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Christian Bale: Doting Dad

Christian Bale: Doting Dad

Christian Bale welcomes his daughter home with open arms on Saturday (February 7) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 35-year-old British actor was doing some household chores when his wife Sibi Blazic returned home with their daughter, who turns 4 next month.

On Friday, Bale apologized profusely for his screaming and shouting on the set of Terminator Salvation, which opens on May 22. He said, “I acted like a punk, I regret that and there is nobody that has heard that tape that has been hit harder by it than me. I make no excuses for it, it is inexcusable and I hope that is absolutely clear.”

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  • Mia

    Why thank you Squaraus for your brilliant deducing skills. You’re so smart. Bale didn’t make any excuses in his public apology. He took complete responsibility and did not blame anyone else. He is estranged from his mother and has not spoken to her since last summer. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be because they have a lousy relationship? What decent mother would run to the tabs to sell out her son? Thanks for your concern, but I’ll make up my own personal opinion about him.

  • jersey

    Pitiful. Now he can’t even hug his daughter. Damned if he does, damned if he don’t. And the funny thing is, he could care less what any of you think about him. Sure he apologized because he felt awful, but do you really think that he’s going to keep on apologizing? He is going to move on with his life. And to bash his wife? And to talk about infidelity? Wow, that’s stooping really low. Searching for anything to talk trash about. Self righteousness is a terrible thing. What he did is worse than what you are doing now? Karma.

  • jersey

    I agree Mia about his mother. She joined in on the bandwagon like so many others who are bashing her son, because it was the “thing” to do, without gathering all of the facts, and probably for the money. If she disagreed with what he did, she should have called him privately and talked to him about it. Not exploit him like the media has been doing. Wrong.

  • Carol

    why Sibi,bale’s wife, ALWAYS wears black clothes?? give color to your clothes!

  • bess

    ??? He’s British!!!?????

  • shoegal421

    stop attacking him! there are plenty of pictures of him with his daughter on the internet, many on this particular site. jeez, let him get on with his life!

  • Raphael

    He’s famous therefore paparazzi fodder, #1 and #2 and #4. It’s completely plausible that this is spontaneous. I hate it when stars are accused of this.

    He can’t allow or disallow the paparazzi from doing anything, #13. There have been pics of his daughter before, as rare as they may be.

    Right, #19.

    Yeah, #52.

  • lulu

    This guy hate paps and does avoid them so well.
    This was obviously a photo-op, damage control.
    He seems to be a very private person but when you have 2 big budget movies coming out this year, can’t take the risk. he was probably under the pressure of the studio bosses.

  • jersey

    Unfortunately, they can’t leave him alone. They were just waiting for something like this to happen. He’s hardly ever in the news, so he’s prime beef. He’s handsome, (watch, I’ll get some flack over that), he’s rich, he’s married, and he has a beautiful daughter. And the worst part of it all, he’s not a playboy trying to screw every woman out there. He doesn’t want them. He’s a family man. So they want to crucify him. They want him to be bad. He’s never going to be good in their eyes, no matter what he does. That’s why this whole thing blew up as bad as it did, and why it continues even after his apology 7 months after the fact. Yes, this happened 7 months ago. So, he has apologized twice.


    Bale’s meltdown will have little or no impact on the box office, but he should have issued his apology as soon as the tape leaked and it would have been a dead issue. But anyone who thinks that this picture is anything but damage control is delusional.

  • Diana

    I completely agree with number 30! Gosh people, hes just freakin’ giving his daughter a hug! GET OVER IT! He’s showing his little girl. Oh people loving attacking other peoples these days

  • oldnewtown

    Crazy Christian Bale fans are funny, come em coming guys.

    All hale to the almighty bale. lol He’s not even a good actor.

  • adfadsf

    ewww what a douche, I can’t stand christian bale now. lost all respect for him now and i’m an actor too i get what he’s saying, but you’re not curing brain cancer so stop being a diva… what an ass

  • Sarah

    All is forgiven, C-Bale!!! You’re always be Jack Kelly to me! Carrying the Banner. Yo.

  • Dancing to the Bale remix

    Wait, wait, wait. There are people out there who are still pissed off at Bale? Really? You poor folks need to get a life and get out more. The man apologized to the world 7 months after the incident. He already apologized to the DP dude when it happened 7 months ago. I had no idea there were so many thin-skinned folks in the world. Anyway, Bale is ok in my book. He gave the world so much entertainment this week. Excuse me while I rock out to his dance mix. It’s effing distracting! Oh GOOOOOD!!

  • kingston

    Not surprise there are lots of losers in this world like Bale.

  • jersey

    Some of these posts are really entertaining that I’m reading. I’m wondering, though, if the people that are writing them are actually reading what they are writing? There is a really funny one on here about him being a terrible actor. He, he. That’s reaching real good. Hollywood much pay you millions for being a terrible actor. Oh, and I love the one about him being a loser…that’s an original. Gosh. Such personal thoughts. You would think….just for a second….that the guy cussed YOU out.

  • groundcontrol

    This prick needs anger classes and seriously needs a happy life and a breather. 10-9-8….
    he will be like Ledger since he is asking for it

  • Lizzie

    Umm, to all the people saying Christian is never seen with Emmaline – you’re very mistaken. There are plenty of photos of Christian and Emmaline out there. Search the internet and you will see how devoted he is to his daughter. So, please, do some research before you make such stupid comments that are completely false.

    Christian seems like a great Dad!! Emmaline is precious!

  • gay maybe?

    His wife is FUGLY!

  • toni

    Did he and his wife split up? It looks like they are visiting and he hasn’t seen them in a while. I don’t believe this is a photo op. The papparrazi are probably camped outside his house.

  • jersey

    I don’t think he and his wife split up, because that would have been all over the web too, and people would have had a field day with that also. It looks like the little one and mom has come from a strawberry patch or somewhere similar judging by the boots they have on.

  • asdfgf

    Hey Bale….
    Got some advice for ya….
    Go and fix that lisp you have got going there. You sound like a fcuking p u s s y.

  • ellie

    Whats the big deal everyone looses it..Your a fine Dad..
    Angie and Brad showed up at awards show drunk or on drugs…now thats embarrassing

  • maffer

    people hating on him are riddiculous!
    It’s unfair what you’re saying, staged pictures?!
    gimme a break, the man doesn’t even like paps.
    There have been many pictures of him with his daughter long before the whole rant thing. Get over it!

  • hemlock

    He is a gigantic A$$ and those that idolize him are maniacs.

    WB,Bale and McG are desperate because they know their product will be bad and critics will eat them up. Its a given 2009 popcorn movie is Bay’s Transformers and Watchmen. So many are excited to see Transformers heck even that lame GIJoe.

    This hostile environment by Bale is only ok if you’re in prison or in the asylum. Bale should work in Guantanamo Bay.

  • IfYouSeekAmy

    What is she wearing? She’s cute but she’s no Suri Cruise.

  • anoble

    What do you expect from a guy who beat up his mom and sister? reports of him being a diva on 3:10 to Yuma by the Chicago Sun and NY Post are not far fetched anymore. You’re right #76…Bale’s Terminator is nowhere the quality without Arnie and James Cameron.

  • g

    awwww she’s cute
    she looks older than 3 though?

  • dora

    He did not beat up his mom and sister doofus. He yelled at them and kicked them out of his hotel room after they asked him for money. They are estranged and he hasn’t spoken to them since the incident. They both sold their story to the tabs. They deserve his antipathy. Why don’t you and your dozens of aliases go back to worshiping on the Tom or Katie threads.

  • Edumacated

    Lizzie @ 02/08/2009 at 10:06 pm Umm, to all the people saying Christian is never seen with Emmaline – you’re very mistaken. There are plenty of photos of Christian and Emmaline out there. Search the internet and you will see how devoted he is to his daughter. So, please, do some research before you make such stupid comments that are completely false.

    Christian seems like a great Dad!! Emmaline is precious!

    Oh yes, a GREAT dad!! I’m sure she hasn’t been traumatized at all by a maniacal father who thinks he can be verbally abusive to women and underlings at will; a pompous, spinelss little weakling who feels the need to abuse those whom he knows cannot fight back just to boost his own fragile, fractured ego.

    Is there anything more pathetic than a gullible public who will make ridiculous excuses for any and all reprehensible behavior so long as it comes from a “favorite star”? People so incapable of thinking logically that media manipulators and PR men laugh at your willingness to lap up whatever swill is served to you in the guise of photos or other regurgitated tripe, so long as a “star” — the object of your mindless, idiotic affection — is involved.

    So there are “plenty” of previous pictures of him wih his daughter, you say? Then it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find ONE, JUST ONE, and post it to prove your point. Hell, I doubt you can even find a picture of him SMILING and being COURTEOUS to anyone prior to his new push to engage in reputation redemption. If you people who blindly support him had to apply any logical reasoning skills your collective heads would explode.

  • Long time lurker

    Christian Bale acted like a d**k. He owned up to it but will probably do it again ‘cos that seems to be the kind of person he is. Who cares? We all know not to look to Hollywood for role models. He’s a phenomenal actor, arguably one of the best of his generation and that’s the reason I’d pay a few bucks to watch his movies. I’m sure there are much more scandalous and fascinating scenes happening on sets all the time. That’s Hollywood since time immemorial. Bale got unlucky and I never would have guessed he’d offer an apology since I doubt he gives a ratsass about what people think of him. He’s one of the most unpretentious actors out there.

    That being said, his kid and her boots are adorable.

  • t.c.k.

    He is a disturbing man. “Treat others as you like to be treated”. I guess that does not apply to his pitiful fans.
    CNN showbiz poll = 67% not forgiving Bale
    13% = forgiving Bale

  • bam!

    What a mental patient and he needs anger management. To his apologists you’re just as out of touch as he is.

  • Chill

    Jeez, Edumacated, why are you so angry? Did Christian Bale yell at you? Did he come over your house and scream at your kids? What the hell do you care if Bale loses in on set. Hate to break it to you, but plenty of actors lose it on set much worse than Bale. They just have not had the misfortune of being taped. That’s Hollywood, baby. Sorry to burst your bubble. Take a nap. Sounds like you need one.

  • yeaah


    Regarding the Bale out and about pics with his family its out there but its not gonna help Bale when his happy cheerful moments are so rare. His so called jubilation and struggling smiles only began after his assault charges were dropped so he knows the cameras and people are watching him so he’s an actor and lights-camera-SMMMMILEEEE. I love the lame excuses that Bale looks so sad because he misses his good friend Ledger.

  • Beth

    I believe Bale was sincere in his apology. Nobody is perfect and we have all done things we are not proud of or would like to take back. The man is human…Give him a break.

    P.S. His daughter is a beauty!! What a Doll!!

  • Chrissy

    #13, the kid’s name is Emmaline

  • Edumacated

    Chill @ 02/09/2009 at 2:07 am Jeez, Edumacated, why are you so angry? Did Christian Bale yell at you? Did he come over your house and scream at your kids? What the hell do you care if Bale loses in on set. Hate to break it to you, but plenty of actors lose it on set much worse than Bale. They just have not had the misfortune of being taped. That’s Hollywood, baby. Sorry to burst your bubble. Take a nap. Sounds like you need one.

    I asure you, you are incapable of “breaking” anything down for me. I was representing actors when YOU were probably still frolicing on an elementary school playground. I am FULLY familiar with ALL that goes on on both in front of and behind the camera. I also recognize a PR campaign when I see one. This arrogant, abusive, weakling who would NEVER have the courage to confront a REAL MAN one-on-one (only underlings whom he knows will not fight back, oh, and WOMEN, of course) is now using his OWN DAUGHTER to try to save his sorry a$$. He is a COWARD and those who defend him are embecillic sheep who believe anything that is fed to them.

    Thanks for the suggestion that I take a nap, but I’m actually having more fun setting you straight. and reiterating what a rephensible TOOL Bale happens to be. It simply cannot be said too often, can it?

  • me

    I love Christian Bale anyway… So he was shouting and??!! So ****** what???!! We all have a bad days at work! This **** thing didn’t change anything about him!

    Christian is an amazing actor and such a loving Dad!!!

    Beautiful Family!!!

  • nora

    Wow, Edumacated, sounds like you have the anger management issues. Oh and looky here. Behold pics of Bale and his daughter over the years:

  • Jughed

    *cough* damage control? *cough*

    although, i can’t really blame christian bale for having private pictures of himself enjoying time with his daughter on him. it’s the paparazzi who are to blame! they love to stir up controversy.

  • http://none stella

    jesus, she’s huge! i saw a picture of her only a few months ago…she was practically an infant. shes freaking adorable.

  • http://none stella

    are you kidding, guys? look up “christian bale” and you’ll find dozens of pictures with his daughter, stretching back to last year. in them, he’s always holding her/walking with her. he may have let the paparazzi shown him on purpose, but i dont see any difference from the others of him being equally affectionate. such losers.

  • Edumacated

    nora @ 02/09/2009 at 3:19 am Wow, Edumacated, sounds like you have the anger management issues. Oh and looky here. Behold pics of Bale and his daughter over the years:


    Thanks for the pics Nora. I still contend that the latest ones are a very convenient photo op and predict we shall see more of them in the future as we get closer to the release date of the film.

    Now let me just see if I follow your logic, Nora. You (I assume) think it’s perfectly ok for an actor — someone who merely PRETENDS for a living — to publicly berate, in the vilest language, an underling for the sole purpose of humilating him. THAT you think is perfectly fine. Yet, if I (in the clamest and most eloquent of language), call him out for the abusive, snivelling, penis-challenged little coward he is, and do so on a blog SPECIFICALLY designed for this very purpose, you contend that I have anger issues. Ah Nora, you must have simply EXCELLED at logical reasoning in school.

    What he did was wrong, and no phony apology coming a full SEVEN months later will change that. What’s sad is that so many are willing to excuse anything a celebrity does. Kill someone if you like, so long as you say you’re “sorry” afterward (and put out a good film or song). Hell, Polanski raped a minor and still has his defenders on the basis that he is a “great director. That kind of lunacy is the logical extension of what happens when celebs are elevated to godly positons.

  • nora

    Edumacated, I don’t know you, so I am no longer going to make judgments on your need for anger management. However, I don’t know Bale either and thus I don’t feel like I can say he’s a vile human being. Yes, he lost in on set, but his apology to my ears sounded sincere. I suppose he could be lying, but I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt. Your choice, obviously, is to think it’s all pr. That’s your right and I understand it. However, I think it’s very unfair to compare Bale to someone like Polanski. I think that’s beyond the pale. Also, Bale apologized to the DP, cast and crew when this incident happened, 7 months ago. He’s apologizing now because it was recently made public by a illegally leaked tape. Why would he apologize 7 months ago to the public when the public had no idea it even happened? Okay, I’m through with this subject. You have your opinion and I have mine. Good night.

  • lori-anne

    So he fcuking should apologise profusely…
    What was so distasteful was not just the language…but how he just kept going on and on and on.
    Fcuking disgusting and disgraceful and appalling behaviour.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    #51. Totally agree with you! People need to move on. This whole episode happened last year. Sad that it couldn’t have been kept ‘private’, but that’s the business he’s in. Hope he keeps himself in check next time. He’s apologised, MOVE ON!

  • I Love Velvet Goldmine

    I think they’re all cool, this family. Stop hyping him as a Badmouth or the most holy father ever. You can see it either way but its been brought to light that he is in fact in real life human and humane. You might equate.
    I think Sibi Blazic wears black because she really wants to be elegant because somehow ironically he is in his acting. And maybe she had a kid duh and that makes you not as stick thin as some people or something why should it be what she wears anyway. And like Batman IS Black so she got it right. An maybe she doesnt want as much attention as him and is just happy with herself or secretly hates some of the circles hes in so just stays plain to spite? (?!)


    Anyone got a copy of ‘Newsies’ please? Still haven’t seen that one.
    Mail me