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Adam Lambert Kissed A Girl -- And Ke$ha Liked It!

Adam Lambert Kissed A Girl -- And Ke$ha Liked It!

Adam Lambert has never been into labels but has used the term “bi-curious” to describe himself in past interviews.

Here are some exclusive details about the 28-year-old singer’s kissing — yes, a girl. Adam made out with pop phenom Ke$ha during the Club 57 Saturday soiree on February 13 at a gay nightclub in New York City called Providence. Multiple times!!!

“He tasted like blueberries and champagne,” K$ admitted of her make-out sessions with Adam.

“She tasted like Goldschläger and maple syrup,” Adam told Goldschläger is Italian cinnamon schnapps with gold flakes floating in it — fitting for someone who loves all things glitter!

Why did they kiss? “It’s an energy thing,” Adam recently told the radio show BLI In The Morning. “She’s really pretty, we were laughing and we just started kissing. She’s a great [kisser].”

Earlier in the evening, Ke$ha performed to sold-out audiences at Marquee nightclub and Club 57. “There were girls crying and throwing themselves at the bouncers trying to get in,” one partygoer witnessed. “It was like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

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  • clr

    Adam and Kesha enjoy each other’s company. They are both free spirits, love music, and loooove glitter. Harmless fun between two close friends. Love it.

  • natt

    They make an awesome couple! If Adam was straight though. Cos both have the eccentric, weird vibe about them which makes them interesting as a couple and individual. Like Rob and Kristen.

  • yaya

    The real tragedy here is it probably meant something to one of them. Poor girl.

  • jut

    @James: dumba$s

  • loves it!

    Adam and Kesha are both free spirits
    I can totally see them hooking up ;)

  • summer

    Y’know, when Lambert talks about Velvet Goldmine, The Zodiac Show and Burning Man shaping his character and entire life outlook, I believe him. He is convincing, you could see he’d lived it all and how it’s shaped his outlook. His band share the same glamrock SPIRIT. Going by the fly off their pants, living it up, energy and astrology and existing in surrealism and escapism. He is endlessly introspective and fascinating and SMART and open minded and creative.

    When Kesha started talking about her ‘outlook’, she slurred “I buy glitter in tubes and smear it all over my body! I’m honest to a fault but at least I’m honest” and a load of other stuff taken from someone else’s mouth simplified. I can’t buy into her. And don’t want to.

    /kinda offtopic

  • Destynie


    especially since she’s new and fresh and BA BAM!

  • Jenn

    @lol: Judgemental much??

  • Scandalous

    @James: Needed to do something else? LMAO. Considering the fact that, the ‘raunchy’ performance was 99% impromptu (he always flies by the seat of his pants) your comment makes no sense. Lol that you didn’t mention HER name though. Love how you totally dismiss the fact that she has a crush on him and he’s always talked fondly of her, loves free spirits. He was ASKED the question and responded honestly. You’re totally missing the point of Adam lol. For Your Entertainment – it’s allllll for your entertainment. Take yourself or him too seriously and you won’t get it.

  • meow

    weeeee..blah blah! i wanna know if that kiss is so yummy! lols
    oh by the way guys, check this video

  • Dr J

    @Scandalous: I won’t lie, I am not invested in either but I will admit I find Lambert entertaining in general, negative and positive both.


    “He is so much cuter without makeup”

    SO IS SHE!

  • London, UK

    Oh they’re cute actually. Not really a fan of either, not a hater either. But they’re cute. I wonder whether she will ever sing acoustically like Gaga can………..

  • LCN

    @magnumopus:“They (Gaga and AL) need to make a video for Fever and makeout, swap gender roles, mess with dress-up and people’s perceptions.”


  • amy

    he has a really nice nose.

  • what even

    @BM: What do you mean by she doesn’t fit in with the other girls? Huh? Ri-Ri who’s friends with them both and was planning to attend Adam’s BDay party called Kesha “the Next IT girl” Katy Perry’s friends with them both. I know Beyonce, Fergie, Gaga and Christina all love/know Adam. I don’t know if Kesha knows them? What other girls does that leave? Taylor Swift lol? She seems pretty fine to me. “feel sorry for her” pssssht.


    Well I find them infinitely more interesting than Rob and KStew.

    I bet they’re sitting there laughing at everyone’s reactions lol.

  • smh

    I’m a little jealous. Of Kesha. Ok, a lot. Uch. Why her.

  • Ilia

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, GOOD SH!T!

  • pup

    Well. o.o

  • tila

    I guess I’ve had a few of my own fantasies about a make-out session with Adam. Can’t blame her for jumping on the opportunity. Whatever, let them be weird, it’s all fun.

  • Glitter

    For that i hate Ke$ha -.- Love Adam Lambert too <3
    Thats base

  • Cindyg

    I’m sure he’s in it for the fun to fool people that they are going out. I mean I doubt it Adam will eventually go out with a “girl”. I mean the guy is gay for crying out loud. He’s not going to switch his sexuality to another (which would be a life relief for some of his fans) I think he has mention it before about being attractive to men more. He just finds women beautiful and all that. There’s an interview when he mention about that, probably has to do with that picture he appeared with some naked model or something.

    Anyway I still think he should’ve done better, but Kesha? ehh.

  • Cindyg


    Oh yess!! your comment is a WIN!. :D

  • glória

    It’s totally inocent, and I think Adam is really curious about women, so things like that will happen, eventually…and Yes, he kissed girls before, even at his birthday party… there’s pictures of it, so…big deal!
    And NO, he don’t need to draw attention to him with things like that, he gets plenty with his music and personality. Adam Rocks!!!

  • RoRo

    I think they’re cute and I like their music. Have fun, kids, ignore the flack! The successful always draw criticism from the jealous and insecure! But why didn’t anyone get any pictures? Where’s the paparazzi when you need them?

  • surprise

    Adam is a famewhore plain and simple. So what if he kisses random fugly women. He does it to give the granny fans hope. He’s so clever.

  • Bonnie Fuller is a psycho


  • See Megan Faux b4 surgery

    his trashiness is ruining his success. they both look like homeless ppl that got into some money and brought lots of glitter. adam what r u doing?

  • sux it haters!

    Bonnie,you sound like you need to
    get laid”BIG TIME”!
    Why so full of hate?
    Adam & kesha are free spirits having fun!

  • alexandria

    maybe people will a little more respect for her if she took a shower.
    i dont believe she does.
    she should make a video or something of her taking a shower

  • F the RULES!

    Cindyg…where do you get off telling us
    what Adam is thinking or feeling ?!

    Adam is the spirit of ROCK&ROLL!!!

  • Angel

    It’s all showbiz. Let them have fun. I agree with @BM

  • Selim G.

    Hawt !

  • Lee

    Bet Adam and Ke$ha are a lot better looking than all of the nasty posters here trying to make themselves feel big by trashing those more successful. Get a life.

  • roku


  • Tiff

    Love it! lol

  • signs

    @See Megan Faux b4 surgery: If it as ruining his success, his fanbase wouldn’t be trippling by the day lol. It keeps growing man, he’s just a fun guy. I don’t know what Ke$ha’s like in real life, I can’t read her for some reason.

  • Johnson

    @alexandria:”she should make a video or something of her taking a shower”

    hahahahaha wow

  • lakers fan in boston

    he’s such a famewhore
    he always says something 2 get attention
    he could have kept his mouth shut and nobody would no but no, since he’s a famewhore he has 2 tell the media
    i cant believe some of u can see it and that he sucks

  • Pandora

    Not fond of her, but he’s just really beyond adorable and has so much going for him. As to them kissing? BFD. Why not? He (and she), can kiss whomever. I agree, though, that it probably meant something to her. She’s so right — straight men do suck. Sorry. Straight. Men.

  • gtfo

    @lakers fan in boston: LOL!

    HE didn’t say ANYthing. They were interviewing him and suddenly the woman randomly brings up the topic of girls. He didn’t jump at an answer, actually he sounded tired of the question. He talked about Kesha and it was over. Then what did the media do? Select that one soundbite from the entire interview.

    You are such a BIGOT because you didn’t mention KESHA who was actually the one who talked about her crush! LOL biased much?

    People who get Adam REALIZE his spirit. He’s even said scandal doesn’t scare him, he finds it hilarious what the rest of America find and don’t find offensive. He’s a lot smarter than you think. “I don’t think fame is real if I’m honest with you. At all. It’s what You make it to be. If you take it too seriously, you’re gone. Straight off the ground. I’m just here to provide escapism for those who need it, like I do.” He still has all his old friends close and he’s so down to earth and blunt with everyone, even his family, “If I ever lose my feet, just pinch me.”

    He doesn’t care for people like you.

  • david

    @roku: i think she’s hot



    and lmfao if you think adam would even go near an old man with a pole, his type is androgynous pretty not old men you fkn homophobe. go back to your cave retard.

  • Cherri

    Gay men are -the best kissers. Take my word for it ;)

  • townsend

    @ lakers fans in boston.

    No, honey.

    Notice how Adam Lambert has never – not even once – talked about his male relationships? Aside from disclosing a specifics like name and orientation, he has never given away too much. Because those relationships are real and potentionally lasting and actually MEAN something. He plays around with his bassist Tommy Joe onstage because he’s a straight dude and they’re not together. He talked about Kesha because it was harmless fun just like every other girl he’s kissed. I’m positive they have both made out with more people but since those people are just club kids, the press doesn’t care.

    Adam Lambert is an open book. But there is a reason he keeps the real stuff with meaning to himself. He admitted he was worried he was jinxing his relationship with Drake by talking about it. You’ve got to keep some things to yourself. Otherwise there will be nothing left for him.

  • ok wow


    She is the first person linked to Adam I find 100% unappealing.

    Him and his bassist TJ are ridiculously hot and interesting and so so sweet together.

    Him and Kris Allen were adorable and their chemistry and banter to and fro was Off. The. Wall.

    Him and Drake were totally cute, Drake was sweet and super gorgeous esp. if you saw his holiday snaps with his pets, friends and family.

    Him hooking up with random hotties is just pure fkn hot.

    Him and Megan were beautiful and hot and facinating together (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you saw the stalkerish night time tour bus leaving vid).

    Him and Keshiiii-t. I can’t even. No words to describe how unappealling this child is. She thinks she’s such hot shi-t (both musically and visually). got the 2nd part right.

  • Mara

    … really? kesha? Adam you can do soo much better if you wanna play straight.
    I’d get lady gaga… but kesha is so ‘ugh’. I think she said somewhere that he said she reminded him a of a dude he kissed. maybe adam can just easily picture K$$$$a as a man?
    that must be it.

  • tom

    well duh she looks and acts like a dude

  • Angie

    I am a girl and I really don’t like the idea of him kissing a girl at all. It’s weird. I’m a fan and I’m gonna do as if I never read that. That man said he was gay and I’m sure he is, I don’t know why he said that, did that if he really did but I don’t like it. *forgets it*