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Gerard Butler: At The Copa, Copacabana...

Gerard Butler: At The Copa, Copacabana...

Gerard Butler and 300 co-star Rodrigo Santoro look like they’re having a great time together in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Saturday (February 13).

The 40-year-old Scottish actor hung out with Rodrigo, 34, in Copacabana (in the southern part of Rio) during Carnival, a huge annual festival held in Brazil.

On Friday, before jetting off to Rio, Gerry was spotted out at an L.A. office to receive therapy for a shoulder injury. Hope it heals quickly!

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gerard butler rodrigo santoro copacabana rio de janeiro 01
gerard butler rodrigo santoro copacabana rio de janeiro 02
gerard butler rodrigo santoro copacabana rio de janeiro 03
gerard butler rodrigo santoro copacabana rio de janeiro 04
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  • orange

    He looks orange, and darker than the Brazilians. Please stop spray tanning Gerry!

  • Lisa

    DAMN GERRY’S BEAUTIFUL! I swear he gets more and more gorgeous as time goes by … I hope he has a wonderful time!

  • hahaha

    Old dude never misses a party.
    He looks like a walkiing STD.

  • D
  • Fritz

    Gossiphound is a visionary.

  • Ashes

    Finally he looks like he’s having a good time.God, why wouldn’t he! Wish I was in Rio too! Cabo was a bit depressing. lol

  • midnight

    mmmmm…too bad I dont live in Rio…Gerry looks yummy!

  • thelmalou

    Thank goodness Jen did not want him.. He looks stupid in that hat and he looks ORange in the face.. self tanner.. why in RIO..

    Jen is too good for him.. AND HE HAS NO A S S whatsoever..

  • Sorry Gerry

    Sorry, but Rodrigo looks cleaner, better, healthier and more fit than Gerry.

  • Lisa

    @Sorry Gerry:

    And like a boy, not a man. Granted, Rodrigo is a good looking guy, but why Brazilian men feel the need to shave their body hair is beyond me.

  • Hechizera


    LOL @ thelmalou. Jenhens always say “Jen is too good” for guys who dont want her anyway.

  • ana


  • gerrygurl

    @Sorry Gerry…apparently you have not seen the same ass…looks mighty fine to me! Each to their own though.

  • yum

    Rodrigo looks like a man to me. (?) And he has a much better public image than Gerry.
    Gerry used to be ruggedly handsome. He is starting to look more rugged and less handsome in the past few years. He really has aged. He’s still cute, but I fear for how he will look in 3 more years.

  • gerrygurl

    @sorrygerry, that should have been direct @thelmalou…but same sentiments to you. Go back to your Jen threads…

  • orange oompaloompa

    Why does he make himself look like a bloated carrot?
    Gerry, you are Scottish! Embrace your pastiness!!!

    And Gerrygurl, not everyone who has a different opinion is a Jen lover. STFU and quit trying to dictate who can post and who can’t. It’s a public board and all opinions are welcome. Even mine, which is that Gerry looks orange.

  • Tan by Sunny Delight

    Good thing we have psycho stalkers ANA and partytime.
    get a life!

  • Lina

    @Tan by Sunny Delight: partytime has been kind enough to share links to what’s been reported in the brazilian media. I hardly call that stalking, maybe you should get a life yourself.
    to partytime: hope you had fun last night and I’m sure you’ll be out again tonight but we do appreciate what you share. thanks.

  • partytime

    I’m about to leave for the parade but here goes
    gerry is already there and it looks like he’ll be taking part after all. He’ll be with the first samba school to parade, no costumes for him tho. he’ll just go along with the school organizers. Rodrigo will too.
    the show starts in one hour. if anyone is insterested, type globo tv on justin tv in an hour or so. they’ll broadcast the whole thing live. I’m off.

  • VNY

    Wow, he looks um…brown.

  • Trying to figure it out

    Aw, too bad Gerry won’t be wearing a costume. Can you just picture him in a little thong, pasties and a big feathery headpiece?

  • The Doctor Is In

    Willy Wonka is p$ssed — one of his oompa loompa’s has escaped to Rio. Damn. Does he ever look in the mirror before he goes out?

    Noticed his d-bag manager lurking in the background of one photo. At least he was appropriately pasty. Guess he’s there to wrangle his meal ticket. Don’t think Butler would fair too well in a Brazilian prison.

  • Ly
  • no other name

    I suspect by the end of the day, there will be around 200-300 comments on Gerry. LOL! :P

  • Lisa

    have fun, gerry!

  • redOctober

    partytime @…you rock! Thanks for the links and have fun!

    Trying to figure it out @…Can you just picture him in ….

    …yes, I’m doing exactly that…

  • Pee Off

    What does this vibrant man see in Aniston?

  • Tim

    Run as far as you can from JA – the woman is a total loser. Run Gerard Run!

  • Tina

    I guess because he is hanging out with Aniston he needs to fake tan as well. Maybe he will now be ‘fabulous at 41′.

  • san

    Gerry and Rodrigo are great! It’s carnival in Brasil all FUN!!!

  • thelmalou

    OH.. I see all the little crazy Gerry fangirls are here.. Well please.. how said that Jen wanted Gerry in the first place.. PLEASE.. she is totally Hawt and could get with any man she wanted.. she does not need Gerry.. the man looks like sleezy.. I will be glad when the movie is finally released and Jen does not have to be associated with this loser and his needy fans.. really what woman in her right mind would find this man sexy..
    I thought he was hot in Lara Croft.. and 300 was just beyond fake.. that stupid bear.. but now he ruins any movie he is in. So let him hook up with all the random women he wants.. Any new woman better get to a doctor and get herself checked out after being with him.. This is not 50 years ago. YOU just can’t sleep around.

    and like I said before. he has no A s s. Jen is in fact to good for him..

  • Ashes
  • he looks

    much happier here than he ever did in Cabo.

    Does he speak Portuguese at all?

  • remember da truth

    You’re right, Thelmalou #10… Jen only goes for A*ss*s!!

    Actually, HE didn’t want her, quickly denying any association and looking like he was FORCED to sit near her at the Golden Globes. Paps couldn’t catch one shot of them together in Mexico — HA HA!

    GO Gerry, run all the way to Brazil to get away from the famew&ore using you to desperately sell another movie no one wants to see her in!!

  • remember da truth

    The orange comments are coming from color-blind people — he looks the same as Rodrigo! Deeply tan, and happy.

    Good for him. Sorry some think he’s disgusting for having a good time at a major event, but hey, some people aren’t happy when others are.

  • Ladida

    Thanx for the links!

  • DeeDee

    It is funny to see these two as friends after seeing them as nemeses in 300. Of course, they were acting in the film; the juxtaposition between the film and real life goes to show what a good job they did in the film. Rodrigo especially seems so totally different in real life — in a good way. However, he could use some fashion advice (like many men); his shoes don’t go with his pants, which don’t go with his shirt.

  • lalalaove

    Once upon a time this guy was hot? Or maybe I was blinded my the abs double in 300?

  • Ladida

    Ha, he thinks about another house down there? He can’t even stay in his current house or loft for long.

  • ja bobble head

    To thelmalou: Please buzz off with all this Aniston is too good for somebody crap! If she was so darn good she would have a man that would want to stay with her and not just f-v-c-k and leave her!

    Gerry don’t won’t none of that stale, used, dried up ass pv$$y!

  • nyob

    Woah. Easy with the spray tan buddy. The dark skin makes him look bug-eyed.

    LMAO at the “he looks like Rodrigo” rationalization. Um, no. Rodrigo is brazilian and is brown – naturally brown. Gerry is scottish and is orange – naturally white.

  • CJ

    Never mind G…hot, hot, hot, dam hot Rodrigo!

  • sukar

    Gerry looks great. I don’t see any orange. Rodrigo is very handsome as well.

    Thanks Partytime for the links!!!

  • kp hearts butler

    OMG, he looks wicked dark!

  • gerrygurl

    @orange oompaloompa
    Was not really trying to dictate, post all you want, who cares…just boring and humourless, JA camp starts it, the AJ rival camp invades and it all goes awry in an off topic way. Orange, blue, polka dot, still hot. Agreed though, prefer a bit more natural pastiness. Other than that, Jen lover or not, as you said public forum so will defend myself like everyone else….come right back at me, no harm no foul.

    Ana and Partytime, thanks for the info and links. Looks like fun! Enjoy…

  • Trying to figure it out

    Maybe something in pale green or purple would offset the orange glow of his skin?

  • CJ

    The ever sulking Alan in the background..kind of creepy…like a sentinel..

  • Ashes
  • kp hearts butler

    I’d hate to say it, cuz I love Butler, but, his nose is just standing out more for some reason. But, you know what they say about big noses!

  • Ladida

    Geeee! I get party mood here too :D