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Miranda Kerr is Beautiful in Black

Miranda Kerr is Beautiful in Black

Miranda Kerr is out and about in New York City on Thursday (March 26).

The 25-year-old Aussie model was recently added to the Who’s Who directory for the first time. The annual Who’s Who recognizes people who have reached excellence in their respective field.

Miranda‘s boyfriend, Orlando Bloom most recently filmed Sympathy for Delicious, a movie about a newly paralyzed DJ who turns to faith-healing and mysteriously acquires the ability to cure the sick.

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  • m

    wonder how much her PR team is paying justjared to get her onto the website… no other blogs give a sh!t about her

  • anon

    shes soo beautiful
    and she seems so genuinely sweet as well
    i love her :)

  • esme

    Kinda funny that the girlfriend is always the one who gets the label fameho and usually being accused of calling the paps wherein reality it is the boyfriend.

    because posting pics of miranda will generate lots of comments from both fans and haters. JJ is a smart man. I’ve seen posts of other models here on JJ and they usually flop LOL

  • @51

    LOL There are many blogs that give a sh*t about miranda. Maybe you’re not just aware of them cause you’re focus is only JJ.

  • Katie

    Miranda looks gorgeous as always :)

  • bridget

    let us also add.. Mirandas boyfriend Orlando Bloom was seen a few nights ago leaving a club with several girls numbers written on his hand…….. dear Miranda was no where in sight ( In fact she was probably in a different country)..just sayin’..

  • anne@56

    Thanks for that info…

    Another credential for my dear whorely

  • http://justjared beautiful

    Love her she looks great and I love her purse .Her hair is perfect

  • @56

    Oh, you really have to keep up.
    The “numbers” were the name ‘Jody Worth’, a producer, and the e-mail for a married woman who was at the benefit, who happens to run / or is involved in, a fitness club.
    He didn’t need to write down the numbers of his female FRIENDS who were in the car with him.
    Try again.
    And #57, you are an idiot to believe anything that one comes up with, no matter how much you want to insult the man.

  • @59

    Oh please you can’t expect everyone to adore whorely like you do… LOL idiot

    I love the fact that some miranda fans can now see the real whorelando and the nature of their relationship.

  • @60

    You don’t have to “adore” the man to see people who state lies as fact as idiots. And to see the ones who believe these lies without checking their accuracy as idiotic sheep.

  • talan

    Kerr and Bloom are so great. They almost f****d in front of the paps on the balcony in Sydney. After that he went to Milan and to England. While he was in England she came to Spain in Barcelona. Obviously, he was doing nothing serious in England, if we do not count clubbing as a serious job. Flight from London to Barcelona is about two hours . Why didn’t Orlando join her there? No, she returned to New York, he went to LA. We can see that they are so terribly missing each other. Now I can understand why they need this PDA in Sydney. It was for us to remember long enough how they love each other. Until next PDA. I am waiting for the sex tape soon.

  • @61

    Whatever hun…

    Other people’s perception about whorely won’t be changed even by your “checking their accuracy comment”. And i’m so loving the sudden change of atmosphere here at JJ. Guess some fans of either miranda or whorelando know the real deal now, and honestly i’m quite glad that miranda isn’t the center of scorn anymore. Anyways it’s their lives to live, but my dear whorely will be forever like his oldself.

  • hopeful

    How i wish miranda would now have some functioning brain cells above her beautiful face to realize that her BS relationship with bloom is doing her no favors but rather ridiculousness.

    Dear miranda, please wake up and stay away from bloom cause he’s dragging you to the eternity of his effing ways!

  • @62

    Don’t expect to see any sextape or sexvideo from bloom!


    The whole world will be laughing at him for seeing his extra small “censored”. By the way, i think miranda’s body is hot so i don’t mind seeing any sexvideo from her LOL

  • @62

    How do you know that they didn’t get together?
    Are we back to the “no pics it didn’t happen, but if there are pics they were set up” bull???
    So typical.
    And the “atmosphere” hasn’t changed, just the tactics. The haters are trying to insult Miranda for being weak, by claiming that Orlando cheats on her. Even lying to try to make their case. It’s just a new ploy by one or two people. One who can’t speak proper English, and one boring person who overuses her pet term “whorely”. Soooo childish and predictable.

  • @63….

    Wow, you really do live in fantasy land if you think the ten loonies who post on the Delphi forum have any sort of relevance to Orlando or Miranda fans other than amusement.

    Most of us just laugh at the lengths you go to convince each other that Orlando and Miranda are in a “showmance” the latest being the “one year anniversary list’….now that was very entertaining and a high point for delusional conspiracy theories……lol!!!

  • http://justjared hahahaha

    I can’t believe the Delphi loons accuse Miranda being a fame whore
    just because she smiles and is polite to the paps that is called being civil and letting the paps do their job I guess she is unfriendly to paps who are not respectful and unpolite like the ones that tried to bother her on chrismas while she was getting into Orlando’s car but I don’t expect the loons to get this concept thy are fan of KATE BOSWORTH who raves at the paps and TALKS to them .

  • LOve her

    Go Miranda, you are a true beauty! Orlando doesn’t deserve you

  • really

    I’ve read the comments, and i don’t think much of these are from the haters but rather from some miranda fans who got annoyed by her relationship with bloom. Can’t blame them cause i for one starts to feel also that way.

  • @70

    And once again you are trying to pretend that you are another poster, when you are really just posting to agree with yourself.
    Give it up.

  • @67

    They do keep us entertained, don’t they?
    You start to think that they have reached the pinnacle of stupidity, and then they raise the bar once again. They never fail to bring the lols.

  • it is what it is

    A cheap bottle of wine is still a cheap bottle of wine, no matter how you package it, present it, or display it. Remove the fancy wrapping, the ritzy bottle and focus on taste, and it is what is is: CHEAP.

    This can apply to Orlando and/or Miranda. Doesn’t matter which. All the fronts and image and PR in the world won’t change who and what a person really is. And sooner or later, a person’s true self comes through.

    As for the pictures of Miranda here, I think she looks great. Love her hair cut and color. Bloom has seen better days and is not aging well, sadly. You get the face nature gave you at 20. You get the face you deserve at 40.

  • @73

    Yeah, everyone who has ever met or worked with talk about what a good and decent human being he is, so he must be awful! That , and the fact that he still has the same group of friends that he had before he was famous. That must tell us something about his character.
    And all that charity work and traveling to impoverished areas of the globe to bring attention to the problems of the world’s children have proven what a horrible person Orlando is. Just awful!
    How can he live with himself?
    translation of #73′s comment for anyone who doesn’t speak ‘Delphi’….
    “He isn’t doing what I want him to do, so I will label him an awful person, because anyone who doesn’t follow the guidelines that I lay out on the web, or has a happy life without me, is WRONG!!”
    That’s what they really wanted to say.

  • priceless

    Like 74 said Orlando keeps a good relationship with his family, friends, anonymous and famous like Liv or Eric and does charity work. Family and friends don’t think he’s become a stupid celebrity that thinks he’s so above them.
    You two -the ones pointed out by 66- are trying to make all that invalid because he left a club with two girls that could be people close to him.
    There’s no atmosphere change among his fans for that, as we trust what we see and what people who know him say and do and not your efforts to twist things to make him look like a bad person, and you ruined it even more when you said that he wrote some girls’ phone numbers on his hand and were proven wrong in one minute, demonstrating that you are desperate to see something bad in every tiny detail.
    His fans won’t change their mind because two people who sound like if they had LaTourette’s don’t understand the concept of ‘proof’..

    But please go on, seeing you two talking to yourselves to pretend there’s lots of people who agree with you is priceless.

  • Proud

    I think she looks very pretty here. Better then shes looked for awile. Blooms been dragging her down for to long. You go girl, keep up the extra effort and show the loser what hes messed up and lost.


    Orlando and Miranda are not over. True, Orlando seems to get himself in a bit of trouble when he is in London, but no one knows if he was unfaithful or not. They will work it out, like they always do.

  • @77

    Gee what a wonderful relationship that must be. Always having to work it out huh? Once a cheater, always a cheater. Jus’ sayin’.

  • @78

    No kidding. Should we place bets on who gets to always turn a blind eye and/or make the excuses for the other? I always thought they were well matched.

    @77–spin spin spin. funny it only seems halfhearted this time.

  • @67

    Only ten Delphiloons huh? Well that’s 7 more than the shippers who still think that everything is all hearts and flowers and hunkydory in lurve land then. I agree she’s pretty here but the smile sure doesn’t reach the eyes.

  • @80

    no, the smile certainly doesn’t reach her eyes, but it’s probably the best she can muster after her boyfriend humiliated her last weekend with all those girls in London. good for her for putting on a brave face and a fake smile.

  • LOL

    I prefer to place bets on what will be the next bad thing Orlando gets accused of without proof by former fans who have been let down because he doesn’t do as they wish. Bank robbery?
    Ok, O is horrible so why don’t you move on to the Twilight dude or all the other guys you think are so much better? Everybody will win.

  • @82

    That would take all the fun out of their sad little lives. They live to criticize people who don’t live the life of a saint, while ignoring their own trangressions.
    And they only think that Pattinson is better because he isn’t Orlando. Pattinson can roam the streets in a drunken stupor without showering for weeks, but it is ORLANDO who is ‘EVOL’ for going out on the town with FRIENDS that he hasn’t seen in months. The twists and turns that the Delph-idiots use to apply their double standards of judgement are a source of unending entertainment.


    Never said “always have to work it out”. If you have never had to work out a misunderstanding or whatever, you have never been in a relationship, I don’t care how good it is.

  • @80

    If it’s so obvious that they aren’t “in lurve”, then why wouldn’t her smile reach her eyes? Why should she care if Orlando sleeps with others if their relationship is so fake and there aren’t feelings involved?
    Gosh you aren’t even capable of being consistent with yourself in three lines of a post.

  • @85

    You weren’t expecting LOGIC from a Delphite, were you?
    Silly person.
    You see, they aren’t used to backing up their statements with any sort of proof or rational thought. They are used to just posting on their site, and having everyone agree, whether it makes any sense, or not. In fact, the LESS sense it makes, the happier they are.

  • more work=less pap shots?

    Amazing how Viggo Mortensen can have work lined up and an extensive amount of film work over the past couple of years, and not get papped for JJ even once in all that time while working. Orlando does SFD and gets papped just about every day. Odd how some actors get papped more than others.

  • @87

    Geee, maybe because Orlando was filming on a set in LA, with close street access that enabled paps to get the shots, and Viggo has been filming his box office bombs in more remote locals.
    That and the fact that not many people are interested in pap shots of middle aged actors. They much prefer to look at pics of young, fit actors without their shirts on.
    I know. LOGIC again. Sorry about that. I know that it hurts your tiny little brain.

  • @87….

    “odd how some actors get papped more than others”….paps are in business to make money, the more popular and famous the celebrity the more money they make selling the photos to magazines, newspapers etc………obviously Orlando is more sort after than Viggo…..Brad and Angie being the most famous of all.

  • @128

    Viggo’s last movie ‘Good’, brought in a little over 27 THOUSAND at the domestic box office. Got that? 27 THOUSAND!
    People don’t want o go see his movies, why would they want to see pap pics of him? A pap certainly won’t seek him out like they do Orlando. There just wouldn’t be any money in it.
    As an example of the choices paps make, when Orlando and Miranda went to dinner, and to a club with Liv Tyler, the paps followed Orlando and ignored Liv. They knew that they could sell the pics of Orlando and Miranda before they could sell the pics of Liv. Supply and demand. No demand,why supply?

  • 90 here

    I meant that as a continuation for my discussion with #87.
    I had just been over on the last Orlando thread where they had posted the same comment as they did here.
    I plan on pasting this last post over there as well. Just because. :)

  • http://justjared ?????????

    It is strange that she isn’t with Orlando right now it’s been a while now .Hope everything is alright with them and they didn’t break up I love them as a couple and Orlando seemed so happy to be in Australia with her what happened ?

  • gloom

    Some miranda/orlando fans should stop accusing others who dislikes bloom to be some loons from delphi ( that aint fair to the posters of that forum) There are just some people who are disgusted by bloom’s attribute in general and not a member of any of his related forums.

  • phoem

    Randa is looking good on the above pics…

    And hopefully all the pics that will be posted will just feature you alone or with some other models or friends!

  • MrsOrlandoBloom

    cuntsmacked LEAVE ORLANDO ALONE! He is not like that, he is the sweetest guy out there!!!

  • @93

    The average person who doesn’t like him may say that his acting is this or his looks are that, but doesn’t put his pictures and gossip under intense scrutiny to deliberately jump to conclusions that portrait him as a fiend. Without theories to make him look evol the average person only knows that he isn’t involved in drug scandals, hasn’t been arrested, hasn’t divorced ten times, etc. In general that he doesn’t do what renegade celebrities do, that he is a normal person with gifts and flaws like everybody else. There’s nothing to be disgusted about unless you want to.

  • @96

    “There’s nothing to be disgusted about unless you want to”

    You can’t also expect every other regular person to be pleased with everything about bloom regardless of whatever kind of theories out there!

    Anyways, it is miranda’s thread so i’ll say she looks good and better off without bloom.

  • http://justjared a fan

    She looks great hope to see pictures of her and Orlando soon I love them as a couple they look beautiful together my favorite celebrity couple .

  • a fan too

    She looks good as always and i hope not to see anymore pictures of her with bloom. I have to admit that they look good together, but i don’t like them as a couple.

  • seth

    ‘not fair to Delphi’????????
    Poor wittle innocent posters who do nothing but spwead happiness and sunshine?
    They EARNED the treatment that they recieve. They spead lies and half truths, and conjure up conspiracy theories that can make your head spin. They call Miranda names that you wouldn’t call your worst enemy. They insult the families of both Miranda and Orlando. And spend their days searching the internet for every scrap of information that they can find, all the while complaining that she gets more attention than she deserves. WHAT?
    They are the laughing stock of the internet for a reason. A well earned reason.
    “fair”. Give me a break.