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Miranda Kerr is Yorkie Yummy

Miranda Kerr is Yorkie Yummy

Orlando Bloom and his model love Miranda Kerr go their separate ways Wednesday morning in New York City.

After leaving her downtown apartment, the 25-year-old Victoria’s Secret angel carried around her pet Yorkie and hailed a cab with a gal pal. Meanwhile, Orly, 31, zoomed off on his BMW R1200 GS motorcycle.

To check out the story of Orlando and Miranda stealing some girl’s seat at The Donald‘s Dubai soiree, check out

15+ pictures inside of Yorkie yummy Miranda Kerr and her main squeeze Orlando Bloom

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miranda kerr yorkie dog 01
miranda kerr yorkie dog 02
miranda kerr yorkie dog 03
miranda kerr yorkie dog 04
miranda kerr yorkie dog 05
miranda kerr yorkie dog 06
miranda kerr yorkie dog 07
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miranda kerr yorkie dog 09
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miranda kerr yorkie dog 18

Credit: Anderson/Vila, Daniel; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, INFdaily
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  • adasda

    i’m so over them

  • whoopie

    Wow, that’s scary! She’s starting to look like a brunette Kate Bosworth! I’ve seen Kate in that same kind of dress, flat shoes, walking with her arms folded & her purse over her shoulder. Be your own girl!! Idiot…..

  • IFoundnemo

    So, is Miranda Kerr a bigger star than Orlando Bloom? She always gets billed first!!!

  • freddiemercurylives

    Ew, her legs look fat. So does her face. Buttagirl needs to go on a diet.

  • rosealla

    Who are these people and why are they famous?

  • princehonor

    Ok, Jared, we get it. Orlando is gettin’ him some! Big deal….

  • notin

    Maybe comments would sound better in French. What’s the french word for skank & cheap hustler?

  • anna

    uggghh she and bar are just GOLDdiggers

  • kev

    I love you Miranda

  • tia

    number 4 are you insane??? she is soo far from ever being fat! her legs are stick skinny!

  • paps aint proof

    the folks who are gettin’ it don’t have to prove it. they can get it quietly or from an escort service – with no paps or press to see or report anything.

  • Poolie

    Her face looks bloated.

  • sarah

    love them together <3

  • ayo

    her face is huge. it looks like a 12 year old. and to me she looks like nicky hilton.

  • mamooo

    She is pregnant!

  • Huffington Post

    Check out Orlando’s “date” to the Trump event. I think she’s the one that stole the seat mentioned in the Huffington Post.

    BTW That’s not a girlfriend in the other photos show above, but dear old Mother Kerr .

  • fangirlsucks

    fan girl stop doing your a milion post and trying to destroy this woman, your a douche

  • Ha!

    This is embarrassing!

  • yay

    I love them together!

  • paps ain’t proof

    Ejaculation problems are the primary issues to be resolved for men who want to become fathers. About 90% of men with SCI experience anejaculation, which is an inability of men to ejaculate on their own during intercourse. Another potential problem is retrograde ejaculation, which is a condition wherein semen is deposited in the bladder instead of exiting the body through the urethra.

    Poor semen quality can also make it very difficult for men with SCI to fertilize the egg. Men with SCI make normal numbers of sperm, but the average number of motile sperm in semen from men with SCI is 20% compared to 70% in men in the general population. It is not know why there is abnormally low sperm motility, but it does not seem to be related to level of injury, age, years post injury, or frequency of ejaculation.

    For men or couples who have difficulty with relationships, a professional counselor can help in processing feelings that are common after injury. This may include working through feelings of anxiety over establishing or continuing a healthy relationship after a spinal cord injury. A counselor also can work with couples on healthy ways to communicate.

    Only 25 percent of men with spinal cord injuries are able to have erections that are adequate for having intercourse.

    If Miranda ever gets pregnant, a DNA test should prove who the REAL daddy is. ;) Artificial insemination isn’t out of the question, either. The folks who are gettin’ it on don’t need to announce it or prove it. Same with celebs who want their privacy – and don’t need to prove anything.

  • @20

    Please don’t start that shiit again!

  • mclovin

    Sweet legs! Yum!

  • victoria

    AGREE NUMBER # 21…. Whatever that was NUMBER # 20 LOL

  • @20

    Someone just can’t stand the fact that their virginal Orli is getting his pole waxed by a lingerie model.
    They would rather that he be impotant, than admit that he is a healthy, sexually active man.
    Sad, isn’t it?

    Oh, and for the record. The “research” that you are quoting is referring to spinal injuries that have left paralysis. Not spinal injuries that have left urges for surfing, bungie jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, antarctic wandering, sword fighting, Mumak swinging, bow twanging, snow boarding and horse riding. You’re barking up the wrong spine, there kiddo.

  • mel

    Im just really sorry, But Miranda Kerr is not attractive without airbrush and touch up

  • mel

    Im just really sorry, But Miranda Kerr is not attractive without airbrush and touch up

  • @mamoo

    Haha. So does that mean Poostain finally had his way with her?

  • Jenny

    Check it out, you heard it here first from someone who knows this girl and no longer has a friendship with her starting from when she was last in Oz.

    Facts about Miranda:

    1: She is seeing other men as well as Orlando- but then again he is seeing other women also. They meet for sex and to publicize their relationship. I was told by someone very recently that while in London Orlando met a young woman and saw her more than once(which is unusual for him)- seems he likes her very much- Miranda at the moment has been seeing a great dane of a guy.

    2:Therese is her CONSTANT companion, and I mean constant, how do they run their marriage(John and Therese) you may ask- you would be fair in asking- work it out..

    3:Poor Matty is pushed out of the family, the big loser, he gets ignored, Miranda is their favorite girl, poor Matty wasn’t missed when he moved back to Vancouver. I pity the guy.

    4: Miranda laughs at EVERYONE in his fandom and thats the lovers and haters alike- so dont waste your time wasting ANY time on her.

    5.Miranda has had around approx 45 lovers, and not aways used contraception. She doesn’t “love” anyone but herself.

    Believe it or not, I could say a LOT worse, but I won’t, I would be here all day.

    Have fun Randa! It will all catch up with you in the end- that is what happens when you shit on Nick that way!

  • Rose

    No. 28, lol hell I wanna hear more, its gossip…bring it on !!!

  • FroFro

    Who’s Nick?

  • @28

    Oh, I see that we have yet another “insider” that the haters will believe without question.
    Have we noticed a pattern yet? Hmmmm?

  • christine

    Ok so #28 you haven’t seen our talked to Miranda since she left Oz but you are privy to all this secret information. Yeah whatever

  • Jaylee

    You all need to get a life!!!!!

  • Jess

    I’m not a big fan of her or him but I think it would be kinda sad if they weren’t a real couple.

    Is there any romance left in Hollywoods these days or are they all just sleeping around?

  • james

    Jared plzzzzzzzzzzz STOP WITH this SHIT plzzzzzzzzzzzz fuck you miranda u are so stupid .You dont have brain

  • @ Jess

    Sure there’s romance left, but they’re the relationships that you rarely see because those people consider their relationships to be sacred, value their privacy, and protect it from public scrutiny. They don’t wh0re themselves or their relationship out. There is real romance, you just won’t find it in pap pics on a gossip blog.

  • @32

    I don’t think this “insider” said she was from oz but that whoever told
    her this was from there.

  • http://justjared wow pathetic

    people get a life this is getting really sad

  • @36

    They are a couple. He, at least, is a favorite of the paps. If they go outside they will get papped. Are they supposed to stay inside forever, or not go anywhere together to convince you that they are a real couple? Every time they are seen together the haters yell “set up”. I guess that means that there were never any pap pics of Orlando before he hooked up with Miranda? That paps have never followed him before? They were together in NY for a week before the paps found them. They were together in LA without ANY paps finding them. They had to leave the house sometime.

  • mel

    number 28
    I actually think your right about this, I hear Orlando is seeing someone else!! a southern girl from what I hear?????? anyone else have any info??

  • @39

    Doesn’t matter. Her street is not a pap hangout. NY is not a papparazzi den like LA. And the minivan majority doesn’t care about a feminine elf banging a panty model. All the more reason why these were set up. Does it look like a horde of paparazzi are chasing her down the street? And nice of her to change handbags to complete her puppy ensemble.

  • nezzer

    Oh yeah, #28 give us more!

    Personally I am SICK of these two!! Miranda must be trying to morph into Kate Bosworth – she’s trying to class up her act… I mean, it’s been several weeks since she’s been photographed without her clothes on, right???

    Sure they’re a couple, but IMO it’s only for the publicity. Of course, lots of celeb couples are like that…they give each other what they need..

  • red robin

    Cookie Monster are you still making every effort to prove Orlando impotence? are you obsessed with his rut or what? Is your sexual activity so unsatisfactory or probably is the lack of it?

    There was a time when insiders were ridicolously hilarious, you’re just boring and predictable as the hell. Pleeewaaase.

  • pas ain’t proof

    “When he was twenty-one years old, while shimmying along the drainpipe of a friend’s apartment in an attempt to open a window, Bloom fell three stories and broke his back. The possibility that he would be paralyzed was very real. Metal plates were bolted to his spine and he wore a back brace for almost a year. Bloom also endured months of rehabilitation. As he told Allison Glock of Gentleman’s Quarterly, the accident made him realize how lucky he was to be alive. He recounted to Glock how one person in particular helped him to put things in perspective: “I had this one great teacher who came to visit and said to me, ‘This is going to be the making of you.’And it was.” “

    All these ‘relationship’s and pix with the chicks could be a smokescreen and a means of additional male ego stroking and publicity for Bloom, who unfortunately isn’t doing so well right now career wise. How convenient that an ‘insider’ comes along to ‘prove’ that Orlando and Miranda are basically in an open relationship. Really? How romantic. So, how’s Bloom going to push and promote himself and his career when he’s married and has kids? He’s “desperate” for that life, remember? He can’t wait, remember? What will he be able to exploit then? Or will he finally just focus on talent and skill as an ACTOR like Matt Damon, Viggo Mortensen, Johnny Depp, Elijah Wood, and James McAvoy – and keep his love life and personal life private as they do and for the most part have always done? He seems to have chosen CELEBRITY over ACTING. Big difference.

    Reality Check 101:

    The more people try to push something in the press or prove a relationship to be legit, the more red flags it raises. Bloom had a MAJOR back injury which could have killed him and could have paralyzed him. Don’t think for one second he’s not dealing with that reality on a daily basis. Personally, I think he still has back pain and may have other problems associated with SCI that the ‘girlfriends’ and one night stands he’d like people to think he’s having left and right (to prove his manhood?) are designed to detract from. Don’t be surprised if he never gets married or has kids, or if he finds someone who defines marriage in an unconventional way and who also may be neutral about having kids. Either that, or he’ll keep living a lie indefinitely, instead of just putting his work out there and focusing on his craft. I find it incredibly weird that after all these years, and all the one night stands that Bloom has supposedly had (or would like people to think he’s had) that none of those women have EVER talked to a tabloid or blabbed. Isn’t that odd? Yes, there was Maddy Ford, that actress from Calcium Kid, but other than that, no one ever talked. Sure, there’ve been some claims online of having slept with him, including some claims from men, but never any proof. And never any stories in the tabloids. Strange.

    Not to mention that Orlando could have his sexual needs met at an industry escort service, and confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements would be par for the course and a legal requirement. Unfortunately for Bloom, he wouldnt be able to publicize or exploit those ladies for career or personal gain, just as they could not exploit their dalliances with him. Tisk, tisk. Guess that leaves the PR types (aka Miranda) and the ‘insiders’ to ‘fix’ things and set the public record straight. How nice! Thank you! :)

  • @44

    I see that the usual crazies have made their appearance.
    The obsessive “Orlando is a virgin” psychotic, and the haters who will believe anything an “insider” posts (as long as it’s what they want to hear).
    Why am I not surprised?

  • sc

    Are you not capable of reading? Didn’t you see that someone pointed out that your so-called “facts” about spinal cord injury couldn’t refer to Orlando. If you understood what you were posting links to, you’d realize that yourself.
    So please stop trying to sell a non-theory. No one with a brain and the ability to read at those links you post will buy what you are hawking.

  • I’mwatching you

    I hope Orlando reads this **** and has a good laugh

  • @46

    #20/44 is the type that doesn’t listen, just talks. They only sound more ridiculous as they go on. The certainly won’t listen to someone with the nerve to disagree with them using common sense.
    They are the type of psychotic “fan” that worries security people: obsessive, single minded and wrong.

  • http://justjared fans

    for god sakes i never seen fans of other actors discuss and obsess over EVERY ASPECT of their life is it like this for other famous actors ? leave the guy alone he is living his life he owns you nothing get a life and stop discussing lives of total strangers

  • james

    miranda is a trump give a good reason to like? ……iknow……… is model=prostitute