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Rihanna & Drake: Kissing Couple?

Rihanna & Drake: Kissing Couple?

Rihanna reportedly locked lips with Canadian former child actor-turned-rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham at NYC’s Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge on West 42nd Street on Tuesday (May 19).

“She was drinking whiskey and apple juice and making out with him all night,” a spy tells Page Six. “They were really cute together.”

The twosome reportedly ended their night together around midnight.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna and Drake as a couple?

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  • Ilovelondon

    1st he is ugly !! u can do better rihanna !!

  • =

    who cares?

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    you’re asking what they think about them as a couple when i doubt anyone on here even knows who drake is. LOL..

  • Lillianne

    She seems to be getting whiter.

  • dundies

    isnt rihanna still with chris brown LOL?

  • enoughalready

    It’s sad how so called artist (rihanna) use people to stay in the limelight. Again her marketing team is at work again doing what they do best; spread lies and keep people dogging this girl. Dont they see that the more they put out now about this LITTLE CAREER WRECKER, the worst the comments get!

    Rihanna is a marked chick now, people see this NO TALENT chick and say; what a waste and what a TERRIBLE influence she is on young woman. Who does she think she is Kim Kardashian?

    Rihanna put those pics of her self on the internet, hoping she would get a reality show and I hope she does not. It’s bad enough hearing and her bad concerts. Now this!

    The PUPPET rides again. Just like the incident with Chris she will walk around and not say a word. But who really wants to be seen with this girl besides MELISSA? Nobody..

    Melissa gave up her college education so her an riri and screw around with each other on the side, not that’s stupid and even worse riri let her. Where is her parental guidance, oh I forgot she dont do parents!!

    The Ghost of Michael Jackson needs to sit down somewhere..

  • lala

    better than the other woman beater

  • mertz

    lol. if this is true then CONGRATS AUBREY. lol. he’s blowing up all over the place. big in the queens country and already big in the t dot. i hear degrassi is kinda popular in america…i don’t know why really when the old one was by far way better than the stuff they’ve been coming out with for the past couple years. anyways drake got yeezy’s and young money’s blessing so it’s all on the up and up and legit for him. aside from all of that, lol, i saw this when i was on people earlier to get the j-p story for previous thread, and i’m not making nothing from it. i wouldn’t be surprised if they know each other from way back before riri got real major, and she was on the sauce. i don’t think it’s anything…doesn’t he have a pretty amazing gf? lol last i heard they broke up and it really broke his heart. the kid is a pimp. good guy.

  • Love

    He is ugly ….defo not an upgrade ..Chris is ALOT sexier than him, even though he beat her down.

  • Jessica




  • vivian

    wow she need to find the foundation that fit her skin tone

  • Carolline

    that’s what they do to still be in the spotlight even when they’re not doing something new like a new CD or something…

  • rihanna the loser ..again

    Good and I hope he beats the crap out her too..!!! What better way to
    get all the attention by dating the I’m a celebrity take my pix every day
    woman..Famous for being beaten by Chris Brown and never fought

  • gloria

    1st drake is sexy….and u dont kno him coues u a clown…and plus i think rihanna should not be dating anyone right now she just got the shit beat out of her…….

  • gloria

    1st drake is sexy….and u dont kno him coues u a clown…and plus i think rihanna should not be dating anyone right now she just got the shit beat out of her…….

  • leisha

    He is a good looking guy and seems more mature than Chris Brown but he is dating a Canadian model, so without pics I doubt this is true. Probably just a rumor floated by Rihanna’s pr.

  • cort

    To Love: I agree with you on the fact that he’s not very good looking, but I’m sorry… I have to STRONGLY, STRONGLY, STRONGLY disagree with you. Anyone is an upgrade from Chris Brown. If this guy doesn’t beat the crap out of her, he’s definitely an UPGRADE. Chris Brown is a poor, pathetic excuse for a man and I don’t care if he can dance or sing. I’m no longer a fan of his. Chris is a downgrade for anybody.

    I gotta say though.. Rihanna and the kid from Degrassi… haha funny.

  • hey

    ri-ri you really get around dont you lol


  • Wa

    #6 / #9 / #14 – ALL YOU SUCKS !!!! (F# HATERS)
    The guy is hot, and is helping her with her NEW AND AWESOME ALBUM!!! And I’m sure that you will listen to!
    A Real Man(That is what she wants) won’t beat a woman never!

  • toots

    She looks transgendered.

  • pr guy

    If it’s true, we’ll see them out together soon enough, but
    I think Rihanna’s publicist is playing games again.
    They’re not fooling anyone. She’s still sneaking around with that loser.

  • lynn

    What is wrong with her makeup?

  • lynn

    She looks like Michael Jackson.
    Is she skin bleaching? Gross!

  • Mich

    Aubrey is a definite upgrade from Chris Brown. He has a good rep but I don’t believe these two are together. Agree, it’s probably just a publicity rumor to deflect from the whole Brown situation.

  • becca

    I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! They would be a HOT couple!!!

  • Jay | Crazy Vybe

    Nver heard of Drake and I don’t care about what Rihanna does. Does anyone? All I’m waiting for is the sex tape.

  • kacee

    i adore drake. love his music and love him on degrassi. hes a cutie. i think they would be cute. but its way too soon for something seious.

  • Taisa

    the worst coupleee ever…..never..drakeee WAT IS WITH YOU????comee on you know better then that….. i thought he said he never goes for girls with no interest in relationship or gettin to know her first????? wtttff

  • ecctv

    i culd see this happening to me! Sometimes I am happy the lord spanked me with blackness

  • Lisa

    Drake is a great rapper and singer, as is Rihanna (singing!) I think they look cute together. At least she pushed Chris Brown to the side! Once a wife beater always a wife beater! Go Rihanna and Drake! =)

    You the f*ckin best….you the best I ever had…

  • mertz

    aubrey’s got a real talent writting, and i think that’s where his future lies. he can be the big star or the machine behind the star, but her really has got a talent. i don’t think he’s a great anything aside from a human being, but he is a really good guy, a nd he’s not dating a canadian model. lol.

  • ali

    she just want the next hot guy and drizzy is it..hope he can see pass her bs..

  • http://aol susan

    She is soooooooooooooooooo incredibly beautiful, but what is with the white skin makeup???? Ugh.

  • natasha Zondo

    @Ilovelondon: drake if fine! ri ri is so lucky and hopefully this’ll lift his fame status!!! yay drake!

  • natasha Zondo

    @Ilovelondon: drake if fine! ri ri is so lucky and hopefully this’ll lift his fame status!!! yay drake!

  • natasha Zondo

    @Ilovelondon: drake if fine! ri ri is so lucky and hopefully this’ll lift his fame status!!! yay drake!

  • Sara

    I don’t care, just leave Andrew Bynum alone, so he can focus on the games.

  • cassie

    i hate her so damn much ! drake is all mine,<3

  • skippingsarah

    what she and chris is over?

  • Drihanna

    shut up people, quitting judgment on people.

    DRAKE i knew him from school in Canada and he is amazing man. :D

    wish you the best, rihanna

  • asdf

    I don’t think about Rihanna and her man. I think about her entertainment and music. But to add to your gossip – Drake already confirmed that he’s only working on her album and that they are co-workers and friends – and that they were NOT kissing. But people will gossip. Do you all actually think Chris and Rihanna would go thru all this public disgrace and legal hassles and then walk away from each other so easily. There had to have been a very strong bond for their tempers to get to the point it did. I’d say leave their personal lives alone and they wouldn’t have to lie or hide their relationship like they did when it started.

  • asdf


    Reports are that he’s dating a ‘video girl’ that is a model. I’ve seen her pics and she’s very ‘shapely’…and very much a hip hip video model..

  • asdf


    Upgrade how? Chris has more personality than most folks, he just run two song writing awards, he a great actor, paid attention supposedly to all her needs. And her reaction was to be overly jealous about women he ‘used’ to date or flirted with? That’s a reason to slap him or have him followed. He loved her, so what was the point of all that. And then for it all to culminate in him loosing it …I’d say it would be best that Rihanna goes thru relationship counseling and anger management before she attempts to ever date another man – unless she can find one that will let her control things.

  • lakers fan in boston

    personally i like drake’s rapping, he’s not really gifted but his music is good
    i hate this bitch, so i think he could do better
    especially since he’s kinda coming up to be known by ppl

  • Aly

    AUBREY IS AMAZING! He’s such a good actor on Degrassi and amazingly cute!

    AUBREY+RIHANNA= cute couple

  • lil_ladii1

    I think Drake is sexy and for those of you that don’t know him he plays Jimmy Brooks in a popular “tween-like” soap opera and he is currently signed with Young Money (Lil’ Wayne) and is a great actor and rapper… I think she just needs to sit down cuz she is an idol to so many people (especially young girls) and she got back with Chris Brown, showing it’s okay to get beat by someone and take them back and also getting drunk and kissing and making out with different dudes. She has been linked with Andrew Bynum and stuff… She is not a true role model and I think Drake could do better…

  • Amelee

    u are so frickin right!!
    i so h8 this career wrecker BIG TIME!!!

  • yanna

    oh please..if you dont know who drake is then you’re no true fan to this hip hip/rap world……drake is the greatest

  • bitch

    no honey he culd do betta