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John Mayer is Shirtless and Surfing

John Mayer is Shirtless and Surfing

John Mayer hits the waves on a boogie board without girlfriend Jennifer Aniston while vacation in Oahu, Hawaii on Friday. Nice treasure trail, Mr. Mayer!!!

John is currently in Hong Kong right now, where he’ll be performing at a Coach event tomorrow. “I’ve just been laying low,” Mayer says.

He recently blogged a little something something about Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz: “You’re one of the best eggs in the music industry, hands down. With as much talent as you have, I’d expect you’d have some eccentric ego, but from what I can tell you seem to have none. (That actually makes you more talented, by way of some crazy cosmic arithmetic.) Every time we get the chance to hang I’m inspired by your creativity. Your mind is like a stadium with the dome open… you have ZERO judgment when it comes to things that move you. When most people get the feeling they might like an idea, or a shirt, they run it through a series of filters; ‘what should I think, given my personal attributes?’ ‘How does this read?’ ‘What would Kanye do?’ You have what makes talented people successful for years and years – a brave sense of self and a completely authentic relationship with your tastes.”

For the full 12 shots of John‘s shirtless self, visit

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Credit: Will Binns; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • The Boy Next Door

    overrated hack

  • joy

    ohhhhhhhhhh, he’s hawttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    lucky Jennifer.

  • Chris

    Who’s the boyfriend in picture 2? Closet, closet?

  • girdie

    It’s not friday today, it’s thursday

  • loyal-2-vanessa

    ILol Like his tatoos :P

  • de Cosmos

    At least he isn’t wearing his lime green Borat thong.

  • tina

    They make a hot couple, I hope they are both happy, that is all that matters

  • loil

    the pics are from the past friday, may 23.

    wow, he looks so good.



  • TJ

    He is such a liar. Thats why he double talks. He do not have the guts to stand by what he has to say. Douche bag.
    Yeap they will be announcing Jen is pregnant to help sell that fake publicity stunt of a relationship.

  • disgusting

    They deserve each other , he looks like a 40 year old publicity whore , he´s 30 jajajajajajjajajjajajaj , no way , go to the gym boy .

  • to sam

    sam @ 05/29/2008 at 10:44 am I personally think that the dinner video is a little over the top. Sometimes I wonder if Angie loves making out in public more than in private. . She always uses the neck touch as well. Almost like it is practiced.


    So I guess Aniston is learning from Angelina on how to please her men, look what she is doing to John Mayer, too! LOL!

    From People Mag!

    They may have left Miami, but Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer show no signs of cooling off. The new couple spent a carefree evening in New York Wednesday, complete with neck rubs and PDA.

    First, it was dinner at the Waverly Inn, where the couple was joined by three other people in a quiet dinner near the back garden. Mayer’s animated stories kept Aniston laughing as the group sipped white wine and ate a leisurely dinner. At one point, Aniston rubbed Mayer’s neck as the couple spoke quietly to each other.



    I really hope Aniston has lots of practice in neck rubbing and John sticks with him, as it seems he leaves her again, as he is in HK since Tuesday May 27, up to now and Aniston has been seen back to boozing at Sunset Tower Hotel Bar in LA the other day. Prior to that, John was seen surfing alone in Hawaii, again without Jen, who was seen filming in Philly last Friday May 23. If she joined John for the memorial weekend in Hawaii, why are they spending so little time together,? John could have left Hawaii for a 13-14 hrs trip to HK last Monday May 26, which means If jennifer arrived Hawaii Sat May 24, they had like less than 3 full days together, and they have been separated for like 2 weeks prior that. What kind of relationship is that? And to think, they have a new relationship. Even the niteout in NYC wasm spent not alone together but with John’s friends and relatives. Also, it seems in Hawaii, John was seen hanging with 5 male friends perhaps members of his band, so Aniston may not have joined him after all.

    Thats why Im really quite amazed how tight Brad and Angelina is, I mean they have been together for 3 1/2 years and yet they are always together and have never been apart for so long. I think Brad must be really just content to hang out with Angie and his kids and not miss hanging out with his own friends especially that they tend to live on their free time, so far away from LA, where most of Brad’s friends are. Really hats off to Brad and Angie

  • jfsiuo


  • Ha!

    Um, spending all of your time with your spouse or whatever and not having a life of your own is not healthy sam. And Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are DATING, not married. How is going about their normal lives and doing their jobs a reflection of their relationship. Methinks you’re stretching a bit too much.

  • go jen

    where is jenjen or are they on trial period

  • Mike


  • Cathy

    Glad he finally got shame and started hiding that old bag. He is carring around with him. I thought he would be the last one to participate in a publicity stunt. Sad but people change along with their moral value.

  • Lol

    Douche is not being honest. She is there. I think he got embarrassed about this obvious stunt. Everyone is laughing at these two. He is fugly!

  • Eva

    I thnk that John and Jen are O-V-E-R!
    Don’t believe what page 6 says, as they seem to be suffering from diarrhea of the mouth because they didn’t break the story first. Sucks to be them!
    And from the looks of things, it looks like John put on a little weight! Way to go John! Way to get rid of that smelly, controlling, manipulative bitch! YAY!

  • Helena

    Lmao, who surfs with their swimming trunks?

  • LOL

    # 15 go jen @ 05/29/2008 at 3:18 pm



  • tracy

    I hope Jennifer leave this douche bag soon. He is a player and a slut. He tries to spray his sperms around.

    Jennifer, you can do better than this douche bag.


    Im pretty sure right now John is reading all the posts in this thread! As NYPost said, he likes to surf the net and reads everything that is said about him!

    So John why are you so suddenly shy going out with with your old hag Jen? Did you keep herlocked up the whole time in your room in Hawaii?

  • catty

    boy his tatoos are not only ugly but also scary. I couldn’t belive her fans insult angie for the cute tatoos and love this guy ? Or their ” sweet and classy” girlfriend sleep with him.

  • Besane

    If John Mayer wants to raise his “hotness” profile, go for Kate Hudson for a short while. Hooking up with an aging, all-around-loser, a has-been sitcom actress doesn’t earn him any feathers on his cap. It is unfortunate that any men who dates her are inevitably compared to the superstar Brad Pitt, who can’t possibly be beaten. Get out of this quickly, John.

  • Concerned mom

    I hope he reads everything said about him. So good-looking and a charmer, but this guy is a serial dater sort of like George Clooney. He has had a whole lot of lovely ladies but eventually he seems to move on. I HOPE JA doesn’t get hurt.

  • dj

    I’m kinda surprised John didn’t spend the Memorial Day weekend with Jennifer. He could have easily flown to wherever she was after his private show in Hawaii.

  • Anonymous

    to sam – man, you need to get a life, a job, a religion, a pet, get laid or somethin’. You are frickin’ obsessed. You must be a mental shut-in.

  • liza

    Funny now that Cannes is over we see no more maniston and johnny pee good pics.

    They are both a joke. Hey john.. when you tip your head back… to help you “finish”, are you thinking of Angelina Jolie? Just wondering.

  • bet betty


    The. Gushing. Way. How. He. Writes. Is



    Dude can’t content any more. Has to get out the closet. ASAP.


  • karen

    I wish we could leave Brad and Ange names off of the thread. Anyway-It’s funny how Jen use basically the same lines just switch names of the men. John is right in the slot after Vince V. Now thats too funny and not cool for John. It’s not cool for your chick to be more of a playa then you. What in the world do you tell the kids later.

  • V

    #9 – You have to be kidding. JM might be a d ouche but he is talented and 100x better looking than Brad Pitt. Brad lost years ago.

  • look it’s dj!

    I’m kinda surprised John didn’t spend the Memorial Day weekend with Jennifer. He could have easily flown to wherever she was after his private show in Hawaii.


    Really dj? you are kinda surprised…maybe they have broken up? wanna bet?? maybe they were only fcuk buddies..maybe they were never a couple at all.. it was all a publicity stunt. Both love playing that game.
    time will tell as you always say about another couple time, we will understand.


  • Shonathan Hilton

    Just one question to the people who have commented on this and to the blogger-

    Why do you care about John Mayer?

    Seriously, i dont know why i keep on seeing stuff about him
    he is not really important lol

    focus on someone else and stop wasting your time on him.

  • Shonathan Hilton

    Just one question to the people who have commented on this and to the blogger-

    Why do you care about John Mayer?

    Seriously, i dont know why i keep on seeing stuff about him
    he is not really important lol

    focus on someone else and stop wasting your time on him.

  • What talent?

    A talented person do not have to use pubicity stunts. He should have relied on such talent. Now he is tool for Jen. No one talks about music when his name comes up. Does he even play any more.
    First Jessica now this PR stunt. Thanks to Jen and all her desperate leaks about the relationship all we here about are these stunt tricks.

  • http://deleted v wtf are ya smokin?

    32, I really want what you’re smoking.

    what planet are you from? this teenage looking dummie is hotter than brad f*cking pitt? get yourself a new set of eyes and a new brain. ha!

  • crazyunicorns

    when did he go all hardcore with a tattoo sleeve?

  • bet

    cool guy


    you are the one who bring thier name up here. pethatic. and also, you are concern about jen who dating once probably a year. And she is a woman who do not have nothng attache to her, she have a right to date anyone any place. why do not go to Kate thread, that is the woman who just have to grap and pinus that move by her eyes. this is a woman who realy want people talk about her. and there is also Reese who dateing some one and fluating it everywhre , before her kids even able to figure out what happen between mom and dad. those are the woman who desperatly want people to talk about them.

  • http://deleted v wtf are ya smokin?

    # 34
    Shonathan Hilton @ 05/29/2008 at 4:52 pm

    john mayer is that you?

    quit writing comments on your threads and work on your music. oh and get out of the closet already!

  • loris l

    very sad… i used to love his music…

  • dj

    look it’s dj! @ 05/29/2008 at 4:50 pm

    Do you have a problem with me or something?

  • bet

    Loris I

    why it sad? Is that becuase he is dating the most sweet person in hollywood?

  • AnYmOuS


  • AnYmOuS


  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    the loons are having a heart-attack.

  • JeffROb

    Helena: “Lmao, who surfs with their swimming trunks?”

    What would you want him to surf in, a speedo? “Surfing” trunks?

    Tats- hot
    Bod- hot
    Face- hot
    Repressed lust for pete wentz- understandable.

    le sigh

  • http://justjared pathetic

    to bring brad and angelina’s name into a john mayer thread you crazy people what those three people have to do with each other?nothing you need a life and a good doctor to talk to

  • izzie, the soccer mom

    Why do we care about John Mayer? It goes like this….

  • izzie, the soccer mom

    Why do we care about John Mayer? It goes like this….