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Sarah Palin: They're Not My Clothes!

Sarah Palin: They're Not My Clothes!

The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck introduces Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during a campaign rally at the Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimee, Florida on Sunday.

Sarah Palin
denounced the story that a wardrobe worth $150,000 was purchased for her in September, saying the report was “ridiculous” and declaring emphatically, “Those clothes, they are not my property.”

“Instead of the issues, they are focused, fixated on her wardrobe,”Hasselbeck said. “Now, with everything going on in the world, seems a bit odd. But let me tell you, this is deliberately sexist. I know you know that.”

After the rally in Florida, Palin headed to Asheville, a city in the Appalachian region of North Carolina.

10+ more pics inside of Sarah Palin teaming up with Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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  • myjoy

    i hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck. she’s sooo fake.
    well, at least she’s good with palin, who’s fake as hell too.

  • myjoy

    oh, and i’m first. hooray!

  • Jen 28

    elizabeth hasselback is obviously a stupid idiot

  • Brian

    I really hope I’ll never have to see her again after the election.

  • mju8

    A prime example of the dumb leading the dumb

  • Amanda

    “Instead of the issues, they are focused, fixated on her wardrobe,”

    Who are “they” and oh how hypocritical that statement is…

  • Hey jared! it’s me again!

    The expensive wardrope only became an issue because of Sarah Palin’s insistence that she is “one of us”, a regular hockey mom married to a Joe Sixpack.
    Shame on her!

  • Jess

    They are not fixated on the clothes but rather amount of taxpayer money wasted on them.

  • imaginaque

    One hundred and fifty thousand dollars is a hell of a lot of money for clothes, regardless of whether she keeps them or sells them on ebay. Hockey moms, Joe SixPack, Joe the Plumber – none of them can afford such extravagance!

  • Carey

    Lol people have tried talking to Palin about important issues, but she is too dumb to give any real answers if it isn’t about guns and Jesus.

  • caitie

    stfu elisabeth and stfd.

    stupid bitch

  • Kooky

    Two major league:

  • mccain’S memory LOSS



  • Mr Fantastic

    These women are the reason why the world hates US and terrorists want to kill all americans.

  • newsflash

    When a woman candidate runs for office, they scrutinize them on trivial issues.. be it Hillary or Palin.. This is what is sad..

    Palin may be underqualified and she can be attacked for that, but this is pathetic. Men’s clothes cost a lot too.. they are all wearing Armani suits that easily go at $5k a piece and just because they look the same doesnt mean they havent spent a whole lot of money on them… Regardless, this shouldnt be made into an issue..

  • jmo

    there are no words….

  • Bubbaness

    It wasn’t taxpayer money- it was the Republican party that paid for them. So anybody who sent in $15 to get your little McSame/Falin’ yard sign done got tooked.

  • bob

    These comments about Sarah are low class — especially calling her the C word. I note there are no real intellectual challenges to what Hasselbeck or Palin have said, just name calling that would earn a scolding from a 3rd grade teacher.

    No taxpayers spent any money on these clothes. You think Palin is an idiot? Only an idiot would think that taxpayers spent money on her clothes.

    Besides which, Obama spent more on those styrofoam columns and the rest of the set for one speech. Do you have any idea how much putting up a set like that costs? And that was a one-off. These clothes are reusable.

    In fact, I would bet that if you auctioned these clothes on e-bay, you’d get way more than the original $150K back. Sarah has a lot of fans.

  • Cal

    To Bob;

    Sorry, but the issue concerns the amount of money that was spent on the clothing; as well as the hairdresser, make-up, etc. The RNC aide said, specifically, that Palin didn’t care where the clothing came from. By the way, Palin thought nothing of using Wasilla budget funds to have her mayor’s office redecorated, twice.

    Ms. Palin loves the media when it makes her look favorable; when a truth comes ot that makes her look unfavorable, she is now calling it “sexist.” Ms. Palin brought this issue up at the rallies, again — not the media. As far as being “annoyed” at Couric regarding the questions she asked? Has the world gone flat? No wonder the Anchorage Daily News is endorsing Obama. This corruption regarding Troopergate is just the tip of the iceberg. Now she has to answer for the TransCanada mess.

  • bob

    Welcome to the world of two idiot women who need to shut up.

  • Tammy

    # 52 Bob the plumber .. your question is do we think Sarah Palin is a idiot .. and the answer is YES! I think she is way out of her league and is hurting John McCain rather then helping him, I don;t know what in the world he was thinking when he chose her as his running mate but it is sure to back fire … and no matter how much she gets for the clothes when she sells them on ebay, it still does not change the fact that she paid 150K for them, and just like others have said, THAT WAS TO MUCH MONEY!

  • jjj

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck should shut her mouth! She talks too much!! Someone please wrap some duck tape around this b!tches mouth…

  • athena

    They both make me physically ill. I can’t even look at them.

  • Jess

    Are the people who sent money to the Republican party not taxpayers?

    The system is different where I’m from. Political parties are allowed some government money to campaign but they don’t take donations from the public. Personally I think the US system is corrupt. Democracy is supposed to be about who the majority support, not who the rich support. The only reason McCain picked Palin is so that the church would start pouring money into his campain and if she ends up as president we are all screwed.

  • Original jpf

    She doesn’t seem to get a few things.

    1. She’s fashioned (no pun) herself as the Soccer Mom who Joe The Plumber and His Six Pack family identify with; the family that clips coupons, eats at Country Buffet, shops at the Marts (K/Wal) etc.

    2. Unless they held her down and forced it on her, she wore them of her own volition. She didn’t just fall off the snowmobile. She’s not some backwoods country honk who doesn’t know Valentino from Valvoline.

    Bottomline, if she has no voice with those who surround her, and especially when it’s a decision directly affecting her, how in the world is she going to respond when it’s a decision affecting us?

    She took the clothes. She and her family+Levi wore the clothes. She knew the price literally and figuratively and she needs to own that truth and stop having people like EH and JMc point fingers everywhere but where it should be pointed.

    This pretense that she and First Dude are just a poor hand to mouth existence couple with five hungry mouths to feed on a small budget is bull and many here in the lower 48 along with the taxpayers of Alaska who paid for a mulitude of Palin family extra’s know different.


  • Catherine

    That elizabeth is not helping the cause lol

  • Jess


    I don’t know the American political system as well as you as I don’t live there – and I never said Palin was an idiot. She’s seems a smart lady, I just don’t think she’s VP material – or that any woman needs 150k of clothes.

    No need to be so rude.

  • Ohiojeff

    This whole $150,000 clothes things seems to be a Palin “I didn’t inhale” moment. Oh, she’s been wearing the clothes, you betcha. But she didn’t wear them all, so she thinks that makes it OK. Some of the clothes have been returned (which I’m sure will seem pretty rotten to the stores she bought them from). So maybe she “only” spent $100,000 on clothes–and she thinks that this too makes everything hunky dory. Oh wait, she wants to distract us with “they are being so sexist talking about my clothes” claptrap. Give me a break. This woman is dumber than a bag of hammers, and is dishonest as the day is long. Prominent Republicans have started calling her a “diva” and a “cancer” and “rogue”, and these are some of the nicer things she’s been called lately. I think she is just a typical ignorant corrupt Republican. Now that she has been properly vetted by the American people, the chances seem pretty good that she’ll be impeached or indicted when she goes back home after the election.

  • ObamaFan

    Hmmmm. I wonder if she made a snide remark about Michelle Obama, insinuating that she’s a liar and has something to hide, at this upteenth sanctioned Klan rally that’s disguised as a typical McCain/Palin campaign stop?

    I’m so sick to death of Elisabeth Hasselback that I wish she’d just leave that f*cking show for good and move to Fox. But, I guess she won’t do that because deep down she knows that once Obama gets in office, she and her awful Republican friends won’t have a platform for their soapbox.

    She’s a disgusting, whiny little b#tch !! And I really don’t see what she adds to “The View.” I do, however, see why she’s paired herself with Palin. They’re pretty much one in the same — and dumb as ever !!
    Two peas in a pod there. But I guess I’m glad that Lizzie is on board now with that sinking ship. Can’t wait to see it go down, down, down in a few days. And taking this harpie would be the cherry on the sundae for me.

    Babs and the producers of “The View” though should be more deligent about slapping this bitch on the wrist about going overboard in her campaign for the McCain camp. I mean, we don’t see Joy, Whoopi or Sherri out there like she is. So I don’t see the fairness in this hands-off stance they’re taking regarding this.

    In fact, I find it rather disturbing. I really wonder if anyone else does as well. If Joy or Whoopi were to introduce one of the other candidates at a rally, they would be up in arms !!! I just don’t get how there’s not more public outrage, other than calls to the office last week about Lizzie’s crappy tee-shirt.

  • blackfriday1978

    WHY? WHY? WHY? Why posted their photos at all……………………. there are more important issues/more attactive people/smarter person/truly series crisis or stuff…..

  • knadkakjd

    fuck obama

  • Lilianne

    I don’t think that Palin would be criticized for the amount spent on her wardrobe or the fact that the highest paid staffer in the McCain campaign is a make up artist for her IF she herself hadn’t made such a big deal out of spinning the story that she is just like every day people. I personally don’t care how much money is spent on her clothes or hair or how much any of the men spend on clothes. But it bugs me that she tried to pass herself off as a bargain shopper…a regular person…an every day American…when she is NOT. And that , my friends, is why people are critical. It is disingenuous and frankly and insult to her…except she is too stupid to realize it. The Republican party might as well have painted a sign on her forehead that read….NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Why else would they have felt the need to spend so much money on clothes?

  • Chrissy

    I love Elizabeth! She’s the only reason I watch The View.
    The way Sarah Palin is being treated is sexist. No one ever asked Bill Clinton how much his suites cost. It’s a shame that this even comes up. Sarah Palin is a DC outsider. IMO – we need more of that in DC.
    McCain/Palin all the way!

  • Jo Ann

    The media doesn’t report that Palin will donate all her clothes to charity. Good for Palin. I wish Obama would donate his $2,000 per suit to charity.

    Obama is an idiot and dumb. Obama will raise taxes on people making even $40,000. Now he is criticizing the US Constitution. What a fool.

  • KN

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a retard dumb biatchh!!

  • bOLT

    Someone possibly dumber than Sarah Pain, Elizabitch. It’s like Dumb and Dumber, the reality show to watch these two.

    Once, again, people, comparing Pain to Hilary hasn’t worked and will not work.. Hilary is educated; Palin is well, Caribou Barbie.

  • yoyo

    They should become lovers

  • Michell

    So it’s not OK for Palin to have expensive clothes but it’s OK for Michelle Obama. How do you think Michelle paid for the clothes?? Using her husband’s, a senator which gets paid through our tax dollars, money. They were showing on T.V. Friday how to get the looks for less and just ONE of Michelle Obama’s outfits was priced for $1000. I think it’s sad that the Democrats can find nothing else to talk about then how much someone spends on clothes, all the celebs that are voting for them do it on a daily basis and who pays for their income? We do!

  • sm1441

    Finally…you showed something political that didn’t insult the republican party. The media is dead set on giving us only information on Obama and I am so sick of it. All the people who have left comments hating on her, your comments are absolutely ridiculous. You all need to check the facts before you open your mouths and spew the information that has been given to you by the media. It’s not the truth and I pray to God that you will check the actual facts before you go out and vote. It could end up being a long four years….


    Your right SARAH with everything that is going on in this world why would you spend 150K. Man, your as stupid as you look!!

  • miley is uglier than rumor

    i cant stand that b!tch elisabeth

  • let’s boycott elizabeth

    I can’t stand either one of these women, both are stupid and I’m sorry both of them are in the public eye. eh needs to go away and God help us if mccain/palin are elected!!!

  • As American as apple pie

    ..for who can afford the apple pie this holidayseason.
    I ama Dem.I have reviewed and am still reviewing McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden.
    I am voting sofar for Obama/Biden.
    I wish the ticket was McCainPres.
    ObamaVice Pres.

    Palin needs to go back an dplay in thesnow. Biden is okay but he ca nstay senator or be a cabinent member ina McCain-Obama administration.
    I am for-Workfare, peace in the Middle East, staying out of the Middle East affairs, drilling inthe U.S.A, cutting Welfare roels, Nat. Health Plan for the unisured Middle Class, people working for small business whoose com. simply cannot afford health care, college studnets, etc. because the elderly have Mediciad, and the poor, kids and their mothers, ahve Medicaid. Iam for better pay and medical care adnVets Hosptials for out military. I am Pro-Choice.I am Pro-death penalty for sex crimes, cold blooded killings of innocent people.

  • boogie

    ugh! Hasselbeck is a complete turn off…and they had to have HER for support? YIKES!

    …this whole Palin thing is getting to be one big circus!

  • As American as apple pie

    Cont. -I amfor: new U.S. Foreign Policy . Truman stance, whichMcCain supports, of walking soflty and carrying abig stick is old ,outdated, unreal , et.c in today’s world. Think of 9/11. Our bad calls came home and really home to back to us. I am for the tax system being revamped where ,COMMON SENSE, the Midle Class which supports therichand thepoor, needs to keep mor emoney to get the economy going and I can go on and on. As yo ucan see I am very BI-PARTISAN. Iam also ,SURPRISE, BLACK AMERICAN ,CATHOLIC,and FEMALE.
    Iam a secretary at a hospital.
    Plain clothing budget got paid for by the Republican donors. Fine. She had to wear good clothes .She could not go out in Walmart suits. The clothes are hers to keep. The donating to charity is stupid. Yeah, Obama abd Biden and McCain too has used campaing funds to buy clothing. Cindy McCain wore $300,000 dollars at the Repub Convention=her earrings, Oscar outfit .SO WHAT !!!!!!!!!! It is her hard earned money and inherited money. She paid for it. Her folks worked hard and honestly for it.
    This Palin clothing fund is much about nothing. lets move one.
    A holiday dinner cost about $100.00. many people can’t aford it. Christmas giifts for toys and food, many can’t afford. I , for one, will be giving to the food bank and to you fund this year. How about you? Ithink this year will be a hard hit year for those giving ,what little they can and and you are going to have a record number of those needy people.

  • As American as apple pie

    I agree with#25 Originial j.

  • As American as apple pie

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is just a Repub mouth piece , a cheerleader no matter what they do. She get sher brieifings daily from Hannity and the rest of what to say andhow to say it.

  • alllthegossip
  • wakeuppeople

    Is Palin for real? Her OWN party told reporters the clothes are hers!!!!!! She is such a liar!!!! Disgusting woman.

  • NO mcbush/palin

    **** obama

    i think this person was trying to say vote obama