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Orlando Bloom: U2 with Cam Gigandet!

Orlando Bloom: U2 with Cam Gigandet!

Orlando Bloom hits up the BlackBerry VIP Hospitality Lounge at the U2 and Black Eyed Peas Concert at the Rose Bowl on Sunday (October 25) in Pasadena, Calif.

Also in attendance and pictured here: Grey’s Anatomy actor Justin Chambers, Olivia Wilde, Ginnifer Goodwin, who wore IRO “Patzi” pants, Ryan Phillippe with his BFF Breckin Meyer, Twilight hunk Cam Gigandet and his longtime love, actress Dominique Geisendorff.

Also spotted in the lounge: Alyssa Milano, Ashley Greene, Christian Slater, Jennifer Love Hewitt (with Jamie Kennedy), Kellan Lutz, and Sarah Clarke.

FYI: Orly is holding up a mask of jailed Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been under house arrest for 20 years in Burma. U2 has been handing out these masks at their show and dedicating their song “Walk On” to her each night at their concerts on the 360 tour. Thanks, Mende!!!

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  • Zapina

    Look! There’s Zach!

  • Zapina

    he’s a sexxxxxxy maaaaaaaaaaan

  • mende

    the mask is something they have been handing out at the U2 shows. it is jailed Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi who has been under house arrest for 20 years in Burma. they dedicate “walk on” to her each night at their concerts on the 360 tour.

  • Erin

    Yes, Orlando is holding up masks of Burma’s elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been jailed since her election. U2 does a tribute to her in their show.

  • Erika FONSECA

    Why do i get the impression that Bloom only have this shirt???

    He looks amazing – as usual – but a change of shirt would be nice.

  • Just Jared

    @mende: @Erin: Thank you guys!!!

  • @5

    Yes, I agree – he should take off that *@%&in’ shirt…and that jacket…and those pants…and….oh, okay – he can keep the scarf!

  • rox

    @7 Hilarious, I like the way you think, we wouldn’t want him to catch a cold after all!

  • @5

    I just cut up a tee shirt that looked that ratty for my rag bag. lol
    However, the man is still beautiful!

  • sara

    Love Orlando!!
    Such a beautiful human being.

  • gremlin

    cams girlfriend is ugly!!!!!!!!!! that is his girlfriend? she is an actress? never seen that ugly face before. he can do way better in the gf dept.

  • branlo

    Colin Farrell was also in concert,
    you f*cking JJ!

  • sienna

    gremlin i couldn’t agree more. he has a baby with her so he is pretty much stuck forever. what is he thinking dating her? poor cam gigadet. how hot is colin farell

  • sienna

    orlando bloom is the hottest one out of all of them. i want a picture of colin. jj where is it?

  • kim

    let’s see a concert that had both orlando bloom and cam gigandet there. u2 gets to hot guys as their fans. but i’m sure u2 cares more for the hot girls

  • kim

    o sienna and gremlin, cam is a grown man and can spend his life with the woman he wants. he is GROWN

  • finna

    she isn’t an actress she is a desperate mom

  • sue


    o well
    long time gf of cam’s and mother to his daughter.
    KIM is right cam is GROWN and can be with who he wants, we have no say in it.
    love or hate it.

  • sophie

    i have to agree with some people and say she is not an attractive woman. he is a hot guy and should be single. of course she got pregnant while dating him. duh. there are women like that out in the world and he’s dumb enuf to fall for it. he should leave her.

  • CA


    they r a longtime couple, have a daughter together. it’s not your thoughts on dominique’s looks that matter, cam’s thoughts on her looks is all that matter.

    and like kim and sue said cam is a *grown man* it’s his choice we can’t change what is happening with cam. he is with dom and is loving being a father.

  • co-co

    orlando is looking good, like him better with his will turner look, but still he is cute.

    hot damn, sexy sexy cam gigandet, he sexy no matter what

  • sandra

    cam is sexy
    dom is beautiful

    both cam and dom have amazing eyes, love them they are so cute together.

  • zu-zu


    ditto that.

  • rachael

    orlando bloom is the sexiest man alive. he is dating the most beautiful woman too. he knows whats up. why is cam gigandet there? because of his one hit wonder twilight? he’s ok looking. he has a red beard. i am not a fan of his acting. if his “so called actress” floats his boat, then let him row her around town. i think he could’ve dated a girl like kate beckinsale or natalie portman. i also don’t think he should’ve had a kid so young. i think it was her way to stick around to. his bad not ours.

  • lakers fan in boston

    olivia actually looks somewhat decent
    cute rock chic outfit

  • candie


  • candie


  • candie


  • rko


    why dont u just worry about orlando bloom.
    it’s ok that u arent a fan of cam’s.
    he has tons of work/movies coming out and they some pretty good. what is orlando known for lord of the rings and pirates. i like orlando.

    but in my eyes cam gigandet is the sexiest man alive. cam gigandet is there b/c he can be there. as much as some may hate it cam gigandet is a celeb. the girl dominique is cam’s longtime girlfriend. it doesnt matter what you think about her. cam wants to be with her and he can. he has been with her for years. so what she isnt an actress or celeb, doenst mean he cant love her and be happy with her. he is 27 that is not a young age for having children. people are having kids younger every day. 18 is the age u decide u want marriage, family. 18 is the age to make choices, and cam is 27 over that age of 18, he is at a perfect age.
    as for u not caring for his acting, well dont watch his movies, he has tons of fans who love and support his career and lots who support him with his family. i looked at cam’s beard, and i dont see it being red.

  • rko


    please he took a date to a concert.she is his girlfriend, i see pictures of him alone alot. and cam isnt other actors, he is himself.

  • candice

    cam gigandet is so damn sexy and dominique looks beautiful.

    cant u people just leave cam and dom alone, and let them live their lives the way they want and this is want the want to do. be together and take care of their beautiful daughter everleigh.

    god just leave them alone, and dont worry about them if you dont like them, dont waste time comment and reading about someone u dislike.

    cam and dom u guys rock.

  • candice

    we r people so upset over cam gigandet’s girlfriend.
    is it b/c
    ~he is taken and no longer single
    ~he is happy with her and their daughter
    ~b/c she isn’t some big name celeb instead she is a normal person
    ~b/c she has him and u dont

    there is no reason to be all over dominique, u people dont know her, and she hasnt done anything to u.

    god just leave them alone. they r happy and loving life. plus she loves him and gives him great support in his career.
    cam’s career is bright and getting brighter each day. cant wait to see his upcoming movies. he has a lot coming out in 2010, great year for cam.

  • Jessica Thorpe

    Wow y’all think Dominique is ugly? I think she’s beautiful! They are a great looking couple too. Their little baby is sooooo sweet looking. I have yet to see her crying like other celebrity kids. BTW, I think Dom is pregnant again too!!! Another pretty baby on the way.

  • jj

    @Jessica Thorpe:

    thank u
    but nah i dont think she is preg again but if she is then GREAT but i dont thank she is

  • citylove

    More picture of Orlando !!!!!!!!!!

    He’s so cute !

  • steph34

    someone needs to tell cam that im way prettier than his gf and single.

  • jj


    hey i’m single to, and would love to be with cam. but dominique is a beautiful woman. and cam is happy with her so that’s all the matter is that cam is happy

  • wow

    Came here just to gush about gorgeous Orlando, but the I read some of the comments and had to laugh.
    It seems that no matter what fandom, there are always those who are irrationally critical of the guy’s girlfriend/wife/significant other.
    Miranda is treated like she is the spawn of satan by some of Orlando’s fans, and I see that Cam’s girl is given the same treatment.
    Different guys, different girls, same insults.

  • udontknowme


    it happens w/ every celeb someone out there will always have something negative to say about them or there mate.

  • Video of Orlando…

    at the U2 concert on October 25th

    hope jared lets me post the link.

    Enjoy everyone. He went to the concert with Aileen and Kris it looks like.

  • hhhvshbkvscena

    cam&dom looking amazing, they really r cute together.
    orlando looks much better with long hair.

  • kris

    CAM GIGANDET SEXIEST MAN ALIVE, dom is looking good, always warms my heart seeing them out together having a great time.

  • octo

    How many 20 year a woman (Aung San Suu Kyi) can had? I didn’t know her much and I googled her. She is over 60 now and still in jail. Sad, there are many celebrities in the Concert, but only Orlando took a picture with a mask, in Burma he will be in jail, because this picture.

    Thank you sent a message to me, Orlando, and thank you U2.

    People just care who’s sexy, who’s beautiful, who’s ugly, who has baby…….etc.

    Celebrities power can helped a man won USA President.

  • Bárbara

    Orlando and Cam at the same place? OMFG!

  • Bárbara

    And also, I forgot about Kellan. OH MY LORD, take me to this place/lounge, whatever

  • Not really handsome

    His face (Orlando’s) is too squat and round to be handsome. He doesn’t have good ‘classic’ handsome features IMO. He has such a small chin and very thin tight lips. I used to think he was ‘cute’ back in his early-to-mid-20′s – but I don’t think ‘maturity’ has done much for his looks.

  • rapidshare

    Stupid commentators, funny comments, lol