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Reese Witherspoon's Sunny Stroll

Reese Witherspoon's Sunny Stroll

Reese Witherspoon takes a sunny stroll around the shops in Brentwood, LA on Thursday (July 9).

The 33-year-old actress is preparing for her role in a James Brooks-directed film, which will shoot in Philadelphia for over months. Jack Nicholson and Reese already began shooting scenes in Washington D.C., but will film the majority of the film in Philadelphia. The not-yet-titled James L. Brooks movie will reportedly provide an immediate $60 million boost to the southeast Pennsylvania economy, providing 250 full- and 1,200 part-time jobs.

Earlier this week, Reese paid a visit to the salon before she did her shopping.

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  • rEESE

    Look at my hip new outfit b1tches! Don’t you wish you had my style and flair?

  • All


  • ugly Reese


  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Dumb and boring Reese Witherspoon and publicity for her dumb and boring movies.

  • Lucy

    I love her outfit. She looks fresh and happy. Lucky for her.

  • Anon

    She looks very happy, and still wearing the ring I see.

  • whortensia

    Ohhhh here she is again. JJ just loves RW. She gets more coverage that….well MJ’s funeral. Now let’s hear from the haters. What’s wrong with her NOW?


    WTF is she wearing, a tablecloth?! Still doing her phony smile and fauxmance sh!t. Jared, tell us when there’s something new about Reese, like her death.

  • Anon

    Wow to wish someone dead is very very scary. Lets hope Reese (or Jake for that matter) never has the displeasure of meeting you #8, God knows what you would do.

  • articles

    Reese has always been one of my favorites. Hot, Hot, Hot!

  • Anon


    Get a life idiot and stop being so jealous.

  • madmax

    #8 I don’t like her either, but no matter how much I might not like someone I would never wish them dead. The only ones I wish DEAD are Osama Bin laden and his terrorist kind. (and some dictators)

    she has two children who love their mother.

    actually this outfit looks better than the blue number she wore the other day.

    Does that ring she wears on her left middle finger belong to Jake? Does anyone know this for sure?

  • Saudia

    she looks so pretty! Love everything she wears. Reese has great style.

  • rob redstone

    This girl is just plain cute!
    therobredstoneshow. com

  • susie q

    Once her romcom career is over, she could open a museum. Girl has the largest collection of expensive, ugly clothes on the planet.

  • philipa

    I’m sure #8 is just making a joke, don’t be so squeamish.

    Reese’s pics RIGHT below an Avon advertise is nothing we haven’t seen already , so why the big fuzz??

    And (for once) I totally like what she is wearing. Nice top, beautiful skirt and I can’t really see the shoes but they seem very stylish.

    Let’s not talk about the face and the teeths,
    but everything else…. NEAT!! ;)

  • Witherspoon is dull hag

    Reese is fugly woman who will never learn how to dress

  • NativeNYker
  • Anon


    Oh I doubt very very much that is was a joke.

  • Steffi

    OMG This woman looks better and happier everytime i see her! She’s really cute

  • anoano

    Never like Reece’s street-clothes/casual style.

    What I always wonder is why is she NEVER WITH HER KIDS??? It’s ood, here it is summertime, kids are not in school, she is not working 24/7, yet she is never seen with her kids. You never see her do anything fun with them, take them places. All you see her do is shop without them and get papped with Jake. It’s so odd, it’s like she completely forgets she even has kids. Does she keep them locked in the house while she shops all day???? Not the best natural mother.

  • Pattycake

    @anoano: Her kids and her relationship with her kids are private. Both she and Ryan are photographed occasionally with the kids but really, on a day to day basis, the children are shielded. I admire that about both R & R’s parenting. She had the kids all last summer, I suspect Ryan has them most of this summer. But really these kids have two involved parents.

  • Ranny


    Her children, especially her daughter, despise the paparazzi.
    You almost never see pictures of them, and when you see, Ava is ALWAYS trying to hide from the paparazzi. Ryan once said she hates them and that people make fun of her at school when they see pictures of her, because sometimes she’s holding a blanket or something. The fact is, the kid hates it and they do the best to procted her and their son.

    Reese and Ryan do a great job keeping them out of the spotlight.

    She’s a great mother and for sure loves her kids.

  • Noticias de famosos

    It looks very good and very happy, it is also very pretty.

  • teri

    Reese seems so sweet and always happy. Love the way she handled herself during her divorce, classy and didn’t moan and whine even though Abby hurt two children in the process. I can’t stand women who tear apart families with children. Ryan seemed like an immature little boy anyhow, Abby deserves him.

  • whortensia

    anoano: if she isn’t with her kids you say she neglects them, if she is with her kids you say she is exploiting them. Damned if you do, and also if you don’t, in other words.

  • whortensia

    I do think she is seen less with her kids because Ryan is seen less with them. For a while they were competing to be seen as caring for the kids. If he got photoed with them, then she did too. Now that you never see him, she doesn’t feel the need to compete.

  • aumentar penis

    To me she is such a inner city girl…

  • so phony and fake

    Reese Witherspoon is a phony person and overrated actress and mother.
    Can ‘t stand her.

  • irish girl

    She looks amazing in this pictures. Her smile is beautiful.

  • haha

    She looks happy and fresh but dress looks better on Ava than on her.

    Hi Irish girl do you miss Stuart Townsend :) He is one of reason why i love your country..

  • sally

    Reese looks really happy in these pics. Great for her!

  • sally

    Oh, by the way, I like the dress too. :)

  • mertz

    note to jen garner (who i think is lovely), this is how you should dress…reese is hardly ever in a miss category. i mean even when she dresses in things that don’t look good on her, she makes it work…not like that hideous all pink patterened sack i saw the other day on jen garner. ugh. go reese.

  • parityshopping

    There are all kinds of fashion designer handbags in our webstie.Welcome to click it.

  • lakers fan in boston

    once again her big chin is popping up =[
    other than that, she looks fine
    i like what she’s wearing but she looks shorter than usual in these photos

  • Marian

    Reese did everything she could during her divorce to paint Ryan as a horrible, awful man. In a divorce no one is a devil and the other a saint. She pimped her kids incessantly to project the image that Jake was a oh, so good daddy to her poor abandoned kids. when the publicity got negative about how she’s using her kids, now we hardly see them. Great mom my ass. Has everyone forgotten all those family photo ops that happened a while back? The woman is the biggest fake hypocrite in HW.

  • madmax

    I saw on E News she had a black eye, apparently she got hurt filming her movie.

    Jake is in Venice, he was seen coming out of a coffee shop. He was doing a script reading. I’m not sure if it’s for his movie Love and other Drugs (the one he’s doing with Anne Hathaway)

  • nicole

    Does this girl ever do anything else besides shop???

  • bearded chin

    @nicole: yes she is a full-time beard

  • kristin

    she is incredibly beautiful!!

  • scruffy puffy

    she F U C K E D her way up the ladder and is a nasty
    d o u c e b a g!

  • scruffy puffy

    she is a BEARD for the G A Y BLADE JAKE GYLLENWHORE.

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks amazing :) :)