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LeAnn Rimes: Thai Beach Babe

LeAnn Rimes: Thai Beach Babe

LeAnn Rimes and a mystery male lunch at the Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine restaurant and then go shopping at the Malibu Country Mart on Monday (September 7) in California.

Last weekend, the 27-year-old singer romped around in a bikini in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her 36-year-old boyfriend, actor Eddie Cibrian. During their four-day getaway, the couple was seen kissing and cuddling while on the beach together.

15+ pictures inside of Thai beach babe LeAnn Rimes

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leann rimes thai beach restaurant 01
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 02
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 03
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 04
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 05
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 06
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 07
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 08
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 09
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 10
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 11
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 12
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 13
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 14
leann rimes thai beach restaurant 15

Photos: GUTS/WENN, Fame Pictures
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  • beauvoz

    Good choice in restaurant. Tasty tasty fare.

  • avila

    Someone tell Miss Rimes to slow down and listen to the grapevine before leaping. I’d like to ask her mother to talk some sense into her.

  • astrofan

    Does anyone on this thread have any knowledge or interest in comparing astro charts?

    Speak up if you do and want to discuss it. I have taken some time to see what I can see.

    What stands out is that Eddie’s 2 kids are going to have a positive father figure from him. Surprising to all here who keep insisting his kids will hate him . That is not the case. Remember he is Cuban and hispanic men cheat to uphold their manliness and bragging rights but Eds parents are in the neighborhood and a stabilizing influence for those boys.

  • sweetpea

    Thanks Jared for the sweet photos. Love them to pieces

  • seasonsru

    Will anyone write a book about these four persons and what went awry?

  • beauvoz

    Doubtful # 55. Brandi has shut up entirely. Someone must have given her a warning. Dean and Rimes probably had a clause in their contract as most wise celebs do.

  • sweetpea

    Notice how her escort is peering lovingly into her eyes. He wants her! Is she up fo grabs? Let us hope she sees the light and gives Eddie the heave-ho. Le Ann you are too good for Eddie. Let Brandi have him except he doesn’t want Brandi

  • dd

    Ruth and Roni great comments. We get it, marriages end. But the blatant pain and humiliation LR and EC have caused is why people are angry. Grow up LR, stop acting like this is high school and you stole the cute guy. Act like an adult,stop the photo ops, stop smirking and realize all this will come back to bite you. And EC zip it up, you are just a hound dog for allowing this psycho girl to continue the “love story” press leaks.

  • MEL

    Not buying what Leann is trying to sell. She and Eddie come across as 2 of the selfish and self absorbed a-holes. Those of you who don’t think her career will take a hit better guess again. The more she puts herself out there GLOATING the worse she looks and it isn’t helping Eddie any.
    Maybe all you “fans” should trot right on over to the CNN article this morning… ooops you probably all ready did…panic much

  • samson

    Well MEL………..

    i you finished the article on CNN you would realize your comments are NOT what the article finishes up with. Read the entire article and give a factual accounting of it NOT only cherry-picking what you want to hear.

    Also, Dean isn’t appearing broken up about it so ?

  • samson

    No panic MEL

    It doesn’t say only what you claim the piece says. It says her fan base is holding steady and since people love scandals it may add some fans.

    The title of the article is misleading and you clearly did not read through the whole thing.

    So much for listening to you. DISMISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beauvoz

    If she makes good music it will sell. Jolie makes more than ever. I could list many more.

  • cholado

    Great food. I can attest to that

  • barb

    Her rep will be effected but it’ll rebound especially if her product is as good as before. She might not care about performing anymore but be setting her sights on having a family and a life out of the spotlight. Time will tell all. Dean should come out of the woodwork if he is bi or gay. Quit hiding what everyone with two eyes can see.

  • barb

    Dump him Le Ann .Send him home with his tail between his legs. Eddie an Brandi deserve each other LMAO

    Run Le Ann run from the scum. Get your divorce and hit the town. You’ll have a lot of takers. Better men than Mr. Ed

    You need to experience the dating world. Slow it down and enjoy your own company for awhile. Ed swept you off your feet but he does that with women in general.
    If you can live with that kind of guy more power to you. Brandi put up with it for all these years I guess you can too. That must be some hot stud for these women to put up with him.

  • tyrae

    Back again. Just wanted to say this was done in a really stupid way. They say “love is blind” I guess that means its stupid too.

    The paps are hot on this one because scandal sells and the media is sinking in this lousy economy. This will charge it up alright.

  • tyrae

    After Eddie no man is going to measure up in the looks and hot bod category : )

    But I hope she turns him loose. He never settle down with one . He likes all the fishies in the sea.

  • tyrae

    Has anyone seen the USWeekly issue with the photos? What are they of and what are they like?

  • sue

    No but I’d like to know. I’ll look when I go to Wal Mart this week.

  • sue

    She’s getting too skinny. Stop Le Ann it’s not worth it. No future with Casanova.

  • ugly horseface

    She’s only 27!!!!! Get OUt!!! Would this ugly horseface please just go away?? What does she call the paps everytime she leaves the house? What a HO! You are ugly and we are sick of seeing you whore yourself out because that’s what u r a big HO!

  • ugly horseface

    She needs to take her no talent Ho butt and go into hiding, I don’t believe she’s 27. More like 57. Eddie will drop her- quick! She is UGLY- FUGLY!!

  • bandi

    She’s very pretty Brandi and 10 years younger than you.
    Her eyes are beautiful blue and yours are dull brown
    She has sold tens of millions of albums and you will be needing that job as a make-up artist soon.
    Her boobs are real.
    She has held her tongue in this matter and you have lost your wits
    Be glad he’s gone. How many more years could you stand him cheating on you?

  • bandi

    No talent? Silly talk. She has sold more than 50 million albums and done some good acting too. And you ? And Brandi? She has talent? At what? Looking the other way for the past 12 years?

  • Kee

    why arent there pictures of eddie and leann in cabo san lucas? i really wanna c pictures of them there

  • sue

    I want to see them too. Are they in the latest issue of USWeekly anybody?

  • amy


    yeah , breaking up someones marriage can do that to you.

  • sue

    What marriage?

    Eddie has been acting like a single guy his entire marriage. She looked the other way the whole time or she is an incredibly vacant woman.

  • sue

    If you were Brandi would you want to spend your entire married life with an unfaithful man? Maybe this is in Brandi’s favor. she couldn’t rehabilitate him.

  • beauvoz

    I think Le Ann should beat it out of there before its too late.

    Take your freedom and run. See what life is all about before you jump into another serious relationship.

  • linda


    Yes,they’re in the new US Weekly.I haven’t read it,but E!Online has a video on their site concerning LeAnn’s divorce and they show some of them.There’s 2 photos where they are hugging on the beach,one of them walking where LeAnn has her fingers tucked in the back of Eddie’s shorts and one of them in a hot tub.

  • sue

    Thanks Linda for that info. I’m going there now.

  • no penn 4me

    Just read that Sean Penn is dating Jessica White, the swimsuit model.

    Is this why his wife filed papers again? Divorce not even final and he does this?

    Who else besides me is going to boycott his movies?

  • lol

    out with someone else’s husband leeann AGAIN

  • jojoie

    Has anyone seen the new photos from the beach? If yes, what are your impressions?

    These are mine…….Le Ann seems uncomfortable and Eddie doesn’t have that lost puppy look someone in love has. Methinks Eddie is a male chauvinist pig. That’s what my eyes tell me.

  • jojoie

    This relationship is going to be exhausting for her. I can see it already.

    Eddie is a free spirit who comes and goes as he pleases. Le is accustomed to having her mate with her night and day. He would be suffocated by that being that he is Gemini.

    I think they’ve both flipped.

  • jojoie

    I think Brandi spoiled this man. She knew he was screwing around but she kept opening the door. Are his looks so knock-out that she was afraid he’d leave her if she put her foot down? Yup!

    No one is going to confine Eddie. Guy is too damn hot!

  • she shall remain nameless

    Stop photographing this fugly horse faced homewrecker!!! I can’t stand this woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sammy

    If the paps can sell the photos they will continue to snap and publish them.

    You must think you have some control over such matters. But you don’t, Not an iota.

    Now if you don’t like this thread why did you stop by? Land on someone you like and post there.

    There’s the solution to your problem

  • Sheri

    Luv LeAnn, the Hell with all the haters, Jealous Much!!! lol

  • stacey

    That’s another one of the things I love about LeAnn: her spirit. She’s always smiling, and so happy these days. I wonder who’s the cause of that. LOL You can tell she’ is such a positive person.

  • stacey

    You people crack me up with your name calling and preaching! Like it’s suppose to make her fans stop supporting her. You keep saying the same things over and over agaiin. Seriously, it ‘s becoming comical!

  • stacey

    I saw the beach photos, and they both looked very comfortable with each other and happy.

  • gwen

    Wow, isn’t it strange how all of these LR supporters just came out of no where? What’s even more strange is that these “new” supporters sound like LYDIA. Just like LYDIA, these “new” posters are so worried about what other posters are saying that she thinks that she has the authority to tell other posters where, how, and when to post on a this message board. Just like LYDIA, these “new” posters claim that BG was at fault because she knew that EC was cheating and did nothing about it, claim that BG and EC marriage was not real ,and then tries to trash BG. It looks like the lone LR fan(LYDIA) who posts under different names to make it look like LR has an army of support has struck again.

  • gwen

    So let me get this straight? EC cheats and the first thing someone wants to do is claim that it was BG fault because she knew that he was a cheater and allowed him to cheat/that she was a weak or desperate woman who didn’t want to lose Ec because he has “goog looks” or tries to downplay EC and BG marriage to make it look like LR didn’t do anything wrong because their marriage was already messed up? Well BG proved that she wasn’t weak or desperate when she told his mistress to take him, said that there was no way that she was taking and him back.BTW, while EC was out playing on a beach with his mistress, she was taking of the kids. The only one hanging onto Ec because of his looks is LR.

    LR is a postive person? Did you say that with a straight face? Positive people don’t sleep with another woman’s husband and gloat about it. She is GLOATING because she takes pleasure in the pain that she causes others, that’s the source of her “happiness”. That’s what comes across in those Mexico photo-ops and these daily photo-ops. She is making matters worse for herself. She lied, cheated, and hurt 4 people, yet she shows no remorse and isn’t even acting humble. She has become her worst enemy and no amount of posting positive comments under different names will save LR now. She is burning too many bridges.

  • gwen


    So LR is looking the other way too right? She cheated with him while married, so she knows that he has no loyalties to any woman. She now knows that EC was cheating on her with SMJ and yet she looks the other way and chooses to gloat , so therefore she is an increbibly vacant woman too, right? Or do these rules only apply to BG because you think that blaming the Victim will somehow redeem EC and LR?

    And wait, if EC was going on vacation and smiling/laughing with his wife while cheating, then what does that mean for LR in regards to those beach photos? So by your very own logic, LR and EC really don’t have a real relationship because by your very own assertion CHEATING invalidates a marriage/relationship. So what BOYFRIEND?

  • pup


  • gwen

    “I kind of feel like the public’s perception is changing towards her,” said Lindsay Powers, staff editor for Us Weekly. “She hadn’t even announced [her] divorce yet and here she was on a beach in Cabo [San Lucas], wearing a little bikini with Eddie Cibrian rubbing suntan lotion all over her. She’s like flaunting their relationship while her husband is piecing together his life in New York City on his own.”

    And this explains why all of a sudden there are so many “LR supporters” and people are playing “BLAME THE VICTIM”. Someone is trying to “save” LR career/image by convincing the public that LR is a likable person and that people support her affair with EC. There is no use in trying to save her career/image when she is just going to keep pulling stunts like this. The article also thinks that she can recover from this, but what they fail to realize is that people don’t support people who take pleasure in the pain that they have caused others. With each and every photo-op she seals her fate.

  • sammy

    #96 # 98

    You are cherry picking your articles and quotes. That article was from CNN which said much more than you print. Be honest and summarize the whole article not just the parts that support your argument.

    The article is very balanced and fair. Unlike you!

  • chockfullo

    Apparently Eddie has something that women want. His wife kept taking the abuse all these years because as long as he kept coming back home she lived with the philandering.

    Le Ann will probably do the same. When women do that with these men it spoils the man. But they know if they don;t the man will move on and find a woman who will. So the wife or girlfriend puts up with it.