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Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck are Sunday Shoppers

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck are Sunday Shoppers

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck carry their little ones, Violet and Seraphina, as they shop for toys on Sunday (January 3) in Brentwood, Calif.

Sera, who turns 1 on Wednesday (January 6), held on tight to mama Jen as they went to the car together and played with a gum package on the way out.

On New Year’s Eve, Violet had fun publishing her own book with Jen as they spent the day together at Santa Monica’s Scribble Press!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck and their girls heading home from a day of shopping…

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jennifer garner ben seraphina violet affleck malibu country mart 01
jennifer garner ben seraphina violet affleck malibu country mart 02
jennifer garner ben seraphina violet affleck malibu country mart 03
jennifer garner ben seraphina violet affleck malibu country mart 04
jennifer garner ben seraphina violet affleck malibu country mart 05
jennifer garner ben seraphina violet affleck malibu country mart 06
jennifer garner ben seraphina violet affleck malibu country mart 07
jennifer garner ben seraphina violet affleck malibu country mart 08
jennifer garner ben seraphina violet affleck malibu country mart 09
jennifer garner ben seraphina violet affleck malibu country mart 10

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  • Pippi

    Thanks Jared.

  • frenchgirl

    Definitely the cutest family in Hollywood. Ben and Jennifer seemed like parents who are very tuned into their kids.

  • sara

    They look like annoyed, protective parents. I feel bad even looking at these pictures. :( Cute though.

  • me

    The kids are cute but it’s sad that Jen never takes care of herself. Her hair always looks dirty.

  • julia

    Cutest family EVER!!

  • Sera

    Jennifer only looks annoyed when she is with Ben but when she is alone with the kids she’s always happy to see the paparazzi. It’s only because of Ben she has to look like she is annoyed with the paparazzi but when he is not around she always looks happy that someone is paying attention to her. I knew ben would show up again when it was seras birthday, he’s a great dad always there for his kids.

  • bohemeballerine

    I love how both of the little girls have Jennifer’s dimples!

  • Hmm

    @Sera: I agree. It is sad but something ain’t right with Ben and Jen . All of a sudden she got anorexic and started courting the paparazi like crazy. She loves the paparazzi and he doesn’t

  • mika_says_hi

    i love jen and ben!! i think they are cute celebrities. they look happy

  • w


    If you check the videos of Garffleck, it is quite obvious that Jen was seldom in good mood in face of paparazzi especially with her kids. The only moment she smiled is that she turned herself towards the kids to comfort them and try to transfer their attention from the crazy noisy crowds. Not let the little ones sense your own anxiety, she is an amazing mom.

  • hong kong

    @Sera: You can check at the candids at her fan site
    Just Jared doesnt post the pictures that Jen shouts at the paps when she puts the kids inside the car and also she looks annoyed when the kids are not looking at her. She doesnt love the paps. Anyways, Sera is very cute and Violet as well. Jen looks very pretty in her everyday simple outfit :)

  • Mileena

    =O OMG Seraphina’s already turning one :o I remember like it was yesterday when Jen was pregnant forever… HOW TIME FLIES!

  • ugly

    OMG I finally saw Ben and Jennifer together at long last wow it’ indeed gonna a be very good year :) ROFL

  • ugly

    oh I forgot to say together with thier kids….awwwww how cute can they get huh :)

  • lexy

    Jen always looks annoyed to see the paps – Ben or not but she and Ben both look more annoyed when they are with their kids. And who could blame them.
    JJ stop paying for these pics and putting these kids out there for pedophiles to enjoy!! You and the paps are a pedophiles greatest fantasy come true – grown men stalking young kids under the disguise of the 1st ammendment! Violet and her sister aren’t celebs and stalking Jen and Ben (and other celebs and their kids) at the kids school, playground and other activities is disgusting…though again, you’re making pedophiles day!!!

  • carrie

    i believed pix with kids was forbidden now!!?

    nice to see Ben Affleck with his family!

  • Go Ask Alice

    It is nice to see Hollyweird people who live life just normally and love and be with their kids:
    The Afflecks, Seal and Heide, HalleBerry and Gabriel and baby, etc.

    I post, but yeah, I do agree with Lexy.

    The paps do this with long range lens, but these are not what you call money shots ex. entertainer getting out of car with no underwear on

    Benand Jen look annoyed so they probably saw a camera.

    The toddler , innocent child, sees a camera and smiles.What does she know.

  • Anon

    The new law won’t last. Some photographers will break the law then take it to court. There’s no way it will stick. Jen and Ben look very annoyed. In fact every time we see Ben he looks annoyed unless it is at some staged event. I think this faily really gets harrassed too much about their kids. I seen pictures of Jen and or Ben dropping off Violet or picking her up from school and they were swarmed by a mob of photographers. They follow them to the playground and they follow them shopping. They shouldn’t be allowed to go near playgrounds and schools!

  • Wake up N smell the Hollywood

    Give me a break. Both Ben and Jen knew what they were getting into when they hooked up, some might even call it a mutually beneficial arrangement. There are very few “organic” couples in this industry, and this isn’t one of them. There are prenups stating how long the marriage is to last, and who gets how much when it ends.

  • stophating

    they’re really cute together. they seem like a normal, loving family. but jennifer could lose the shlumpy clothes and put some makeup on once in a while!!!

  • WTF

    Ben looks like he hates every second of it. Jen shouldn’t have trapped him twice.
    If a man doesn’t want to marry you, you can’t force him by getting pregnant.
    She turned him into a miserable, distraught man.

  • elc

    I know they must be really annoyed with the paps constantly following but damn Jenifer is not the most attractive person whens shes upset her jaw seems to protrude more

  • All Women Stalker

    Sera really does look a lot like Satyana…I guess all cute babies look alike. Haha

  • ellie’

    Thanks Jared … i just love this family… and those adorable happy children…

  • Inaru

    If you are in the entertainment business and has had some success the paps are going to follow you. I think getting annoyed will not do good, If you really hate the intrusion, and i’m sure the papz are, just get out of Hollywood go live somewhere else where the paps aren’t everywhere, if you can’t leave then you’ll have to accept that it comes with the territory, yes even when you are out with your kids doing everyday things. There are worse things outhere, like losing your job or your house. Really, celebrities that make a huge deal of the paps don’t have my simpathy.

  • Honeybunn

    I don’t blame Ben and Jen for being annoyed with the Papz.
    There is a difference between the papz using long lens cameras at distance and what papz are actually doing. These papz are yelling negative questions/ statements and getting really close to their kids. They are trying to get a money shot and a video reaction to be played on TV shows and Web Sites hits. I think Ben is doing the right thing by not reacting to the papz. Some people think he is boring. That is what Ben wants.

    Years ago some of the best photos where taken by papz who stayed a good distance away. The photos where more natural. And they got a better variety of photos because the celebs didn’t know they were being photographed. One of these days the Papz will learn that. The why the papz are acting now just makes celebs better at hiding from them. Anyone know where Tiger is? No

  • mimi

    I know Ben hates the pappz that’s why his romance with JLo fizzled. Their relationship was constantly under the microscope. Jen’s hate, however, is an act. She has the pappz on speed dial. Have you noticed that she’s only the celebrity that has no movie coming out that get’s papped daily. She knows that if she’s not visible, she will be forgotten.

  • Donkey Kong

    Forget that, #25. Their kids didn’t ask for this. And while I’m sure celebrities can handle the intrusion and interruptions of the paparazzi, the hostility is far too great and needs to be regulated.

  • hong kong

    @mimi: Are you serious? She has a movie coming up and its called “Valentines Day” Also she is among the top choices for the role of Carol Ferris for the Warner Bros upcoming movie “The Green Lantern” and I hope that she will be chosen because she is just a unique and great actress !!! :)

  • @mimi: true. LoL @ people who think Ben and Jen are normal. Normal Parents are paparazzied daily like Jen is. Please explain how Jada Pinket, will smith, and johnny depp never get paparazzied on the level garner is? It can’t be that Garner is more interesting than jada. please~!

  • reality

    Blake is a better match for Ben. He’s just not into Jen. If it weren’t for the kids, she’d be history…You can cut the air between them with a knife…

    And as for them looking not happy, it has nothing to do with the paps. Many celebrities simply ignore the paps and look happy to go about their business but Ben and Jen are so insecure, this whole business consumes them and every move they make is calculated. Why these two miserable people chose to be in the limelight is a good question? Two major prune faces who detest the attention…No sparkle, no charisma, nothing…blah…

  • pretty young girl

    I think they’re going to divorce because he will heat on her.

  • alison

    very cute little family

  • Ben Affleck fan.

    I love the family, & i think Ben & Jennifer are great parents,
    but just the looks on their faces show they hate the paparazzi.
    Ben is very protective of his family and it must get so annoying.
    It’s nice to see the pictures but i agree with others. Jared you should stop posting pictures of these little kids just because of their parents status.

  • AutumnM

    The kids are so cute!

  • mimi

    @hong kong:

    Valentines day is an ensemble movie so movie’s success is not up to her. She’s not been cast yet in Green Lantern and it has not been filmed so it doesn’t count.

  • mimi

    Valentines day is an ensemble movie so movie’s success is not up to her. She’s not been cast yet in Green Lantern and it has not been filmed so it doesn’t count.

  • Chef Jacke

    What? No Santa Clause this year?

  • Embers


  • Celebfan

    cutest family ever!

  • jen defender

    @ MIMI
    jen does not have the paps on speed dial. her kids are adorable her husband is famous, and she is an in demand actress who lives in la. the paps have figured out just like jj figured out that people enjoy seeing pictures of her and her family, thats why the paps follow her. the money they make from people like us who look at the pics on blogs. on this same site you will see pics of nicole kidman and her baby, angelina jolie and her kids, halle berry and her baby, jlo and her family, and on other blogs i have seen pics of cate blancett with her kids, and gwen stefani and her kids, and gwenyth paltrow and her kids, ashley simpson and her baby, and nicole richie and her kids. so jen garner is not photographed because she tells them where she is, she is photographed because she is popluar. look how many people posted on this topic about her.

  • jen defender

    i dont know, i kinda think jen is too good for ben. he should be happy to have a beautiful wife, and a 2 beatiful girls. he has a family that seems to love him.

  • hmm

    @jen defender: you don’t see Angelina , Kidman, and Halle every day in LA. You are likely to see pix of jennifer garner every damn day.

  • firemandatingsite

    Such a nice family!

  • gamerchick

    Can’t stand Jen but we all love Ben. He’s been working out, taking care of himself and looking younger than ever! Jen is almost 40 and doesn’t have a wrinkle on her skin? Can someone say BOTOX. Whatever works I guess. But let’s be real, she’s a famedigger who married up to keep her career going. Without her people telling the paps where she is or her marriage to Ben, would we even care about this washed up tv star? She was at her best in Alias after that – she just tries way too hard to keep Ben and what she has. Guess divorcing 2x is worst than being in denial about her marriage – fail.

  • gamerchick

    Ben has the weirdest taste in women – very high maintenance known to be control freaks like jlo, gwyneth, jen garner.

    He should get together with someone that is genuinely nice and less controlling (instead of just trying to act like it). Ben, Rachel McAdams, Liv Tyler and Maria Menounous (also from Boston) would’ve been MUCH better match. How long are you going to act in this fake marriage for the kids?

  • lakers fan in boston

    they look like a great family
    both violet and seraphina
    jen also looks pretty good, normal clothes but she still looks nice =]

  • definitelyhadworkdone

    She definitely had work done. We all knew about the botox but it’s obvious that she got her nose tip taken up to make it more feminine, her jawline reduced and boob jobs – she used to be flat as a wall when married to scott foley. her face is more feminine now and she looks better. You can see an old pic here – Everyone in hollywood gets SOMETHING done but her I’m a normal mom and all natural B.S. is too fake for reality. If I were a normal mom like her, where’s my $20 million dollar home, designer purses/glasses and power/fame/money I get through my husband? Please Jen G, drop the act. It’s insulting.

  • MMA

    They oughta be in church instead.

  • Stone

    Nothing like taking the kids shopping for toys a week and a half after Christmas! You can’t pick your parents!