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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Morocco Mates

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Morocco Mates

Miranda Kerr wraps her arms around her main main Orlando Bloom while spending Thanksgiving weekend together in Djemaa el Fna Square in Marrakesh, Morocco on Saturday (November 28).

Yesterday, the cute couple attended the re-opening of the Mamounia hotel.

Miranda and I spend so much time apart, she’s working hard, I’m working hard, so we have to grab time together whenever we can,” Orly said. “A weekend here, a weekend there.”

As for ongoing engagement rumors, he told People, “We are just enjoying our time together now.”

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Credit: G Tres; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • @49

    go to the orlandolove forum….the third picture (from the left)–>Paparazzi Pictures-> Out and about in Morocco with Miranda 27.11.09

    (tell If I overlooked it and I am sry but Just Jared doesn’t let me post the link or it takes very long)

  • Celebwatcher

    awww they are cute and the relationship will survive all the way to the altar and there after.

    —- is the place for the latest celebrity psychic predictions.

  • Mary

    Does Orlando have a boyfriend?

  • missme

    Wow, if I had been dating a guy for that long and he said we are, “just enjoying our time together” I would be kind of pissed!!!

  • reba

    They seem genuinely happy together. I’d like to give both of them a fashion make-over though… they both always look like they are dirty and poor. Is this the style now? Yuk.

  • citylove

    Relax Orly ! They are very cute together !!! I love Orly !!!!!

  • aaww…so sweet

    They look so happy and in love and are such a beautiful couple!

  • Angel

    Thats right, I don’t think they would be celebrating Thanksgiving with Miranda being an Australian and Orlando being British.

  • http://hotmailaustralia Susan

    Lovely couple hope they last.

  • http://hotmailaustralia Mark

    Cute couple.

  • Scarlet

    I am beyond jealous of her.

  • elena

    They just look like they are meant to be… such an adorable couple! Love them…

  • oooooohhhhh!!!

    Finally a couple who doesn’t do staged pics!! Oh wait….what am I saying? These 2??? what a joke….ahah

  • ???
  • Hey

    There Orly Sunshine!
    It’s partly YOUR fault (and the fault of all generations of actors/famous people in the closet) that boys/men all over the world die. Shot by their brothers, policemen or beaten up by anyone. Why partly your fault? Because especially teenagers grow up with you and sometimes “stars” educate teenagers more than their parents or at least have big influence. So..boys I knew died and it’s partly your fault. I hate you and all your “colleagues” so much for this I cannot put it into words.
    You want to make the world?Mr. UNICEF? You are doing exactly opposite!

    (and now..pls no comments like: “ahhh lol rofl loool he does not read it anyway…” it’s just my opinion)

  • HeyEDIT

    *make the world a better place

  • @

    Burn that contract man, u’re making fun of yourself!

  • ???

    they both look NOT happy. They spend the time together ok.But happy???? They are love???? If it is so….Then show me the LOVE between them! I see no love! I see they spend the time together maybe they have a good time there but sorry a happy couple looks different. For me is that fake.

  • Hey hypocrite!

    Actors, musicians, etc are there to entertain. Their job is to take part in movies or make music and if someone thinks that their job is to raise their kids it’s the fault of those parents. Theirs and only theirs.
    And what does being a crap parent that doesn’t educate their chidren and lets TV do it for them have to do with all the other stuff you said? People don’t die from seeing celebrities.

    You keep blaming people for things that are their fault as much as they are yours. Hypocrite!

  • @64

    And how did they stage them? They probably don’t know Morocco very well and in all likeliness they have no idea of who should they call there to be photographed.
    Isn’t it more likely that the photogs that went to the Hotel reopening had more to do with it? It’s not like they didn’t know what hotel they were staying at.

  • @71

    So suddenly Marrakesh is the new LA? I dont’ think these 2 were the only ones wandering uot and about the streets, but yet they were the ones being papped, as always…so predictable…

  • Hey@70

    I said partly ok? it’s a fact that big stars influence children teenager and some adults they are role models…13 year old teens think their parents are not cool and they see those actors musicians and ”things” like paris hilton and say WOW that’s so cool I want to be famous, too I want to be like them etc. And subconsciously they influence us all in good or/and bad ways but they do. Some of my friends thought that being gay is not normal..then Lady Gaga came and said that she likes ”gay boys” (sth like that) and because my friend think she’s cool and her music is great, they changed their mind a bit. just an example.

    And why do you offend me? It’s a freaking FACT…nearly all teens have or had posters of their idols in their rooms…their are influenced by them

    famous people bear responsibility…you know?

  • LOL!

    This sure has turne into a fun filled thread.
    Little Miss(ed) syntax is STILL claiming that even though they are together, they aren’t happy. Even though on the previous three or four threads she was climing that they weren’t happy or they would be together. And they are fake this time because they are smiling and hugging.
    Gib part 2 is claiming that Orlando is not only closeted (which everyone but this person gave up years ago) but blaming him for every hate crime in the world.
    The man is straight. Give it up already. Even Ted C has given that up.
    And our resident delphite is claiming that this is a set up. Ignoring, of course, that there were numerous celebs at the hotel event, attracting photogs to the area, and that Miranda and Orlando were the only celebs of any notoriety to not only stay in town, but to wander the streets.
    Oh, and since they are smiling, it HAS to be a set up by their idiotic rules.
    You remember…
    Not smiling = “Proof” that they hate each other, they can’t stand being with each other, and that they are under contract.
    Smiling = “Proof” that the pics were set up.

  • @73

    But why are you placing this responsibility at his feet when he isn’t hiding his sexuality?
    Orlando isn’t gay. He isn’t closeted. So why is this all his fault?

  • @72

    It is YOU the one that says that Marrakesh is the new LA! According to you, they can call a pap and stage a set up in a matter of hours there, not knowing the place and not knowing what photogs are there LOL
    They could perfectly well be the only ones wandering around. Those celebrities went to that Hotel’s reopening, and it’s very likely that some just grabbed the check and left.
    Do you honestly believe there weren’t photogs waiting outside the hotel after an event that brought several very well known celebrities in?

  • @76

    You’re right…I guess hat’s why we only have pics of the 2 idiots…

  • @LOL!

    You are overcredulous … and annoying.

  • Chris

    This is so Aileen and Robin Baum’s stuff….great idea!

  • Hey @73

    Yes celebrities may have an influence in teens, but it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach them moral values and how to take mature and correct decisions. If a teen thinks that she should flash her knickers around because Paris Hilton does, trust me, that’s more the parents’ fault than Paris Hilton’s. But many people feel more confortable blaming others for their own mistakes.
    If you ask me, I think Orlando doesn’t do many things that should be considered a bad example. He’s human and of course he not always sets a good example, not that he has to, but if teens feel attracted to UNICEF’s work or eco-friendly causes that’s perfect.
    If you think he’s closeted, and you think he gives a bad example for not being openly gay I have two things to say. First that you gay orlando tin hats are a species under serious danger of extinction so not many teens will conclude that he’s closeted so no harm caused. Second, if he were in fact gay and closeted nobody can force him to be open about it. That’s a personal decision and nobody’s business.

    But you didn’t explain what does celebrity gossip have to do with people who die attacked by their own relatives??

  • @77

    Come back when you actually have a good reply. Think hard to convince me that there weren’t photogs outside the hotel.

  • LOL!

    People are here making stuff up at will, based upon rumor and supposition, and I’M the one that is “overcredulous”??? But that’s just it. I’m not credulous at all. I call ‘em as I see ‘em. I base my opinions on observation, not on imagination. If anything, that makes me INcredulous.
    Hmmm, I guess that WOULD make me “annoying” to certain people. But I wear that label with pride. I love annoying idiots.

  • @81

    And u come back when u learn to read,.,,,I didn’t say there were not photographers, I said that these 2 were the only ones papped out and about,…

  • Hey @73

    BTW I forgot to add, if Lady Gaga made your friends more tolerant and open minded about homosexuality I sincerely congratulate her. Now that’s a good example.

  • @75

    We don’t know it. You can’t say he isn’t closeted (or do you know him :) ) because we would never find out. It’s just a feeling. Those pictures give me bad vibes…(just as they give you good vibes) And I know it’s terrible to say you can see the sexuality but look at older pictures. There’s one from ’98 he’s in the background while Liv is posing…it’s just so different…

    And it is of course not “all his fault”…It’s the fault of our society in which famous people have big influence. Even if he ( and everyone else who’s just a BIT famous…not just his fault remember ;) ) wasn’t gay he could say sth to change this situation. I could stand on the street and scream: “discrimination is wrong” ( :D ) Do you think anyone would listen?

  • @83

    I know you said these 2 were the only ones papped and I also know I said it’s very likely that the others took the pay and left. Celebrities do that very often, not all of them have the time or the interest to visit countries.
    I don’t see you denying that there were photogs outside so case closed.

  • http://justjared LOL

    The Delphi loons always came here to have a mental break down for the world to see ( and laugh about) whenever there are pictures of this two pathetic.

  • @85

    But that’s just it.
    You are calling him closeted, when you don’t know him. You are calling him a liar, and a horrible person who doesn’t care about the lives of others, based upon your “feelings”. Is that fair? Would that be fair to anyone?
    And then to add that you are basing your “feelings” partly on a pic from 11 years ago where he was in the background? That is beyond ridiculous.
    And then you say that he should stand up and scream that discrimination is wrong. The man does work for children around the world with UNICEF. He doesn’t have to take every cause on his shoulders. But I would say that his attending the marriage celebration for Elton John and his partner was a CLEAR indication of his views on equality.
    All of the problems in the world are not his fault.

  • @85

    I don’t know that he’s not gay for a fact. But since most people don’t think he’s gay, neither do teens so he can’t set a bad example for being closeted if it’s not widely accepted that he is closeted.
    I agree that society is corrupted and celebrities over rated but it’s up to the individual to be able to use their brains and take their own decisions.

  • @80

    Of course we can’t force anyone…it’s just …a very senstive topic for me…I lost friends, young friends just because they loved men…I want a change but I (!!) am not able to bring this change. I just want to appeal to every foorballplayer,actor/actress etc to think it over…but they won’t read this…and they would not hear…it’s hopeless.

  • @90

    You say that you aren’t able to make this change.
    You are the ONLY one who can make this change.
    Support your friends, and stop blaming strangers for their problems.

  • @91

    you have NO idea how much I support my friends! I write articles for our student magazine about that topic an I reach the students of my school but I will never reach anyone in america or pakistan or I don’t know. Famous poeple could reach millions…

    @89 it seems like most individuals are not able to use their brain

  • @All

    I chose the example with Lady Gaga because it’s so easy…when you’re great and famous etc you can just say something like this and it brings a little change..just these few words…

  • @92

    And once again, I ask why you are blaming Orlando, or any famous person, for all of the problems in the world?
    Yes, a few people die due to the hatred of others. But contaminated water is the second leading cause of death in children under five. If Orlando had to chose ONE thing on which to make a public stand, I’d say that he chose the one that impacts more people.
    And maybe since Orlando IS NOT closeted, he feels that suffering children is the more important cause. Children facing death because they drank the only water avaiable to them hits me harder, too, and I know several gay men going through hard times. Oh, and BTW, they don’t think that Orlando is gay either. Even though one of them REALLY wishes that he was.

  • @92

    “it seems like most individuals are not able to use their brain”
    Actually, most people ARE able to use their brain.
    That’s why most peopel gave up on the Gaylando bit years ago.

  • @85 etc

    “You can’t say he isn’t closeted (or do you know him :) ) ”
    And you can’t say that he IS closeted. Yet you continue to do so, just to lay blame at his feet.

  • @….

    @95 you didn’t get my point -.-
    @96 yes and YOU can’t say he isn’t for &%§& sake.
    @94 :

    I am not blaming him/them at all :) but they are ALSO responsible …they could change sth but they aren’t really…..
    oh and yeees helpless children…there are so many organizations that help those children…millions care and millons subscribe’s on the TV all the time..especially now before xmas…I don’t think they need Orlando’s help (to get attention)…that’s (helping little children) sth he could do anonymously…EVERY star could do that anonymously but they aren’t because it’s good publicity…

  • @97

    “@96 yes and YOU can’t say he isn’t for &%§& sake”
    But I’m not the one placing blame at his feet for something that I believe to be true, yet know NOTHING about. THAT is the difference. If you can’t see that, then you are a hypocrite.

  • @97

    He helps children anonymously. His charity work in Russia, Nepal and Bosnia-Herzegovina has been documented and made public ONLY by UNICEF, not by him. He’s never advertised around his work.

    And to say that there are already enough organizations helping children is false, not to mention that’s a horrible comment.
    How about you leave a person who’s obviously liberal and tolerant alone and focus your rage at certain others that DO preach crap.

  • @….

    oh come on…I know there are too many children in this world that need help…and I care about them,too. It’s just..there are nearly no organizations against discrimination of homosexuals…ads are banned…here in the country I live they made a very very GOOD ad about this topic…1000 complained. Now it’s banned.The only thing we hear in conjunction with homosexuals is AIDS…and so ” every fag has AIDS” O.o

    …we (our society) are educated that racism is WRONG (ususally) but BEING gay is wrong, too…that’s nonsense^^

    but I think we are going in circles ;)

  • @100

    Yes, we are going in circles.
    You continue to claim that you know the real him, then say that others can’t make the same claim because they disagree with you.
    You continue to blame him for something that has nothing to do with him, then minimize his work to help others in need.
    You continue to blame him for things that happen in your country, while ignoring the problems in other parts of the world.
    Actually, the only thing ‘circular’ here is your *cough* logic.