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Gerard Butler Talks Romance Rumors

Gerard Butler Talks Romance Rumors

Gerard Butler chats away on his phone while waiting around on Monday (February 1) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 40-year-old Scottish hunk recently told the UK’s Daily Record that he’s well aware of the rumors that he and his co-stars are romantically linked.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if I was linked to Craig [Ferguson, his How To Train Your Dragon co-star],” Gerry laughed.

“But maybe they’ll come up with a way to say I had an affair with the dragon. Or that I had sex with all of them.”

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler in Beverly Hills…

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gerard butler beverly hills headset 01
gerard butler beverly hills headset 02
gerard butler beverly hills headset 03
gerard butler beverly hills headset 04
gerard butler beverly hills headset 05
gerard butler beverly hills headset 06
gerard butler beverly hills headset 07
gerard butler beverly hills headset 08
gerard butler beverly hills headset 09
gerard butler beverly hills headset 10

Credit: Media Circuit; Photos: INFdaily
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  • JewelryMaker

    Well, hello there Gerry.

  • JewelryMaker

    Looks like he is growing out a beard instead of just scruff. Looks good.

  • hairy

    Shave your neck, Gerry!

  • haha

    Well, he’s letting people know he didn’t hook up with desperate Jennifer Aniston.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Love the longer beard. Keep growing it. And the hair too. :-)

  • gossiphound

    Is he talking to a phone sex line?

  • carrie

    someone can explain me why JustJared has a big crush with the guy?
    i see here every 2 days!!

  • wow

    a famous person is standing around

  • Cora

    I definitely like him the hairier the better. He’s also looking leaner and less mooby.

  • notcharming

    @gossiphound: I like the look.
    His phone is a sex line. Man/fame whore and all.

    what he really wanted to say to the UK paper ” Yes, keep talking about me. Everybody wants me. I am such a stud.”

  • Chucky

    I guess he will be wearing those jeans for the next 2 weeks.

  • JewelryMaker

    He really looks good without his d-bag ‘friends’.

  • Lisa

    Good God he’s gorgeous!!! Love the beard, he doesn’t have to shave his neck or anything else … he’s just gorgeous. <3

  • sugar

    He looks great, love the shirt.

  • Wishdone

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he had sex with the dragon either.
    But then again, I would hope the dragon would have more common sense then that.

  • KyrieM

    Yeah, he is gorgeous. I hope he lets his beard growing longer, definitively sexier than the light scruff. Come on Gerry, you can survive Maniston.

  • Jaxx

    I never believed he had anything going with Aniston. Craig Ferguson I will definitely believe. I saw him on Craig’s show and I thought they were going to go at it right on the TV. They were flirting so hard it was embarrassing. Looks like he’s preparing us to hear about on set shennannigans.

  • notcharming

    @Wishdone: The donkey didn’t.

    KyrieM : she survived him.

    Hot man. No class.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    From your mouth to God’s ears. :-)

  • KyrieM

    @ManLESSton, I likely: From your mouth to God’s ears. :-)
    It’s not over yet, he has to survive Huvane ’till the end of March. In that case, I don’t envy him.
    @notcharming: douchebag or not, IMO he’s still more gorgeous than the average looking 40-year-old guy. As I said, just my opinion.. of course.

  • Lina

    Gerry, keep doing your thing… you’ll be free soon. Next time, be smarter.

  • gossiphound

    Young female blogger reports from Post Grammy Party, funny.


    Around 12:15 am Gaga has left. Gerard Butler has used a lame line on me. James Marsden still hasn’t left his wife for me. I’m getting bored. ABro is swaying and offending even more guys. The veggie hot dogs are gone. We decide it’s time to call it a night.

  • notcharming

    @KyrieM: I agree he is beautiful. I just wish there was character that came with it. I hoped to see both inside and out. I know…I’m too idealistic.

  • gossiphound

    Did you see that Sandler has cast Aniston in his next movie? Doesn’t everything Sandler touch turn to gold?

  • AGA

    Better to have sex with a dragon rather than Aniston!!! BLAH!!!!

  • itwasboundtohappen

    @gossiphound: Male ego is even bothering the males.

  • jules

    LOVE him…

  • AGA

    NO WAY Sandler has had some stinkers in his time–Google to remind yourself of some of his clunkers. And NOBOBY can make JA a decent actress,that’s why she still travel’s with an acting coach after acting in the biz for 20 years!!

  • justsayin’

    When does Butler leave for the Ralph Fiennes movie?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Not soon enough.

  • Lina

    Ralph, rescue Gerry from this mess. The boy and his fans need it. thanks.

  • ok… when

    OK guys need information..

    When does the press start for The Bounty
    Has anyone heard of any mag interviews he has done or will do other then W.

    Does his next movie have a start day..

    OH and who wants to make a bet on how many times Aniston touches my boo during interviews.. It could be a drinking game. lol

  • bla85

    Maybe if he didn’t make out on corners with strangers or at bars or parties then we wouldn’t have to think he would try and screw a cartoon dragon! Actually it is scary to think of him near children since he apparently has no self control. He’s 40 acting as if he is 19 – and not all 19 year olds have no discretion – some don’t want cold sores, hepitatis or even a cold from some strange person – no matter how hot.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @ok… when:
    Sorry – I’m in denial. It never happened. It never happened.
    Corniolanus looks to have a start date in March but I couldn’t find a definite date.
    Gerry is supposed to be at stick bug week in NYC and is planning on Rio for Carnivale. Hopefully we will have all sorts of images of him with women so the Nippy crap will die a quick death.

  • Annabelle

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Denial’s good, makes everything better.

  • gossiphound

    IMDB Pro does not have more up to date information on a start date for Coriolanus. Just says Spring 2010. Interesting under the IMDB Star Meter system GB is a 15 and Ralph is 142 which means GB is bigger on the Star Meter. Shut up.

    Same producers who made the movie the Duchess with Fiennes and Knightley. Love that movie myself but I am a sucker for a good period drama.

  • Altec

    Looks like he shaved his neck.. looks hot Ger. I tried to read Coriolanus but it is kinda boring… I hope the adaptation will have more dynamics in it. I just can’t see how it can be adapted into something happened in the 30s without a total remake. Wait and see.

  • gossiphound

    Release Date Bounty Hunter is March 19, 2009.

    Oddly enough I found today an LA Production Listing that indicated Aniston is supposed to start filming a movie with Sandler called the Pretend Wife some time in March 2010.

  • Cora

    You’re right, Altec, he shaved his neck. I like this look for him. You can also see the salt and pepper on top — always a plus.

  • Altec

    I thought Knightly is so overrated. She has only that many facial expressions at her disposal and I didn’t like her in the Duchess. I hope Coriolanus will do better than the Duchess which only has a u.s. box office of under 14 mil. Got to see Fiennes nekked in it.

  • leah

    @gossiphound: Their website is 9021hos and Gerry hit on them with a lame line? Nothing new there.

  • leah

    He’s always on the phone. I wonder if he has a support group. Is there a “Talkers Anonymous?”

  • leah

    He has been wearing that silver cuff bracelet regularly. It looks like he’s been banded like a pelican so his migration can be tracked. I hope a fan didn’t give it to him. They might have embedded a lojack.

  • KyrieM

    @leah: yeah, he’s cellphone addicted.

  • leah

    @Altec: “Got to see Fiennes nekked in it.”

    Is that watched it?

  • eliott

    I love Craig Fergusen. Now, Butler and Fergusen are a couple I could get behind. Umm, so to speak.

  • KyrieM

    @ManLESSton, I likely: Sorry – I’m in denial. It never happened. It never happened.
    Denial is good but it won’t ever change the fact he has the Bounty stinker on his CV. Let’s burn Alan on a bonfire.
    @leah: He has been wearing that silver cuff bracelet regularly. It looks like he’s been banded like a pelican so his migration can be tracked. I hope a fan didn’t give it to him. They might have embedded a lojack.
    So you don’t know about the GerryTomTom? ;-)

  • Trying to figure it out

    So how many weeks do we have to endure hearing about Gerry having sex with a dragon? Then it’s on to TBH. I lent my son the TUT DVD. I think I’m going to live to regret that.

    Hi to the usual crowd.

  • KyrieM

    @Trying to figure it out: So how many weeks do we have to endure hearing about Gerry having sex with a dragon? Then it’s on to TBH.
    Are we counting the days like the convicts?

  • gossiphound


    True about the box office, but I like that movie anyway.

    Looking over the box office numbers for those films that are more straight ahead adaptions, Hamlet (1990) with Mel Gibson and Much Do About Nothing (1993) Branagh et al both made 20 million or thereabouts and that I believe is considered a success in terms of Shakespearian films.

    Henry V with Branagh made around 10 million.