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Jennifer Aniston is a Balenciaga Babe

Jennifer Aniston is a Balenciaga Babe


Jennifer Aniston gets costar Owen Wilson‘s shoulder to lean on at a photocall for their latest dramedy, Marley & Me, at the Hotel Bristol on Thursday (February 26) in Paris, France.

Aniston, who celebrated her 40th birthday earlier this month, paired her Balenciaga wrap dress with brown suede shoes from Christian Louboutin.

Don’t you just love how Marley & Me in French is Marley & Moi? Loves it!

15+ pictures inside of Balenciaga babe Jennifer Aniston

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jennifer aniston balenciaga 01
jennifer aniston balenciaga 02
jennifer aniston balenciaga 03
jennifer aniston balenciaga 04
jennifer aniston balenciaga 05
jennifer aniston balenciaga 06
jennifer aniston balenciaga 07
jennifer aniston balenciaga 08
jennifer aniston balenciaga 09
jennifer aniston balenciaga 10
jennifer aniston balenciaga 11
jennifer aniston balenciaga 12
jennifer aniston balenciaga 13
jennifer aniston balenciaga 14
jennifer aniston balenciaga 15
jennifer aniston balenciaga 16
jennifer aniston balenciaga 17

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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  • ihavenolife

    i notice she likes to hang on people she takes pictures with. owen doesn’t look very comfortable with that.

  • ihavenolife

    *hang on to

  • ashley

    I like her but she should more good movies like The Good Girl:

  • shhhhhhhhh

    yuck pathetic!! always like to hang to every men…….

  • shhhhhhhhh

    oldmaid… ugly to the maxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • imsobad

    lmfao at photo #1.
    look at those killer chin!

  • LolaSvelt

    I usually find her style to be rather dull, but she looks great here.

  • truthteller

    Brown hair, brown eyes and 5’4″. Nothing special there!

  • ..


  • shhhhhhhhh

    of course, she copying angelina again for the posed unfortunately its not brad harharhar……….. very pathetic ugly woman,,,, feeling all the guys inlove with her,,, pitypitypity!!!!!

  • Besane

    Is she related to Camilla Parker Bowles?

  • teri

    Trying to hump poor Owen like she did Vince. Sell that movie jen.

  • shongashongangjen

    Owen nose is better than jen nose…….

  • Regina

    She looks fabulous! Love the dress, the make-up, her hair, everything! Owen and Jen look cute together!

  • debjosy

    She is the only person who hangs onto all the men or women she takes pictures with. Whats up with that? Is she that insecure?

  • Pella

    Wow so many negative comments???? If it were Mangelina there would be rioting going on to Jared.

    Seriously, she is very pretty – you think Brad would marry a dog? Come on now you “other” fans are crazy and need to find another thread to drool over.

  • Lovely

    She looks lovely and she has had back to back hits. I cant wait to see her 2 new movies that are in the works. You Go Jen!!!!

  • Liza

    haters go to the brangelina threads! no one needs you here. obessed with jen?!!!!

  • Jessica


  • SAm

    i love her outfit!! she looks happy!!!

  • b chick

    she is really really pretty
    and she definately doesnt look 40.

  • Annie

    She looks nice and I love the dress and the shoes just not together…..

  • razorchincancutmetal

    i dont hate her!!!! I just dont like her… coz she’s very pathetic, pity , sad, insecure woman…grow up jen you are 40ish, dont be act like 20!! and in that premier be formal his not your boyfriend to act like that!!!!!!!!!

  • question

    do they have the same hair colour to promote dog movie?

  • Brit

    So glad to see Jen actual get some face time on JustJard. She is so pretty and girl next door.

  • MOrticia

    What a pretty dress and lovely color – So much better than the funeral parlor styles of Angelina.

  • yeah Jen

    Jen you look so nice! Love the style and love the overall look. Tres’ Magnifique et Chic!!!!!!!

  • sillyme

    She certainly looks a lot happier than she has in the past. I guess love will do that to you.

  • mimilala

    Liking the hair today, the outfit, not so much. I like the dress, but not sure everything else combines well.

    I agree that she does not look 40 at all. She’s def. very young-looking. Nice!

  • shen

    Liza @ 02/26/2009 at 12:01 pm haters go to the brangelina threads! no one needs you here. obessed with jen?!!!!


    its ok , why you dont like? I looked at the previous thread of JEN , almost all the number of comments are in 100+ 200+ …..but sad almost negative comments hahahaha!!!!!!!!! and ppllleeassee not all poster here is for angelina helllo!!!!

  • TiannaDylan

    They could be siblings. They look alike.

  • yeah Jen

    Do they have the same haircolor? Well this is the same hair color both stars have had in every movie I have seen them in as opposed to Gagelina and her Boyfriend who have the same hair color at the Oscars with the same highlights and everything.

  • cecile

    #21 => she definitely doesn’t look 40 ? Thanks Botox !!!

    PS: i’m not a Brad and Angelina fan if you wanna know but come on ! don’t be so naive.

  • yeah Jen

    So Cecile, you dont think that almost 50 year old Brad and pushing 40 year old Angelina use Botox – PUHLEASEEEEEE!!!!

    The Forehead woman herself was frozen at the Oscars could only get a smile with the horse teeth going.

  • mayra

    its ok , why you dont like? I looked at the previous thread of JEN , almost all the number of comments are in 100+ 200+ …..but sad almost negative comments hahahaha!!!!!!!!! and ppllleeassee not all poster here is for angelina helllo!!!!


    yeah, because you’re the same person posting over and over!!!

  • Coolio

    Jen looks so refreshed and pretty. I have heard so many of her costars and friends say she is naturally funny and a real pleasure to be around.

    Sounds like a winning combination to me!

  • A

    She looks so beautiful.

  • hannahh

    She looks gorgeous. Love the dress.

    Seriously, Angelina fans, get a life. You talk about how Angelina took Brad from Jen, as if he’s some sort of catch??? Brad is a tool who changes with every woman he’s with. All three of them are publicity whores who desperately crave attention and validation. They’re all very sad, pathetic people, which makes it even sadder that everyone worships them or takes time out of their lives to bash them. Get over it, move on. None of them care what we think. If a Jen fan wants to say she looks nice, who cares? If an Angelina fan wants to say Angelina looks nice, go for it, more power to you. I don’t show up to any of the 198738943 Angelina and Brad posts to write hateful things about them. Have some respect, losers.

  • j’adore paris

    God, there so much anger here. Chill out you folks. Live the lady alone. I really can’t understand what do you like so much about Angelina? Whatever, just like someone said – go to Ang pictures and post, don’t go here. Jen is sweet… But I don’t know why don’t I get what is with those “must have” Louboutin shoes. Can’t find anything pretty about them. And basically I love shoes :)…

  • h.

    I want those shoes! She looks great.


    Why waste your time commenting on a celebrity you dont like? What is astonishing is why you would not like someone you dont know? What did she do? Did she still a husband? French kiss her brother? Is she bi? Does she use knives during sex? What is it that really makes you upset with Jen?

  • cecile

    # 34 i didn’t say they don’t use botox either !

    almost all the stars use Botox except few of them but then people say they looks very old for their age, that’s sad but that’s a reality.
    Actually i don’t care about Jennifer, Brad and Angelina, i just pointed the fact.

  • Just stopping by

    The loonies are so jealous I love it. Jen looks great as usual as does Owen.

  • Thanx Jared

    I think she has moved on. I somehow feel that seeing her in pictures lately.

  • yoming

    Jen has beautiful hair and a beautiful body. She cannot help it that God gave her the face of Jay Leno. She is very funny and makes the most of what she has.

  • jenny

    She holds her boyfriends and coastars the same way? btw that is one un ugly outfit and she looks 40 sorry. I know she wants to look young but …

  • sorry

    I am sure he knocked once or twice I mean she acts like she everybody’s fcuk body.

  • Anonymous 2

    Owen looks pretty out-of-it in some of those pics, definitely more worse-for-wear than he did at the L.A. premiere.

    Maybe she needs to hold on so tight to keep him from falling over?

  • bet

    lovely , lovely , lovely. she look fresh and very happy. I love seeing her in different colores. She look gorgoues. The skin is flowless. you can see her glow from happnies. i am sure she can not wait to see her lovel man in Newyork. The leg . that leg . The dress look good on her.

  • bet

    I love the flower dress. it is very classy at the same time sexy . that gorgoues dress on gorgeous woman.