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Camila Alves & Levi McConaughey: Daffodil Duo

Camila Alves & Levi McConaughey: Daffodil Duo

Camila Alves and her adorable son Levi McConaughey make a run to downtown Los Angeles to pick up flowers on Tuesday (December 1).

The 27-year-old model and longtime love of Matthew McConaughey, who’s due in late December/early January, took Levi, 16 months, out while she picked up flowers to brighten up their home, including daffodils and sunflowers.

Matthew recently shared his hopes for Levi: “We want to get him out into the world and make sure he’s not held back in any way,” he said.

“We are privileged enough to be able to live someplace where we have a lot of nature around us. He’s outdoors as much as he’s indoors. That’s how I was raised, because we were raised in the country.”

FYI: Camila is using her Bugaboo stroller!

10+ pictures inside of Camila Alves and Levi McConaughey picking up flowers…

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camila alves levi mcconaughey flowers 01
camila alves levi mcconaughey flowers 02
camila alves levi mcconaughey flowers 03
camila alves levi mcconaughey flowers 04
camila alves levi mcconaughey flowers 05
camila alves levi mcconaughey flowers 06
camila alves levi mcconaughey flowers 07
camila alves levi mcconaughey flowers 08
camila alves levi mcconaughey flowers 09
camila alves levi mcconaughey flowers 10

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  • buddymcphee

    Okay, let’s bring on the STUPID comments that this adorable baby is a midget, or has some horrible disease because “he’s not as cute as you thought he should be” being Matthew’s baby and all….

    He’s cute and that’s that.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    don’t even think it you bastardz!

  • CGC

    That kid is soo cutee! :DD
    Please check out our video! :D

  • Sam

    Levi looks good here. Sometimes he does look too small, but in these photos he looks good. However, I can’t believe he isn’t grabbing at all those flowers. He’s a baby, not even 1 1/2 yet. I never knew a baby that wouldn’t grab at things. Maybe it was nap time and he’s mellowed out?

  • 90210

    I heart them and hope Matthew marries.

  • manette

    Gorgeous family

  • banbina

    levi is beautiful baby

  • angie

    levi is getting nice and I hope people do not like a person pass the page and search the artist you might like because malicious comments will not change the routine of the couple.

  • Tazina

    Exactly how tall do you think a 16 month old baby should be? He is an attractive baby.

  • banbina

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: it is not a dwarf is a child may be taller than you in adulthood, I can not judge it’s just a baby when it becomes an adult I give the answer for you, it’s getting nice, you I can not say I do not know, I hope you do not have a small hand jejejejjeje..bye

  • blah

    I cant stand hispanic bitches

  • blah

    Why do all hispanic women look the same? They all wear way too much makeup and think they are white..

  • che

    How can ppl say hes dwarf or midget hes not not even a year and half yet still like a baby i am suprosed hes waling around so much which is really good most parents would just carry such a young child

  • RD

    Matthew must have been really high, if he let such an ugly woman get pregnant with his child.
    Perhaps naive as well not to understand he was her tickets for fame and fortune, but definitely high.

  • SAN

    Camila isn’t “hispanic” she is from Brazil! She and Levi are cutes!

  • RD

    What’s with all the latina gold diggers who trap rich movie stars lately?
    Colin F. and Matt Damon to name a few.
    At least Giselle waited after the marriage.

  • http://JUSTJARED people

    this kid all ready has a personality, he great, leave him alone, there is nothing wronge with him, as..holes, look at yourselves, you may need shades

  • rose

    “blah @ 12/02/2009 at 6:14 pm” YOU ARE A PERFECT IDIOT!!!

  • katie n

    Same person changing name and writing racist comments about Camilla and Levi to get responses. Ignore them. They get thie happiness by counting how many people they have irked a day. Bottom line is that Matthew choose Camila to be his life partner. Too bad if some lunatics do not like that.

  • Tazina

    Camila is a beautiful woman. When she is dressed up and out with Matthew she is like the stunning Brazilian model that she is. Yes, we know you are jealous but do you have to make it so obvious?

  • Linsday Luv

    He doesn’t look like matt at all

  • Fyn

    That ugly woman is no model; she only claimed to be a model after she started going out with Mattew M.
    What would she be modeling anyway? Hair remover?

  • Facts About Brasil

    Gisele is not Hispanic she is German. Colin F’s girfriend is Polish idiot not Hispanic, Latino. Brasil is not at all like the Hispanic countries in South America Brasil has nothing to do with Spain!

  • chasie

    umm! I really don’t have anything nice to say. Both are ——– you can fill in the blank.

  • hallee

    If the kid looked like matthew than he would be cute! Camille is an ugly black brazilian. ( nothing against blacks but she’s just not pretty)

  • Nadal

    At least she is not an ugly brown Puerto Rican like Rosie Perez. nothing against Puerto Ricans but Rosie is ugly.

  • Anis

    Not that id matters much, but Camilia is mixed race Pardo like over 50% of the population of Brazil.

  • Liza

    I don’t think she is facially pretty, but apparently was a swimsuit model so it was more about body than face. At least she lets her kid walk from time to time, unlike some other celebs.

  • Gordon

    Colin Farrell’s girlfriend, Alicja Bachleda is Polish though she was born in Mexico and raised in her parents native country of Poland. My family is Scottish though several of them immigrated to Brazil as did many Europeans.

  • Linsday Loman

    What a cute baby, he is so precisous

  • ellie’

    What a beautiful family…and Levi is so adorable..

  • Paloma

    you guys are so mean!!! .first,i doubt she wants to be white,white girls are the wanna-be’s blond hair blue eyes are worth nothing.we have more flavor.and camila is a latina not black.but there are blacks in brazil and,,all of south america falls under the latino category along with mexico,cent.america, pr and cuba!!! learn some geography.i love the mc conaughey fam bam! <33

  • mimi

    Hallee you’re blind. Camilla is stunning. Levi looks like her. I do wonder what Matthew feels about that, however, Well maybe the new baby will look like him.

  • whoaaaa

    WOW! This kid looks EXACTLY like Michael Jackson’s son. PRINCE MICHAEL JACKSON!

  • Ery


  • Brasil

    @blah: “Hispanic, adj: connected with Spain or Spanish-speaking countries”, we Brazilians have nothing to do with Spain, pls try to learn something more about Brasil.

  • British Latin American

    Some facts people:

    Gisele Bundchen is of german and portuguese descent through both parents. She has said this herself. The term hispanic first came to exist in the US as a way to identify a cultural group. Its definition was for people in the US who are from spanish-speaking latin american or the descendants of spaniards who came directly to the us. It was not meant as a racial category, but that is what it ended up being. In the early 1990′s the term Latino came into existence because a lot of latin-americans in the US hated the association of the term hispanic with Spain, and felt that the term Latino was more reflective of indigenous and african roots. There has been a lot of confusion ever since. Latino and hispanic are often used interchangeably. Brazil does indeed have a lot to do with Spain and spanish-speaking Latin America. There was a period when Spain controlled Portugal and its colonies, and Brasilians of full of partial Spanish descent make up a sizable population in Brasil, after portuguese, blacks and mulattos, and italians, and before germans and all the rest. The southern most region of Brazil, as well as Uruguay, shifted between being under the control of Spain and Portugal, then between Argentina and Brazil. Lots of brasilians speak spanish fluently, and in Portugal there are many spanish speakers. Anywhere from 38% to 49% of Brazil is black or mulatto.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i still have no clue how this chick use 2 be a model
    she’s not pretty at all
    face is so fugs
    hate her =]

  • Brasil
  • Babey Dada

    What a charming kid

  • Meg

    By the way, these aren`t daffodils…

  • British Latin American

    @Brasil: Sorry, yourself, dear, go look up Spanish Brazilian at wikipedia, look up the history of southern Brasil and Uruguay at wikipedia, look up the years that Spain ruled Portugal from 1580 to 1640, thus ruling its colonies, including Brasil as well, also at Wikipedia, look how Portuguese is spoken in Uruguay, and why do so many Brasilians speak Spanish? Learn something yourself, dont let your snobbery and racism get the better of you!

  • Brasil

    @British Latin American: Dear friend: unfortunately I don´t know who u are. Introducing myself: female,52,lawyer (college degree), white, BRAZILIAN. I won´t lose my precious time discussing with u British Latin America (?) 1) Brasil History and what happened after Portugal (Cabral) “discovered” Brasil on April 21, 1500; ) Racism – a word out of our dictionary, specially mine. If u have the chance to know us better u would find out why; 3) lol : many Brazilians speak Spanish? if we speak any other language besides Portuguese it´s because we learn in school. Come here, see (and learn) it yoursef. Love & Peace!

  • British latin American

    Not to cause a long debate or argument, but I have to clarify some things. If you don’t know what a British Latin American is, look that up as well. Don’t you know that Brasil, along with Argentina and Chile, has one of the most significant populations of British Latin Americans? And I didn’t say that Spanish is an official language in Brasil, just that it is widely spoken, partly because of proximity to Spanish-speaking Latin America and partly due to cultural heritage. Sorry for any confusion. No hard feelings to you and I wasn’t attacking you at all, just responding to some of the stupid things people were saying.

  • MMA

    Looks like she’s ready to pop!

  • Stone

    I bet you they squat to take a s#%t, too.

  • lor

    WHAT A Mini- MJ! What a Beauty …

  • lor

    Yes, what a charm, all his daddy, just the black hair