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Jennifer Garner Has a Security Smile

Jennifer Garner Has a Security Smile

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck smile through security as they catch a flight at LAX aiport in Los Angeles on Friday.

The superhero pair were without their 2-year-old Violet and have recently been house hunting to find a bigger nest for their growing family.

Ben, 35, will be paired with former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright at the 2008 Democratic National Convention to discuss international relations. What an interesting duo!

25+ pictures of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck giving security smiles…

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jennifer garner security smile 01
jennifer garner security smile 02
jennifer garner security smile 03
jennifer garner security smile 04
jennifer garner security smile 05
jennifer garner security smile 06
jennifer garner security smile 07
jennifer garner security smile 08
jennifer garner security smile 09
jennifer garner security smile 10
jennifer garner security smile 11
jennifer garner security smile 12
jennifer garner security smile 13
jennifer garner security smile 14
jennifer garner security smile 15
jennifer garner security smile 16
jennifer garner security smile 17
jennifer garner security smile 18
jennifer garner security smile 19
jennifer garner security smile 20
jennifer garner security smile 21
jennifer garner security smile 22
jennifer garner security smile 23
jennifer garner security smile 24
jennifer garner security smile 25
jennifer garner security smile 26
jennifer garner security smile 27
jennifer garner security smile 28
jennifer garner security smile 29

Credit: DS-ISM/MP; Photos: Flynetonline, WENN
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  • Vicky


  • me

    check out the videos at Jen fans and X17

  • real world

    pretty couple.wish them both well with the new baby!

  • emmelia

    jen can handle the paps. whys she acting like she needs to be protected by ben from the big bad paparazzi as she enters the airport.?

    says a lot about their relationship probably. she’s needy and likes to feel protected, he’s moody and likes to be in control.

  • Vogue

    great couple


  • chariya

    Love them. They are a very cute couple!!!!

  • sandra

    maybe because she’s pregnant and dont want the paparazzi cameras up in the face!

  • ben/jen fan

    Or………………..#4………….a husband’s concern for his wife. Or a father’s concern for his unborn child.

    What we see is a pic of them with one or two paps in the pictures. When actually there are about 10-15 cameras clicking in your face as you exit a car. I would grab my spouse also.

    Pics of Ben, Jen, Matt, and Luc. in South Beach last night @ Getty.

  • Stephanie
  • Nicole

    weird thread title

  • ben/jen fan

    After viewing the video…………….I would hold tight to my spouse, security, and what ever else. OMG! that is way to many cameras in their face…………..they were trying to catch a flight. Gee!

    The paps are so aggressive that they didn’t even want to listen to airport security. Only after 2 threats that the police were on their way……did the paps say, “we got our video, let’s not get arrested.” That is just sad.

    So Jen, Hold on tight to Ben. And I hope that Ben hires extra security whenever they are out somewhere. Big, Big security. I would rather them have lots of security and be safe, and not see pics. Then the paps getting out of hand and Jen falling or worse.

    The whisper in the elevator is cute.

  • American

    Love Jen, even though I disagree with her endorsement.
    I think it’s really gullible to buy into Obama’s empty suit, yet I still love Jen and her precious, clever and beautiful daughter.

  • old PICS !!!!!

    JJ you need to post new pics !!!!!!!!

    she’s cute though :P

  • null

    WTH is a “security smile?” The titles here are getting more and more incomprehensible.

  • waiting for new pics

    Curious as to which Celeb. site will get the pics of them from last night up first?

  • ra

    Ben will be paired with Madeline Albright at the Democratic Convention to discuss international relations??????? That’s one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. Ben’s qualifications for this are_______?

    Well, let’s hope he’s better discussing “international relations” than he is at acting, because he’s a lousy actor.

  • getagrip!

    Ben Affleck being paired with Albright…why????he needs to stay away, he didn’t help Kerry any and he is known to be a racists. he just wants to get on the band wagon…helping people in Africa. LMAO…as superheroes…get a grip JJ…Why the f#ck are they superheroes…mediorcre people!!!!!

  • Mae

    Jen’s pregnant. Leave her alone!

  • null

    ^^^I think it’s because they played Elektra and Daredevil in movies.

  • Janie

    They are both very cute and Violet is adorable. Great family!

  • me

    I saw the video and I think its horrifying. Of course #4 *#@shole she is going to hold on to Ben– it was a madhouse, he even had to push a video camera out of his face it was so close. If that stupid LA police chief doesnt think he needds to regulate the paps he should do it for LAX because it is compromising everyones security when police have to spend all its time chasing them away from celebrities

  • Aimee

    #4 emmelia. You sound like an idiot. There are tons of paps surrounding them so of course Ben is going to protect his pregnant wife.

    Oh and another thing, Jen looks adorable! So cute when she gave Ben a little kiss in the video!

  • ally

    What a phony. For someone who was so “frightened” outside, she managed big smiles for the cameras once she got to the security checkpoint. What a phony b*tch.

    Ben’s reactions were much more genuine, from his “WTH?” expression outside to just going through security like a normal person, although I still think he’s a cocky SOB.

  • idiot Ally

    If yo look at what was going on, by the time she got to the checkpoint the paps couldnt go in, thats whenshe was smiling because she was only around airport security and she was safe. the paps were held from them.

  • shemp lugosi

    Ben’s damp, sweaty grey socks are the highlight of this set of pics!

  • Amanda

    #4 so stupid! lol.

    Love Jen.

  • Monica

    Jennifer Garner is so naturally cute. Love her and Ben together! Terrific family.

  • Karena

    They look so good. I think it’s adorable how Jen’s holding onto Ben’s arm. :)

  • anna

    cute couple

  • lame

    She is cute he is not my choise for anything. Lousy actor , controler . With the fomer secratary of state?lame

  • Dolly

    What a phony. For someone who was so “frightened” outside, she managed big smiles for the cameras once she got to the security checkpoint. What a phony b*tch.

    I guess she should have snarled and pouted at the TSA employees then?

    God forbid someone – celeb or non-celeb – act friendly toward the security screeners.

  • Dolly

    What a phony. For someone who was so “frightened” outside, she managed big smiles for the cameras once she got to the security checkpoint. What a phony b*tch.
    I guess she should have snarled and pouted at the TSA security folks? God forbid someone – celeb or nonceleb – acts friendly toward those people.

  • minime

    Garner: ooooo I’m so scared Ben. They are going to hurt us. Protect me!
    Affleck: Don’t worry Jen, I’ll protect you! Afterall, you married a Superhero.
    Garner: Thank goodness. You know Ben, I am only 4 years from turning 40 and I still can’t defend myself even after learning all those Daredevil moves. I don’t know what Id do without you. Id be lost. Boohoo.

    What happened to that story of Ben messing around with Jennifer Connolly? Jen would probably look the other way even if it was true since without Ben she wouldn’t have near as much fame. She’d be right alongside Vartan and Foley trying to scrape by in tv land.

  • Cheetah

    i love how she was gigling in the elevator and wispering to ben. Then when she gave him a quick kiss i knew it. They are still very much in love. Ill never believe anybody to claim they are splitting up ever again!

    They should forbit camaras on airports. LOL>

  • ben/jen fan

    You people want it both ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IF Jen isn’t seen with Ben, then it is like “where is Ben?”
    She is with Ben, holding on to Ben, then it is like “why is she holding onto Ben?”

    If she smiles despite paps, then it is like “why does she smile?”
    If they don’t smile once past the paps then, we get “look at Ben and Jen, so rude to the TSA?”

    Give them a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gossip Girls has the pics of Ben and Jen in Florida.

  • TO emmelia @ 08/03/2008 at 8:4

    I am pretty sure that anyone would get sick of it and not want to deal with it. Especially if you aren’t feeling well or up to the hassle. WHen she is with her daughter she takes it in stride and handles it with grace. She has every right to lean on her husband. … That is exactly what she should be able to do.

    Go crawl back under the rock you came from. You are wicked snotty.

  • lola

    I think Ben is positioning himself so that one day he can run for a career in politics.

  • cb

    It makes me sad to see a pregnant woman, who just wants to enter the airport, have to hide behind her husband to get through the door without a crowd of a-hole paps all up in her face. California definitely needs to reconsider their laws about paparazzi. This kind of stuff isn’t interesting anyway….yes, they’re entering an airport. Big deal. I could leave without seeing these types of shots. It’s really not that exciting to see people coming in and out of stores, going grocery shopping, etc.

  • :)

    I just ador her!!!
    I love seeing pics of them together :)

  • :)

    hehe I ment adore :P

  • Kelly

    Wow that was a little to much. I cant believe how close the paps were. I mean from a distance is still wrong but that close? That should be illegal and should be considered stalking and harrassing not only to celebs but to regular folks just like us. She is pregnant and i agree if she loses her balance and falls she could harm the baby and herself so for that it should be illegal.I swear Ben is going to crack one day at the paps and we will have another Alec Baldwin on our hands. And u know what i wouldnt blame him for it.

  • LD

    That’s a laugh that he is being paired at the Democratic convention with Madeline Albright to discuss international relations. My friend met him at the last one and said he was really stupid.

  • victoria

    43rd!!!! I think they are a cute couple just showing displays of affection. What is up with the hateful comments? They are just having fun with each other, and with the paparazzi’s obviously. I’m glad they are dressed like any other normal couple taking a flight out, instead of what some of these celebrities can come out in. Lets leave them alone and let them fly away in peace and harmony. They are adorable.

  • ben/jen fan

    Let’s hope that their arrival back @ LAX (Getty Images Aug 3) was meet with less paps.

    Or if the paps HAVE to be there at least back up and give them some space. Like one of the paps overheard on the video when they were looking at the house under construction, “back up we all have long lenses.” Ain’t it so true. They can even zoom to read what is written on pieces of paper (shopping list,etc.).

    I am guilty of looking at pics of Ben and Jen also, but for goodness sake paps, back the heck up.

  • mina

    The paparazzi’s will go after anybody I mean how many pictures can they sell to JJ. Are these two people still relevant.

  • ally

    To #24 (or should I say, Adoring Fan): how the h*ll do you know what she was smiling at? Do you know her? Were you there? Do you have some telepathic connection? Otherwise, STFU.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen-Fan got lots of great pics from last night. Oh, hello my friend Ally at #47. Sorry, to dissapoint you but this is my 1st time on line today. I will have to go back and read the comments from #24 before I can respond to you regarding same. I’m sure the comments were positive if you believe it was me. Gossip gir also has pics from the airport showing Jen in happy conversation with airport security.

    You should broaden your horizons and stop limiting yourself to only this blog. There is so much more out there. JJ is not Jen and Ben’s greatest fan. They don’t always show the positive side of them. Try branching out and then you won’t be so lacking when it comes to the truth.

    Now, to the real reason for my visit here: I LOVE THE GARNER-AFFLECKS. THEY ROCK!

  • Adoring Fan

    As for Ben being paired with Madeleine Albright, I understand that when Ben was asked about the convention his reply was that he did not even know if he would be in attendance. He stated, however, that he would like to go. Motto: believe half of what you see, some or none of what you hear.


    Aww that that cute! Jen is awesome and come on, the paps were right in here face!



    Aww that that cute! Jen is awesome and come on, the paps were right in here face!