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Gerard Butler is a Bounty Hunter

Gerard Butler is a Bounty Hunter

Gerard Butler walks to the set of his new action movie, Bounty Hunter, in New York City on Tuesday afternoon (June 9).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud and Jennifer Aniston are headlining the flick about a bounty hunter (Butler) hired to retrieve his ex-wife (Aniston), who has skipped bail.

Directing is Andy Tennant, who directed Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in Fool’s Gold and Will Smith and Eva Mendes in Hitch.

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Credit: Thornton/Mills; Photos: INFdaily
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  • nyob

    Love the hair – nice length and color on him. But he is otherwise looking kind of rough and really bad shirt choice.

  • celia

    SEXY!! It’s weird that he’s not doing more action movies. I thought he’s be all over the action since he did 300, but lately all he’s done is romantic comedies….and not good ones.

  • F u g F a c e M a n ! s t o n

    douchey-doof. 300 was a long time ago, has he done anything good since?

  • Jen

    Sounds interesting, always like his movies! He’s a cutie!

  • zzzzzzzz

    Studios and movies always want to change the hair..It looks okay..too dark for the shirt..I think he’s not in wardrobe yet…

    Good luck on the movie Gerry!! At least he’s working unlike some who are unemployed…and alot of them are..

  • S

    Yay. I can’t wait to see pixz of he and Jen together!!!

  • jake

    He use to be hot what happened to him. I guess its age,drinking and partying. He is definitely looking ruff for ears. His body looks ok, but his face looks fugly. Damn aging sucks, it gets the best of us.

  • Flisbeth

    Funny, another co-star for Aniston, who has also been in a film with Angelina…

  • StinkyLouise

    ………and has no interest in Aniston……

  • http://n/a Trythis1

    Oh ! And all the world stands still because of a G. B . ( And how he LOOKS ) sighting ! Oh my God ! Everyone on alert ! The Second Coming , soon Coming ???

    No **** , no pun intended .

    This whole G.B. fascination HAS to be some karmic thing , ya think ??

  • jenna

    He looks horrible here.
    Man boobs, wtf?

  • east coaster

    if anyone knows where gerry will start shooting the new film in nyc please post

  • zzzzzzzz

    Awww he looks good…I wish him the best on this new movie project. I love all his movies!!
    Cheers Gerry!!

  • carol

    Gerry’s hair dyed to dark and he needs to get rid of the bloat (too much partying??), it makes his eyes look super-tiny in his bloated face.

    Oh no, does that mean alot of pics each day from the set of another lame Aniston movie??? This pic doesn’t look promising either.

  • babou

    Yuck, he is SO not a “stud” JJ!! More like a “dud” now! His body was good in 300, but since then, it’s been downhill for Gerry. He looks dirty, like he needs a good shower and a shave and needs to sleep whatever he does off. Like another said his face always looks puffy and bloated, likely from too many late nights and coke/alcohol habits (he looks like a major party guy). And something about him screams gay to me, my gal friend who LOVED him in 300, thought he was mega-hot in that, said that she finds her gaydar has gone up on him since then.

  • oh baby

    he’s got a pup tent in some of those photos. yummy

  • Angel


    Gerry doesnt drink and hasnt in a long time. He has been out on the town for a week straight so that is why he looks tired.

    For the record, he is NOT interested in Ms. Aniston. He told her himself.

  • aisha

    @babou: He’s a horny boy—all the time

  • angel, did you

    witness this conversation

  • Angel

    @angel, did you:

    I didnt witness it persay, but I know he told her from a reliable source.

  • fresh

    Jennifer Aniston skipping bail?? LOL–In what world would that be believeable?

  • fresh

    Jennifer Aniston skipping bail?? LOL–In what world would that be believeable?

  • anonymous

    Looks like Gerry has a little buzz on in these pictures. Guess he will get along just fine with Ms. Aniston who is known to love her MaryJane and cocacola too.

  • caray

    Oh no, does that mean we will see pics each and everyday from this lame Jennifer Aniston movie too like that pic she just shot called Marinade or something like that? Ugh.

    OMG Jennifer is so not believable casted as a gal on the run!!! Will she blowdrying her hair while running LMAO?!! How about a personal hairdresser running right alongside her while she’s running out on bail? Cuz it’s a sure bet her hair cut and color will look the exact same as always, just the same as that 10 year old same hairdo she wears, with not a hair out of place ever. She can’t act, it’s all about the hair!!! Poor Gerry, he needs a better agent.

  • marie

    He supposedly has a bollywood actress girlfriend. Of course, how long that relationship lasts is anyone’s guess. Dang, I had the biggest crush on him from 300 and found him interesting, but the constant skirt chasing and the love of publicity has been a turn off.

  • bobjustbob

    Times are tough for Hollywood actors too, maybe they have to take any and every script offered to them, Gerry is not exactly A-Llist, he was touted as the next big thing, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    This movie does not look promising either for him if you consider the actress (Jennifer Aniston i.e Rachel Green in every movie). I agree, if she is playing a gal on the run from a crime, I just can’t see it. She’s more vanilla than vanilla, blah. The only crime I can imagine her committing is not putting enough hair conditioner in her hair. Plus the director has directed some crap awful movies Hitch (one of Will Smith’s few bombs), Fools Gold (total bomb that stunk and had critics cringing at McConaughey’s career choice). Only Sweet Home Alabama was so-so (only because Reece plays Southern so well). But the rest of his directing track record is terrible.

  • http://n/a Trythis1

    Hey , MaryJane is natural . Other stuff , not !

    Comeon Stinky , someone whose horemones are NOT in overdrive .. Talk to me !

  • bijou

    What happened to him, he is no longer cute, looks rough now all the time. Guess 300 was the one-and-only time when he looked good, since then he has looked awful, no longer a fan, hasn’t done anything decent since that movie.

  • ola

    what happened to him? he used to be so hot.

  • http://n/a Trythis1

    Again , like on another thread .. Forgive the typing errors ! All ANALS please, get over it, and your wonderful selves !!

    Why am I here ?? Stinky , other thoughtful souls … A karmic thing , right ???

    Must be , right ? Or else we’d be at Mensa meetings, discussing 2012.

  • StinkyLouise

    I didn’t know this trash started today. But the group date yesterday makes even more sense.LOLO! I think this is going to be a sh*tload of fun. We’ll get the daily barrage of onset photos of G and Aniston. The tabloids will tell us about their great onscreen chemistry and how they’re the next Brangelina. And G will be photographed and videotaped with every female in the NY/NJ area who ISN’T Aniston.I can’t wait!!!

  • michele

    Butler looks great, thanks for the photos JJ.

    To Post #26 – Hitch was not a bomb for Will Smith. The movie had a 68% fresh rating on RT site and the Box office for the film was $179 million domestically and Worldwide $368 million.

    And If this film does half of the box office of Hitch it will still be a success.

  • YAWN

    another romcom for Aniston?

  • momoftwo

    Sounds like a great movie, finally a new story! Love both of them….

  • band

    love the pics.. love the hair… and the whole look. whats with the red band he’s had since india? from shirdi is it?

  • http://n/a Trythis1

    Oh sweet Christ .. Think I finally am OUTA here . Was looking for intelligent , interesting conversation .

    Stinky .. STILL think we can meet at a Mensa meeting …

    FINAL WORDS ….. Ah , F it !

    Love to ALL,( Including Gerry )
    TRY THIS ONE.. one who was duped and survived .

  • amen

    Well that forehead is botoxed to the max. And isn’t it clever how they make his crow’s feet stop under his eyes and not onto the side of his
    face like in earlier pictures from last month for instance – very clever.
    I suppose it doesn’t matters if you can’t use your face to act in an Aniston film. Too bad….acting is one of the things he does well IMHO.

  • Miss moneypenny

    He is soooo a middle aged Adam Lambert…… and I’m not just talking about the hair color! But at least Adam has the courage to be the person that he is (career be damned!) rather than hide behind lame publicity stunts, planted gossip column blurbs and “catch me if you can” innuendo during interviews.
    The truth shall set you free, Mr. Butler!

  • http://n/a Trythis1

    ” amen ” … you made my case . Bless you . Adios !

  • my two cents

    Hollywood studios nowadays seem mainly interested in action/thrillers, comic book pre/sequels, rom-coms, animated ones, frat boy/immature adults ones. Serious movies are seldom made because audience just want to relax and get a cheap laugh at the movies. Sort of escapism from hush reality I suppose. My guess is these are the kind of scripts GB are offered and he doesn’t have much choice.

    The Hangover did very well at the openning weekend and that just proves it. State of the Play which is about journalists and politicians and political intrigues starring Russell Crowe did poorly at box office.

    Someone said show business is more about business than show. Whatever movies fill seats will be the ones get made.

  • stacipoo

    This will be career suicide for him. If he knows what’s best for him then he will drop this dud and buy the rights to Outlander. Randall Wallace (Braveheart) is writing the script and it is a part that was made for him.

  • zzzzzzzzz

    My two Cents..
    You sure made alot of sense..I agree
    Someone said show business is more about business than show. Whatever movies fill seats will be the ones get made.

  • zzzzzzzz

    Someone said show business is more about business than show. Whatever movies fill seats will be the ones get made.
    My two cents..You’ve said alot that makes sense to me too..I agree!! :)

  • bailey

    oh thank you jared, thank you.

  • pafan

    JJ, thanks again. GB looks terrific. I just wish they’d leave his hair color natural, but the style is great.

    Is Bounty a comedy? Nothing has been published for certain yet that I have seen.

  • Teresa

    The hair color is too dark. It makes him look older. I should know, I’m a hair dresser. He should stay gray. I think it’s sexier on a man. I do love Gerry’s hair longer.
    I cannot stand Jennifer, she is sooooo fake. I don’t think this movie will make it. Sorry, Gerry.

  • MizzT

    @Miss moneypenny:

    I SO AGREE!!!! At least Adam is brave and honest.
    GB sure looks bad here, he used to look much better.
    Ever since 300 he is going down in the looks department.
    The haircolour s*cks big time.The eyes are a MESS.And dude loose the MOOBS no matter what your g/f or b/f says about it, it is NOT sexy.
    If this is Karma then Karma is a big fat b*t*h!

  • something new..

    from crazy days and nights.

    “I know many of you think Gerard Butler is the sexiest thing since the Speedo, but I wonder if there is a certain tipping point where your choices of who you are willing to be with kind of pushes you off the sexy ladder and puts you on the Scott Baio/Wilmer Valderrama ladder instead. In his latest attempt to prove that he can get any D lister, The NY Daily News says that Gerard spent much of a recent party getting close to Kelly Bensimon of Housewives NY. At one point, Gerard went to go speak to Dan Abrams and left Kelly alone.

    According to a source Kelly said, “I don’t want Dan to say anything bad about me to Gerard!” Umm, and what does Dan know about you that is so bad Kelly? I think she thinks there might be a chance for a future. I think Gerard probably has something else in mind instead.

    Later in the night Kelly apparently had to leave before Gerard, but he was heard talking to her on the phone and asking where she went and where she was at that moment. So, do they make a good couple? Does Gerard sleep with anything that walks? Do they necessarily have to walk for him to sleep with them? Forget about keeping any kind of secret with Kelly. If she had sex with Gerard Butler you can rest assure that she called Bethenny immediately after. She will mention it in every episode of the next season and remind everyone how she and Gerard are close. The fact that he never called her again would be irrelevant.”

  • StinkyLouise

    Anyone and everyone, except poor ,pathetic Jen. Bwahahahahahahaha!

  • ellie’

    Looking forward to seeing him & Jen.