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Ryder Robinson: Peace Out!

Ryder Robinson: Peace Out!

Ryder Robinson rocks out a t-shirt with the peace sign as his mom, Kate Hudson, walks him through New York City on Tuesday.

Ryder‘s dad is Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson. Kate, 29, has had cycling on her mind lately, spending time with Lance Armstrong in Monaco.

Check out Ryder’s cool wrist watch! (Or is that a cell phone?)

Ryder is wearing Vans Kids Classic Slip-On in Skull Helix Black/Gargoyle ($45).

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  • YoYo

    What an ugly little girl.

  • YUCK

    now that is the ugliest kid i have ever seen. why would you do that to your son? he looks homeless. then again she married a total drugee & has been slutting around since their divoice so what should i expect.

  • Ariana.s


  • YoYo

    It looks slightly touched in the head

  • 007

    “Ugly little girl”? Are you kidding?

  • me

    ¬¬ how rude to call a kid ugly
    well anyways jared just to let u know its nt a watch
    it is one of those power ranger toys ;)

  • Dana

    OMG, the kid looks high! HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE DRUG ADDICTS LIVING HERE IN CALIFORNIA! Kid, run to NY or Chicago while u can!

  • JustJared

    Is it just me or does her kid look a little bit like Paris Hilton in this shot?

  • jade

    I really feel sorry for Ryder. If Kate would get his hair cut,he would look alright. The same goes for Celine Dion’s son.I don’t know what’s wrong with these women. They can’t possibly think their son’s look good.


    Like mother, like daughSON.LOL.

  • someone

    I wonder if Ryder is aware that his mother is with a different man almost every month. I hope she doesn’t expose him to all these different men.

    I don’t want to sound like I’m an expert or anything, but she’s with Owen and now she’s with Lance Armstrong…. the girl needs to relax…


    Give this kid a haircut!

  • Sophie

    Not gonna comment not gonna comment!

  • shoes4life

    I know that they are these women children and they can do what they want but if you’re going to let your sons hair grow like hippies, at least put their hair in a pony tail so they won’t go around looking like girls.

  • Sophie

    Her son actually looks better than her. There I commented (can’t resist :P)!

  • Sophie

    Check out the 14 41 thing I did there ;)!

  • kc

    This little boy needs a male hair cut and a “masculine” role model in his life.

  • ashlee

    the poor kids looks sick and homeless. since the mother is w-h-o-r-i-n-g around all over the world, she wants to appease the kid when she’s home. feed him junk food and let his hair grow long and dirty. so sad.

  • bn

    Ryder looks exactly like his father! Look up a pic!…Chris Robinson

  • American

    Quit tellinh her how to raise her kid. It’s just hair anyway.

    She’s also not a whore. She spends months on end with those different guys

  • distant observer

    you’re welcome kate

  • Jughed

    Cute couple. I actually wish Kate would get back together with her “sketchy” man, Chris Robinson.

    I thought they made a much more interesting couple than her and Lance Armstrong; that makes no sense to me.

  • Alex


  • Kelly

    That is one ugly, ugly little boy! :(

  • Sinna

    I’m sorry to say but that’s an ugly kid. I saw a pic of Kate when she was about his age, and I actually thought it was him. I don’t think she’s a great beauty, but she’s not ugly either so maybe there’s hope for this kid when he grows up.

  • isis lara

    Even with a haircut, that boy is ugly. Poor kid has his dad’s fugly recessive genes. At least financially he’s taken care of.

  • bejeebus

    maybe kate can take a break from spreading her legs for anything with a d*ck and take her poor son to the barber shop. he isn’t much to look at so she should at least make sure that his hair looks cute. her rocker ex-husband proly thinks this mop top is fine but i would hope she would know better….but obviously not. fricken hippies.

  • Marie

    He isn’t really cute. It’s not cool to have a “not-cute” kid as many kids are. But when he gets older, he probably be super charming, super rich, super hair-cutted, maybe even a little chirurgically enhanced (it’s Hollywood afterall)..
    Anyway, I don’t think he won’t ever had a girlfriend…

  • http://justjared Victoria

    Poor little Ryder. Where are his male role models? I guess his mom does not hang on to them long enough to become one, before they run through the turnstile, on the bedroom door. I have a bad feeling for that little one when he starts school. He and Celine Dion little one could sit together and french braid each others hair. it’s time for their parent’s to step in. The little one’s do not run the household. If they wanted a tattoo, would they be allowed?

  • oakling

    omg, they totally have the same haircut.

  • Girly

    I knew that child would be ugly. Wide-set eyes, elongated droopy, chinless face. He looks like the younger Tori Spelling.
    Oh well, he has money. He may be able to buy friends and girlfriends.

  • Birthinggoddess77

    I actually don’t think he’s ugly – he’s quite a cute lil kid, but that hair does need a bit of a tidy up, even a brush through would do it justice. Don’t forget he comes from a family of free-loving hippies anyway. I’ve got nothing against hippies, but yeah, his mum needs to find some stability for him more than anything.

  • Alison

    I wish Kate would cut his hair.

  • sweetness

    i think the kid looks cute with his long hair…makes him different than the other kids out there. I dont know, my nephew has long hair and my brother refuses to cut it but it works. Just lay off the kid, he looks fine.

  • k

    good God!!! that little boy needs a hair cut!! geez. you can’t honestly saw that that looks good…

  • k

    i meant to put “say” instead of “saw”. ^^ sorry.

  • different by choise

    so what is he doesnt look like every other celeb baby, so what if he has got long hair. not everybody should fit in some ideal or lets say the usual image of how should people look like. you are so NOT open mainded and blainded by that fuckin stereotipical bullshit that we can see and read on pages of every magazine. that is just sad.