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Suri Cruise is A Stuffed Squirrel Girl

Suri Cruise is A Stuffed Squirrel Girl

Suri Cruise joins mom Katie Holmes on the set of Katie‘s new movie, The Romantics, on Long Island, New York on Thursday (November 5).

The adorable 3-year-old carried a stuffed squirrel friend around with her as she walked around a wooded area with Katie.

Suri‘s been keeping mom company on set since filming began earlier this week.

10+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise and her squirrel on the set of The Romantics

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suri cruise romantics squirrel 01
suri cruise romantics squirrel 02
suri cruise romantics squirrel 03
suri cruise romantics squirrel 04
suri cruise romantics squirrel 05
suri cruise romantics squirrel 06
suri cruise romantics squirrel 07
suri cruise romantics squirrel 08
suri cruise romantics squirrel 09
suri cruise romantics squirrel 10

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  • Suri looks like …

    a sister wife/ crack ho

  • Suri’s feet

    Give the high heels a brake!

  • shawna

    no socks? no coat?
    the adults seem to be bundled up


    The toddler is once again wearing heels !!!!!

    Very poor choice for the soft developing bones of a 3 year old.

  • jeimy

    can somebody please get this girl a coat!!!

  • It’s Robo-Bride and Little Sci

    Mmm.Katie is in a major coat and boots. And Little Sci is wearing a dress and no socks.

    Time for the daily pap parade of the pet princess.

  • Is Suri Dim?

    Just say, “When you are done using babas that you can wear high heels.”
    Suri dcommunicate, right? How hard can this be?

  • Oh my

    She got Katie’s nose and chin.

  • Suri’s Hands

    She’s stimming again. Hope they realize she needs professional help.

  • thick legs

    are those legs or does Katie have two thick poles holding her up

  • Ubiquitous Scientology Post

    “Beautiful family, great mother, love them !”

    BARF —————-<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • Pay

    Someone put flats on the kid look at the picture’s she has flats on. Maybe the kid put them on herself lol

  • Ya-ya

    I see why Oprah finds Katie so annoying.

  • Fyn

    I am not a fan of this weird family, but I do like the way Suri looks with her hair in a pony tail and bangs brushed back.
    Don’t understand how they don’t put a coat on the poor kid. It is cold here!

  • Abby

    Suri is still on a bottle at 3 yrs. 7 mos ? And still in diapers ! PLUS it was 49 degrees in NYC and Suri STILL is without a coat. What is up with these celeb kids ? Britney’s son Preston is 4 yrs. 2 mos. and STILL in diapers. Jayden is 3 yrs. 2 mos. and is still in diapers and always has a baby pacifyer when he is with Britney. But not with Kevin. He cries so much with Britney she gives it to him to shut him up. Are celeb kids treated like babies for a reason ? My 3 yr. 6 mo. old son has been off the bottle since 14 months old, out of diapers since age 22 months, and he rides a 2 wheel bike without training wheels !! Maybe Suri , Preston and Jayden are “slow” ???
    This child is a BRAT.

  • Nina

    OMG…no coat & no sox!!!!!
    child abuse!

  • Terrier

    It is chilly in NYC. If Katie Holmes is wearing a long bubble coat and boots, shouldn’t she put on a jacket and a pair of tights on the child? I don’t think this is about Scientology. Katie Holmes is a bad mother on her own. She should ask her former co-star Michelle Williams how she dresses Matilda with a coat and a pair of boots since they’re both in NYC.

  • r

    She needs to stop giving in. My three year old keeps wanting to wear her summer “pretty” dresses. She gets so upset that I put her in a sweatshirt , jeans , and a jacket but hey its 40 degrees out. Does suri even own a coat?

  • wtf

    Well at least they did something with that gross mop of hair. It actually looks cute.

    Too big dress to cover up the diaper, still using a bottle at 4, and not dressed for the cold weather.

  • Susie q

    Why does Katie always seem to do movies where there is no hair and makeup done???

  • haters w/ nothing better to do


  • cupcakes

    beautiful family in and out…thank you jared

  • ……

    hehe so sad that the haters are the same few people and they change their names posting their venom. Its a losing battle and always has the comeuppance.

  • sicko

    Is this family nuts or what? So I take it little miss priss does what she wants or demands. So if she asked her father to touch his …. he will allow her to do so? This is some freaky sh!t, this just isn’t right. I know she’s following in PH footsteps but this is just wrong. Making Katie suck on an adult pacifier struck me as really weird also when giving birth to Suri, really nothing should surprise me at this point, but it does. I’m happy that Nicole K. got out of this marriage.

  • green

    Tom is hot and his ladies are beautiful.

    They look so carefree and happy.

  • manette

    I heart them. God bless the Cruises.

  • silly

    Im excited for this movie.

  • anon

    Katie is so lovely and I must say Suri is the cutest celeb baby ever.

  • Catalina

    One day this child is wearing heels and the next day she is drinking from a bottle.

  • yes!

    Among the few family worth the respect in Hollywood.

  • eliza

    Suri looks very cute with her hair this way, but I get chilly just looking at her without a coat when everyone else has one on.

  • Sonia0404

    Well, Katie really has very very very thick, thick, thick legs!!!

    Look at them! People call her cankles, however, now they look straight down from her tree trunk thighs. Really yucky!!

  • h

    The wonnabee resident Dr.Phils makes me LOL and barf.

  • dopes

    fashion first. !……health, common sense and good parenting take a back seat

  • Sonia0404

    @dopes: What fashion? You must be kidding me? Since when juvenile hooker look is in vogue?

  • fug legs

    those aren’t legs…………thery’re columns

  • cc

    Caption should read, “Stuffed Squirrel and Nuts”

  • Ben Buttonz

    Do the Aliens follow Suri around and make sure she takes her vitamins? She’s like a level 3 now right?

  • http://deleted lisa

    jared pleasepost adam brody pics too from the set.

  • charlene

    were on long island are they filming exactly?

  • pr person

    Is Suri trying to make some sort of statement with that squirrel? Doesn’t Crazy have ‘issues’ with squirrels?

  • cat

    doesn’t suri miss her friends?

  • lurker

    Suri is really the minime of Tom and Katie. Tom is really lucky to have Katie in his life.

  • Filbert

    # 23 said:

    ” hehe so sad that the haters are the same few people and they change their names posting their venom. Its a losing battle and always has the comeuppance. ”

    WTH are you trying to say,..,,,,? You can’t even spell right!

    You are also very incorrect about the “losing battle”. 98% of comments here are negative.

    Are you a frigging idiot or just plain daft?

  • g!na

    aaw, Suri looks so pretty with her hair in a ponytail and barettes!

  • farah

    So much love,joy and beauty with this family!

  • sanity

    Suri is cute but a side profile shows a snog of a nose.

  • karen

    why isnt she covered up i dont get this does suri run the family she must she doesnt wear jackets and she wears her dress up shoes out and i guess she likes her bottle too her parents are crazy to not run the show the funny part is so many sites have people commenting negativly about them including myself but yet her parents do t choose to adress these issues glad nicole is raising sunday better

  • Sophia

    One outfit, two different pair of shoes.

  • dani

    Gee 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 31

    Gosh, aren’t you the same person? Don’t you have anything better to do?