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Emma Watson: Brown Freshman Orientation!

Emma Watson: Brown Freshman Orientation!

Emma Watson and the class of 2013 attend freshman orientation at Brown University on Friday (September 4) in Providence, Rhode Island.

The day after, the 19-year-old British actress was seen grabbing Starbucks with friends and family. Her boyfriend Jay Barrymore has also been spotted on campus. In addition to her literature course load, Emma is taking a geology class this semester.

“I want to be normal,” the Harry Potter starlet has said. “I really want anonymity. I want to do [the college experience] properly, like everyone else. As long as I don’t walk in and see, like, Harry Potter posters everywhere, I’ll be fine.”

UPDATE: Emma did not fly onto the campus via helicopter as previously reported. Her rep tells, “She arrived by car as did everyone else. She has not nor will at any time travel to university by helicopter. ”

15+ pictures inside of Emma Watson at Brown’s freshman orientation…

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emma watson brown freshman orientatio 01
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 02
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 03
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 04
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 05
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 06
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 07
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 08
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 09
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 10
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 11
emma watson brown freshman orientatio 12
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emma watson brown freshman orientatio 17

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  • lauren

    in the picture where she has her arms folded she does NOT look happy to see the paparazzi!!!!!

  • cali

    Ok, I will admit I looked at the pics and it was nice to see her having fun, looking like a typical college kid.

    But Please, JJ, please don’t encourage paps to stalk this young woman as she goes about just trying to be normal, go to college, hang out with friends etc.

  • Gemm

    She arrived in a helicopter, she wants all the attention she can get

  • Jena

    @Gemm: oh just shut up! if she went in a car…there would like paps all over her! but ANYWAY, i’ve never been a huge fan of emma, but i really admire her for going to college and all, there are hardly any celebs who do that now.

  • M

    @Jena: Stfu. How would you know what the differance would be? I 110% agree with Gemm.

  • Marcus

    She didn’t arrive here in a helicopter. She’s been here almost two weeks now. Where do there stupid rumors start?

  • djfg

    A helicopter! ANONYMITY. — I’m cracking up.

  • Gemm

    @Jena: No there wouldnt. She is not in LA. Not even toronto has papz, at all.

  • Marcus

    We have anonymity is abundance. Nothing ever happens here. I can’t believe the paparazzi followed her here. The local media are all talking about her. Hopefully people will lay off and she’ll get the privacy she wants.


    Leave the gorgeous girl alone! She doesn’t want the attention at college. Who does? It’s creepy for some mexican to photograph you behind a bush on campus? Isn’t there a law that he can’t go on the school grounds I mean come on!

  • Jena

    @Gemm: yeah, but look, the paps followed her to the college….but anyway, she’s happy now.

  • Tim

    How did photographers get on campus? Is there no security? She looks very sweet and happy. Plus the jeans and T-shirt is sexy hot!

  • The truth

    Ok so….1.She is a diva on the set 2.She is the face of BURBERRY 3.She has done LOTS OF PHOTOSHOOTS since the last year 4.She arrives in ONE HELICOPTER.Mmmmm you don’t want attention…are you sure Emma-crazy eyebrows-Watson????

  • loli

    She is an idol! Emma you rock! But i`m afraid paparazzi won`t leave her alone! Famouse movie star on Brown campus? That`s tooooo much for them to resist!!!!!

  • Saudia

    LOL she’s funny.. saying she wants to be normal but arrives on a helicopter .. hilarious. Love her though… Emma fits in so well ..I’m sure she’ll be fantastic

  • leah

    Get real, she arrives in a helicopter, then complains about anonymity. Plus she is doing the Starbucks routine, the typical “see me” star routine, not the “on a budget” student routine.
    The way JJ wrote that about the geology class, it seems like Emma isn’t taking much else.

  • Tim

    I would have liked to see her arriving in two helicopters. If she wanted attention she wouldn’t have chosen Brown located in the middle of nowhere. Jealous little girl.

  • christyjolie

    I love emma and i live in R.I. right down the street!

  • Mandi

    How are you trying to be normal arriving to school in a helicopter????
    I’m pretty sure you could’ve driven or something….

  • Halli

    Providence, Rhode Island…. she’s gonna be bored out of her mind.

  • Marius

    Is it true? She arrived in a helicopter? LOL In case it is true, no doubt that she wouldn’t get all the attention she ever wanted to have. The only thing I know is that she’s so pretty!

  • bleh

    @Jena: she only got into this school because she is rich and famous. she’s probably smart for an actress, but i doubt she’s smart enough to get into Brown on her own.

    it’s like all those other celebrities who go to college because they can easily get accepted. do you really think the olsen girls, christy turlington, etc were smart enough for NYU? Or Anne Hathaway was smart enough for Yale? James Franco for Columbia? It’s completely unfair to the class body.

    honestly, if you are arriving via helicopter, you must think very highly of yourself.

  • anon

    I heard she’s been staying at a local hotel for the last few weeks. She’s been in Rhode Island longer than Sept 2. That is a fact.

  • anon

    @bleh. Get a life. Maybe then you’ll stop being judgemental over gossip.

  • anon

    You want to be normal but show up in a helicopter…maybe not a good start.

  • bleh

    @anon: @anon: actually i have a life. a very good one in fact. you’re probably insecure in your own, so you had to criticize me.

    what i said was a fact. most celebrities only get into these ivy league schools because they are famous.

  • anon

    She’s hot! It’s no wonder she’s the target of petty comments. Where are the photos of her getting out of a helicopter?

  • Sammie

    She looks like she’s having a great time. I missed the helicopter photos too! ITA, Rhode Island is boring.

  • lauren

    @bleh: she got like 7 A*’s and 3 A’s at GCSE and all A’s in her A-levels…I’d say that’s pretty smart!

  • not true

    she DID NOT arrive in a helicopter!! some girl on twitter thought she did but wasn’t sure…it’s not true. if she really arrived in a helicopter, i think we’ll have some pictures by now

  • Justme24

    Brown is so overrated.

  • bleh

    @lauren: yes, she got those on the GCSE, which is equivalent to the GED. And this is the easiest thing in the world to pass! Having straight A’s or over a 4.0 GPA in high school, is probably the easiest thing in the world. I would want to see what she got on the SAT, TOEFFL, or other international exam you must take before entering a US University.

  • Neil

    Hope she is able to make REAL friends. Celebrity can (is) be a “double-edged sword”.

  • Neil


    Count me as insecure too. You sound full of your self and come off like a hag!

  • Sammie

    @bleh- you are coming off like an ignorant american. Please shut up. You make the rest of us Americans look as stupid as you. GCSE is not equal to a GED. Grow up!

  • blah blah blah

    perfect choice.
    The Ivy League school for social climbers: Brown.

  • mary

    to 36

    The Ivy League school for social climbers: Brown.

    let me quess; you don’t have the ability, like emma and myself, to get accepted in to Brown so you’re jealous. poor dear! i and my fellow “social climber” classmates will think you not at all.

  • Camilla


    I know right, she says ┬┤I want a anonymity┬┤ yet she comes with a helicopter… If you want anonymity sweetheart take a car or something

  • Matt

    Is she planning on living in Res?….
    Can you imagine having Hermoine as your roommate?! RAD.

  • Sammie

    She’s living in the dorms! Can you believe it!

    Brown social climbing. Hardly. I do enjoy the rock climbing some eastern states offer.

  • joanne

    good for her. she’s blending in

  • yulissa

    she is nice! but how does she want to be normal by getting to school in a helicopter? LOL…… but nah i understand that the paparazzi and all that stuff will start to bother her =D good luck in college

  • bleh

    @Sammie: i didn’t say it was exactly equal to it. obviously, the US school structure and european school structure are different. but the GCSE is most similar to a GED or high school credits. what do you think its’ equivalent is?

  • bleh

    @Neil: why are people so afraid of truth and negativity? Chances are she only got into Brown because she is famous and rich. It is very rare for a typical or middle class student to get into an ivy league schools. they tend to accept people who have donated money to their schools, children of alumni, or famous/rich people. this is all fact.

    why does it offend you? it might sound cynical but it’s the truth. life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, it amazes me that so many people get upset over negativity. deal with it, it’s part of everyone’s life.

    also, i went to a top school myself, so i know what it’s like. i also have visited many other top schools for academic research and have experienced the WASP-ish and arrogant attitudes of many ivy league students.

  • Sammie


    You seem to be a very unhappy person. I’ll just go back to looking at Emma’s beautiful and smiling face to ward off your negativity.

  • brush yo teefs!

    @bleh: students in england do gcse’s first then go on to do a-levels

    gcse exams are rather easy to pass but a-levels are the ones that matter for university or college

  • marla

    Who cares if she arrive in a helicopter. She payed for it. I wouldn’t care less if she arrived in a submarine either. The fact that this intelligent British student still consider American University education more worthy than Oxford and Cambridge universities in England is in itself a bit of a setback for her.

  • loli

    @marla she doesn`t! She knows British universities are better! She just came to US because she hopes to have normal life as a student! And it`s fals news that she came in a helicopter!

  • double standards

    Ok, now all of a sudden she wants to distance her self from Harry Potter and the franchise that made her in a gazillionaire?

  • bleh

    @brush yo teefs!: yes in England, A-Levels are enough to enter a university. but whenever you go to a different country for college, you have to take their required exams. for instance, in the US you need to take either the SAT or ACT exam.

    also, it’s always tougher for an international student to get into an american ivy league school. one of my friends was an international student and her application process was MUCH tougher and longer than mine. but her family was extremely rich in japan, so she was accepted into my school.