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Robert Pattinson Doesn't Think He's Attractive

Robert Pattinson Doesn't Think He's Attractive

Robert Pattinson films a scene for Remember Me in Central Park on Tuesday morning (June 30) in New York City.

The 23-year-old New Moon actor shared how he doesn’t think he is all that good-looking.

“I never really considered myself attractive,” Robert told the Improper. “I was always kind of gangly in school.”

When asked further about his looks, Robert said, “Good-looking? Noooo. Before I go out to face a crowd, I stare and stare at myself in the mirror until I have to tell myself to stop staring, since there’s nothing I can do.”

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Credit: Anderson/Vila; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • k

    what is he talking about??!?! he is freakin’ fine!

  • celia

    he’s not ugly, but he doesn’t do it for me. He always looks drunk or like he’s high on something.

  • rpatzfan

    he’s gorgeous ,love you R-patz

  • rocknmovies

    Rob is the most attractive, sexiest, handsomest, best looking, hottest young actor today. Nobody comes close to him.

  • meh,eh,bleh

    well of course he’s gonna say that, isnt he. He’s not exactly gonna start singing “i’m too sexy for my shirt” is he???

  • ana

    The little girl sitting next to him is really cute.Rob is so funny,that is why he is so attractive.

  • E

    Funny how it’s usually the most good looking people who don’t think very highly of themselves

  • mia

    I think he is hot as hell, and I’m not some tweeny girl, I’m 32. There’s just something about him that gets me going :)

  • aerin

    He’s so cute and modest. Luv ya, Rob!!

  • amara

    lol i think everyone is like that about themselves…
    but he is def kute.

  • D.t

    He is so yummy !

  • Jen

    Im not a tween either…. I’m 22 and I just think Rob is the cutest.. I dont find him to be super subtractive but he’s got a certain something that makes him appealing….I just want to give him a hug lol…. dont like that he smokes but oh well.. He definitely seems like a really nice and funny guy.. Interesting personality too!

    BTW, these are the most adorable pictures ever!!

  • Alexkziel

    He is so … X
    Not even cute.
    Women find him attractive because they think he is the vampire guy.

  • barbara

    I don’t think R man owns a mirror. how can he not faint when he looks at himself in a mirror. the man is perfection.

  • hena

    What’s wrong with you people, he is freakin gorgeous!

  • Alicia

    @Jamie Lynn Spears: i’ve seen him without the hair and he looks just as good if not better!

  • dee

    Please ..this guy is MOOOREE THAN ATTRACTIVE. I refuse to believe he’s in complete denial about this,this whole modesty thing is not gonna work out Rob!You can give up the act right now!

  • lauren

    he is crazy hot

  • maira

    thats cuz hes more than HOT!!!!!!

    ROB is SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love the fact that he doesnt get why sooo many girls love him….

    hes soo humble and funny

    I LOVE HIM<3

  • pam

    Man all the haters here. Wow must be something about this guy to provoke people who don’t like him to look at him.

  • Kelli

    I do find him cute in these photos but that’s because he’s talking to kids and as a mum i find it cute!


    I Totally agree with him..

    he’s not attractive!

  • leonor

    i don’t think he is attractive either.

  • ali

    oh rob its okay you dont find yourself attractive. i do. you are sexy! :P

  • LALA

    ohhh robbyyyyyyyyy u neeed glasses cuz u r soo attractive LOV YAH

  • Deborah

    Rob is very attractive. The fact he doesn’t think he is makes him even more attractive. And no it’s not the hair, it’s not Edward and it’s not just tweens. Women in their 40s find Rob to be extremely attractive and sexy.

  • hrhkat

    and i agree with him…

  • natalhy

    He is totally hot and a great guy. The most important thing is he is nice great inside and outside, the guy is amazing . And talented no one can ever doubt that about him

  • mimi

    I think he is honest. He isnt atracttive at all and looks as somebody close thirty. He is only hot when plays Edward Cullen.

  • sammy

    One word: FUGLY

  • louise soldati

    ele ta lindo *-*

  • caroline

    A monkey has much talent and charisma than him. He has a such drunk face. yuck

  • Alison

    He’s hot alright and him thinking he’s not is even hotter!

  • angiee

    anyone knws where they are shooting 2mmrw???

  • rocy

    aww rob ,youre more than cute ,hot ,the sexiest man alive. how cant you see how beautifull u are ….love watching u smile …..

  • love rob

    haters keep on hating ..behind this hott guy is a pack of haters but a bigger way bigger pack of fans that love and adore him ..he is the sexiest man alive.

  • jenny

    love u rob.. i totally disagree you are the hottest guy ever…

  • cosi

    pattinson’s right about this one

  • Katie

    I think its more of his !i dont care attitude!. I hate pretty boys and he is rough around the edges which is very attractive and the fact that he seems to have a humble, nice, and funny personality is very appealing!

  • Hannah

    I love Rob, he looks so good in these pics!

  • anonmymous

    rob, are you saying i have BAD taste in men????? me <- offended! ofcourse you’re HOT!

  • freckles

    i think he is somewhat cute.
    i think it is funny that he holds out his pinky while drinking from a coke can!

  • Rose

    I agree with Rob, he is not to attractive. Thank you for admitting it :)

  • tabitha

    He is more then attractive. He is just so humble, funny and talented. Also he is one of the sexiest people alive. With or without his hair, I adore him.

  • make the world get rid of Chin

    He is right indeed, he is NOT

  • Kylo

    I don’t either.

  • katie

    For people saying people only like him because he’s Edward.. Erm hello, they’re different guys. Completely different personalities. I like Edward AND Rob. Rob is hilarious and seems like such a nice guy. Edward is a fictional character, nothing more. Fans can like both Rob AND Edward… Or just Rob!

  • pam

    I’m not a teenager I’m almost 24 and I think Rob Pattinson is so sexy !

  • stephanie

    Whoever is agreeing that Rob is not attractive, you are so wrong. He is so hot and sexy, I love him and want to Marry him.I agree that the smoking is bad, and it is bad for him , but I still Love him.

  • stephanie

    I Love Rob !! <3