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It's Official: President Barack Obama!

It's Official: President Barack Obama!

Barack Obama takes oath of office from Chief Justice John Roberts to become the 44th president of the United States of America at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.

Although the oath took place minutes after noon, the transfer to power to President Obama occurred exactly at noon, according to law.

President Obama, 47, was joined by his wife, Michelle, and daughters. Malia, 10, kept it cute in a deep-blue belted J.Crew coat while 7-year-old Sasha popped in a pink coat, also by J.Crew, paired with an orange scarf and gloves.

Congratulations President Obama! Godspeed.

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195 Responses to “It's Official: President Barack Obama!”

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  1. 176
    macarena Says:

    soy de chile , un lugar muy lejano, y aun asi estoy mas que feliz por el presidente barack obama it´s really cool !!!! i love it

  2. 177
    toni Says:

    congradulation obama family, God bless you all.

  3. 178
    toni Says:

    I don’t care who became president as long as they can take good care of our country that’s all it matters.
    God Blessed America.

  4. 179


  5. 180
    CAMERON Says:

    GO TO HELL BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 181
    Obamamaniac Says:

    you rich white people is too arrogant!!

  7. 182
    Orchid Says:

    163 Michelle @ 01/21/2009 at 10:08 am

    What happened with the green gloves that don’t match the green shoes, fire the designer who allowed her to walk out like that. I am worried about the White House renovations, there should definitely be rules about what you can do to a public property, $ 100,000 can buy a lot of regrettable changes to what at this time reflects class and taste, so I hope Michelle hires the right people to interpret her taste, as whoever matched the gloves and shoes should not be allowed anywhere near a paint brush or wallpaper at the White House, as the fashion faux pas will now be forever documented at the Smithsonian (maybe they will forget to include the shoes and gloves). Really, would Carla Bruni have allowed someone to make her wear that? Maybe they should have lunch and talk about fashion, Michelle needs a fashion BFF, as whoever is doing the last check before she walks out like that should be fired.
    I doubt that very much! :lol:

    I read that when she accompanied her husband on his first official visit to Britain, her designer clothes (by Dior) for the two (three?) days in London, was estimated to cost one million dollars.

  8. 183
    Orchid Says:

    162 Brad @ 01/21/2009 at 9:52 am
    Looks interesting! Thanks. Have printed it and will read it later. It’s quite long.

  9. 184
    Orchid Says:

    167 Denise @ 01/21/2009 at 3:45 pm

    to Lucky L: Obama’s father left his family in Africa and came to Hawaii, left his family in Hawaii, went to Harvard, married another white women and took her back to Africa, acquired his first two kids and stayed married for awhile until his third wife left him and the kids.
    Doesn’t sound like a great guy?
    Which one is BO’s mother, ‘another white woman that he took back to Africa’ or was there another one before that one, or the third one?
    Whether that makes him a ‘great guy’……. :smile: He could have had four wives at the same time!

  10. 185
    bleeding heart moderate. Says:

    i can’t believe so many of you dumbasses are still isolating yourselves due to party preferences. shows you just how crappy politics can be. i’m not going to say i’m behind this man 100%, because i’m not. however, i believe in many of the same ideals he holds and i hope-no, i pray that this nation can pull itself back together after the shithole bush left us in.
    and to those who are saying he doesn’t have enough experience, or he doesn’t know what he’s doing-
    do you have any ******* idea of who was “running” this country before him?
    i, however, can agree. obama certainly doesn’t have the “experience” and definitely isn’t “seasoned enough” for the job, but if you’ve been conscious at any point in the last year and a half, you would know that whatever obama puts his mind to, he achieves. did any of you see THIS (inauguration) coming?
    to be realistic, he probably won’t be able to get everything he wants done in office. mainly because he has to work through a bunch of old cranky men. he’s done some great stuff so far-reaching out to the Palestinian president and signing papers to close Gitmo.
    yeah, he doesn’t have enough experience. not enough experience to make him an arrogant assfucker like the previous “president” who thought the only course of action was to finish what daddy started.

  11. 186
    a response to Lisa, #44 Says:

    # 44 Lisa @ 01/20/2009 at 4:14 pm

    Prediction now with a l i b e r a l s o c i a l i s t President of the Dems:

    Stock market crash
    Vietnam style ground war in Afghanistan
    Major terrorist attack in USA
    Oil restrictions push gas prices in the stratosphere, deeping the depression
    Otherwise, things should be pretty much normal!
    you’re describing bush’s presidency. obama is here to clean that **** up. understand?
    and “President of the Dems”? you fkn kidding me?! he’s the AMERICAN president. if you don’t think so, get the ******* out of our country and let us Americans enjoy this hopeful new era.

  12. 187
    berlin grew Says:

    nr.16 has some serious race issues. Obama is an educated man as well as many other afro-americans, so stop refurring to blacks as non-educated koolaid drinkers. Bush was not very educated and yet the american people allowed him to run the country for 8 years, I wish that shoe had hit him right is his face, cause he totally deserved it!

  13. 188
    voe Says:

    2 # 186

    I doubt Obama can clean up a war satisfactorily to all (now that he seems to advocate the notion that he is running not only America but the world). If he pulled the troops out to stop the bloodshed he makes Americans coward, gives American the title of the defeated (similar to which we got for pulling out of VN). If he committed the troops to fight for victory, he is not going to be able to claim that he cleans your so called “Bush’s mess” because we are not going to win. Afghans will fight till the last breath of their last citizen to keep their country out of control of another country, poor and oppressed they may be. This is something Americans of today don’t understand.

  14. 189
    voe Says:

    2 #185

    It wasn’t Obama who made the Inauguration happened. It’s his backers. Through history of mankind, no one inexperienced, little accomplished, little known person could become king without backers from the court of the previous king and there rich who hid in the dark pulling the strings of these backers.

  15. 190
    voe Says:

    2 Denise #167

    I too hope the White House retain its understated, dignified elegance.

    As for Michelle’s fashion sense, I agree with you. She should also avoid showing her muscular manly shoulders and the combination of red and black as worn in victory night.

    2 Orchid,

    Carla Bruni’s wardrobe with Dior could not have cost one million dollars. The suit and coat dress she wore run about 6K – 10K each at most. The dresses, if haute couture, could have been borrowed as she has figure model and Dior, being a French fashion house thus is patriotic, and also benefit greatly profit-wise from her image beaming around the world in TV and print, would gladly lend them to her, or give them to her free. After all, one of the perk of being Queen is getting these things almost free, if not free, and from all over the world too. The same could be said about jewelry and other gifts. Hence the Clintons tried to claim state gifts as theirs and moved those out of the White House when they left.

  16. 191
    bill Says:

    Every one is obsessed with president Obama, but how much do we really know about the man? No one thought to ask him the all important question, does he wear briefs or boxers?…

  17. 192
    clodoaldo araujo nastarino Says:

    ola meu
    querido irmao o presidente barack obama é com muito carinho que venho avisalo que
    estou feliz pois em minha carreira estou indo para mais uma missao vou para mais uma missao por amor a querida mae rainha aparecida ja esive noa guerra do golfo persico por 3 anos na equipe de divisao america estive na captura de sadam russem pelo brasil misao de paz estou indo por mais umadesta vez com meus amigos de formaçao esa e de 1 missao brasileira desta vez esto indo como general de divisao nome de guerra clodoaldo no exterior vestirei o meu uniforme tenho 1,68 altura peso 68 kilo tamanho calça 44 camisa g cortuno 39 no uniforme bandeira do estados unidos e aliados inclusivel alemanha quero dizer que te amo muito e atodos estou bem por estar um pouco magro mas tenho trabalhado bastante tenho saude e sou saudavel vou procurar agora cuidar um pouco de mim vouto a repetir te amo muito sou mais que vencedor a minha espsa presidenta dilma russef de araujo foi pega de surpres mas quem decide é sempre o homen fui chamado por cabeça e nao por cauda é general de divisao nome de guerra clodoaldo sobre o numero 0068713 sangue ó macho guerreiro sangue inrri uma saudaçao americana eu amo a america beijos e um forte abraçoa toda familia obama

  18. 193
    clodoaldo araujo nastarino Says:

    meu querido irmao no dia 18042012 quando vira a brasil vale do paraiba taubae no cavex seus batedores serao o fbi junto com policiais da garra edeic com seu pesoal serao no torno de 40 homens forte amente armados recomendaçao traga sua equipe de confiança no quesito alimentaçao atençao total nao se descuida com a imprensa esteja sempre com a esposa e meus sobrinhos nao desvie nem pra direita e nem para esquerda se te oferecerem mulher voce sabe nos estados unidos tem bastante diga beleza americana procura ser sempre fiel a sua esposa e filhos amando sempre a patria agrande naçao americana no demais tudo calmo estou respirando leve brisa e o leite que bebo é longa vida com muito carinho clodoaldo

  19. 194
    clodoaldo araujo nastarino Says:

    a/c presidente eu clodoaldo na vida religiosa sou de madre tereza de calcuta eu sou catolico ptrotestante e mediunico de francisco candido xavier o velho xico e espiruto emannuel admiro o maratham gandh que é de nossa linhagem

  20. 195
    clodoaldo araujo nastarino Says:

    a/c presidente eu clodoaldo na vida religiosa sou de madre tereza de calcuta eu sou catolico ptrotestante e mediunico de francisco candido xavier o velho xico e espiruto emannuel admiro o maratham gandh que é de nossa linhagem de clodoaldo

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