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Emma Watson & Jay Barrymore: Brown Buddies

Emma Watson & Jay Barrymore: Brown Buddies

Jay Barrymore rests his hand on the leg of his girlfriend, British actress Emma Watson, while visiting her at Brown University on Friday (September 5) in Providence, Rhode Island.

The cute couple was accompanied by her mom Jacqueline. The 19-year-old starlet was seen playing team-building exercises with fellow class of 2013 freshmen.

This tweet made me laugh from @cupcakenar: “My dad made Emma Watson mad by taking a photo of her going inside the Financial Aid office at Brown. She was with her mom & boyfriend.”

Just Jared on Facebook
emma watson jay barrymore brown university 01
emma watson jay barrymore brown university 02
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emma watson jay barrymore brown university 04
emma watson jay barrymore brown university 05

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  • cutie

    She’s so cute! Glad to see her enjoying a semi-normal life. :-)

  • TRuth

    He’s too old, old-looking for her.

    Do any of these young girls believe in waiting until they’re out of their teens to have sex anymore? So disappointing.

  • Minime

    @TRuth: She is like 19, you know :)

  • loli

    She is gorgeous!!!!!

  • emma

    he is sooooooooooooo ugly :(

  • SHopaholic22

    @TRuth: spoken like a true prude … ur probably a virgin too LMAO

  • Pattycake

    @TRuth: This guy looks about her age. What are you looking at? And “waiting to have sex” MY what an imagination you have. Did anyone mention anything other than he is her boyfriend? @emma: So sorry she forgot to consult you before she chose a boyfriend.

  • Sammie

    Don’t believe everything you read on twitter people.

  • LKJM

    He’s hideous

  • me

    They’re SO cute together!!!! Jay looks like Tom Felton to me.
    But I wish the paps would leave Emma alone. She wants a normal college experience!

  • me


    What about this picture makes you think they’re having sex?!!!!! Where in the world did that even come from??

  • natalie

    who knows now shes there ,emma wants
    meet someone alse

  • gabby


    Emma’s boyfriend is 27 years old, but whatever. Age is nothing but a number. I think they make an adorable couple. u can tell they really love each other.

  • Noticias de famosos

    If she likes, well, but could find one a little more handsome, I know, not much stuck.

  • black

    Emma seems to sloch quite a bit. Her whole way of moving kinda reminds me of a guys antics.

  • leslieitis

    Oh please not the “cute” brigade again. The word “cute” should be banned for overuse and the morons who constantly use it.
    Unless he wants to move there permanently, I would think she would soon be dating somebody else, and it will be “goodbye” for him. I think he’d be wise to become a student if he wants to keep her.

  • leslieitis

    Oh please not the “cute” brigade again. The word “cute” should be banned for overuse and the morons who constantly use it.
    Unless he wants to move there permanently, I would think she would soon be dating somebody else, and it will be “goodbye” for him. I think he’d be wise to become a student if he wants to keep her.

  • leslieitis

    She’s going to have a terrible time, I would bet. A movie star with tons of money in the midst of lots of not very rich young kids who are easily star-struck. They will be all over her like flies on a glob of honey and she won’t be able to drive them off. I don’t think she will stay there for four years.

  • twitter is a reliable source?!

    You are so pathertic Jared for spreading the rumour that Emma used a freaking helicopter to go to Brown.

    The source of that rumour that Just Jared posted about Emma arriving on campus on a helicopter was just from someone’s twitter:

    So are were really going to believe everything anyone on twitter says now?

    Well, if we were going to believe all tweets from random people now as reputable sources, then Emma should also be able to be in two places as once coz at least 2 people also tweeted that they just bumped into Emma at Bed, Bath & Beyond AT THE SAME TIME AS THE HELICOPTER LANDING.

    That’s real magic she’s doing!
    She must be using her time turner *roll eyes*

    There aren’t any photographic proof of this, nor anybody else from Brown mentioning about someone arriving in a helicopter. So please, I know you have very little journalistic integrity, but at least draw the line at sourcing your news from TWITTER!

  • Billythekid


    Ah, I see you are capable of being an idiot at more than one place per day. Way to go! Are you a nun or something? Curious because from another comment of yours – on another page – you talk as if you are a European, which strikes me as odd because I didn’t think Europeans were so prudish.

  • sweetness

    How crazy are you people she is not being NORMAL if she is having her picture taken documenting her every move on a college campus!

    this is a rich movie star playing at being normal ..this girl is mega rich with a french chateau she brough from being in Harry Potter movies and her friends are stars ! Why would she be here in the USA which is celebrity mania here? attract more PR.

  • twitter is a reliable source?!

    here’s the screencap of that tweet that Jared is using as his cource:

  • kyra182lovesgosling

    @leslieitis: I know right!!! I posted something yesterday how i bet people are going to taunt her and put up harry potter posters when she said she hoped they wouldn’t. That’s how people are. And people will try to be friends with her for the fame.She’s way over her head if she thinks people are going to treat her like a normal person. Also her BF in that pic looks like Tom Felton. He’s cute.

  • http://jain jain

    i don’t think it’s us eropeans who are purdish. Emma is of leagl age in the uK and has been since the age of 16. However, my understanding is the legal age is 21 in the US. so therefore IF there was an intermate relationship between the two at home, then there isn’t now. Other wise he could be had up for sex with a minor.

  • lol

    My dad’s colleague’s daughter is in his second year at Brown. I talked to her last month and she said she and her friends are going to get autographs from her.

    EMMA WATSON will definitely not have a normal college experience. That’s the price for being rich.

  • looks young

    Is Emma Watson really 19? She looks 14.

  • J

    @Pattycake: that guy is 27. a 27 year old doesn’t date a 19 year old for the stimulating dialogues…it’s all about sex.

  • Guess who

    He’s 25 years old, not 27. Get your facts right, pathetic people!

  • nm

    It’s great that Emma goes to Brown, I hope she’ll have a relative normal life there.

  • J

    @Guess who: all the other sites i have looked at say he is 27, where are you getting your facts?

  • Bordado

    WTF does she see in him?

  • onefive

    uh oh, looks like the freshman 15 is already starting to happen

  • LoveLeeR

    We should be able to tell that we don’t like something or someone (some celeb) with respect and without being persecuted by other people. We should agree to disagree, that’s all.
    Chill out people, this is just gossip…

  • lakers fan in boston

    that guy looks kinda old, he seems to be balding a bit as well
    she looks cute, good luck emma =]

  • Matt


    Emma’s boyfriend is 27 years old, but whatever. Age is nothing but a number. I think they make an adorable couple. u can tell they really love each other.

    Read more:

    @gabby, you are wrong about his age moron! IF he was “27″ years old then he would have already graduate college long time ago! So, anyway, he is 19 or 20 years old! duh!

  • Matt

    @ onefive, you have failed, she is 19 but not 15 retard!

    To everyone, Jay is not 25 or 27, if he was 25 or 27, then he would have graduated college long time ago and got married in frist place duh! So, in Emma’s official website, she just met Jay months ago before she search University she wants to pick. DUH! In case that you remember her ex-boyfriend who she dumped long time ago for posting pics of them which is you thought she drink “alcohol” “smoke cigs” and etc.. So, NO she does not drink or smoke, it was ex-boyfriend made that stupid pics! its all FAKE!

    so, you all fools have failed, epic failed! :) stop ranting all same messages every time! so get over it!

  • anali

    she is beautiful I love her ♥
    but he .. is so ugly :|
    sorry Emma haha

  • milli

    She is doing good by getting some education. Her acting is not so great, she lacks range, depth everything. I don’t see a great future for her in it.

  • agrees with TRuth

    @TRuth: Thanks for saying that! Finally someone with a brain.

  • unknown

    good god hes ugly

  • wed mother

    Brown is an expensive ivy league school… most students are from well off families, unless on special scholarship.

    Emma will be fine at Brown… she’s not the first celebrity kid there and won’t be the last.

    jain… the age of consent for everything except drinking [!!] in the USA is 18.

  • jm

    @Matt: you make no sense!

  • NIC

    he looks like a druggie

  • Autumnm

    Emma is pretty and I know she is of a legal age, but she looks to be no older than 14. That dude she’s with is way too ugly, goofy and old looking for her. What is she thinking dating this guy?

  • esmee

    @kyra182lovesgosling: Good for her! Although the frats/sororities prolly have recruit hazes planned around Ms. Watson…
    RE: Boyfriend…does have an uncanny resemblence…

  • Kim

    Her bf is really really unattractive. She’s smart, famous, and beautiful- you’d think she’d be able to find a better looking guy than that.

  • Lplusfpluse

    she is wayyyy to hot for him!! And young too, he looks way too old. I know Emma could have guys lined up! wonder what it is about him

  • me


    Pretty much everyone at Brown is rich! I think you mean that’s the price you pay for being famous. But Emma DESERVES her normal college experience and it won’t be normal if people come up to her and ask for autographs. And you KNOW she’s going to say “no.” And then people will get upset. Just leave her alone and let her live her life. Movie premieres is the place to get autographs not college campuses.

  • Jessie

    He’s obviously seen better days in the looks department. Better enroll in college 27 year old….. so you don’t lose that young, beautiful, rich girlfriend you have…..


    jessie | celebrity style watch

  • emmalover

    she is so beautiful!! love her!!!