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Vanessa Hudgens is Peep Toe Pretty

Vanessa Hudgens is Peep Toe Pretty

Vanessa Hudgens takes on the stairs on Thursday (January 7) outside her place in Studio City, Calif.

The 21-year-old actress, who headed to an event at Beverly Hills’ Century Hotel, was careful as she walked down the stairs in super-tall peep toe heels. Careful!!

Last night, Nessa was spotted catching up with her friends Aly and AJ Michalka at a coffee shop.

FYI: V carried her swag in her Botkier bag – a “Morgan” satchel in black!

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vanessa hudgens high heels stairs 01
vanessa hudgens high heels stairs 02
vanessa hudgens high heels stairs 03
vanessa hudgens high heels stairs 04
vanessa hudgens high heels stairs 05
vanessa hudgens high heels stairs 06
vanessa hudgens high heels stairs 07

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • istar

    love her! those shoes are KILLER! :O

  • ayen

    She looks really good. Business meeting FTW!!

  • Clémentine

    So beautiful !!!
    Her shoes is for killing me.

  • antonija

    AAAmmmAAAzzzIIInnnGGG…. pppEEErrrFFFeeeCCCttt <3

  • Thaís

    She’s so cute.
    And like always, I loved her outfit <3

  • vfan

    @ Itchy Pants
    Seriously get over it.
    Anyway, I think she looks super cute.
    I love her shoes, and she looks pretty w/ straight hair too. :)

  • misty

    wow she looks great i,m a hugs fan off her

  • V

    Hot Damn Vanessa!!! Why you looking so fine these days?!?!?

  • bad

    I love her outfit specially the shoes. They could go perfectly for a 30 year old woman

  • http://google BARBARA

    Vanessa, is getting more beautiful every day, her skin is to die for and i love want she is wearing and i hope her business meeting goes the way she wants it to. Vanessa looks so happy, everything must be going well in her life , especially Zac, those two really love each other.

  • kate 1

    Stunning as usual

  • Chika

    Just breathtakingly lovely and so elegant.

    I see the peverse voyeurs are still in business. A two year addiction is pretty serious and should require medical treatment. Even paedophiles don’t have it that bad.

  • Itchy Pants

    @vfan: you must be a natural girl, too

  • Trixie

    Wow she looks beautiful!!! I love her outfit!!

  • Jen

    She looks very pretty here, love the outfit

  • kgg

    I agree, Chika, but let’s attribute it to a serious derangement on their part. They seriously need to get over it. Vanessa is looking great in these pics and very happy. Why would someone want to bring her down?

  • collegedatingsite

    She looks great and should dump zach

  • Itchy Pants

    @Chika: having an addiction with naked girls and simply pointing out that everytime you look at someone you are reminded of the giant velcro patch she sported are TWO DIFFERENT things. m0ron.

  • Z&V Fan

    She look fantastic. I hope she take a break and go on holiday since she was working so hard for the last a couple of months!

  • Bee

    Damn man, paps aren’t lettin up eh?

    She looks gorgeous.

  • The Situation

    Itchy Pants for President.

  • Faith

    usually I think shes average looking, but shes pretty here

  • Trina

    @Itchy Pants:

    No, it means you have a sick obsession with negating Vanessa.

  • super cute

    @Itchy Pants:

    it means you don’t think much of yourself and putting vanessa down makes you feel better about yourself. it’s called being insecure.

  • ivanka

    vanessa is a pretty girl and i love her shoes

  • Chika

    @Itchy Pants:

    I carefully avoided addressing you directly as you have a serious disease but lack the capacity to understand how dire your situation is.

    I’ll rather be a moron a thousand times over than have the capacity to retain a n*ude image in my mind for over two years and continue to cyber-stalk the object to keep staring and reliving her image. To think how you’ve been waiting to be the first to vomit the poison you have stored inside. You’re beyond sex rehab and I feel deeply sorry for you.

  • Badromance

    I think she looks beautiful. Some people really need to let things go. Not everybody in this world is perfect, famous or not.

  • V

    V is looking fierce!! Work it girl!!!

  • BOJI

    Some one’s got the Itch real bad it seems. Having a bad hair day down under, dearie? Anyway, I love how Vanessa’s looking here with her hair straightened. She’s looking real good, yummy in fact. Hope the meeting was fruitful.

    Okay now, what’s with the bush on the crotch nonsense. We have all been given what God intended, just that some of us want to have it trimmed down to next to nothing like little babies. There is a purpose for that bush you know, to protect it against the elements and critters when underwear was non-existent.

    Vanessa has so many looks and this is one of my favourite.

  • jjeenniiffeerr

    Amazing shoes! Stunning, as always! Go V!

  • Malia

    A business meeting. Hope it’s for some upcoming project. Or maybe it’s for an interview.

    BTW, I thought the paps couldn’t take pictures of stars if the stars are on private property, meaning at their homes. Didn’t that law go into effect January 1st? Or is there some stupid clause that the paps can’t be ON the private property, but they can still take pictures? If that’s the case, then the law is useless.

  • Saudia

    She looks great! I love the outfit

  • lalala

    looking pretty like always :) love her sense for fashion

  • Malia


    Love your explanation. :)

    A lot of younger people don’t know that. And they also don’t know that the “lack of” hair came into popularity because of p-o-r-n movies and magazines.

  • Katty

    @Itchy Pants:

    Do you think the same when you look at Paris Hilton? How about Kim Kardashian? Even Miley Cyrus when she posed practially half nood (spell wrong for obvious reasons)? She made one stupid mistake, it shouldn’t define her for the rest of her life. Get over it, she has, she’s moved on, and she’s becoming very successful.

  • Danny

    @Chika: so Itchy Pants is in dire need of help because of some girl who took naked photos of herself (yet he’s the pervert? lol ok) as they were posted on nearly every website you go on (hard to avoid my friend) and yet that’s his/her fault??. He was simply stating its hard for people not to be reminded of those pictures pasted on every website two years ago with a jungle so thick monkeys could swing around down there. The world must apologize for not living in your sheltered little world where all your friends, family and loved ones must be tired of walking on eggshells when near you. You better go take a chill pill and go sit down, because it must be terribly difficult walking around all day with that stick up your butt.

  • areuforreal

    @Danny: So the two of you and itchy pants wank together looking at her. For that mate your one sick little wanker and your friend. Only fourteen years old do that you know and apparently your brain was store down on that dirty, smelly cobwebby corner between your legs. Get over it wanker she wasnt the first and the last and im sure your just surprise theres a lot of us defending her.

  • Danny

    @areuforreal: it’s “you’re” not “your” lol… if you want to gain some credibility in your defense try first spelling your words correctly. teehee

  • Chika


    The stick up my butt is very comfortable, I’ll keep it, thank you.

    My dear, speak for yourself and your friend, itchy pants (what an appropriate name). No one else is struggling to forget the images and were removed from websites the same day or the same week they were put up. Whoever is still enjoying them is making serious effort to seek them out and are peverts.

    Don’t waste your concern on my family and loved ones, like me, they do not consider taking n*ude pictures of oneself that are meant to be private as wrong, rather they look with disgust at those that try to spread other people’s private property or spend their times on the web looking for n*ude pictures to gaze at (such people like to see all pubic hair shaved so they get clear view of what they’re interested in gazing at).

    We look at such people with disgust but we feel sorry for them. Obviously the sight of their own bodies is so frightening they have to take comfort in starring at others’ on the web.

    Each to their own, just don’t assume in all your peversive glory that people here share your twisted taste. There are sites that cater to the likes of you and itchy pants, they would probably have something to stop the itch in his pants and spare us.

    Nevertheless, much appreciate your concern though it’s misguided.


    Boji dear,

    Couldn’t agree more. I had a good laugh over your explanation. The loudest complainers are usually those that feed regularly on p*orn. It must have jarred them to actually see what they were interested in seeing covered up the natural way.

  • CanadaGirl

    She’s absolutely boring to me. Not interesting to look at or watch on the screen.

  • vancrazed

    She has totally become a woman; no longer known as a little girl. She has grown up right in front of us, and it’s been a wonderful thing to watch and experience her in her natural form, standing against EVERYTHING hollywood has been in a while.

    Stay true to yourself dear’s one of the most endearing things about you. In no way do you blend in my dear, but stand out as heads above the rest!

  • areuforreal

    @Danny: the credibility of my defense about vanessa is not about the use of proper grammar or the proper use of quote moron. Its the way you respect other peoples opinion. And your opinion is a lot to be desired after all you are hiding behind the name no one know its true or not right? So the only reason you have the guts to spill your stink to is to degrade women or men you hate. You can say your opinion all you want but take it in account to we as her fans defend and do our best to get rid a person like you. Scrammm…go to your hidey hole and wank some more. Arsekopf

  • Helen

    @Chika: Chika, I’m a woman and even I feel like the guys you are obsessed with (using your own words) were initially just kidding around making a light observation. Who cares. They were just stating a simple reminder of what they think of everytime they see this girl…just as I’m sure everytime you look at OJ Simpson you are reminded that he is a killer…but knowing you you probably think he is innocent. Relax. Don’t be so full of hate towards people simply because they don’t share the same view as you.

  • Danny

    @areuforreal: Question for ya, how can you be a fan of somebody who doesn’t do any significant work? LOL In that case, I’m a huge fan of the guy who bags my groceries at the supermarket.

  • birdie53

    Vanessa is looking more beautiful everyday. Seems to me there’s a lot of immature perverts out today. When someone has their privacy
    invaded the so called friends sell them out by selling private pictures
    and information about them to tabloids are the criminals. Not Vanessa
    she was definately a victim.

  • Itchy Pants

    are you stillllllll going off about this? LOL. Boring night? Boring life? Im done with this conversation…I have better things to do than fight with a stranger about another strangers bush.

  • kgg

    Danny and Itchy Pants (I shudder to think what is making you itch down there). All you two are proving is how sick and perverted you are…..are you part of the sickos that search the web day and night for your jollies? Go buy an X-rated mag or two and you can gaze and do whatever to the limit and they’ll even deliver it to your door. Otherwise, just get over yourselves and get some class, you nitwits…’re putting the blame on the wrong person. Maybe we should check your computer. The people to blame are the ones that stole those pics and then sold them to the highest bidder, fools!

  • Jess!

    She looks gorgeous

  • Tiptoes

    She looks beautiful in that hair and attire…Best to ignore the haters here.

    Another business meeting..yeah..yeah…

  • Jess!

    @Itchy Pants: