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Aishwarya Rai: La Pantera Rosa!

Aishwarya Rai: La Pantera Rosa!

Aishwarya Rai works out a sexy gray pin-striped pantsuit at the La Pantera Rosa 2 (The Pink Panther 2) photocall at French Embassy Residence on Wednesday (February 11) in Madrid, Spain.

The director of the film, Harald Zwart, will next shoot the next Karate Kid film with Will Smith‘s son Jaden and Jackie Chan. He told THR, “All I can say is that an opportunity with Will Smith is a sensational opportunity and this is a movie that I would have wanted to see regardless of it being a remake or not. It will be shot in Beijing. No Boston for Beijing (laughs).”

25+ pictures inside of Aishwarya Rai promoting La Pantera Rosa

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aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 01
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 02
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 03
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 04
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 05
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 06
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 07
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 08
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 09
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 10
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 11
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 12
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 13
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 14
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 15
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 16
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 17
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 18
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 19
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 20
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 21
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 22
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 23
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 24
aishwarya rai la pantera rosa 25

Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty
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  • LolaSvelt

    She needs to stop promoting this godawful film.

  • that’s hideous

    she beautiful and a great bollywood actress
    i feel bad that she has to do this crap to break into the american scene

  • irene

    She’s gorgeous but I don’t like this outfit.

  • Lady

    Ash is beautiful but she needs a HOLLYWOOD STYLIST – her makeup needs updating – not to mention her clothes! My goodness this pants suit looks cheap as hell – and it looks like it was made by one of those around the corner tailors…ASH YOU ARE A STAR – START LOOKING LIKE ONE…


    Is it me or is her face a little different?

    Seriuosly it looks a little tight, like she’s constipated or something?
    She’s still beautiful, but there is something off.

  • yayone

    its called botox. her face is now owned by it. ugh.

  • andamentothat

    cheap suit.. pretty face

  • Lady

    #5 Yeah she does have that look – I think she is nervous, she does not know how to behave – she is from a totally different culture and environment and so I can imagine she would get scared by us lol…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ……………..SIGNORITA’S RULE, folks!!

  • Bhavdeep

    i agree that this is a bad pant-suit, especially those trousers. But this time Ash carries them with such an easy that they are looking smouldering hot because of her in it. The Paris dress was bad and she looked tired too there. But here she is fresh as a lily. And so sexy. My God, how does she changes her looks so fantastically. She is reminded me of the fantastic sexuality of Penelope Cruz here. Damn she so hottttttttttttttttttttt.

  • Ashley

    LORD HAVE MERCY! the beauty and hottness of this woman knows no bounds!!! she is seriously painfully gorgeous! i love her hair and make-up and ofcourse…i love her :) Ash move to Hollywood!

  • thats_right

    she has too much make up on her face

  • preety

    u look extremely gorg.

  • preety

    she has never used botox.,, ok mind it, and her suit is from a very famous designer, dont blame the suit blame the designer from whom every hollywood star buys clothes, i think he is georgio armani

  • sruti

    #5 is right! What happened to her face??! Did she gain weight? I guess this is what marriage has done to her, Either that or perhaps she enjoys too many Bombay chaats (snacks)? If not for those beautiful green eyes, I wouldn’t have recognized her. She could have been just another overly made up Indian auntie;-(

  • golden paid actors

    Where is her ugly husband!! Does she think so too?? Or did DIVORCE
    come into this already. She has all the beauty of a great actress.

    Thanks Just Jared for bringing her out. Just like Katie in Batman premiere She overshadows Steve Martin and Jean Reno

  • Um…

    She’s usually gorgeous…but she looks like Gollum here.

  • just me

    Beautiful woman who needs a new stylist.

  • http://gpost Team Lara Croft

    stunning woman. bad outfit.

  • Lady

    @ Preety – that suit Ash is wearing is definitely not armani – you just insulted the man lol – seriously I have several armani suits (which i bought on sale of course) and they are really like nothing you have seen – what she is wearing is made by a tailor from Bollywood – I know there work lol…

    Like I said she needs a Hollywood stylist – not dissing my indian roots but Preety you know how we can be in terms of trying to look top but somehow end up look cheapy…lol

  • Neiman Marcus

    She’s gorgeous eye candy. I’d like to see her promote the hell out of this silly movie, but after she hooks up with a proper stylist and lays off the heavy makeup.

  • palvasha


  • yuck

    Ugly outfit (very cheap looking suit) and too much makeup. Get a stylist girl!

  • mimilala

    Gorgeous woman! Loving the hair…

    …she needs a better stylist, though; her outfits are so meh.

  • bollywood fan

    Her face is becoming rounder and uglier with time. Compare these pics with this one from a few years back:


  • Bethkillian

    I was at the press junket for La Pantera Rosa today and she is absolutely STUNNING! For those who talk about some “weight gain” judging by all these recent pictures, I can assure you the photos don´t make her justice at all. She looks quite thin… and she´s got such an awesome bone structure, too!

  • Arti

    Her face looks very different. She’s aging and she isn’t so casual. She looks and posses artificially.

  • Alisha

    You guys, are so funny ! Aishwarya is so Gorgeous at 35 year old and i know a lot of bollywood actresses younger than her who looks like 50 years old ladys. Her face is tired because she was in NY, Paris and Madrid during few days. She’s human. I loved her outfit, if she is good in them it’s more important.

    LOVE YOU AISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimberly

    This woman is gorgeous, some people are so judgemental!

  • ayj6m6l

    ugly. I hate bollywood stars. yucks.have u ever watches their movies???? disgusting

  • AgentOrange

    You people talk like Peter Sellars is spinning in his grave! I’m sure he’s only done a pirouette or 2.

  • Geena

    Jared, it’s Aishwariya BACHAN.
    She’s married, Goddammit.

  • gunny

    ash looks so hagard, bloated and plump in this pic, she only looks good in the pic wch have been taken frm a distance,either she is eating like no 2morrow or she is difinately pregnent………..or she is suffering frm some illness like water retention ……………i dont think age has got to do neything wid it ……….we all knw how she loves to eat ……….the only time she has looked good was in in the phase whn she did last legion, umrao jaan and dhoom2, then she again went and became a fat cow………morover she hasnt married smone like john abraham or to say hrithik who has such a positive influence over thr partners, seen bipasha nd suzaane roshan and u will knw wht i mean……..she has married tht flabby abhishek……omg……….she looks awful ………where is the etheral face, tht angular jawline, tht attitude……….she looks she is gonna die neytime ………………very soon she will lose all her prestigious endorsements ……….ASH U CANT HAVE THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS…..EITHER REMOVE THT FLAB…….AND TAKE UR JOB SERIOUSLY OR RETIRE TO DOMESTICITY…………..

  • dia from mirza

    “Gunny “you are such a hipocrit and idiot person !! She have 35 years old and unless some people , she doesn’t need to get fit , to be beautiful !! Just because she have gained weight , that doesn’t mean , she have to die !! She looks wonderful for a woman of her age , she have long time to go and shes gonna be to stay here for long !! Don’t dream to see her retire , really don’t dream too much !! HAGARD ONE !!

  • Fleece Baby

    Holy Man-Suit! ICK.

  • Aisha

    She looks old in these images.

  • Jessica

    Im sorry, since when did this hag become so popular. She is rumored to have had a nose job and her smile fixed. If you see her pictures from when she first became Miss world she had such a weird pointy nose and now she doesnt any more. She is weird and wears waaaayyy to much makeup. She doesnt need a stylist she needs a plastic surgeon. As for promoting this pathetic movie… hello what other choice does she have, all her previous so called Hollwood movies were such major flops. This woman should just quit and sit at home.

    This is what she actually looks like:

  • Raja

    My brother works for a very famous Celebrity magazine in India called Stardust. I have actually met Ashwariya in person. She is incredibly rude and cold. She thinks she is the most gorgeous thing on this planet and has the right to treat everyone like shit. She actually walks off the set during a photoshoot of she feels like it. She is very very unprofessional and is only being promoted to pave a path for other Indians actresses. Also, try seeing her without makeup, she is very bitchy looking and she isnt pretty at all. She just looks like a regular person.

  • Lisa

    LOL what do you expect she is from India. The poor woman is receiving so much fame for the first time and has no idea how to dress for it. Before jobs in the US were outsourced to call centers in India and now ROFL we have actresses like her coming to further annoy us. BOOOOOO!!!!

  • Hillary

    Very ugly woman. She is down right scary. Never seen her before. Who is she?

  • bipasha is the best actress
  • luvvvvvv

    @bollywood fan: you need 2 check out rest of her pics………..she is becmng preetier day by day……..

  • luvvvvvv

    @Lisa: hah………..4 ur kind information she has been former miss world 1994……………she belongs 2 bachchan family whose total income is about 250 crores………..or more dan dis………she is not a poor women……………n agree 2 dis fact dat watevr she wears she looks stunnin………..g