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Michelle Obama Visits School For Orphans

Michelle Obama Visits School For Orphans

Michelle Obama, wearing a black and white shift dress, visits Russian orphan children at the St. Dmitry Primary School in Moscow, Russia on Tuesday (July 7).

The 45-year-old First Lady toured sites around the Russian capital as President Obama held a series of meetings on the final day of a Moscow summit.

Michelle also visited a nursing college attached to a Russian Orthodox cathedral. “The work you do is very important,” she said to the 22 nurses in attendance. “Thank you for your warm hearts.”

The next day, the Obama family flew into Italy for the G8 Summit where Michelle took her daughters, Sasha and Malia, to the Colosseum in Rome. 20+ pictures inside…

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michelle obama visits orphans 03
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Credit: Epsilon/Barm; Photos: Getty, Fame Pictures
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  • hadeel ali

    first?! she’s so elegant

  • erika

    Isn’t is special how the media goes to great lengths to hide her figure flaws. Linebacker needs to quit wearing clothes that enhance her flaws.

  • Excuse me?

    Michelle, Dear, time for some sleeves. Your arms are looking pretty chunky in that first photo

  • mica

    is she pregnant???

  • Eh

    stop criticizing her. am i the only person who thinks she’s kind of pretty? i think she looks good.

  • Tazina

    She’s still lovely but it’s either the dress or she’s put on a few pounds since she’s been living in the White House.

  • T

    Yes, she is very pretty.

  • I lover her

    Michelle looks beautiful
    but it looks like she has put on a few pounds

  • hippity hop

    She looks FAT.

  • =)=)=)

    vote 4 miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 everything please & thanku

  • Rhonda

    Well at least she didn’t show her boobs to the babies at this photo op, just her big ass came to the show. How about putting on a jacket and looking like a grown up? Don’t know to many professionals that walk around looking like this free-loader.

    Hey Just Jared, How about showing the picture of slutty Malia and her getto boyfriend? Dare you!

  • hypo

    Well, if Michelle is “fat” like some of you claim, then she’s more representative of typical Americans… who are the fattest people on the planet…. with the loudest mouths! Go Michelle!!!

  • brownstar


  • Valentina

    that guy standing in front of her in the colosseum pictures is sexy

  • luvvy

    Hi there GHETTO RHONDA, how’s the self-loathing therapy going? At least you’re still getting things off your chest. We wouldn’t want you to implode now, would we? ;-).

  • North

    OMG She’s bigger than the President! I’m sorry but her face is so strange…how can someone frown while smiling??? She looks stranger the older she gets…and I agree, now is the time to stop going sleveless..her arms are NOT looking very good.

  • silly putty

    what is it with these awful looking flowers on her dresses?

    maybe they are hidden cameras inside? lol

  • SAndy

    Comment #4 MIca. Michelle is pushing 50 I doubt she is preggos. She started her family very late in life and she is old enough to be a grandmother.

    Michelle is looking a little chunking. she is one big woman in general and I am betting she weighs into the 200 pound range. Isnt she six foot tall?

  • jenny

    Michelle looks great, as always, just beautiful.

  • Rhonda


    I don’t need therapy I didn’t drink the kool-aid! Last week I was a redneck make up your mind.

    its time for michelle to admit to the sex change operation. Its time for barry to come out of the closet.

    the little girl and the blooming slut were test tube babies!

  • camie

    First of, she’s an elegant lady who has been involving herself in many of the charitable causes. I love the way she dresses, because it shows that she’s humble, the respect given to her isn’t by the way she dresses but by the way she acts. Yes, I will agree that some of the outfits she wears is not attractive, but it shows us she doesn’t spend time dressing up, but she spends time helping others. She is one of the best first lady I’ve seen in a while. So if u have to object to anything I’ve said, be free to, but how can you contradict something which is the truth?”

  • camie

    Second, of all why is her weight or how she is shaped bring brought into this? Yes, she is a little fat, but she looks great nonetheless. She is nearing 50 and I think you should give her some credit on how she looks. It is hard for someone nearing 50, to maintain the same weight. It is possible for some people, but hard for some too.

  • sillyme

    Looks like her personal trainer is slacking a bit. Either the dress is too tight, or she’s chubbed up a bit, but I guess with all those parties she’s having at the White House, it’s no surprise that she’s gaining weight.

    Unless it’s time for the baby bump watch. She said she wasn’t planning to get pregnant, but, the president’s popularity ratings have tumbled, so probably a baby would be a good distraction right about now.

  • liz_K

    By insisting on wearing sleeveless dresses, Michelle Obama is clearly showing disdain for the people of every country she’s visiting, as well as for the people of her own country. She has no respect, and therefore does not deserve respect.

  • lola

    Now would Jackie O or Princess Di or Laura Bush or Sarah Palin walked out on the world stage looking like this? Would ANY of these women allow their child to walk out on the world stage looking like Malia Obama? We are going third world, banana republic at an alarming rate.

  • jenny

    jenny @ 07/09/2009 at 12:43 pm ….. i have no problem with the truth, but most negative posters are just so obviously jealous and still P.O’ ED, that Obama won, i laugh every time i read their post, i love their pain, now they know how we felt when we had to sit back and helplessly watch all those years bush sent our country in a downward spiral, and the first daughter( yes, i said first daughter) is just walking with a guy, why is that ghetto?, and makes her dirty? i guess every child in the white house before them are those things too, they have a very close family, i trust their parenting.

  • lola


    she’s the first daughter for sure, I think thats the point. 2012 baba’s are gonna be gone, gone, gone. Unless we get a miracle before that! Maybe Barry will have a meltdown when his telepromter goes berserk!

  • luvvy

    @Rhonda….. the QUEEN of the GHETTO
    If you were called a “redneck” last week it wasn’t by me, but I endorse whoever said it. Perhaps you should drink something ‘Kool’, but mind you don’t choke while spouting your venom. Peace out, ghetto queen.

    You go Michelle, no matter how big your arms or butt gets!

  • luvvy

    @Rhonda….. the QUEEN of the GHETTO
    If you were called a “redneck” last week it wasn’t by me, but I endorse whoever said it. Perhaps you should drink something ‘Kool’, but mind you don’t choke while spouting your venom. Peace out, ghetto queen.

    You go Michelle, no matter how big your arms or butt gets!

  • Rhonda


    Thanks, Acorn!

  • RMW

    “if Michelle is “fat” like some of you claim, then she’s more representative of typical Americans… who are the fattest people on the planet…. with the loudest mouths!”

    SO funny and SOOO true!!

    Always a pleasure to see the bitter republicans eating their hearts out because they still can’t accept the fact they lost! This is the most beautiful first family ever and definetely the closest thing the the average family in the US and the world! They don’t wear expensive clothes, yet they’re criticized for wearing Banana Republic, but when they shop at expensive stores, they’re criticized for wasting American money. Bottom line, an average person relates to this family much more than any other first family and I’m so glad they don’t give a cr*p what you people think!!

  • Pandora

    I don’t know why some of you continue to get your panties in a knot every time someone states the obvious — this is not an attractive woman. There are body parts she needs to minimize and cover up. As women we usually tend to focus on our own flaws (she doesn’t seem to, and that’s what everyone is talking about), and the flaws of others. She is in the public eye, therefore is subject to public scrutiny and critique. It’s that simple. What she lacks in beauty and fashion sense she supposedly makes up for in intelligence. So she has that going for her. A fashion icon, she is not. An icon has an eye for what bests suits them and they wear it well, they just don’t blindly select clothing because it’s current trend and delude themselves into thinking it suits them. She is a fashion faux pas.

  • dd

    i like how she dresses but i think she over does her sleeveless

  • Jane

    first?! she’s so elegant

    # 2
    erika @ 07/09/2009 at 10:37 am

    Isn’t is special how the media goes to great lengths to hide her figure flaws. Linebacker needs to quit wearing clothes that enhance her flaws.
    What figure flaws? FL Michelle has a great figure for a woman of 46 years old.

  • Jane

    First Lady Michelle, is 46 years old, she has a great figure for her age. A woman of 46 would not have a figure of a 20 or 30 something woman.

    She is gorgeous woman. Very pretty.

  • Lisa

    Michelle Obama is NOT fat! How insulting, she’s the definition of classy and true beauty. She’s a wonderful role model to women of all ages!

  • Jacob

    Maybe Barry got her pregnant. Besides, she’s always had a big ass and wide hips.

  • Rhonyc

    i love how when the prez is taking the 1st lady by the hand, he ALWAYS has this proud look on his face. like, shucks, “i’m the luckiest man in the world to have such a gorgeous wife”.
    i’ve seen the same look on brad pitt, john travolta & will smith.
    men who are proud to be with their women are…trés hot!
    very sexy quality, indeed.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think she tries way 2 hard 2 look nice sometimes
    the black and white dress was alright, she managed 2 make it work
    the same thing with the other dress but she really comes off as some1 who tries way 2 hard 2 please with looking good

  • Tazina

    I suspect it’s the dress. When they got the dog and when she was planting the garden she didn’t look fat. Of course that was a couple of months ago.

  • just me

    I think she is the epitome of class, intelligence, poise and is beautiful! I love that she dresses the way she does and is not at all interested in Armani,Versace,etc. She is a normal American woman. She is a great role model for all young women. And fat???? She is curvy and beautiful! No man wants a bone!

  • Rhonda


    You should check out the Drudge Report, Michelle ain’t gonna be happy! Seems he might not be so happy as you think with his double wide.

  • Rhonda

    @just me:

    oh yea, check out Drudge, by the way thats a $6,000 PURSE she is carrying.

    Obama is not checking out a double wide, its a sixteen year old.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    I didn’t vote for Obama, but I do admire how his wife has carried herself. With the times so turbulent, she seems so steady and collected. This can’t be the easiest job on the planet. I admit that my fashion sense is not the best, but it seems every one gets criticized for being “too designer” or to “common.” I just appreciate that she is in a difficult position and seems to be handling it well. I also applaud her for putting herself out there to be criticized. She is bringing attention to some important issues that need to be highlighted. This sounds so strange coming from a non-Obama voter. Oh well…

  • Rhonda

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    important issues that need to be highlighted? like what? a 6000 PURSE, or a 300,000 datenight to NYC?

  • annabelle

    She looks like her ass starts under her arms and she looks pregnant.

  • Halli

    Rhonda and Missy are one in the same.

    They write the exact same things and always visit Michelle Obama’s board because they’re old pedophiles who are obsessed with her daughter Malia,

    Who else but a pedophile will check out an 11 year old girl and wonder when she’ll get pregnant.

    Your sick Rhonda (aka Missy).

    Anyways… Michelle Obama is almost 50 years old and looks GREAT for her age. She’s defiantly lighter than Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton (who I am a fan of).

  • Willa

    Naa, she didn’t gain weight, its just a bad picture…
    I feel bad for Michelle in that everyone over-analyzes what she wears and how she looks like just because people dubbed her a new style-icon. She looks pretty most time… but she should avoid wearing her hair up and wearing wide stripes, pants and a wide belt. It just accentuates her hips (which is a problem area). Overall though, she looks beautiful!

    I know… I’m guilty of judging her clothes too. Maybe its because we all like it when she hits the right fashion-note and hate it when she doesn’t. Just like any other celebrity I suppose. No wonder, the Obamas are celebrities.

  • KIm

    Can she not wear something formal…something that fits a first lady? Why does she always loves to wear sleeveless clothes? she should wear a jacket or something on top of it……EVEN IN THE OFFICES EMPLOYEES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR SLEEVELESS CLOTHES LIKE THAT…WHAT MORE OF A FIRST LADY….


  • Willa

    KLM…. she looks far from cheap. Maybe you live in Saudi Arabia, but most offices allow people women to wear sleeveless dresses as long as you don’t show cleavage. Plus, her clothes cost a fortune, so that’s FAR from cheap. Get a grip.