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Michael Jackson's Death Ruled A Homicide

Michael Jackson's Death Ruled A Homicide

The Los Angeles County Coroner has reportedly ruled Michael Jackson‘s death as a homicide, a law enforcement official has told the Associated Press.

An autopsy of the King of Pop found lethal levels of the anesthetic propofol in his body, which was administered hours before he died in an L.A. mansion on June 25.

A search warrant unsealed today reveals Jackson‘s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, had been giving the singer 50 milligrams of Propofol every night using an intravenous line. He told LAPD that he had been treating Jackson for insomnia.

A rep for the Jackson family tells, “The Jackson family has full confidence in the legal process, and commends the ongoing efforts of the L.A. County Coroner, the L.A. District Attorney and the L.A. Police Department. The family looks forward to the day that justice can be served.”

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  • Atlanta2Dallas

    First!! i hope that sorry doctor gets the electric chair

  • Rhonda

    I truly loved MJ’s music, cried like a baby when he died. His children are the ONLY victims in my opinion. He was a drug addict, the doctor is gonna go down for it, but I hope the “Jacksons” aren’t gonna come out like victims. Even Kathryn knew what was going on, she didn’t help him because she needed his money too. The family was so dependent on his money they couldn’t help him for fear of being cut off. Only victims are his children, NOT THE JACKSONS, they knew! For Goodness sake WE knew! Elvis doctors have been around for a long time.

  • jj

    aww how sad. he didnt have to go. I hope those doctors are brought to justice.

  • dundies

    this man is in a better place & i cringe at every update i see. i wish the press would just let him be

  • Alex

    This is B.S. If a regular joe out there had died the same way no one would give a crap but because it was the King Of Pop all of a sudden it had to be a homocide. I guess it pays to have rich family members.

  • sarcasm

    Such a shocker.

    How could have anyone known?

  • caitlyn

    thats why it is getting a media coverage special person. he had such a big impact on this world that we didnt even know of until we look back and think. and its a damn shame that his life ended quick and like this way. MJ i love you and all i want is for you to rest in peace.

  • You/Me

    You know, I am sympathetic to the Jackson kids but seriously….what the f*ck did MJ think was gonna happen if he kept taking drugs, especially anesthetics? I mean seriously, it’s his own d*mn fault. That whole Jackson family is f*cked up, and I’m sorry but while this doc deserves to have his license taken away he does not deserve prison…..he was only doing what the stupid rich pay for. The fault lies with M and his dumb family, they knew what was going on but you know what, they let him be, now they need to get over their own guilt and stop making money off MJ…..that’s all they used him for anyway.

  • nick

    isn’t it partly Michael’s fault?

  • VNY

    Well there’s a surprise – NOT. Too much speculation for it not to be true.

  • to jj

    aww how sad. he didnt have to go. I hope those doctors are brought to justice

    yes it’s sad that michael is dead and his doctors should be hulled out on to the carpet. but the reality michael is equally as responsible for his own death. no one put a gun to his head and told him to take all those drugs over the years.

  • nikomilinko


    i think that was Michael´s fault.

  • bella

    @Alex: I agree, but I think a lot of people played a role in his death . . .including Michael himself. They all could of said no to him, but instead he surrounded himself with yes men. I don’t doubt Michael always put his kids first, but when it came to drugs he put that first. Terribly sad and I think he was sad for a long time.

  • nooooooooooooeujfjbhffd

    I do think Michael had a part in his own death. But if MJ was asking for all those drugs the doctor had the authority to say “no.” He did kill MJ, those drugs were too much.

  • Meg

    Is anyone really surprised? Majority of the media and the world immediately called drug overdose when he died back in June. If MJ really thought that the mixture of drugs wouldn’t kill him, then that’s unfortunate. It is common sense to not mix that strong of drugs. It is really sad what people will do for money.

  • Chau

    So sad. =( I feel most sorry for his children.

  • Sarah

    Michael definitely can’t be seen as innocent in this. He looked for doctors until he got what he wanted. With that said, I’m still heartbroken over his death.

  • Jaye

    The police didn’t care in 1993 that he was using those drugs, they found a boatload of them during the molestation investigation. They only care now because he’s dead. That was his choice to use those drugs and to not seek help when he knew he was addicted. He shopped around for Doctors and they being the greedy blood suckers that they are, didn’t care that what they were doing was unethical and illegal. They were too blinded by the money and his celebrity. Those of his family who tried to help him were barred from his residence, by his order. So now he’s dead because he cared more about drugs than he did about himself or his kids.

  • lakers fan in boston

    it only took like 2 months, but they finally figured it out
    im so bored of mj news
    ever since a week after his death i was done with it all, i just knew the news was gonna get more ridiculous

  • lyla

    this is so horrible, i still cry about him
    that doctor knew what he was doing, if i found a doctor that told me it was okay and i trusted him, i wouldn’t think too much about it either.
    seriously if someone asked me to give them those drugs and i knew it could kill him, i would say no and leave.
    it’s the doctor’s fault and michael was either very naive or didn’t care and i dont think he didn’t care

  • Poop

    This dumbas s doctor is African. I would never trust some weirdo foreign doctor to adminster me drugs.

  • Van

    When will this son of a bitch be hanged? I’d like to know.

  • Dassie

    I hope he gets what is coming to him. I can’t blame MJ for asking for the drug, he was an addict and addicts will manipulate and plead to get the drugs they want, it was the doc’s responsibility to say NO. He could’ve helped Michael, who obviously needed help and guidance, but instead he chose to keep pumping him full of drugs. May MJ rest in peace….he was a good hearted man who didn’t deserve to die so young. I hope justice is served.

  • keltu

    Mj we fans still miss you and love you forever.
    Thanks Akon for this song:

  • keltu

    MJ is the best entertainer that EVER lived. We fans will give him the respect that he earned!!
    This is for all the haters; BACK OFF, MJ wil live forever so DEAL wit IT!!

  • pousadas Morro de Sao Paulo

    It’s so crazy to give somebody anesthetic to sleep…I ask my self if Michael new the risks..

  • loveforfour

    I work in health care and the only time I’ve ever given propofol is when some one is on a ventilator ( An breathing assist machine that is breathing for you) or someone is about to be put on the ventilator. It is a criminal act to give this drug at home , it should only be given in a healthcare environment hopefully a hospital where a cardiac monitor, oxygenation monitor , etc are available with trained personnel present. This doctor did not value life but was after money only.

  • loveforfour

    I wanted to add that propofol is a very effective drug and we prefer it in many cases to completely sedate our patients to allow them to rest so the ventilator can breath for them.

  • Wendy

    This can happen only in LA, i swear.You have a drug addict star, the most famous artist in the world, who needs you to help him out NOT supply him with freaking dangereous drug every night.WTF!!

    What kind of doctor does this, he should be held responsible partially imo!

  • debbie lenon

    I just wish that Michael’s family and so called friends would have found a way to get help for him. A personal doctor is suppose to make sure you are ok…that you are personally being taken care of. I wouldn’t want to pay someone to help kill me. As a doctor, I would have told Michael NO! He would have had to make a decision to let me help him or leave him alone. I wish Michael would have had a really good friend that really loved him. Some people are just disappointed about the concert not going on. Sad they could not use him one more time. Michael was a person, with feelings, and so much hurt pinned inside. Who really would have gotten satisfaction from the concert? Michael’s body would have been tired, weary, worn and he would have still had the same emptiness inside as before any concert. I wish I could have been there to hold him, pray with him. I wish I could have been there to let him know that he was loved for who he was, and found a way to get him to agree to get help for himself. If that was my child, I would have done anything….anything in this worlld to get help for (my child). Real Love is unconditional. Real love perseveres. Real love is not greedy. I have never met Michael, yet I could feel his love and his hurt. This is also an eye opener for people with family who are hurt or on drugs. Take the time and effort to love them and help them find a better way. No matter what….everyone wants to be loved. I love you Michael, but God loves you most. He knew that it was enough. RIP “Heal the World – Make this a Better Place”

  • brina

    poor michael, he didn’t deserve to go like this, this makes me sad.

    the world has lost the greatest entertainer but at leat we still have his music…

  • suppress your appetite


  • skyangl625

    conrad murray will never get exactly what’s coming to him.maybe on his death bed someone will speed the process up for him and let his a…. rot in hell for being greedy and taking the job as mj’s doc. he could have said no but this guy was way too far in the hole with all the kids and child support payments he was behind him he probably just looked at mj as a quick buck not even a patient or human. no one deserves to go out this way, these kind of doctors have to be stopped.MJ was ready and couldn’t wait for the shows in london, he had a family to support, plans for the future.this guy took that all away from everybody that loved mj.sombody should take this guy out when he’s leaving the courthouse.