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Hayden Panettiere Dislikes Comic-Con Cooties

Hayden Panettiere Dislikes Comic-Con Cooties

Hayden Panettiere shakes hands with fans and signs autographs at the Comic-Con International exhibition at the San Diego Convention Center on Sunday.

The Heroes hottie was sure not to catch any germs from her fans as she was incessant about cleaning her hands with hand sanitizer during her breaks.

Hayden sat down with the rest of the cast on a panel and said if she could switch powers she would switch with Ali Larter‘s character Niki because she’s tired of being beaten up.

10+ more pics inside of Hayden Panettiere disliking Comic-Con cooties…

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  • kiki

    she could have gone to the bathroom or something if she needed to sanitize.


    How can you call that sanitizing? She left behind the nastiest part (her dress!) Why do girls with saggy boobs insist on wearing dresses that drag those things down ever further?

    DivaGuru – Where busy chickz come to unwind…

  • nelly


  • nelly

    hayden rockS

  • Becky

    what a hoe.

  • oprah

    You know, I don’t like Hayden at all but she looks really really pretty as a brunette. Is she a natural brunette or blond?

  • {‘_’}

    she needs to use sanitizer between her legs.

  • laura

    Don’t most stars do that? It’s a big convention with lots of fans and the stars who are signing have to shake a lot of hands.

  • Eyda

    lovee her forever

  • sek

    I would do the same exact thing, you don’t know where people have been or if they’re sick…esp with the NUMBERS of people at comic con. Sanitizer FTW.

    BTW she looks so cute =)

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Her expressions are priceless ^^

  • Titan

    she looks so fake there. lol. it’s so funny.

  • T&M.

    I would do the same if I were Hayden. I don’t know where their hands have been. And I agree, Hayden looks gorgeous.

  • chelsea

    1. who could blame her for using hnad sanitizer.
    2. girls dont always need to have their boobs popping out, it annoying to always have to try and be some sexy sex symbol

  • Lemon

    Have you ever noticed how many people don’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom??? I would so do the same exact thing!!!!

  • Don

    Unbelieavable. Cleaning her hands after shaking hands with her fans.

    Really classy.

  • Skip

    LOL! I hope all the nerds who drool over this dumb, empty doll read this.

  • mjkbk

    Shame on Jared for deliberately trying to portray Ms Panettiere as being squeamish about greeting fans.

    She’s in the middle of a gig (“Heroes”), and all it would take is one person with a cold virus, sneezing into his/her hand, and then shaking hers……et voila, Hayden’s sick.

    She’s a smart cookie to keep sanitizing gel on hand as a preventive measure. As opposed to the doofuses (dufi?) who insist on being out and about among us when they’re highly contagious.

  • meh

    Maybe she should wear a bioharzard suit to meet her fans, then .

    Honestly, this is the first time I’ve heard of an artist doing this kind of thing. She must think she is too amazing and precious to be among mere mortals attending the Con .

  • sarah may

    She could have done that more discreetly and not have done that face. she look so fake with that smile. it doesnt look genuine.

  • gigi

    its one thing to clean your hands (and I dont even blame her for this) but what about the face expression? … really a good way to show her love
    and between those fake smiles between shots she looks really bored

  • chantall

    like her dress is making her boobs sag its gross!! i love her but its kinda rude using hand sanitizer in front of everyone like u dont wanna touch them!? but i totally get were shes coming from…

  • sarah may

    I dont blame her about the hand sanitzer frenzy. I’m a germaphobe and totally get it, but if i was a fan that just shook her hand and saw her making that face. i’d be let down greatly.

  • eddie jones

    fattie fattie fattie, she has the body of the kool-aid man when she dresses like she’s 40.

  • eek

    I thought this was Giada, the chef on The Food Network.

  • Rach
  • CelebrityFanChat Raph

    she looks awful!

  • angie

    I think thats’ kinda rude
    LOL and I agree with number#7

  • Wishfulone

    I get it, I would do the same thing. But where she is sanitizing and her expression she is giving is a total insult… I’d go to the restroom too. I’d only use sanitizer if I can’t go to the restroom at all. geez girl, stop being such a snob.

  • kim

    She’s basically a good person, but sometimes her attitude is terrible.
    Look. this video.
    Poor fans…

  • Edgar

    I’ve noticed that a lot of frigid females here are so damn envious of a teenager, that even though they will never ever meet her, are very quick to throw venom at her. And even bash her for not throwing her tits in peoples faces. Not even guys are that lame and sexists.

    First of all, Hayden is shaking hands with dozens of nerds who have sweaty palms (they’re meeting a WOMAN other than their own mother’s and sisters, how many chances do those 400 pound nerds have of doing just that?). If you don’t sanitize your hands, you would be a gigantic asshole that is just asking to get sick. So kudos to Hayden for cleaning up all that filth from her hands.

    And if anybody things she’s the only one that does it, he/she needs a reality check. Because there is such a thing as “‘con plague”. Ask anybody that has been to that convention in San Diego.

  • hum

    I wonder if she has beef curtains?

  • Dave

    I shot those pictures and she was making very rude faces. I didn’t realize what kind of person she was, not very friendly!

  • kas

    Way to show love for her fans!

  • Mike

    Hayden has always been a b****, now everybody is starting to see the truth.

    She’s friend of Paris Hilton, for dog’s sake.

  • hypocrite

    I’m not surprised at all with her actions. She’s like that bitchy midget cheerleader in high school that think she’s all that because she is rich. What a scumbag.

  • Hulla

    I’d do the same.

  • D

    What the hell is wrong with you people? She’s a beautiful young woman, who took the time to meet her fans. The photos are undoubtedly out of context (I see you’re all assuming that the upset expression is to do with a fan? There’s no indication of that at all), and so f**king what if she cleans her hands? I would. My god, would you all just take a pill and calm down…

    Edgar, I think you’re right in your analysis – I think some (not all) of the people posting here are jealous teenage girls.

  • JuliaJolie

    Well I’m not a jealous teenage girl (way to generalise, asshats), but I think that kind of overtly rude behaviour is pretty appalling. I remember her from a nothing tv movie called ‘Lies My Mother Told Me’ and she and Joely Richardson were both awesome in that (can’t remember how old she was).

    Yes, the girl has talent (though she’s hardly applying it in ‘Heroes’), but she has no tact, no class and no considerate manner for her fans.

    The girl’s gone Hollywood.

  • Captain jack

    Hayden is a total fake. I met her at New York Comic Con last November. She’s nice and smiley to your face then screws you over. I remember one guy had a VIP guaranteeing him a free autograph and Hayden still forced $ 25.00 out of him when he didn’t have to. She’s an arrogant, fake Hollywood pig whose only claim to fame is playing the weak link on otherwise excellent show.

  • Crokey

    The simple fact is none of us know enough to make any judgements, it would be mind numbingly boring sitting down and pretending to be interested in the tons of people who are rushing past you. For all we know she could have been sitting there for hours before these pictures were taken and we have no idea what context she was making these faces in. But I guess she could have been being deliberately rude. How the hell would I know???

  • So what

    Big deal. So what if the girl has hand sanitizer. People are disgusting and you don’t know where they’ve been. I don’t blame her. The face she made? Maybe there was something nasty on the table that needed to be cleaned off or a bug was crawling across the floor. We don’t know! They aren’t going to show you THAT part. And as far as her looking bored….well I’m sure she was. I would be bored sitting there for hour after hour after hour, signing my name over and over and over and listening to about 900 people say, “Save the cheerleader, save the world! AHAHAHAH” I’m sure that gets old. And where does anyone get that she has saggy boobs. I bet the MAN who wrote that has a huge beer gut. *rolls eyes*

  • lauren

    any person who has any sense of hygiene would use hand sanitizer after shaking a bunch of peoples hands..and as for the facial expression maybe someone said something gross or there was a bug i duno i’m sure there’s a reason

  • anon

    I would do the same if I had to shake hands with hundreds of nerds that masturbated in the car on the way to the convention.