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Bryce Dallas Howard Has A Day-Off Date

Bryce Dallas Howard Has A Day-Off Date

Bryce Dallas Howard carries around a SIGG water bottle during her day off from filming Twilight Saga: Eclipse in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday (August 25).

The 28-year-old actress, who plays Victoria in the upcoming film, started her day getting fit by catching a cab to meet a personal trainer. Bryce then rounded out her night by having a date night and catching a movie with her husband Seth Gabel.

The highly-anticipated movie, Eclipse, hits theaters on June 30, 2010.

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Credit: VABC/Pie; Photos: GSI Media, SplashNewsOnline
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    JJ your photogallery function isn’t working! I can’t view any of you pics!

  • Chris

    @-: We just recently moved media servers – check your firewall setting and make sure (where our photos are hosted) are whitelisted. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us

  • Jane

    maybe a day off to redesign the horrible wig she was wearing last time???

  • suzy q

    She just seems like such a goody-goody, frumpy, old-fashioned mom. How the hell is she going to pull off Victoria….

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    bryce is cute and she has a nice ass,, no wonder so many females are jealous of her.

  • Rita

    I like her body: she looks healthy, happy, and she has an ass! Keep up looking great, Bryce!

  • nick

    She’s cute I hope people stop giving her a hard time about taking Rachelle’s place. Not her fault.

  • @#5

    What makes you think anyone is jealous of her? I don’t get it.

  • unknown

    ugly bit chh, what a fatass she has.

  • HockeygurL

    Nobody didn’t even pay attention to her before, now that she is cast as Victoria she has all the attention.I guess daddy’s big cheque worked.

  • Diana

    she loves the attention

  • juice

    “Daddy’s big cheque worked.” Uh huh. That’s why she has been in all those other movies, right?

    Sounds like someone’s sucking sour grapes up there in Canadia, eh?

  • sara

    That date night photo with her husband has her looking like Marian Cunningham from Happy Days!

  • irene

    Is that 1 picture the only one you got of her at the movies? Just wondering if I’m in any of the other shots.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    @unknown: isn’t that fat ass amazing. mmmm.. so sexy

  • kate

    it’s true she was in SOME movies, but never got THAT much attention…..

    it’s also true that daddy and his work paid off again: to get hollywoods official replacement girl into another movie where she – no get ready to be excited – replaces an actrice AGAIN (yawn)……it’s getting kind of boring.
    she was second choice for so many times now….and don’t you crazy twilight fans come up with the “she was actually asked to play the first movie, too”-thing, I really don’t believe any of the BS summit is saying at the moment to justify their ass-kissing to ron howard

    BDH is an actrice who gets roles because daddy is famous and in case the first (even more famous) choice (e.g. Nicole Kidman) doesn’t want to do it any more, BDH and daddy are more than likely to bring her influence to bear

  • elle

    she’s very beautiful

  • w i l l o w


    Oh please, honey, could you sound any more bitter? Bryce Dallas Howard was the talk of town many a time when it came to the high profile movies she starred in (regardless of how they were recieved) and equally in the smaller films.

    She certainly doesn’t need her father father’s help to get roles and she certainly ain’t nobody’s “second-string” either. Bryce has proven herself as an actress more times than Rachelle Lefevre could in a lifetime.

    If she was the first choice for this “Victoria” Character then she was, no ifs and buts about it. Honestly, you kids need to get over this already. You all sound more and more childish each time I see a post whinning about past events.

  • Claudia

    Byrce Dallas Howard is a fantastic actress that has been in high profile movies such as “The Village, “Manderlay”, “Spiderman 3″, and “Terminator Salvation.” She also used to be a model, thanks to her beautiful looks. Seriously, this girl just had a baby about six months ago. The fact that she could shed of that post-baby fat so quickly is a suprise to me. Despite the fact that these pics are unflattering, she has a fine body. And now, to the fact that she is an “attention whore”. What would you do if about 12 camera men tried to get in your face and take snapshots of you? Give them the middle finger, or actually try to be as polite as possible and smile?

  • Claudia

    @kate: Nicole Kidman was in Lars Von Trier’s “Dogville”, and Bryce Dallas Howard starred in Von Trier’s “Manderlay”. And while the film could have been referred to as a sequel it was simply a brilliant art film shot in the same style as “Dogville”. The two films are entirely different, though the characters and plot in both are used as symbolism and metaphors about society today. Therefore, though the characters name is the same, she is a completely different person than the one portrayed by Kidman, and the one played by Howard. Von Trier emphasised this point in many a film festival where it showed. If you had an ounce of intelligence regarding the film or had ever even seen them, you would know this. Bryce Dallas Howard did not take on any role simply beacause Nicole Kidman did not “want” it.

  • zela

    She is very beautiful and such a good actrass!

  • kate

    funny how there’s people like you willow/Claudia who have the time to write comments with different names, you have way to much time ….

    BTW, if have seen the movie, and just because I prefer Kidman oder Howard doesn’t mean I have no sense for a movie or am bitter, gosh, you obsessed fans are so funny…and was I ever speakingof her body, her child or whatsoever? let’s stay objective, ok?

    or even better: go, stick another BDH-wallpaper onto your door and light a candle before you start your daily prayer for her….

  • w i l l o w


    Wow, do you know how incredibly stupid you just made yourself look right now? So me and the user “Claudia” are the same person and so “oh so obessed fans” because we both like Bryce Dallas Howard and think highly of her as an actress? That’s flawed thinking if I ever saw it. So does that mean everyone who shares a unanimous opinion on something or someone as opposed to another set of persons are, in fact, the same person as well, with multiple or tripple accounts? Lordy-Be! This means you be “HockeygurL”, “Unknown”, “Diana”, “suzy q”, and “5″ and those other user who posts “She only got the part because her who her daddy is!!” as well! on JustJarded.

  • suppress your appetite

    the girl is hot.

  • Jake Johnson

    I wanna ejaculate my sperm all over that big ass!!!