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Jude Law Lives in Nike Town

Jude Law Lives in Nike Town

Unofficial Nike spokesperson Jude Law hops into his car while out and about in North London on Friday morning.

The 35-year-old British beauty wore a fitted leather jacket and a bright yellow pair of sneakers with an orange swoosh. Just do it.

Jude was later seen wearing in the same outfit while out playing soccer with his son Rudy, 5, at a park in Central London.

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • Une Fille

    I love the ‘British beauty’ comment. Hilarious. Everyone knows Jude Law is a fairy. The guy wears scarves and make-up for goodness sake.
    Anyhow, Jared,please IGNORE THE Disney slutlets. I doubt 12 year olds are reading your blog. You seem obsessed with Efron, HOdgens and the rest of the them. No!!!!!


    are you ever looking out for we jude law fans…wow what a week. these are great as usual……i’m fanning myself. he never ceases to amaze me. what a hottie…oh and i suggest we ignore poster #1…


    love his shoes they are way cool:)


  • sheryl

    Hi Jude! Is it cold in London right now?

    I don’t like the jacket, jeans, and shoes together. But hey, it’s all good.

  • hayley

    hair back yay


    it was in the low 60′s today…….normally he’d walk around in a tee shirt…maybe he needs his love to keep him warm….any volunteers?

  • Gumba

    Don’t really like this guy and it’s so boring to look at his photos always picking children up or something else. Boring next

  • sharyllee

    great to see you!!

  • sheryl

    Gee, Gumba, who IS interesting enough for ya? Paris? Justin? Brangelina Joliepitts? Britney? Just chill, they’ll be around soon enough. Maybe they’ll do a cartwheel for you or something and you can laugh and clap.

    Hahahaha…just messin’ with you.

  • london chica

    Ahh more Jude! Thanks Jared. So glad he’s grown his hair again, back with his old charm.
    Oh and the weather in London: rubbish. Bar yesterday, it has been feeling more like Autumn (fall) than late Spring/ early Summer.


    if jude is boring to you just pass him right by and find the celebrity who does it for you. in my case if jared posted only jude’s photos i’d be in seventh heaven so would alot of other ladies and some guys……i’m sure if you keep looking there’ll be someone out there who won’t bore you.
    what i do know is jude isn’t going to lose any sleep over this.

  • yeahhh


  • erica

    My boo is looking great ! love the leather coat.
    and thank you london chica for that info
    on the weather ,it’s soo hot here in North Carolina.
    that we could not even think about having a coat on.

    Love Ya Jude.


    have i told you how much jude’s fan love ya……..

  • nikki

    His Hotness is back.
    Jude, in a pair of jeans priceless.
    Thank Jared

  • jill

    Love Jude, and love the coat and jeans
    but, please fans don’t say anything about
    Jude’s shoes, first someone said something about the red ones
    and now he has the yellow ones I think colors get worse when we
    comment on them . (smile)(laugh) ha ha

  • helloworld

    he looks goood! love the outfit and his hair is growing back YAY

  • Daphne

    The man sure has flamboyant taste in footwear. Love him! Thanks JJared for being so up-to-date with the pics. I’d like to see him play football with his little boy in that outfit heheh.

  • Emma

    Jude has really short legs!


    emma, not to worry he’s tall in the saddle….however he’s put together …. he looks just fine to me…..

  • Val

    Love the jacket.

  • Sandy

    Jared – i love to come home and find your little surprises – Jude
    does it for me ALL the time and he looks happy here, along with Daphne (and Delores) I would have loved to see him playing with or watching Rudy play ball. These are Jude’s old play clothes and they
    sit the purpose and the man. The hair is back as we said it would be,
    butt the ‘butt’ is there too in all it’s glory. Sit down hon, put your feet up’and tell me about your day. I want to hear EVEryTHING. Great start
    to the wekend.

    BY the way ‘Uhe fille” Si Jude est un fee, je vole debout la lune avec les fees au Paradis! You must be very young and not know too much
    yet. Tant pis.

  • Une Fille

    “Si Jude est un fee, je vole debout la lune avec les fees au Paradis! ”
    Sandy, you must like sleeping with gays or a gay man yourself. Are you Liza Minelli?

  • yeahno

    he looks awful, i used to think he looked hot, now he’s just starting to look like any middle-aged dad. there’s a lot to be said for looking and being natural, but i don’t think that means he should totally be letting himself go….

  • rien

    Something what I like about Jude is, that he is natural. He is a man with confident. He doesn’t need to dress to kill every time to show how insanely good looking he is. He is not an attention seeker. He does what a father “normally” do. Playing football with the son, taking a walk with the daughter, just to be with his children. I miss to see him on the red carpet too, but hey, it would not be Jude, if he tried too hard to show everybody that he still existed. Even when he had a film to promote in Cannes, he did not do the Cannes, like many other do. He is Jude, a man whose name can be translated into many different meanings!

    And yes, Jude is Oberon, the king of the Fairy, and Sandy, dancing under the moon is not the only thing that we are going to do.

    Jude shall come to my town. It is burning (32 C) for the moment, and we have Freikoerperkultur = “free body culture”. And the moon, it is waiting for us, Jude!

  • elle

    I love him!!!Thanks jared!!!

  • AnnieRich

    He looks georgeous. These pics remains(?) me of the old days.

  • rien

    Sorry Jared, I forget to thank you. It is burning here, and it is difficult to think, with Jude looks dashingly happy and the temperature is rising.

    Thank you my sweet Jared. Have I told you that I love your blog, lately? Yes? Well, then I say it again: I love your blog!

  • mery

    Thanks, Jared!

    Natural, confident… good words for Jude (and beautiful)
    Boring? Boring the paps.

  • siupinys

    These photos just killed me.Thanks, Jared.

  • Amy fielder

    I see Jude a few times when I visit Primerose hill in London.That’s if he is in town.The pub on the corner facing the park,(where they have firework displays each Autumn),is where he normally drinks.I meet Camden freinds there and then we usually go to the restaurants nearby and then maybe a film on Parkway.Quite a few nice new restaurants have opened on Parkway recently.

  • Pole

    Thanks Jared! It’s great with all the Jude-posts lately :-D

    Sheryl, I’m not too keen on this look either but he’s looking good though and those thight jeans and the but-shots made me think of you *lol*

    If Jude is a fairy – what is that exactly? A gay man? I don’t think so! then I guess I like fairies :-)

  • rien

    Nowadays, people look for any excuses to call somebody else gay! It doesn’t touch me anymore.

    Fairy is many times to describe something beautiful, almost un-human, I suppose that fits to Jude.

    These are only a few examples of fairy/elves names:
    Alfred or Alfie (Jude’s great role) = elf councellor
    Alvin = elf wine, noble friend,
    Kalien = elf warrior,
    Roosevelt = Field of Roses

    One of USA presidents was Roosevelt, was he gay because he used a name of a fairy?

    And if Jude was a fairy, then he would be Oberon, the king of fairies!

  • Annie rich

    #31 Amy: You lucky gal. Does he seem nice?

  • jami

    He looks good & relaxed. I would love to see the pix of him and rudy playing football. Thanks Jared!

  • Pole

    Rien, I agree – it doesn’t really touch me either. I do wonder what people really mean though – what do they think of gay people if the use a term like “fairy” in such a negative way? I guess those who use it must be somewhat uncomfortable with their own sexuality in order to call Jude gay simply because he wears thight pants and doesn’t seem to have problems playing or even acknowledge his feminine side.

    Jami, you can find links to pictures of Jude with Rudy at IMDB ;-)

  • sheryl

    Yeah, I think there are a lot of bored, pimple-faced, insecure basement dwellers out there who feel very bold in sitting behind their keyboards and throwing around “gay” comments on celeb threads as though it were derogatory…that’s the only explanation I can come up with anyway, as such comments are certainly not indicative of an educated mind.

  • sharyllee

    beautiful! I cant open Why?

  • sheryl

    Oh, and Pole at #32,

    Yeah, I normally do appreciate the butt shots…very, very much…but here the jacket is a bit too tight for the jeans, or the jeans a bit too baggy for the jacket, so this is not one of the best butt shots…LOL…. but that’s okay :)

  • sharyllee

    Can you tell me Why I can not open IMDB. about Jude. I used to do it. now I cant. I loved IMDB. I love Jude so much!

  • three

    The leather is nice but it is a size too small.

    Jude is the best dressed male ‘celebrity’ by a million miles.

  • Pole

    Sheryl, I’m not really liking that jacket with those jeans either – he looks much better when the jacket comes off :-D

    sharyllee, do you have an account for imdb? You need one to read posts now.

  • elle

    sharyllee maybe is your internet connecction to slow!!!Try it later!!!

  • sunnykidstyle

    Would have been nicer to see a photo of father and son, but still nice pictures. Does anyone remember, which movie his son plays a younger version of Jude? Totally forgot, but the idea is great, they look so much alike.

    Oh, and by the way, if you have a second to spare, please visit my new blog about stylish design for kids and feel free to give me some feedback. I’d really appreciate it :):)


    Ode to British Invasion – or Invasions

    Mom and Dad grew up in the 60′s and boy did they go ga-ga with the Beatles. History as they put it – the Beatlemania. I can’t say anything bad about Maca, or they’d be all over me. They still slow dance to The Long and Winding Road. My eyes rolling.

    Now there’s another wave of this Invasion – Kiera Knightly, Daniel Craig, Hugh Laurie – and there’s those classics – Helen Miren, Judy Dench ! They are all over us – TV, and films. I drive on I-95 from NY to Florida – and what do I see on billboards ? Daniel Craig !

    And, if I don’t mention Jude Law – you’ll be all over me. I’ve been a fan since The Talented Mir Ripley, Brideshead Revisited Sky Captain and Cold Mountain, Wilde, and Road to Perdition ! But my favorite is Alfie !
    I hated The Wedding Planner – he sucks !

    On sex apppeal – Uhmmm – a definite 7. But Craig sexuality sizzles. A DEFINITE 10. But hey, I dont I wanna cross Rien et al. Good Lord – I wanna keep my locks onto my head and ‘am allergic to bullet ! Besides, Law is almost 20 years older than me, and Craig is almost 14 years older. Both are men of substance – real substantive presence which regretfully missing here in the good old USA. Of course we have Tom Hanks, 10 in acting, but 0 in sexuality ! Sorry Tom !

    Gee whiz Brits – give us actors a chance to shine. To Helen Miren or Judi Dench or Kiera Knightly – please take a leave will you ?

    Alright now – be kind to me. Just expressing my 2 cents.

  • sheryl

    Pole at #42, yes he does look better when he frees himself of the jacket in the pics with Rudy!

    Sharyllee, have you been on IMDb before? I didn’t have any problems with it today, so I don’t know what could be wrong. Are you getting an error message or something?


    on my own
    well thought out post……
    you are right….there is something about the brits…they’ve got great acting chops….our only disagreement is daniel craeg. good body but for me which is no surprise to anyone…it’s jude, face, sexyiness, butt beautiful.


    don’t mean to be greedy but do you have any of those photos with little rudy and big daddy jude…they are some combo…mama mia.


    Hi Dolores,

    How old is Jude Law ?. I thought he is 45. Rien noted he is 39 going 40. And is Craig 40 ?

    ” Am almost 27, I may want to keep my options open. Maybe I’ll take my chances with older men. The difference is about 14 years. The logistic doesn’t favor my chances, however. With Jude Law, there’s probably a long line – (I mean very long) ahead of me. And then there is Rien. That would be me against Godzilla. I have a better chance being struck by lightning.

    But then of coarse, there is Daniel Craig – that is if I can even get get past that girl of his. My colleague at the Trauma Unit would like to have that specimen on the surgery table. Alive – I mean ! He is just about the talk of the town, and can’t wait for Bond 22.

    At 3:00 PM. I’d be in my scrubs. TU is a cold and sterile place. I’d much rather be in some cozy place like Bora Bora with Law, but there is not much chance of that, neither is with Craig.

    Nice to gossip with you. Chow !

  • annie rich

    ONMYOWN: Jude is 35, born on 29th desember 1972. I believe he is younger than Daniel Crig (and way hotter in my opinion.)

    Sherylle: I can`t open IMDB either today. Had no problem before. Try again later I suggest.

    I love Jude, by the way.