the devil’s advocate!! don’t shoot!!!!!

  • rien

    Natalie my dear, he is just a guy. I love “just a guy”. Why, every time, a man who is soft, sensitive, tender, with a flame in his eyes, beautiful or even pretty has to be “gay”? Gabriel Audry is “pretty”, JRM has “fire” in his eyes, Jude is beautiful enough for “you and me”.

    I am not a gay phobia (I dislike this word anyway), but hey, he is “just a guy.” A human being, with emotion, feeling, weakness, body, sweat, tears, tiredness…all in one. I love him for that. What else do you want? He lied, he cheated, he’s in love, he’s angry, he’s sad, he’s rejected, he’s loved….all in one. HE IS JUST A GUY. What else do you want?


    Dang! 40 comments already!! Why am I always the last to know?
    Anyway, he looks tired yet, I must admit, very masculine. Look at his pecs! He is getting so ripped, Oh my! he is going to be umbearably orgasmic with all those new muscles! He has got to be real carefull or he is going to slip on all that malenes that is sipping from him! grrrr!!! . COME TO MAMA!!! He he! Blessings galore to everyone!
    Mimi Prism
    Godbless & Godspeed!

  • elle

    Godbless & Godspeed Mimi Prism glad to see you!!! rien we have the same mind i agree!!!

  • 魏yifan

    支持 !! 永远是我心中的偶像..

  • Sandy

    natalie, Jude would agree with you. He is just a guy and he learned very early in life not to trust what his exceptional beauty could do for him because it was a double-edge sword. But he is looking out from the inside and we are looking in from the outside..I do see him maturing, manly yes, graceful but it is a grace peculiarly his and doesn’t say ‘gay’ to me and never did but rather Jude. Just one of his many charming gentle charismatic attributes (like his “exquisite
    cheekbones” courtesy of the NY Times review of MBN this morning)
    Rien, your petry is on fire and cuts straight to the heart. Don’t stop, we
    want more.


    HEY! , DEAR ELLE!!! More than glad to hear from you too! How sweet of you to wish for me, what I wish for you all , Godbless & Godspeed! , I thank you from my heart. You know, I must agree with you about Ms. Rien , she is a wonderfull poet indeed, an artist, just like Mr. Law . I have read several of her poems, and she never fails to make an impression on me with her beautiful artistry. Hats off to her!
    Well Elle, I send ya a big ,big hug and , lots of Blessings!
    From Mimi Prism
    Godbless & Godspeed!

  • jami

    #39 I think you are entitled to your opinion. That is cool and fine with me if that is how you perceive Jude. Although it doesn’t affect my perception of Jude & it is a bit different from yours :)

    Here is to hoping for more Jude photos soon!!!!

  • Pole

    @dulce mirita: *lol* He does really look very good and sexy here. Yeah, he’s just a guy but what a guy he is ;)

  • erica

    Rien that was deep ! both your feeling about Jude and your response to Nat. Your post in 39 made me feel like you have uncovered my naked thoughts about Jude…[smoke1]

  • elle

    Hello Mimi Prism i send you a big huge too, i have not much time , lot to do but i have to answer to such nice and funny person like you are!!!

  • siupinys

    I…I………………I’m out of words.All I can say is : perfect.