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Hayden Panettiere Breaks Silence on How She's Doing After Boyfriend's Domestic Battery Arrest

Hayden Panettiere‘s boyfriend Brian Hickerson was arrested again, on Valentine’s Day, for domestic battery after he allegedly punched her in the face. This was not his first arrest for domestic violence against Hayden.

On Sunday (February 23), Hayden started tweeting again and fans began asking her questions about how she is doing.

She also posted a photo of her ex, Wladimir Klitschko, dancing with their five-year-old daughter Kaya Evdokia Klitschko. The tweet has since been deleted, but Hayden wrote, “Best father ever.”

A Twitter user responded, “Before or after he beat you,” to which Hayden responded, “Wrong guy. Klitschko’s r legends. That’s my CHAMP.”

Another fan responded, “Hayden, how are you doing are you okay?” to which she responded, “Always good.”

Hayden Panettiere's Boyfriend Brian Hickerson Arrested Again After Allegedly Punching Her in the Face

Hayden Panettiere‘s boyfriend Brian Hickerson has been arrested again, on Valentine’s Day, after he allegedly hit her “with a closed fist on the right side of her face.”

The 30-year-old actress and Hickerson reportedly got into a fight on Valentine’s Day at 2:30 in the morning, TMZ reports. Teton County Sheriff’s Office were called to a private residence in Jackson, Wyoming.

When police arrived, Brian allegedly told them that she was “saying he beat the f*** out of me.” Hayden told police that they were in their befroom when “he started throwing her around and punched her.”

Her face allegedly appeared red and swollen and also had a scrape and swelling on one of her hands.

He was arrested for domestic battery and interfering with a police officer for allegedly refusing to identify himself.

Last May, Brian was charged with felony domestic violence after an altercation with Hayden. That case ended up being dismissed.

Just a few months ago, Hayden spoke publicly about their relationship. It was also recently discovered where her daughter Kaya has been living.

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Hayden Panettiere Gets a 'Bomb Hair Cut' - See the Change!

Hayden Panettiere is showing off her fresh new haircut on her Twitter account!

The 30-year-old actress posted a photo with her hairdresser Naomi Szloboda getting her look all glam. She also posted a second pic to show off the finished product.

This haircut is similar to the one she got a few months ago, but is a little longer.

“Hayden was looking for a radical change, so last night we just went for it! It’s a modern version of a classic pixie style with a little more of an edge. The color is silver, but not grey. She had previously been going with a super sexy blonde,” the salon told E! News in a statement.

Hayden Panettiere Returns to Social Media to Debut Dramatic, New Haircut

Hayden Panettiere has made her return to social media for the first time in 10 months.

The 30-year-old Nashville actress took to Twitter on Tuesday (December 10) to reveal a dramatic new haircut.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hayden Panettiere

“Channeling my inner #Kirby #Scream4 Thanks to my boys ⁦@anthonyleonard ⁩❤️,” Hayden tweeted along with her new silver buzzcut, referencing her character’s hairstyle in the 2011 horror movie.

Hayden‘s return to social media comes after not posting anything since last February.

However, Hayden has been dealing some major personal drama over the past year.

Back in May, her boyfriend Brian Hickerson was arrested after he allegedly got into a violent confrontation with Hayden. Brian pleaded not guilty to the charge of felony domestic violence and a judge ordered him to stay 100 feet away from the actress. In September, the case was dismissed.

Hayden and Brian have since reconciled and recently spent Thanksgiving together with friends.

It has also been reported that Hayden‘s daughter Kaya, 5, has been living with her ex-husband Wladimir Klitschko in the Ukraine since they split back in 2018.

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Hayden Panettiere Defends Brian Hickerson Relationship, Says They Never Got Physical in Domestic Disputes

Hayden Panettiere spoke directly to paparazzi about her alleged domestic disputes with her boyfriend Brian Hickerson.

Brian‘s court case was actually just dismissed recently and he was not charged with domestic violence. He was originally charged with a felony domestic violence after an incident that occurred in the Spring.

When approached by photographers, Hayden defended that the fights were never violent, saying to TMZ, “It would be like getting into a fight with like…yelling at your puppy or something.”

She was asked if things ever got physical, to which she responded, “No, everything was totally okay.”

“My family knows that I’m smart enough to make my own decisions. Thank you for being concerned, but I’m a-okay,” Hayden said, reassuring fans that she’s fine. “There was never a problem. Everything is good.”

Hayden Panettiere‘s family broke their silence on the domestic violence charges over the summer.

Hayden Panettiere's Boyfriend Brian Hickerson's Domestic Abuse Case Dismissed

Hayden Panettiere‘s boyfriend, Brian Hickerson, will not be charged in his domestic violence case.

After the 30-year-old Nashville actress accused her 30-year-old boyfriend of alleged physical abuse, the case was dismissed on Thursday (September 26), according to RadarOnline.

He reportedly showed up to a Los Angeles courthouse and appeared “anxious.” The prosecutor then announced the case was “dismissed,” reportedly due to the fact that they did not have witnesses. This means she likely refused to provide information about the alleged physical incident. The trial was planned to last about a week.

According to officer reports at the time of his arrest in May, he repeatedly hit Hayden and left bruises on her neck, ears and arms. The restraining order against Brian has also been dropped after the case was dismissed.

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Hayden Panettiere Holds Hands With Boyfriend Brian Hickerson's Brother After Getting a Restraining Order

Hayden Panettiere seems to be staying close with her boyfriend Brian Hickerson‘s brother after Brian‘s arrest for domestic violence.

The 30-year-old Nashville star was seen holding hands with Zach Hickerson on September 4 in New York City. (Click here to see the photos.)

The two were seen looking happy, walking and talking together in the city.

That said, a family source tells In Touch Weekly that their relationship is “not romantic.”

Hayden and Zach are just friends. They have been friends for as long as she’s been dating Brian; Zach and Brian are close. Zach was in NYC for a job interview and he linked up with Hayden who was already in town. They were just goofing off and holding hands as friends. At one point, she was jumping up and down making funny faces, and he was flexing his muscles and laughing. They looked happy together,” the source said.

Brian was arrested for allegedly hitting Hayden during a physical altercation back in May.

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