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Gerard Butler Chugs Along In Chelsea

Gerard Butler Chugs Along In Chelsea

Gerard Butler hides behind his shades and newsboy cap as he strolls through the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City on Thursday (September 3).

The 39-year-old Scottish stud carried around an iPod and a phone as he talked with a mystery blonde.

Gerry‘s adrenaline-pumping action flick, Gamer, is out TOMORROW (September 4). If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Gamer trailer! Amber Valletta, Michael C. Hall, Kyra Sedgwick and Logan Lerman round out the cast.

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  • Xanda

    FIRST! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT! love the hat!

  • nyob

    His face is too round for that hat. He looks good though.

  • Bordado

    That is a spitfire cap.

  • halo

    he looks doable

  • Bordado

    Excuse me, a spitfire beret or a Coniston Hat.

  • amen

    Not exactly his best look, but I’ve seen worse.

  • Do you think he’s gay????

    I mean, he owns a pug and is exploring Chelsea…seems about right…

  • purple40

    hes so fineeeeee and not gay geez get a clue ppl

  • Mike

    he looks like a fat thug in that hat.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    I love this Scot. Looking forward to seeing his movie tomorrow. Thanks JJ for FINALLY having a Gerry Fugliston-Free thread. YIPPEE!!!

  • dAWN9476

    He looks so adorable in that cap.

  • hitch

    can’t stand his accent

  • usedtobeafan

    Hmmm – I really liked Butler when Phantom came out – mainly because he seemed really humble and charming in interviews.

    Now, I don’t dislike him – but he does nothing for me anymore. I don’t know what changed. Maybe it was all the tabloid reports of him using women like Kleenex? Or the fact that he doesn’t seem to take care of himself (his face has seemed really off lately)? Or because he comes off as just another arrogant, self-involved celebrity who wants the whole world to love him and kiss his ass.

    So – no thanks. If he makes a good movie, I might go see it, but I definately would not go out of my way.

  • Od

    This man needs a stylist – He is a cute boy but he’s getting dressed in the dark – Hat doesn’t work and the glasses…….. he looks like fat elvis.

    I know your scotish mate and as tight as a ducks arse, but spring for a stylist ;-)

  • GB is Back

    That shirt and the jeans need be laundered. Not sure about the hat but the shade looks good on him. I’ll take Gerry any day without that checked shirt. Has the shooting wrapped? Good luck with his Gamer movie and I am going to see it tomorrow.

  • dAWN9476

    Oh FFS. He is just walking around and minding his own business like everyone else. He doesn’t need to consult a stylist for that.

  • Gerard is a fine man

    Gerard has the most sensual lips of all men. He is just so drop dead gorgeous. Gushing? You bet and not a bit ashamed! Spare you “barf bags” Huh.

  • Sofia


  • Lisa

    He looks hot in anything or out of it.

    WTF can I never run into to someone like this, that woman is freaking scary ugly.

    Seems to me she is a fan or something & has stopped him to talk.

  • Theresa

    I use to be a fan in the Phantom days but now the appeal is gone. He seems more dumpy.

  • Creampie

    gorgeous. seeing gamer tomorrow. cant wait.

  • she’s definitely

    not shag material to him. Lucky for her. She looks like a nice young girl. Not model perfect which he needs to boost his ego.
    The cap doesn’t work for his face shape. He’s jowlly now that he’s older and the flat top of a newsboy cap just enphasizes it.

  • jill

    I hope he doesn’t date anistan,

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @jill: He’s not and he won’t. Don’t worry. After her spreading her legs on set, I think he realized there is better p*ssy out there then her disgusting cooch.

  • pafan

    I can’t believe anyone would comment on the looks of some random person with a camera who came upon him on the street. That’s cold.

    Gerry did a whole bunch of TV interviews early in the day, most of which were for Fox local stations in California. He had that same brown shirt on and he looked beautiful in the interviews. And, he was at the top of his game. Both funny and serious. In one he said the stuff with the pap is over now. Depending on the time these photos were taken he had probably just recently finished the interviews.

    I like that he hasn’t gotten so big headed he feels he needs to be driven around from one place to another in limos. He just walks or bikes around NYC like everyone else.

    Can’t wait to see Gamer. We’re going Saturday night.

  • gillianfey

    Simply thanks, JJ.

  • Scottish-Hawtness

    I’m sorry if some of you ladies haven’t had the pleasure of doing a Scottish man, but i’ll take Gerry over these little pissant American men any day of the week. And by the way, Scottish accents are sexy with the right man talking to you.

  • Sally

    He’s so charming and he really looks to be a nice guy.

  • indeed so

    ain’t that the truth. married to one and know it personally. it’s the roll of the tongue that gets me each time. Burrrr… but scottish men have tempers for sure. they are passionate, quick to snap back if mistreated, true to the one they love. they say what they think and are unpretentious. ever wonder why there are so many romance books having scotland as the backdrop.

  • hag

    MAN BOOBS!!!

  • anotherfan

    @hag: I think it’s time for a wee training bra Ger ;-)

  • amen

    @pafan: The fan looks as if she has a
    disability with her left hand…not appropriate to rag on her in these

  • laurie ann

    This is a new radio interview. He talks about Lolita and says the greyhound owner only got her dog a week before the attack. If this is true he must have been in contact with them…
    New video interview

  • amen

    @pafan: I mean I concur with you pafan.

  • SW



    LESSION ONE: Get a bra that pushes ‘UP’ and ‘SEPARATES’.
    LESSION TWO: How to do laundry
    LESSION THREE: How to mix and match clothing…or…how to live without that damn hat.
    LESSION FOUR: How to stop being a media-wh*re (this may take many months, if not years!)

  • question?

    i read that G was going to be on Kimmel and MTV to promote Gamer.
    did anyone see these shows?

  • Autumnm

    He is so NOT attractive. Fug face and body. Don’t get the hype about him at all.

  • @37

    He’s on Kimmel tonight

  • curious cat

    @sofia #19. Interesting you see a similarity to Brad Pitt. I have thought that too. In fact, it seems to me a lot of male movie stars have similar looks. Maybe we have an ideal image, or maybe it’s just that scruffy beards, big sunglasses, muscles and hats are in and make them all look the same. BTW, I like scruffy beards; men have facial hair naturally and I don’t think they should have to shave if they don’t want.


    his clothes, sunglasses and hat are exactly what Brad Pitt would wear.

  • WTF

    OMG! He’s talking to a mysterious blond! They must be dating! They must be doing it! She’s probably already pregnant! *snickers*!

    She’ s probably just a fan who approached him and he’s listening to her giving him her opinion about his work and/or his life.

    Or maybe simply she works somewhere where he often goes and they’ve struck up a friendship and she’s updating him on what’s new.

  • #19

    @Lisa: I can’t wait for your turn to run into Gerry on the street and get your picture in the celeb gossip threads so we can all comment on how freaking ugly you are. Gerry is not perfect, but he is good to his fans and these few moments alone with him may mean the world to this young girl. I pray she will not stumble onto this rude environment to have her random encounter thoughtlessly distorted.

  • tablelamp

    she is obviously a stranger, possibly a fan but not an acquaintance. they are keeping a big distance between them.

    some ppl will never get the appeal of GB. there is really a thing called “to each his/her own”, like i personally never get the appeal of and the hoopla about robert pattinson. but the difference between the ppl who dislike GB and me is that i would never go to pattinson’s site and rant about how unattractive he is. that’s just not a classy thing to do IMO.

    Gamer seems to be an interesting a$$kicking movie. GB looks very handsome in it. i hope he will do a romance movie next.

  • at least — Not a brown noser

    I dress for color not style, but I’m weird. I’ve been know (even in a hurry) to remove something because the color wasn’t “me” that day. Like I said, I’m weird.

    In the world of color brown represents wholesomeness and earthiness. Brown is a natural down-to-earth neutral color, and Gerry is a natural down-to-earth guy so why not wear the color? It must make his eyes the color of the sand and the sea stand out.

    The color is found in earth, wood, and stone. Natural things I think Gerry might like or have in his place? The color represents steadfastness, simplicity, friendliness, dependability, and health. Dependability is associated with brown.

    I get a sense Gerry’s in character development mode this is reflected in his serious colors lately. Olive, gray, black, now brown. That over the past two years he has very much (like stated in a recent interview) become his own man.

    Sienna, bay, sand, wood, dapple, auburn, chestnut, nut-brown, cinnamon, russet, tawny, chocolate, tan, brunette, fawn, liver-colored, mahogany, oak, bronze, terra-cotta, toast, umber, cocoa, coffee, copper, ecru, ginger, hazel, khaki, ochre and puce. All lovely words for the color… brown.


    PS, Love the cap! The hat thing started in Cannes in what, 2006? I have that photo saved of the lug at the airport. Love it!!

  • at least — Not a brown noser

    That’s known! I’ve been known. Me and my typos! :o( :o)

    Oh, and yes, he’s the most kissable looking lips on Planet Earth. Just looking at them on can presume he’s good at both giving and a receiving. ;o)


  • blondie

    Did you get to enjoy Gerard Butler’s very fine
    acting, in the movie called, “The Ugly Truth” ???

    When he holds women close,
    you can really feel the heat
    leaping off of the movie screen.

    I wanted his partner to say:

    “Honey, why don’t you have that thing off?”
    (The beard!!!!)

    But never mind THAT!!!

    Did you see the way the movie ended???
    Well, I…for one, was shocked
    and for pitty sakes, I was speechless.

    You won’t see Jennifer Aniston trying something like that
    in a romantic comedy. No sir.

    Why hasn’t someone said something about it.

    It left nothing to the imagination.
    Where were the police to close down the theatres?

    Just because the covers were over their bodies
    does not mean that the meaning was lost
    about what was going on and on and on.

    Why did she have to hold
    her legs in that position, though? Like she was
    in the delivery room, about to give birth!!!!

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    tablelamp @ 09/04/2009 at 12:04 pm
    she is obviously a stranger, possibly a fan but not an acquaintance. they are keeping a big distance between them.
    some ppl will never get the appeal of GB. there is really a thing called “to each his/her own”, like i personally never get the appeal of and the hoopla about robert pattinson. but the difference between the ppl who dislike GB and me is that i would never go to pattinson’s site and rant about how unattractive he is. that’s just not a classy thing to do IMO.
    Gamer seems to be an interesting a$$kicking movie. GB looks very handsome in it. i hope he will do a romance movie next.
    I’m with you sister on the looks thing. Pattinson is a boy, who wants a boy but a girl. Now Gerry is a man, not just any man, but well worn and masculine. He reminds me of the type of man that can take control of a situation, all rough and ready, but can be gentle and protective if need be. I like the look of this type of man. A little rough around the edges but has some living under his belt.
    As for the romantic movie, I am so there as long as it is not another bad romcom with Nippy. I’ll tell you I really like this guy but she so disgusts me with her behavior, I think the Bounty will be movie that I will rent someday, maybe. Now Burns would be something that I could really wrap my mind around…poetry and romance. [sigh]

  • maria

    I hope he’s still going to do Burns. Haven’t seen anything about it in months. I wish someone interviewing him would ask about it.

  • Gertard Butturd

    There is nothing sexier than moobs and a round face on a man.

  • kj

    looks like his daughter