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Gabourey Sidibe: Thank You for Not Throwing Rocks

Gabourey Sidibe: Thank You for Not Throwing Rocks

Gabourey Sidibe works it out in a purple gown at the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Awards Gala at New York City’s Cipriani on Tuesday (January 12).

The 26-year-old Precious star took home the award for best new breakthrough actress!

Gabby thanked Precious director Lee Daniels, Lionsgate and the big-name guests in attendance for making her feel welcome!

“I’d like to thank you all for not throwing rocks when I walked in, because I really feel very different,” Gabby said. “It’s really hard to get used to this room, but I think I’m going to like it here.”

10+ pictures inside of Gabourey Sidibe at the National Board of Review’s awards gala…

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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty, WENN
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  • Jordan

    you go big girl!

  • Prettigurlz

    She’s a good actress:))

  • Sarafina

    I love this pretty girl hope she will be given more movies

  • joy

    she needs to take care of her health! it’s not normal to be so fat at 26.

  • Sugar

    She is so fat, it is just nasty. She looks like a hippo.

  • rosie

    She must be wearing a girdle.

  • jennifer

    She’s a talented, sweet girl. But I do hope she’s working hard to lose weight. Got to stay healthy girl.

  • yo sista

    i LOVE her!!!!!! shawty will get them Oscars & Golden Globes! she so sweet

  • hollywoodgossip

    she so sempatic and ı love her.

  • yo sista

    @Sugar: ok we all know she’s overweight but there is no need to hate or disrespect! i agree she should eat healthy and lose weight but please yall let’s keep it respectful, she’s a human and yalls comments may hurt her feelings.

  • Liz86000

    Well I would throw her rocks! Ok, no I wouldn’t, but she must take care of her health! She will die young if she doesn’t loose weight! It’s not a beauty issue, it’s a health issue. The whole “I’m proud to be obese” or “I’m proud to be very thin” is ridiculous.

  • tell it like it is…

    I like her too but I get the feeling that the media is a little politically correct when it comes to fat star, victoria beckham get’s so much slack for being thin but hardly anyone says its just as dangerous to be so fat…

  • rocky


    You’re one nasty person! God don’t like ‘ugly’ girl and you’re really ‘ugly’ inside!!

  • rocky

    @yo sista:

    ITA!!! I HATE the world ‘FAT’. Just hate it! Like she doesn’t know she’s heavy! We don’t know what her situation is and I, for one, pray that if it is about ‘eating’, that she seek the help she needs. I went to school with a girl who was very heavy. She died at 16. She had a medical history since birth and the medications given to her to keep her alive made her heavy. She was the sweetest girl on the planet and at her funeral all the ‘a–holes’ who made fun of her were there crying like babies. I learned then that making fun of people you don’t know is just hateful. They were so sorry for all the things they said about her after she was dead. Why didn’t they treat her like a human being when she was alive?

  • jay

    Congradulations, you go girl

  • Pandora

    She seems really sweet. How do we know it’s not glandular? If not, then yes, she should lose some weight for health reasons. In the meantime do you expect her to hide in her house? Not to pursue her dreams? The skeletons parade themselves around, and that is no healthier than this girl.

  • Jordan

    This woman needs to lose some weight, I hope women dont think this is okay. I see medical problems on the horizon, and her self pity jokes are lame.

    I dont women to be walking around that large if they dont have to be that large. This is a classic example of doing something too much which is gluttony. Anyone that large should lose some weight because it is nothing but health problems down the line. This woman wont live to see 70.

  • poi

    I found a HOTTEST club —–” R i c h m e e t i n g.C o m”—– for black Women and white Men, or black Men and white Women, to interact with each other. Interracial is not a problem here, but a great merit to cherish!

  • brightside

    @tell it like it is…: Oh boy, that is so true! how many times have we opened the papers only to read about celebrities being slated for being a size zero, yet obesity is the biggest health crisis that many fisrt world countries are facing with America way up on top of the leader board. 65% of women in America are overweight, with 24% being regarded as clinically obese. The problems are huge (no pun), and it’s costing millions in health care! Yet you don’t open a paper and see overweight celebrities being put through the wringer about their unhealthy life styles and diets! Very unfair!

  • lainey

    for all of you idiots making hateful remarks about this girl who has more talent than most of those skinny blondes in hollywierd, she has lost weight, and is continuing to do so, so STFU!!!

  • 100mph

    What a charming talented young lady, her interviews are captivating
    she has a healthy sense of humor, I am happy for her, and hear that
    she’s working on her physical health also, good luck on your journey

  • lalalove

    She looks radiant. She’s a sweet, intelligent women. And if you closed-minded f-ers would give her a chance and look beyond her physical you’d know that.

  • lalalove

    She’ll eventually lose the weight. It can’t happen over night! Give her a f-in chance to do so. Many of you people are so negative!

  • Jospeh

    No one is close minded, we Just understand that this kind of situation is a bad one. An eating disorder is fine if she has one, but all to often people make excuses for ailments that are of the mind. Staying healthy is very hard if not one of the hardest things to do. Exercising is another hard job, but people do it because there are health benefits.

    She is morbidly obese and this is not a good look for a woman to be that large.

    I laugh at the women on here who say dont look at the physical, when a photo of a muscular blond feminine looking guy is on here you old prunes and little female nerds ogle them. Some threads have women make believing a TV actor is their boyfriend and many of you base love on looks. I have heard females say they are in love with a guy they dont know.

    Cut the bullcrap, the females and homosexuals on this site are the most fixated on looks. This woman isnt ugly, she is just morbidly obese and this is not a good look for health and her spirit. Those lame self pity jokes are getting to the heart of her problem. If i can stop eating, than she can stop eating and exercise. Society is being PC about this issue, we dont want women to think it is okay to be that big or be proud of being that large and continue to commit gluttony.

    She is way to big and should slim down. Females on this site talking about closed minded males, ROFL,..Maybe some of you are that fat, in any case you need to slim down.

  • serena1994

    she’s pretty, but she would be much prettier if she lose some weight

  • macygray

    This is just going to last 15 minutes so enjoy it while you can. Once it’s over, it’s Rock throwing time again!!

  • bajan


  • christians-match

    She is so pretty

  • Shannon

    @Jordan, it’s disgusting that you decide to use the ONE actress who is not pencil thin as an opportunity to tell women they shouldn’t get fat. Have you been living under a ROCK for the past twenty years? Women have eating disorders because the media parades around anorexic women day in and day out, giving us an unhealthy body image. You clearly didn’t even see the movie or read “Push”, or you wouldn’t be so hateful. So kindly STFU while we celebrate this beautiful woman and her amazing talent, along with the story that she finally helped to tell the world.

  • Dr NYC

    I’d love to disappear in her creases!