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Orlando Bloom is Ghetto

Orlando Bloom is Ghetto

Orlando Bloom supports the Ghetto Film School’s 2008 Hollywood Benefit at a private residence in L.A. on Thursday.

The Ghetto Film School gives teenagers a rigorous introduction to filmmaking despite the humblest of origins. For more information on this not-for-profit organization, visit

Also pictured: Event Host Committee member Aleen Kesheshian, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Topher Grace and Bryce Dallas Howard.

10+ pictures inside of ghetto Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom ghetto film school 01
orlando bloom ghetto film school 02
orlando bloom ghetto film school 03
orlando bloom ghetto film school 04
orlando bloom ghetto film school 05
orlando bloom ghetto film school 06
orlando bloom ghetto film school 07
orlando bloom ghetto film school 08
orlando bloom ghetto film school 09
orlando bloom ghetto film school 10

Photos: Stephen Shugerman/Getty, Jordan Strauss/WireImage
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  • audrey


  • sarah

    write something about Paramore!


    what a stupid title. is that suppose to be funny?

  • blair

    soooo hot!

  • red robin

    Money Sucker was one of the host committee member the only reason he was there.

  • alllthegossip
  • Jo

    Sarah looks incredible !

  • Betina

    he is so cute!

  • shaZa

    LUV HIM..

  • bob

    is this guy ever going to make another movie? or is he just gonna show up on red carpets and get his picture taken?

  • sad eyes

    Poor Orlando!
    What is going on with him?
    his eyes don’t have the same sparkle they use to and something is not right and he is most definetly not happy for a while now.
    Whatever the dingo has on you isn’t worth it. Everyone knows what she is all about.

  • sweet

    Actually the remake of the cercle rouge is about to begin filming, then there’s some plan for at least two other movies next year. So he’s been busy.

    looks a bit tired though, but in good shape.

    to #11 the dingo is not in his life anymore for sure, she just lies as usual, it will come back to haunt her.

  • shenanyginz

    to #12, the dingo (lmfao) is certainly still in his life *rolls eyes* they were pictured together at the movie theaters last week but they appeared to not be their usual lovey dovey selves and she was barely in any shots but definitely there… i usually don’t wish to comment on them both together. Just love orlando and can’t wait for NYILY and his other upcoming movies.

  • shenanyginz

    to #12, the dingo (lmfao) is certainly still in his life *rolls eyes* they were pictured together at the movie theaters last week but they appeared to not be their usual lovey dovey selves and she was barely in any shots but definitely there… i usually don’t wish to comment on them both together. Just love orlando and can’t wait for NYILY and his other upcoming movies.

  • cutie pie

    yeah i can see that especially since he dated a black girl,, but what he is doing is cool never hurts to help the less fortunate!

  • @13

    I think #11 meant that she wasn’t in his life in any real way.
    We all know the show must go on.

    ROFL at the lovey dovey comment. They can’t fake that at all can they?
    They always look so cold and awkward.

    It’s not even really funny anymore. It’s just more and more twisted and deeper and deeper lies.

  • @12sweet

    that’s why she’s called Kerrazybytch.
    She lies all the time. Does she even know the difference

  • @11

    I think that you are remembering him, from back when he used to have a soul. Now it has been sucked right out of him

  • Mr. d

    Is this guy supposed to be good looking? Is this it? I’m uderwhelmed. Some of you people talk about this guy as if he is something special. I’ve seen better looking guys at my local Jiffy Lube. I don’t know about Kerr’s status is Hollywood, but surely she has dated guys that are better looking AND have more substance than this douche.

  • @19

    considering how many men she has been with odds are you’re right. I’m sure in that long list of men some were better looking and some where not..
    The only thing is I wonder if the ho even remember it. Although I don’t think anyone defending Miranda should talk about substance.

    I read today the girl had to use Hay Publishing company. That’s like the lowest of the low but it suits her.

    She should have stayed with Jay but then again I bet he is laughing and glad to be done with the two bit ho.

  • jennifer

    This guy looks tired and overwired but still the same ol guy i last saw.
    And the title? is that real. that just doesnt’ suit him! gosh,wat a dumb title! and about miranda i don’t like her but i’m not goin to make any rude comments! she’s dating him and she’s not in so many pics with him anymore. thats’ all i think

  • Orlando and miranda

    aawww……..looks like he’s missing his beautiful Miranda….how sweet!

  • #12

    I know she does all the time.
    The thing is she doesn’t even like Orlando or care about him.It’s all about the game for her now.
    The comments that show up on these boards to try and wind people are up are funny. She just wants people to think it because she thinks it makes her special in some way to be associated with him. She doesn’t get that it doesn’t work and it only adds to her looking more and more nutso.
    She is one messed up girl.If she hadn’t screwed over so many people I would be tempted to feel sorry for her.

  • @22


    aaawwwww… You’re so funny #22! I’m sure you work for her and she paid you for saying that b****

  • @22

    You ship for Miranda one way (tick) the rest of us will ship for Miranda another way (tock).

    Tick Tock Tick Tock

  • time…….

    is running out Miranda. You read EVERY word that is said about you and it floors you that so many people know you do it and that you post to try and counter it all. What are you going to do when it all comes crashing down? Do you have an escape plan? There are a lot of people just sitting back and waiting. I doubt you will go down alone.

  • yadayada

    @ sweet

    According to what the director said TRC has been postponed for a couple of years. Have you any proof?

    Can you prove that Miranda is in his life anymore too?

    Yes. Of course.

  • sasa

    He’s already said need about 2 years break before finished filming potc, still not enough two years ( 2007 potc 3rd). He left message in Ka-Bloom, and said that he’s prepare a film and will stare filming next year. So he’s back to work now.

  • keira

    sarah is so cute and beautiful

  • Orlando looks tired

    or not into what he is doing. Who knows? I think he has been busy.
    I don’t understand why some of his so called fans hate Miranda so much. I don’t think Miranda would have any problem at all finding a date if her and Orlando were not together. Come on now, the girl is beautiful, I bet she looks even better in person.
    I would love to see photos of the people who say she is so ugly, now that would be funny.

  • @30

    you got to be kidding me yeah right, she looks better in person have you seen her latest DJ horse show pics, she looks like a mess, her face is fug and everyone is in denial about it, Come on now, just admit she is fuq ugly. Becuase she is.

  • @31

    Orlando was seen out clubing again when the fugly dingo said he couldn’t go to the races because of work.
    How many times does this make that she looks like a right fool?

  • Sighs4l

    When are you counting from? Ducati/Bigfoot video?

  • @31

    I’m not kidding! I think she is pretty. And the few times I have seen celebs face to face, they were always prettier. Male and females both.

  • rujci

    I think that Miranda is just using him from the first day of their so called “romance”. I do not hate her, she is only doing what is best FOR HER. She made brand from their relationship, she is the one who is so “dedicated” to their “privacy” but pushing them into the paps cameras every chance she has, takling about them in all papers. He looks tired, yes. He is tired of doing nothing serious for him -for years. He shouls stop following Miranda like her luggage. Make movie Orlando, go back to acting. In movie, not only in front of paps cameras.

  • Sighs4l

    And please find something, somewhere, somehow that makes you smile a smile that reaches your eyes. I miss that smile.

  • oh my

    Oh my. Can’t you just feel all that warmth and affection between he and Aleen!? Just look at those warm fuzzies and enthusiasm!! /end sarcasm/

  • suchashame

    For goodness sake Bloom! We know you don’t like having to rub elbows with the great unwashed, but this was for charity, and your supposed to be an ACTOR darling! Ffs, couldn’t you have at least FAKED a little enthusiasm for these kids?? Or do you only save that exclusively for your own kind in Dubai/NY/HWood now?

  • @38

    Yea. Although he apparently saved it for some big boobed blonde that night according to Ted C.

  • Ted

    Looks like Orlando had himself a fun time at this Ghetto Benefit with a hot blonde.


    Orlando Bloom, stag, cornering a stacked blonde in a Hancock Park mansion during a benefit reception for the Ghetto Film School— Spike Lee was expected, didn’t show. No matter, O.B., total girlie drink in hand (strawberry colored with kiwi floating in it, think some kind of friggin’ beach umbrella, too, so gay), was sumptuous enough to sate everybody’s T-town eyes, particularly those of the babe with the cleavage, who was apparently so transfixed by Bloom she neglected to notice he was wearing the same overly washed black button-down shirt and jeans he’d had on at an event last week. Guess gorgeous heartthrobs don’t worry about such couture details?

  • Angry Monkey

    Well, I think he looks great. Maybe tired/bored, but still handsome.
    I’m not even commenting on the kerrbloom thing. I don’t really care either way.

    Would be nice to see him on the big screen again though.

  • @Angry Monkey

    Thank goodness, you dont keep up with Kerrbloom they are both media whores. All Kerr wants to do is be in papfests and then OB being the tool he is justs lets it happen.

    Well at least you dont care which is good, becuase their is times where I wish i didnt give a shiz about this ordeal. But the showmance is to damn juicy to give up.

  • red robin

    Any excuse to justify your obsessed attitude mhmmm Anyhoo?

  • mia

    Does he EVER change his cloth?

  • Sighs4l

    Once a week, whether they need it or not.

    Sorry, mate, couldn’t resist…

  • red robin

    Anywho, I want to lick your ass! Can’t you tell how bad I want you as much as I obsess over you?


    I can’t stop thinking about you! Call me?

  • red robin

    Dang headless bitch the only ass I want to lick belongs to Miranda, yours smell like an outhouse.

  • @47

    Poostain is that you?
    Sure sounds like it,

  • red robin

    I sometimes fantasize about Anywho when I’m humping my Cabbage Patch Kid. I’ll join Delphi if Anywho agrees to go on a date with me.

  • red robin

    Oh god!


    I think the haters are so immature. I’m glad I am sensible, case in point>

    When effing a cucumber I always leave the shrinkwrap on so I dont catch STD’s- or so the stud doesnt spread his seeds.