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Rihanna is Eyepatch Sexy (2008 AMAs Performance Video)

Rihanna is Eyepatch Sexy (2008 AMAs Performance Video)

Pirate-inspired Rihanna pairs her jewel-encrusted eyepatch with her spiky dominatrix outfit during her performance of “Rehab” at the 2008 American Music Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Those chained shoulder pads and leather corset are ca-raaaaazy. Love it!!!

The 20-year-old Bajan babe picked up two awards for pop/rock female artist and female soul R&B artist.

Watch Rihanna‘s performance below. It’s hot hot hot!!!

20+ pictures inside of S&M-inspired Rihanna

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rihanna eyepatch 01
rihanna eyepatch 02
rihanna eyepatch 03
rihanna eyepatch 04
rihanna eyepatch 05
rihanna eyepatch 06
rihanna eyepatch 07
rihanna eyepatch 08
rihanna eyepatch 09
rihanna eyepatch 10
rihanna eyepatch 11
rihanna eyepatch 12
rihanna eyepatch 13
rihanna eyepatch 14
rihanna eyepatch 15
rihanna eyepatch 16
rihanna eyepatch 17
rihanna eyepatch 18
rihanna eyepatch 19
rihanna eyepatch 20
rihanna eyepatch 21
rihanna eyepatch 22
rihanna eyepatch 23

Photos: Vince Bucci/Getty Images for AMA, Nikki Nelson/WENN
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  • funny…

    Haha Rihanna is now the ultimate gay icon!!

    along with Madonna, Beyonce, Kylie etc etc. ‘fierce’ tranny looking try too hards.

  • viki_vikito

    go riri

  • Karin

    I don’t get this performance at all. what does her outfit and the eye-patch and the whole stage has to do with her song? o_O

  • Sarah

    she doesnt have rememberable performances their all forgettable….


    Another Beyonce wannabe. She needs to go learn how to sing.

  • KeKe

    Rihanna is SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • island girl

    eye patch…not so cool

  • Yo

    Rihanna is so talented & BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    THE BEST!!!!!

  • ICe

    Rihanna looks like a dude with boobs!

  • Selena-Daily

    She looks like Dionne Warwick in BDSM gear.

  • tiger


    if only she could sing or dance.

  • Vogue

    I think she has gorgeous eyes but she’s not pretty. She can look pretty with the right makeup and outfits but it’s like she misses pretty by two inches. She has an oddly-shaped head.

  • ozzie

    Looks like Prince got a Vegas gig!


    I cannot appreciate the absurdity of her coutumes. They are getting worse with every appearence/performance…

    And Beyonce, she looks just as rediculous!

  • NICE

    lol@photos 9 & 17. you’d think she was putting on the performance of her life! i luv it when these non-singing chicks bring on the theatrics!

  • adam

    Rihanna is not talented at all… She’s a Beyonce wannabe who already run out of ideas for her perfofmances… An eye-patch??? I didn’t know Rehab was a song about pirates

  • Marsha

    I hate the Elvis ‘do.

  • Michiepoo

    What was with the eye patch… not cool. What is she a pirate??? And I hate her hair. I don’t think it’s very cutting edge…. looks more like an old lady’s hair cut or better yet PRINCE!!!!! hahahah so true!

  • Boston

    This one makes love to the mic but doesn’t have the vocals to back it up. Same with Miley Cyrus.

  • jazzy

    Rihanna’s a Jonas Brother twin!

  • vivi

    RiRi, you sounded better than ever. Congrats on the 2 awards!

  • Marta

    she always makes me laugh
    she manage to look more and more ridiculous.

  • Calvin

    Pretty but she can’t sing!

  • lola

    LMAO at the haters!!! I’m sure RiRi was all amiss last night cuddled up under her man Cris Brown, another winner, with awards under her arms and the adoration of her fans and the media because you all on here have nothing better to do than to hate on her success. I didn’t see Beyonce (whom I only can tolerate these days) with any nomination so who exactlyis cloning who again? LOL

  • woah

    don’t see why so much craze about that girl. i mean, she’s not that special……odd-looking, not pretty, not sexy, not a good singer, no voice, can’t dance, wtf?

  • change

    Ri Ri you’re gorgeous girl!

  • PSA


  • jjj

    Rihanna can’t sing or dance. That’s not hating. Stating the obvious is not hating.

  • jjj

    As for cuddling with Chris Brown, good for Rihanna! He looks like a smelly, pimply teenage boy. She can have him!

  • michiepoo

    Look up this link and scroll half way down the page… Riri is Prince… hahaha

  • jalapenga

    #16 Dude ur awesome. Since when did rehab become a song about pirates. i don’t know you got me there to.
    If you haven’t noticed she looks sleepy every time she performers. Besides last night i can’t even remember the last time i saw her perform in concert, And even last night her performance was putting me to sleep!!!

  • avionne


  • GEoffrey

    It’s short stack stumpies hating on statue-esque and short hair as trannie? Ri is hot. Pam Anderson was the epitomy of feminine (short, birdy and long-haired) and is now every bit the trannie legend, trannie looking fag hag teased hair, overly done up and sequine dresses.

  • to # 25

    First of all # 25
    RIhanna is a Beyonce Wannabe.
    Rihanna Looks like a dude. You cannot deny what Beyonce has overcome.
    First Non-model to be on the Cover of Sports illustrated!
    First Black Woman to win ASCAP Songs writer of the year.
    She has graced 3 times more magazine covers than Rihanna
    First woman to win AMA International artist award.
    10 Grammy Awards. Rihanna has none!
    She’s been around for more than 10 years and is still making hits.
    That is pretty much heads up on her talent, her skills and her looks.

    To all the haters if she isn’t gorgeous and she isn’t talented….Then why has she son wo much.

    Her husband Runs RItardanna and I guess since Beyonce is married to Jay Z…She probably owns Ritardanna too…. HAHAHA!!!

    Haters keep talking cuz Rihanna ain’t S#@!
    Rihanna tried so hard to become different she almost became a dude.

  • linda

    I’ve seen her perform “Rehab” live and it sounded so much better than in this video.


    She is truly a gorgeous girl. Very beautiful. Still her performances always leave me a bit underwhelmed. They just don’t impress me.

  • to # 25 again

    Rihanna is only 20 and look how much she is slutting out.. That is not a good example foe the youngsters.
    Ritardanna has no longevity in this career. When she gets older she can’t be putting out club bangers. and once that’s taken away what it left. A girl who can’t sing a ballad to save her life.

    Beyonce’s Cd just came out. Duh! She will get nominated for the AMA’s next year. OH by the way. I remember when Beyonce won the AMA for International Artist of the Year last year. The first ever woman to win the award. Rihanna was giving her a standing ovation. Something she’ll never get.
    I remember seeing vids of Rihanna saying Beyonce was her idol. She tried so much to step out of Beyonce’s shadow and be different she almost became a dude.

  • flav

    Its a matter of opinion of whether she hot because I’m 6’1 and i like my woman to look like my chick not my kid sister. No offense but a trannies copy the busty long hair look. Plain haterz with plain looks and cellulite asses trying to smooth it out in jeans, who you can’t tell from another on the street have a lot of dirt to dish on rhianna because you just can’t be an individual because you scared you get laughed at for it

  • Ladybug

    She looks like Prince

  • dee dee



  • Imho

    Imho, Pam Anderson has never been a true beauty or naturally feminine. She’s FAKE and overprocessed. Too much plastic surgery. Baked tan and fake tits. The chick has a good heart when it comes to animal rights but she is not aging well.

    I read Rihanna is 5’8 but she looks shorter. I would have never guessed she was that tall and her face is looking hard. She’s only 20 right now and already looks 30something. Couple that with the freaky clothes and I can understand why ppl sometimes think she looks trannyish.

  • Shagmassta

    Beyonce jumped the shark. I am…Sasha Fierce. Who? The girl is insane an ego-maniacal, split personality, always was because she’s too big in her own head for one name. Can you say Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines? Meanwhile same old go-go tunes that went out with “EU’s tha butt” and she screams. There’s way better singers. Sure she’s a household brand name but she’s boring and leaves me looking for something new . She can never really reinvent herself without that weave and booty shaking and screaming. And the constant man-hatiing songs are “NEVER” about Jay-Z. Right. She’s successful as hell but that’swhy she’s so detached and miserable. It’s lonely at the top. YAWN!!!

  • cali-dreams

    Both Rhianna and Beyonce don’t impress me
    Their voices have not matured to my liking
    They’re still really girls and that’s their main appeal…youth
    Where the money is

  • Michiepoo
  • Eyda

    goooooooooooosh she needs to stop singing, I cant understand how justin could give such a good song to her, her voice sucks and how she looks again….

  • Stella

    i’m wondering if she can actually work hard and put some heart and soul into her stage presence? at least act like she’s grateful for her disputable success????

  • anonymous

    Being different doesn’t automatically mean it looks good.
    If all you people think looking like a tranny star is good. There is a bigger problem.

  • oh oh

    She look-a-like-a-man!! HA HA HA HA

  • Ha


  • what!

    Artist wannabe!
    She’s never written a song in her life.