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Megan Fox Has Uber Confidence

Megan Fox Has Uber Confidence

Megan Fox poses with costar Shia LaBeouf (pictured below) during the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen photocall at Hotel George V on Friday (June 12) in Paris.

The 23-year-old actress recently told EW, ”I have a really badass personality. I’m smart and I can be really funny and interesting and I can go toe-to-toe with anybody in a conversation. So I’m not afraid to speak, and I think that’s what people read as this überconfidence. I have a mouth and I’m not afraid to use it.”

FYI: Megan is wearing Siwy “Hannah” slim crops in snowstorm jeans.

30+ pictures inside of uber confident Megan Fox

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Photos: ANG/Fame Pictures, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Hannah

    She is so annoying!

  • lmao

    well, it doesn’t seem natural.

  • v

    She is so full of herself, eh?!

  • Alex

    yeah, whatever ..

  • Dee

    God she is just full of it. I’d really rather talk to a brick wall than her. any day!

  • sousi

    she should just SHUT UP

  • p0rn star in the making

    damn, this wannabe sure is selling herself 24/7. i gotta salute her for not giving up and still trying to convince people that she is a badass and smart. so pathetic. anyway, savor the moment dear because you will be forgotten after this movie comes out.

  • guest

    Stop talking. There is confidence and there is crap. She hasn’t said anything intelligent so far. Her PR person should tell her to stop talking.

  • Jime

    pretty, but must stay quiet

  • Holly


  • maryrowery

    ” I have a mouth and I’m not afraid to use it” :D :D :D


    Man! They are so good looking together…. They seriously need to get something started. HOT!!!!!

    Can’t wait to watch the movie…..

  • meh

    pretty look, but …EEK!!! those toe-thumbs.

  • a real girl with a brain

    She’s really trying way too hard to impress isn’t she?
    Well Miss Fox, what are your thoughts about charged atomic nuclei that join together to form a heavy nucleus when it combines with the absorption of energy, which then allows matter to enter a plasma state… oh I’m sorry, have I lost you already?

  • Jane l

    If she was so smart, she’d know that she should STFU sometimes. Apparently, this one ain’t so clever …

  • blablabla

    ” I have a mouth and I’m not afraid to use it.” oh yeaaah baby work it

  • jj junkie

    I used to like her because i thought she was refreshingly honest – however i’m getting sick of her pretty fast. “I have a mouth and I’m not afraid to use it.” – yeah, we get it. Now use all that self-proclaimed intelligence and figure out how to shut it more often. Or better yet, go away and get back to practising your only talent that i can think of – which, ironically enough features your big mouth.

  • Shut up megan


    You’re NOT smart, you’re actually dumb. Stop pretending to be a Smartass cause you’re not.

    You’re just over justifying something that you are not

    This is a classic example of BEAUTY and NO BRAINS.

  • mip

    Is Shai wearing a twin set? Fox is gross.

  • lalalove

    Yapping on about absolutely nothing isn’t the only thing she uses that mouth for. She’s very repulsive lately. I wish she’d just walk and not talk. “Uberconfidence…smart??!!!”…wow. Megan is quiet the exhibitionist. To think I was once a very big fan. I’m really starting to dislike her becuase of that mouth. By the way, what makes her think she’s intelligent?? HAHHAHAAH Really now??

    I’m getting sick and tired of her nonsense. She’s almost as bad as Kanye West!

  • too pretentious

    I watched her this evening with Shia on a french show, god she is so prententious and full of herself, even the audience were watching like what the hell,and whene she speaks she so idiot she talks idiot things with non sense, i’ve never watch her intreviews before, this the first time,omg she was cold, Shia was so cool , funny, cracking jokes, but her wow who the hell she thinks she is? i mean she is nothing she just did a machine-cartoon movie.

  • Pooh


  • Molly

    STFU Ms. Tenn hillbilly.

    omg..she is the worst conceited monkey.
    makes her ugly because her inside is ugly.

  • molly

    I really want to like this girl. She seems refreshing from the standard hollywood types. I try to like her “I don’t give a s*th” attitude BUT the more and more she talks the more and more I question her motives. She seems painfully insecure. When you have that much confidence you don’t need to talk about yourself so much. I know when she is interviewed they obviously ask you stupid questions about yourself, but I think there is a way to display confidence in a more humble manner. Slowly she is starting to seem like that beautiful girl in high school who is so insecure she can only talk about herself and put others down and that is not beautiful!

  • hahaha

    she seems very insecure with herself

  • Not impressed by JA

    There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Megan has crossed that line and she isn’t even a big star YET.

  • LuckyL

    Plastic DSLs

  • kenzie

    She’s gorgeous… But so cocky. Oh well… she sort of has the right to be!

  • frenchy


    You’re talking about Le grand Journal right? I watched it too, she was so full of herself, exagerated sexy poses, slutty eyes, always pouting… just ridiculous.

  • Thay


  • frenchy

    Are links allowed here? Here is the show Megan and Shia were on tonight in France ;)

  • jadeide

    I don t want to give this girl too much of my time, but this is just to point out that she tries so hard to copy the AJ, is sickening. Same way of licking her thumb (in the movie Wanted, when AJ was eating a hamburger), wear her hair like the AJ at the Cannes festival (swept on one side). The problem is this one is a pale pale version of the Star.
    Being a rebellious is not an attitude, it s a way of thinking… but I guess this one doesn t have a brain, she just know how to copy what she sees.
    Monkey sees, monkey does…

  • mickey

    She sounds like Avril Lavigne when she was running around trying to convince everyone that she was a “skater punk.” If you have to tell everyone that you are a badass, chances are, you really aren’t, but nice try sweetie.

  • Not impressed by JA

    frenchy @ 06/12/2009 at 6:44 pm Are links allowed here? Here is the show Megan and Shia were on tonight in France ;)
    Merci Frenchy !
    Elle se prend pas pour de la m. ! Elle est d’une suffisante et d’une froideur insupportable !

  • Not impressed by JA

    Megan Fox has mastered the caricature of the MEAN bimbo to the fault.
    Usually bimbos are dumb but in a kind way : Marylin Monroe, Pam Anderson, Jessica Simpson.
    Megan belongs to another category: the B*TCHY bimbos. She is just so full of it that it becomes unbearable just to look at her when she is talking or even no talking. I watched that french show and her arrogance was so palpable that it is sickening, like she was looking down at people right here.

  • Dread not

    This girl puts Angelina Jolie to shame! With a face and body like that, she can talk all she wants, and the sexual innuendos are awesome. It makes for good print. She should be ready for some backlash, though.

    And TMZ pointing out her thumbs? They just noticed that? How come they don’t point out Angelina Jolie’s chicken legs, or jutting top teeth? I’m just sayin’. And, oh, yeah, Cindy Crawford has a mole on her face, in case anybody missed that.

  • stop talking sh!t

    Folks have you read this interview? she talked about Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie
    About Charlize Theron she said i can make something interesting as monster cuz “I think that I’m so psychotic and so mentally ill that if I could tap into that I could do something really interesting. ” wtf,she is really f@cked up, well you wish, cuz you are far really far to get in her level , actually you’re far for being just ” an actress” .

    About Angelina Jolie she said “I have tattoos and dark hair and I was in an action movie? That’s as far as the similarities extend. I’m not the next anyone”please b!tch you are her copy cat,admit it,you have no f@cking personality.

  • Mac

    Well..I won’t see this idiot’s Transformers.
    Keep talking Megan & all you’ll have left are horny
    teenage boys.
    Can’t have a career on that deary.
    What a conceited biatch

  • gizem

    why are her lips open and the tongue is out in every picture..

  • Destined

    I agree Dread not. Megan is beautiful and Angelina is overrated. Ang is not even as attractive as she used to be to me in my opinion. But people she ease up on Megan. Don’t forget she kind of shot up to the spotlight so she is young and still learning. And at least she recognize how media is constantly trying to compare her to Ang and she doesn’t want that. I can’t blame her though, it is inconsiderate and stupid of them to that. There is only one Ang (think God) and only one Megan. Nobody can be nobody else. And at least Megan is candid, maybe too candid sometimes, but that’s her and no one should expect nothing less.

  • Megan

    Angie is a mom of 6 & an amazing UNCHR worker for 7 yrs.
    Plus, she’s 34…she’s a real woman..don’t compare some
    cheap stralet to the mega talented, kind, caring Ms. Jolie.

    The more this bimbo Megan talks, the more she
    put her foot in her mouth.
    She’s already a joke in the Industry.
    They will use her body for exploiting her but after 30,
    honey…adios!!!! buh-bye

  • Alex

    Dread not,
    a hot body is not all in Hollywood, just look at Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Lindsay Lohan, etc…
    Your Megan belongs there and she will be forgotten that easy..

    Angelina is a legend in the making and not only for that face, you should know that.
    you can hate her, you can love her, but you can ignore her , chicken legs and all..

  • Mac


    you got to be kidding! A woman’s real beauty comes out from 30-40.

    shallow person you are.

  • jenni

    ” I have a badass personality…” What an absurd statement…. I haven’t even heard some of the blow-hardiest celebs (Julia Roberts etc.) say something so arrogant…. by the way a statement like that all but guarantees a terrible personality.

  • Not impressed by JA

    If Megan could she would nuke Middle America and sh*t on men that she refered as dirty dogs.
    Yes she has nothing from any actresses out there, let alone Angelina Jolie. No professionalism, no elegance, no class. She is right there in par with Jena Jameson.
    I am glad that the backlash is coming. It’s not normal that other young actresses/singers who have more contributed to their profession without insulting their folks are trashed left and right (eg : Britney,) while this soft p*rn celebrity, escaped from her natural path as a playmate centerfold expressed the idea of wiping out certain category of people from the Earth surface and keep on looking down people.
    She is arrogance personified. She has zero appeal internationally and won’t after that despicable display of unsufferable cockiness and dumbness.

  • Not impressed by JA

    Alex @ 06/12/2009 at 7:13 pm Dread not,
    a hot body is not all in Hollywood, just look at Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Lindsay Lohan, etc…
    Your Megan belongs there and she will be forgotten that easy..

    Angelina is a legend in the making and not only for that face, you should know that.
    you can hate her, you can love her, but you can ignore her , chicken legs and all..
    Dread Not is a Maniston a** licker, so of course only the enveloppe is important for her/him.
    Megan belong to the p*rn industry where those who rave for her will have all the pleasure to see her in every bodily position.
    That’s where hot bodS with pea brains are ! there she will use her big mouth to the fault while uttering animalistic onomatopeas. At least it will be better than her usual crap and nonsense.

  • anon

    Linday Lohan 2.0

    Those who compare her to Angelina is just trying to get publicity. Angelina is an exotic woman and work in progrss and Megan is like Tiffany Thiessan blah. Her attitude is that of someone who know their time is very limited in the spotlight because the talent is very limited. Sh already sounds bitter and for what? She should be humble and gratefull that she has these high profile movies becasue she can not act.

    Megan and Shia have done everything possible for people not to want to go see this movie. Shia and his mother business and Megan comparing herself to actresses she has no business comparing herself with. None of those other actresses have done that. In fact none of the A list actresses in Hollywood have ever compared themselves to any other actress.

    Good luck Megan

  • heaven

    seriously, her PR should stop pimping her. Where are the other cast of Transformer? it appears as though Megan is the only one promoting it. Ugh. she can only open a movie because it’s an action film with other hotties…. her movie how to alienate people… didnt it go straight to dvd or something?
    i liked her too in the beginning, and i even said, the next action flick girl, but then she started to speak…. and her voice just did not match the person. lol i mean, u look at other people, and you’d think, wow, her voice really belongs to her (Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman etc) and then there’s Madonna, Miley Cirus, LIndsay Lohan to name a few, and you are just like “WTH” I dont know if i am making sense. hahaha
    too bad, people are going to end up watching Transformers regardless, due to the fact that the first film was cool, and they are expecting this one to be better. I just hope she doesnt think that people are going to watch the movie because of her.

  • too pretentious

    frenchy and Not umpressed by JA

    Oui le grand Journal de Denisot, it’s crasy how she is full of herself, i remember watching Charlize Theron who’ve been invited in Le Grand Journal she was so cool so funny and down to earth, i mean Charlize is an international movie star,an oscar winner and is so humble,what a beautiful personality as well as Will Smith who’ve been invited there, George Clooney too, they are the biggest stars and act low key and funny and didn’t act like this girl,this girl who did only that cartoon movie acts if she is the f*cking sh*t .

    Trop pretentieuse, ridicule, elle joue un role , elle est artificielle, on sent le manque de confiance, vide, idiote,en plus elle n’a aucune personalitè …

  • lakers fan in boston

    this time i didnt find her quote that obnoxious
    she looks absolutely hot
    i cant say it enough, megan is on fire
    every premiere she’s just tearing it up
    and she’s not even dressing slutty
    A+ for whoever her new stylist is
    love u megan!